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  1. I want to suggest you guys, please add LibVLC player as an alternative internal player to ExoPlayer. It's just a matter of adding a configuration option in the client for Android TV, in which I can choose between the different options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or an external player. An Emby competitor's Android TV client already has the configuration options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or automatic, or an external player. It is that if Emby's competitor already has two internal players, the official Emby clients would also have to have the internal LibVLC. Since the problem of playing MKV files, which contain Dolby Vision and HDR10, is unique to the Emby's ExoPlayer player, but if I had the option to choose LibVLC, right now I could play absolutely all my files that have DV and HDR10 with LibVLC, if you were as an internal player in the Emby client for Android TV. Although VLC a few years ago has problems with small jerks or jumps in the image when playing SRT text subtitle lines, I only use forced subtitles with a few lines of text in movies or TV series episodes. I leave you an attached image with the configuration options that should be added to the client for Android TV: Thanks. Greeting.
  2. Sheharyardar

    Vlc server type

    What type of server do i need to choose on vlc to connect to an emby server?
  3. When I select the option to use External player a pop message appears saying "No Player, it doesn't appear you have a video capable app installed. This option requires you to install a 3rd party app for playing video content." Well I have VLC installed, and MX player. What am I missing here? When I sideload the Android Mobile version of this app then the option to choose VLC is available, but not in the Android TV client. Is this a bug? Same thing happens on Sony TV and two generations of Nvidia Shield.
  4. Okay this is somewhat of two problems together but the initial problem, I've found a viable work around so I don't really care about it as much. First, I use VLC as an external player on my AndroidTV with Emby because the playback on HEVC formatted movies is very inconsistent. I don't know if it's on my end or what (it very well could be) but enabling VLC as an external player makes every video play with the same smoothness. (That's the first "issue". Second, in using the above workaround VLC, regardless of formatting, unless the subtitles are embedded within the video file itself, they are .sub formatted external file or a .srt file labeled properly as "forced", VLC will not see it nor will the subtitles play. In addition, what I believe is happening is Emby is transcoding with the forced subtitles into VLC because although forced allow them to play, it's at the sacrifice of functions like rewind, fast forward and/or any manner of skipping via VLC. With any other video all said features operate correctly. I would love not to have to use VLC and be completely within the app but if not the VLC as the player is perfectly fine and doesn't make that much of difference but with watching movies with alot of subtitles, it does throw off the experience significantly. Thanks for any help you can provide. Emby embyserver.txt
  5. On my Windows 10 system, the Emby Server service is interfering with VLC and MPC-HC video playback, resulting in video pixelations and audio dropouts. It concerns playback of Blu-ray, WMC recordings and Live TV (maybe also other formats, which I have not tried). I detect the interference by looking at Windows Task Manager while playing movies, and it happens every 3-4 minutes, when the Emby Server service is running / updating and going high on CPU usage (from 0% to 1-2%). If I close the Emby Server, the problem is gone. I am not quite sure when the problem has started, as I have not played movies for a while. The problem is with VLC and MPC-HC (Madvr), but not with Hauppauge WinTV 10 and WMC (Windows Media Center). Windows 10, Emby Server, VLC and MPC-HC are all updated to latest versions. Hardware: Asus z-97 deluxe motherboard, Intel Core i7-4790K processor, Intel HD Graphics 4600, RME Fireface 800 soundcard. Emby Server logs are attached. embyserver-63743686306.txt embyserver-63743673601.txt
  6. Bonjour à tous, Je viens à vous car j'ai pas mal de soucis de lecture vidéo avec l'application Emby sous AndroidTV. Ces problèmes concernent quasi exclusivement des gros mkv en 4k HDR, c'est à dire que la lecture commence normalement et après 2-3 minutes l'image saccade énormément (pas toujours au même moment), coupe et bien souvent revient mais sans HDR. Et quand je me rend sur mon serveur Emby (c'est un docker sous Unraid) je m’aperçois que le transcodage s'est activé tout seul. C'est d'autant plus étrange que quand je lis ces mêmes fichiers via Kodi ou VLC il n'y a aucuns soucis à signaler, le lecture se passe normalement. Que faire ? Edit 1: Je viens de faire un test rapide avec Plex (toujours en docker sous Unraid) et comme pour Kodi, lecture impeccable ... Edit 2: Avec Jellyfin, RAS aussi ça tourne nickel.
  7. Hi Trying out Emby. Coming from Kodi. I have a paid iptv subscription that is working in kodi and vlc but not in Emby. I have Premiere. Running Emby in docker on an unraid server. The channels are listed but no stream is displayed. "Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. I have tried numerous of http headers. One thing that looks suspicous in log: "System.Exception: System.Exception: GetVideoEncoder: Unknown codec specified: ''" m3u file looks like this: http://foviptv.link:8080/user/password/12598 Have restarted server and reloaded guide data. Deleted TV Sources and added again. Yesterday it worked for a short while but havent since. Would really like this to works since the software in general looks good and is working fine.
  8. I have some flac files that check out good but seem to either not play at all or freeze part way through and always at the same spot. This happens with Plex, too. But every one plays just fine under VLC so I'm guessing it has to do with libraries. This occurs when transferring across gigabit LAN so it's apparently not a buffering issue. Can Emby be forced to use VLC for playback? The post I found describes how to set it up for video under Emby Theater but does not say if it works on audio files, also. I'll give it a try but if anyone knows of extra steps that need to be taken for audio... Emby web app does not give the same options under settings. In fact, I see no options for an external player at all under settings. BTW, I only use Emby (and Plex) for audio. I'm not a movie person so I don't care about video features. I use both servers to give my users the choice of the one they prefer.
  9. Within the last few months, I was able to play my movies through Emby Theater / Media Browser with VLC. Now, all movies play through the Emby Theater internal player. I have uninstalled/reinstalled VLC and Emby Theater to no avail. I'm running Win10 64-Bit and Emby 3.0.5859.23399 I NEED all movies to play through VLC external player.
  10. As part of preparation for a planned conversion to ET from WMC I have set up an external player entry for VLC to play commercial bluray discs in ET - my VLC install has appropriate 64-bit libaacs and libbdplus updates. Unfortunately I'm always getting a "HeaderPlaybackError" message returned by ET with direction to insert a disc, despite a bluray disc being present in the one-and-only optical drive in the client PC running ET. Emby Server is running on a different PC on the home network and I'm using a stub for the disc library entry. My metadata/artwork is not held with the media folders. Here are my settings: Stub entry \\Emby Server\Shared Emby Movie Stubs\Early Man (2018)\Early Man (2018).bluray.disc Player path C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe Command line arguments --fullscreen --play-and-exit --bluray-menu bluray:///E:\ Having turned logging on for VLC it seems that ET is not invoking VLC at all so the error message would appear to come from ET itself. If I (temporarily) replace the last two command line arguments with {path} and set VLC to be used for video files, playback of all HDD-based media I've tried is fine through ET, though obviously via VLC rather than the ET internal player. If I set up a desktop shortcut replicating the VLC bluray parameters above, this plays bluray discs fine. I've tried using a .bat file definition for the external player that would then invoke VLC, as I have done within WMC, but again ET did not seem to try to invoke the .bat file. I've even tried using different users at both the Emby and Windows level (standard user and administrator) in case it may have been a permissions issue but the same result. I've scoured the forums but have not been able to find any similar problem reported. I'm hoping I've missed something obvious and someone in the Emby community will be able to put me back on the straight-and-narrow. If anyone thinks they may be able to advise but needs extra information from me I'll supply whatever I can - though having tried debug logging on the server and for ET nothing relevant seems to be reported. Although the problem could be circumvented by ripping all the bluray discs to HDD using MakeMKV or similar, I would like to get direct disc playing working which seems to have been achieved successfully with ET by others. Edit: ET (3.0.3), Emby Server ( and VLC (3.0.4) being used are the latest stable versions. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  11. I am trying to understand how to set VLC as the default video viewer from within Emby - instead of the currently defined Windows browser (either IE, Chrome or FireFox). There seems to be some ability in the older versions of Emby Server, but in this new version, it does not appear to be available. Is there a method to define the VLC Player as the default video player for streaming any Movie or TV Series from Emby Server? Is there a possible plugin available? In advance - thanks for any guidance or suggestions
  12. all I'm not able to play a live stream in emby via the IPTV plugin. The HTTP url ends in :8080/ looks like it's trying to play a .aspf file. I just get a black screen... Works fine in VLC Used to work in Emby - not sure if its changed to .aspf recently. Also used to work in firefox. Any tips? would really like this working in Emby! Let me know if you need logs etc. Cheers
  13. After some struggling (and plenty of the help from the community, especially @@Luke and @@funwithmedia), I have managed to get VLC launching correctly as an external player. I thought I would share the steps I used to enable it for anyone else who may need some assistance in getting it working. 1. In Emby Theater, click on your user icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on External Players 4. Click the Add button 5. For Media Type make sure that Video is selected 6. For Player Path enter the path to VLC The default path on Windows is c:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe 7. Chose the files types that you would like to have VLC handle. Personally I like to use VLC for all file types 8. For Additional filters, make sure that 3D is NOT selected. Even if you are trying to play 3D files, you still want to leave this unchecked. 9. For the Command line arguments enter {path}. Make sure you enter this in lower case, if you enter it in upper case {PATH} then it will NOT work (a big thank you to @@Luke for catching this one). 10. Finally, click on Save and you are done. Now when you go to play the files types you selected in step 7, VLC should launch for you. For step 9, there are all kinds of command line arguments you can enter to control how VLC launches. I hope to add some of these to this post later. If anyone else has a list they would like to add please feel free. Cheers!
  14. Natilus13

    External Player Won't Load

    Hello Emby community, I'm really hoping someone out there can help shed some light on this for me. Try as I might I have not been able to get an external player, in my case VLC, working with Emby Theater on Windows. Back when Emby was known as Media Browser, I was able to get VLC working fine. I've found some good posts on the forums and spoke with some kind people but have still not had any luck. I've copied my settings to match exactly with the settings in this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43054-considering-emby/?p=402646 No luck, Emby Theater still plays any video files. I have also tried copying the settings from this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31284-external-player-support/page-6&do=findComment&comment=323052 Same issue, VLC is not loaded and Emby Theater still plays the video. I've tried cutting back on the amount of arguments, and even using no arguments, but I have not been able to get VLC to play. I am running Windows 10 and Emby Theater 2.5.35 I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!
  15. This post (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35769-resume-is-not-working-with-mpc-hc-in-mbt/) got me thinking about VLC (my preferred player). I've already posted a Feature Request for a manual entry option (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43209-fr-option-for-external-players-to-prompt-for-stop-time/), which the good Emby folks hope to add in the future. But I have an idea for how we could partially automate this via a plugin, for users using VLC in particular. VLC has a HTTP Interface which can enable us to find out Duration (ie, total time of the currently playing item) and Elapsed time (ie, how much has been already played). I will paste an example of the XML output at the bottom of this post. We should be able to easily parse the <time> node to get the Elapsed time, and the <length> node to get the duration (both appear to be in Seconds). And then if that data has been stored in Emby for a given item, we can use the VLC Command Line --start-time=seconds to launch VLC, telling VLC to go to that point in the video. A significant caveat though is that if the user is using VLC to play a full DVD rip VIDEO_TS folder (which I am a big fan of, for the DVD menu support), then --start-time is likely to not produce the desired results (because DVD's vary in how they're authored, and so the time won't get applied to correct portion of the DVD. I think that in most cases it won't actually hurt anything, and perhaps in some cases the desired result will be achieved. But my thinking is that when clicking Play, ET can display some sort of message along the lines of "You stopped your video at ~34 minutes (out of 1 hour and 55 minutes total run time). Emby will attempt to resume at your stopping point, but you may have to manually go to the 34 minute mark (depending on the media format)." And then the user would click "Proceed" and VLC would launch. This way, they know where to fast forward (or jump ahead via chapters) if they're using a format (eg, VIDEO_TS folder rips) that doesn't lend itself to easy resuming. I am also exploring if there is any way to get the DVD "title" currently being played (note, this is not the movie title, but "title" as referring to the section within the DVD structure), but I'm not optimistic about being able to access that. If that is accessible, however, then it would actually be possible to construct a command line to resume the ripped DVD at the correct position, which would be rather nifty. I am a alright programmer (I work mostly with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS/SCSS, and a little VBA and other assorted Windows-centric languages), but am brand new to Emby. If the above proposed plugin interests folks, is anyone interested in collaborating on bringing this about? I could likely handle any JavaScript-related elements of pulling the data from VLC (via the VLC HTTP Interface) and parsing the XML data, but I don't know anything (yet) about how to get that into the appropriate places within Emby so that Emby is storing the data. As a side note, I figure we'll poll the XML page periodically (eg, every 60 seconds, perhaps?), and I have some additional thoughts on underlying logic for how to do things (eg, we'll want to handle the fact that a VIDEO_TS DVD folder can have multiple "titles"/videos and so be careful we don't overwrite our Elapsed Time when the user is just in the DVD menu or something -- perhaps we'd prompt the user after they exit VLC as to whether they want to update their Resume Position with the new data or keep the old data [which we could display for comparison]?). Thoughts? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?> <root> <fullscreen>false</fullscreen> <aspectratio>default</aspectratio> <audiodelay>0</audiodelay> <apiversion>3</apiversion> <currentplid>4</currentplid> <time>54</time> <volume>256</volume> <length>6943</length> <random>false</random> <audiofilters> <filter_0></filter_0></audiofilters> <rate>1</rate> <videoeffects> <hue>0</hue> <saturation>1</saturation> <contrast>1</contrast> <brightness>1</brightness> <gamma>1</gamma></videoeffects> <state>paused</state> <loop>false</loop> <version>2.2.4 Weatherwax</version> <position>0.0079024126753211</position> <repeat>false</repeat> <subtitledelay>0</subtitledelay> <equalizer></equalizer> <information> <category name="meta"><info name='filename'>\\PATH\TO\MY\DVD\VIDEO_TS</info></category> <category name='Stream 0'><info name='Display resolution'>720x480</info><info name='Type'>Video</info><info name='Frame rate'>29.970029</info><info name='Decoded format'>Planar 4:2:0 YUV</info><info name='Codec'>MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)</info><info name='Resolution'>720x480</info></category> <category name='Stream 1'><info name='Bitrate'>192 kb/s</info><info name='Type'>Audio</info><info name='Channels'>Stereo</info><info name='Sample rate'>48000 Hz</info><info name='Language'>English</info><info name='Codec'>A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 )</info></category> <category name='Stream 3'><info name='Display resolution'>720x480</info><info name='Type'>Video</info><info name='Frame rate'>29.970029</info><info name='Decoded format'>Planar 4:2:0 YUV</info><info name='Codec'>MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)</info><info name='Resolution'>720x480</info></category> <category name='Stream 15'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Description'>Closed captions 2</info><info name='Codec'>cc2 </info></category> <category name='Stream 13'><info name='Type'>Audio</info><info name='Language'>Spanish</info><info name='Codec'>A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 )</info></category> <category name='Stream 5'><info name='Codec'>DVD Subtitles (spu )</info><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info></category> <category name='Stream 9'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Language'>English</info><info name='Codec'>DVD Subtitles (spu )</info></category> <category name='Stream 2'><info name='Codec'>MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)</info><info name='Type'>Video</info></category> <category name='Stream 4'><info name='Bitrate'>192 kb/s</info><info name='Type'>Audio</info><info name='Channels'>Stereo</info><info name='Sample rate'>48000 Hz</info><info name='Language'>English</info><info name='Codec'>A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 )</info></category> <category name='Stream 12'><info name='Bitrate'>448 kb/s</info><info name='Type'>Audio</info><info name='Channels'>3F2R/LFE</info><info name='Sample rate'>48000 Hz</info><info name='Language'>English</info><info name='Codec'>A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 )</info></category> <category name='Stream 17'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Description'>Closed captions 4</info><info name='Codec'>cc4 </info></category> <category name='Stream 11'><info name='Display resolution'>720x480</info><info name='Type'>Video</info><info name='Frame rate'>29.970029</info><info name='Decoded format'>Planar 4:2:0 YUV</info><info name='Codec'>MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)</info><info name='Resolution'>720x480</info></category> <category name='Stream 6'><info name='Display resolution'>720x480</info><info name='Type'>Video</info><info name='Frame rate'>29.970029</info><info name='Decoded format'>Planar 4:2:0 YUV</info><info name='Codec'>MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)</info><info name='Resolution'>720x480</info></category> <category name='Stream 16'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Description'>Closed captions 3</info><info name='Codec'>cc3 </info></category><category name='Stream 14'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Description'>Closed captions 1</info><info name='Codec'>cc1 </info></category> <category name='Stream 8'><info name='Codec'>DVD Subtitles (spu )</info><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info></category> <category name='Stream 7'><info name='Bitrate'>192 kb/s</info><info name='Type'>Audio</info><info name='Channels'>Stereo</info><info name='Sample rate'>48000 Hz</info><info name='Codec'>A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 )</info></category> <category name='Stream 10'><info name='Type'>Subtitle</info><info name='Language'>Spanish</info><info name='Codec'>DVD Subtitles (spu )</info></category> </information> <stats> <lostabuffers>5890</lostabuffers> <readpackets>0</readpackets> <lostpictures>518</lostpictures> <demuxreadbytes>226224489</demuxreadbytes> <demuxbitrate>1.485878944397</demuxbitrate> <playedabuffers>4736</playedabuffers> <demuxcorrupted>0</demuxcorrupted> <sendbitrate>0</sendbitrate> <sentbytes>0</sentbytes> <displayedpictures>25574</displayedpictures> <demuxreadpackets>0</demuxreadpackets> <sentpackets>0</sentpackets> <inputbitrate>0</inputbitrate> <demuxdiscontinuity>0</demuxdiscontinuity> <averagedemuxbitrate>0</averagedemuxbitrate> <decodedvideo>4624</decodedvideo> <averageinputbitrate>0</averageinputbitrate> <readbytes>0</readbytes> <decodedaudio>9955</decodedaudio> </stats> </root>
  16. funwithmedia

    Considering Emby...

    Hi there, I'm exploring switching to Emby from my old, custom built setup which consists of: an MS Access database for holding all my data, scraping IMDB, etc.; a SnapStream Firefly RF PC Remote; VLC (running in one-instance mode, headless, using the dummy interface, and the http interface ); and a custom web interface (that I can control via hotkeys via my remote) which sends commands to VLC. My multi-terabyte library of files consists primarily of fully ripped DVD VIDEO_TS folders, with full DVD menu support via VLC. And then I also have a some amount of mpeg files. VIDEO_TS rips consist of movies (single and multi-disc sets) and tv shows (mostly multi-disc, with some as many as 60 disc folders). My video files are stored primarily on a NAS, but are also spread across several other network shares (on Windows computers). I am considering switching to something like Emby because my current metadata system is a bit tedious (eg, I manually enter the title, copy/paste the IMDB ID, and at times manually enter other details), and I'd like to benefit from that and other things that Emby can (I believe) do better than my custom system (which I haven't updated in years, other than adding movies, etc. to it). I am primarily interested in watching movie/tv DVD folders on Windows 10 computers, in a home LAN environment (everything is on the same subnet). Watching on Roku or portable devices is fairly secondary (especially portable devices). I might explore using Roku just for browsing my library (in instances where I'm already in Roku from viewing/considering other video sources), and then can switch to my PC for full DVD menu support (which I understand probably doesn't work in Roku). So, with all that background/context, I have some questions: I'm unclear on what I need to install, and in which locations/computers, in order to have full DVD menu support when playing VIDEO_TS folders. My impression is that installing the Emby server on one machine would allow that Windows machine to play files locally (no transcoding) and thus support full DVD menus. But I'm unclear then on what I would install on another Windows computer for the same functionality. I am considering upgrading to a Synology NAS (which I believe it is possible to install Emby on), so any thoughts, recommendations, caveats, etc. regarding going that route (vs installing on one of the Windows computers) are appreciated. I particularly wonder if there would be any issues with Emby being on the NAS while some of the additional network shares would be on other computers (you can assume that I know how to create user permissions on Windows shares to grant access to whatever the Emby Server on Synology user would be). It does occur to me that my Roku is on a different subnet than the CAT cable LAN, but one of my computers is a laptop which can be connected to both subnets (one via cable, one via WiFi), so I wonder if I'd need to install the server on that if I want the Roku to be able to access my Emby server data? If I wanted to, could I configure Emby such that VLC could handle playing the VIDEO_TS folders on either computer (let's just assume two Windows computers for the moment)? My goal here would be no transcoding, but playing the folders locally over the network such that I'd have the benefit of full DVD menu support via VLC. Have you all ever considered bundling VLC with Emby Theater (in contexts that VLC will work) and using the http interface (like I mention above) to provide full DVD menu support for VIDEO_TS folders? Or alternatively, providing the option of an additional config file where a user could set their parameters related to their VLC config (ie, in this case, the user would have to take care of starting VLC [headless, if they wised] and configuring it however they wished)? I'd love to have the benefits of Emby Theater, but still be able to play everything (or at least designated types, such as VIDEO_TS folders) via VLC, similar to how I currently do via my custom browser interface. Since most of my library is using VIDEO_TS folder rips, and many of these contain extras, I'm wondering if there is any kind of online database that Emby can pull data from regarding Extras that are contained on a given DVD (or Blu-ray, though I'll be using the Media Stubs feature for Blu-ray discs, as I don't typically rip those because of size/space)? I have access (within my custom database) to the UPC for all of my DVD folders, if there is a way to do lookups based on that. I have seen in forum posts and the Wiki that most people rip extras to individual video files and stick them in an Extras folder, but that's not a workable route for me (ie, I'm not going to convert my whole library). I'm not concerned with being able to click "play" and go straight to a specific DVD title/section (though, technically that is possible, as I do that for some items in my custom setup and just pass the proper title/chapter string to VLC), but it would be super-handy to have a list of the extras which are contained on a given DVD be retrievable online and then stored in metadata and displayed when viewing that item in Emby. I suspect this is a long shot, but figured it doesn't hurt to inquire. I'll undoubtedly have more questions, but I think those are all for now. Many thanks to any who offer thoughts, suggestions, etc.!
  17. Hi, I accidentally misposted this in the Android TV forum - apparently it is supposed to be in the android mobile forum. I am SO looking forward to having a functional Emby experience... (after many, many frustrations) and appreciate advice/assistance. I recently posted a string of problems related to an AsusStor NAS running server. Most were solved by dropping the hope of running Emby on this device. Now I have it running on Windows and have a great experience with android apps and web apps - except on ONE problematic android set top box! The errors are very repeatable - but I cant grasp what might be the problem. GOOD: Old Set Top Box (AcRyan Veolo 4k) connected via HDMI to Old HD samsung TV 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby (latest via play store)- play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result video + sound 4. Go back to youtube or any other device and play stuff: Result: video+sound GOOD: Playback on Galaxy Note 5 emby app (latest via play store) 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby - play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result video + sound 4. Go back to youtube or any other device and play stuff: Result: video+sound BAD: New Set Top Box (AcRyan Veolo 4k+) connected via HDMI to new 4K Samsung TV UN78HU9000 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby - play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result - EITHER: VIDEO plays for 2 secs then CRASH OR: VIDEO plays for a while with NO SOUND 4. Go back to youtube or any other app and play stuff: Result: Video but NO SOUND *** Only way to get sound back is to reboot android box. *Tried disconnecting/reconnecting HDMI (incase a handshaking issue) - no effect *Tried setting sound output to HDMI (vs Auto) in android tv settings - no effect *Tried playback via Kodi (using Emby plugin) of 1080p+AAC results in video not playing back Veolo Specs: working 4k version problematic 4KPlus version Processor 1.8Ghz ARM A17 2Ghz ARM A53 Ram 2GB DDR3 2GB DDR3 Android 4.4 KitKat 5.1 Lollipop Resolution 1080p 2160P@30hz I tried a factory reset of the box - then fresh install of emby. Same result. The device techs are willing to help but need something they can reproduce - so playback from my emby server is not an option from their service centre. NB - when exploring issues with the AsusStor NAS I installed Plex server/app of this set top box. Plex could stream the same file without issues, and I can view the same files on other emby android apps without issue... so I'm assuming its something Emby App Related... Since other android devices work, I assume it is not likely to be server related. NEW: It looks like Emby uses VLC to playback videos - I can REPRODUCE the crash/sound issue in VLC player as well! But in VLC I can SOLVE the problem: Changing a VLC audio setting however allows everything to playback just FINE in VLC - NO crash, no sound outages. I Need to change the Audio Output setting from 'AudioTrack' (which crashed or kills all further sound on the device until a reboot) to 'Open SL ES' (See attached photo of VLC settings) I cannot find a way to make this change in Emby though - so still playback in Emby effectively kills the device. I downloaded one of the sample MKV files and I can play back the MKV file (with sound, without crashes) in both of the other media players installed on the device! (Stock, and something else that came preinstalled (MX player if I recall) NEW: LOGS Of SERVER and of APP are uploaded - App logs show everything from startup to playing SD file to playing HD AAC file and CRASH. Server logs contain all sorts of other stuff - but rather than try to filter to save somebody time - and then have no meaningful response because I filtered something important - I am uploading the full days' log up to the above mentioned crash. To be clear - the uploaded logs are of the PROBLEMATIC device/server. If my non-technical descriptions are unclear please use the information in the LOGS to clarify. Any suggestions or detailed recommendations very welcome. Its been a few weeks now that I keep trying different combinations of ostensibly supported platforms and run into endless problems. I am about to give up on Emby completely - No home theatre solution should be this difficult to get working Especially not something paid. Thanks! X ServerLog.txt Android5.5MBApp.log
  18. Hi gott a question about the built in vlc. what's the differens to use it and disable it? Because if its enabled it cant play dvd in h265 (hevc) but it works for the most part in Blu-ray h265. (hevc) If i disable it its no problem playing dvd or bluray. so what's the differens between the different players? the hardware being used is remix mini /Regards
  19. Server: Version 3.0.5781.5 on Win10 Pro on i5 NUC w/16GB RAM Client: Version 1.1.29a on Amazon FireTV (Gen-1) Settings: VLC Playback Enabled with Buffer set to 3 sec Network: Server and Client both on Hardwired 100 Mbit/s I am noticing that when I start to play any video (mp4, mkv or avi) the first 2-4 seconds always start playing as a monochrome green color. This not a major thing but a bit of an unsightly distraction since it happens every time. Any suggestions on what to change to address this? Thanks, Tanamur
  20. Marianum

    emby theater .mp3 files vlc

    Hello, I run emby theater now and all my movies (.MKV) are running in VLC and works fine.. But i want also to play my .mp3 files with VLC but when i add en second external player (audio mp3) i get the error "there was an error processing the request." second problem: When i start the .mp3's now i dont see a pause button or els???? http://prntscr.com/945y1y hope somebody can help me out, Koenske
  21. What can I say here... well its great the menus are clean and simple, in line with the fire TV sticks own so users are at home straight away Its fast and responsive and looks good on the screen But it is limited to 3GPP (.3gp) and MPEG-4 (.mp4) (video anyway) (source - https://developer.am...specifications) Any other video needs to be transcoded and when you want to watch 1080p video with 7.1 sound not even my server can do it just maxs out the CPU My server is a Fujitsu Primergy MX130 S2 2 CPU x 2.99 Ghz 32GB of RAM If you have android TV or the fire TV (not stick) then you can install VLC and Emby can use it to play other media with out the need to transcode, I am told this works wonderfully (not yet seen it first hand) But at the moment no VLC for fire TV stick so no real use for this app its such a shame as the app is great and I was about to buy a Fire TV stick for all my rooms and replace my old Windows 7 Media Centre hosts If any one knows of a way around this I would grateful for the information and would update this straight away
  22. I have installed Emby Theater for Windows on aa fresh W10 installation. I have set up external player, left all path settings as default, and set up[ path substitution on Emby in Freenas such that. External player is VLC at the default path of C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe The CIFS share is at /mnt/LDATA/movies gets a path substitution to \\MYSERVER\movies oln my FreeNAS Emby server Now when I play a movie I get "Error request could not be processed" which is meaningless. Where can I see what the problem is please?
  23. TheRealPapa

    Launching VLC in Windows

    Hi all, I have been using Media browser for a long time now, and just came across EMBY 2 days ago so I installed it. I am running FreeNAS with emby plugin for my media library, and have installed emby client for Media Center for my theater PC. It is running Win 7 up-to-date in terms of updates. Just like the old Media Browser, I access and configure emby via the separate application that comes the emby download. I add external player, set it up as GENERAL (I have the latest version of VLC) and then I find VLC in my Program Files (x86) directory. Path, I left as default {0} at first, then when trying to get it to work, changed it to {Path} as indicated in one of the forums. The server has each media share available via CIFS as a Windows share which my Win 7 Media Center PC has set up as permanent connections. All this worked fine with the previous Media Browser (plugin in FreeNAS and MB in Win 7 Media Center). Now, when i select and play a movie from the MB client it defaults to the Media Center player and not VLC. I get no errors, it just refuses to start. I can find very little on this problem so I assume I have screwed something basic up. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  24. Hello all, I am yet another new member to the community - I read about MB3 for about 5 minutes and immediately became a lifetime member - I think it's a great tool and I can't wait to see where things go! In the interest of a brief background, here's my environment: - Windows 7 x64 running Windows Media Server (using Ceton cards on Verizon FIOS) - sending live and recorded TV to several XBox 360s around the house (works great) - large movie collection sitting on network-attached storage device (mapped as drive M: on server) - 99% of the movies are in .vob format (due to size of collection I have no interest in any sort of conversion) - no music or photos to worry about - just installed MB3 a little while ago (installed Cover Art and Rotten Tomatoes plugins) My use cases are as follows: 1. Use MB3 to present movie collection to a viewer that's sitting in front of the media server and big TV - once a movie is selected, have VLC take over and actually perform playback 2. From other PCs located around the house, use MB3 to browse movie collection and once again have VLC take over once the play option is selected 3. Transcode movies from MB3 to XBox 360s I have been all over the forums, but I'm still a little unclear on feasibility as well as procedures to try and set up my use cases. From what I've been able to discern, folks are using VLC on PCs for playback, but I can't get it to work to save my life. I have the VLC option enabled under options in my browser, and even when I click on "Play" - I get the option to play from VLC, but it just won't start. I have created the direct mapping, but I'm stuck. I have VLC open when I try this as well. Am I missing something? Is it possible to launch VLC from the web client or is that a non-starter? My search results for watching movies on the 360 are all over the place. Some threads give the impression that it works for some (with a few caveats), others suggest that I should set fire to all of my 360s and buy Rokus. I know the 360 is a million years old, but it's sitting there serving up live and recorded HD programming brilliantly as well as playing oldie but goodie games, so I'd love to pursue the holy grail of getting my movie collection on them. I've done my best to search FAQs, Wikis, and other areas, and I fashion myself as a competent user, but any guidance would really be appreciated! After I get any of this figured out, I'd be happy to submit a write up for the appropriate section. Thanks (and apologies - ha) in advance!
  25. Kincaid

    Can't start video in VLC

    Since now i was using media browser in opera browser but now I have some videos with internal subtitles and I can't get them working. I installed and configured LAV-filters and xy-vsfilters but it didn't work. I thought I try media browser theater but the video is stuttering extremely, you can't watch anything like this. VLC is working fine and also has no problem with the internal subtitles so I thought I could add VLC as an external player for mkv files but when I start a video VLC starts and gives me an error that it can't find the video in this location. That's because MB server is running on another machine and MBT gives VLC the path that would work on the server, but obviously on the machine that runs MBT there is no video file in this location. Did I miss anything or does VLC as external player work only if you either run it on the same machine as the server or create network drives that match the paths on the server?
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