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  1. -= PLEASE UP VOTE & PROMOTE THIS REQUEST IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS FEATURE =- DO THIS BY CLICKING THE "LIKE" BUTTON ON THIS POST REQUEST: Properly pool multiple M3u IPTV sources, so when adding more than one with the exact same M3u emby treats them as one source with however many "Concurrent Streams" you set for each. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/63725-multiple-iptv-tuners-double-channels/?p=636718 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/59607-duplicate-channels-one-tuner/?p=607031 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/57420-multiple-identical-m3u
  2. I wanted to add the vod streams from my iptv provider into emby and make it look like the other movie and tv show directories. I couldn't find a free tool to do this ridiculously simple task, and so I decided to put my python skills to work for other my other emby enthusiasts. Hope it helps someone. Depending on the type of m3u file you have, one of these scripts may support it, or you may need to post a few lines of your TV shows and Movies in order for me to add parsing for it. Check below in the updates to see which script you want to use depending on how your m3u file is formatted
  3. bubs

    Naming and Ordering IPTV.m3u

    Hello! Can someone please tell me how the emby server deal with a .m3u list? I am trying to add one that is like this: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="100" channel-name="channel ABC" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.100.png"group-title="group A",channel name http;//some.stream.link.100.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="101" channel-name="channel DEF" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.101.png"group-title="group A",channel name http;//some.stream.link.102.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="102" channel-name="channel GHI" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.102.png"group-title="group A",channel name
  4. cyrillus

    m3u multiples users

    hi , I may not be looking for but I'm trying to authorize a tuner m3u for one user like it's possible to do with the media library I did not find how to do this
  5. nexmagic

    LiveTV resolution issue (m3u)

    Hello, just discovered this program and it seems really awesome in general - I'm now trying to see if it fits my requirements, but I've hit an issue with playing a Livestream via LiveTV m3u tuner. The source livestream runs in 720p and VLC plays it back at the correct resolution, however the emby player only reports a playback resolution of Auto - 480p (visually it seems even worse than 480p). I've included the ffmpeg-transcode log of one of my attempts. I've tried to find settings in the server that pertain to my issue but couldn't find anything (most of the encoding settings seem to be
  6. ThreeFiveLeft

    Live TV M3U Streaming Drop Out

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with live TV M3U streams regularly dropping out while watching via Emby-stream stops and the user is placed back on the guide screen. It occurs on all devices, regularly but at sporadic timing (anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour) and does not occur when direct streaming the source link with VLC. I have attached associated server and ffmpeg log files, any help would be much appreciated! ffmpeg-transcode-b56fc0a1-1543-4f46-a4ec-8a7768bebc71_1.txt embyserver.txt
  7. m617emby

    Live TV Linux (ARM64) M3U fails

    Hi All, this is my first post, I joined to post a bug, I tried searching but could not find this error, nor in-fact, could I find a reference on how to post bugs, so here it is. EDIT: now I created an account I can now see "How to Report a Problem", odd I could not find this as a normal user. Emby (beta) on an odroid C2, works fantastically streaming full HD direct play to my LG tv, it has replaced my Kodi NUC, bought lifetime premiere, and I have not looked back; except m3u. I add a m3u url for a set of free-legal stations, and it does not work. I tried the exact s
  8. Hi Trying out Emby. Coming from Kodi. I have a paid iptv subscription that is working in kodi and vlc but not in Emby. I have Premiere. Running Emby in docker on an unraid server. The channels are listed but no stream is displayed. "Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. I have tried numerous of http headers. One thing that looks suspicous in log: "System.Exception: System.Exception: GetVideoEncoder: Unknown codec specified: ''" m3u file looks like this: http://foviptv.link:80
  9. Buenas tardes. Tengo generada una lista m3u y xtml a través de XTeVe que funciona correctamente desde VLC. Los canales de la lista XTML los tengo correctamente mapeados, pero al entrar en la lista de TV en Vivo, me salen una serie de canales no mapeados (no existen en la lista XTML) y que no se pueden reproducir. He borrado toda la configuración desde el panel de control y aun estando todo borrado, siguen apareciendo esos canales "fantasmas". He mirado en los ficheros de configuración y he encontrado algunos relativos a LiveTV e IPTV, pero los he borrado y siguen apareciendo es
  10. h0ttz

    I have my Emby Server configured to get two files from my provider: - "channels.m3u" (playlist) - "guide.xml" (EPG) I scheduled to update once a day 11:30pm ET. I was checking my provider (IIS log file), there is 1 request for the channels.m3u file and there are 220 requests for the guide.xml in 25min. I don't think this is correct behavior for the guide.xml (EPG)... it is requesting too many times.... this process should download once and parse the XML data. As you can see the channels.m3u file it was okay, There was only one request to get the file. I asked a friend to
  11. TheeDoc

    m3u_plus playlist...Newbie

    Hi All, Emby Version Using Firefox & Chrome As I mentioned, I'm a newbie to this so apologies in advance for lack of knowledge etc. Here's my playlist... hxxp://mbm.watch:8085/get.php?username=xxxxxxxxxx@@Xxxxx.com&password=xxxxxx&type=m3u_plus The screenshots below shows what I did. As is obvious, I have no clue what I'm doing. When I click the save button I get an error message saying, "There was an error saving the TV provider, please ensure it is accessible and try again." If I hit the search button in the screenshot above I ge
  12. wbiggart

    m3u Channels not playing

    Hello, I have setup an m3u tuner for live tv, but I am unable to play any of the channels. I have attached the ffmpeg logs which show the error. When I attempt to run the ffmpeg command by hand without the "rtsp_transport tcp" flag, it runs just fine. Is there any way to make it so that emby doesn't try and force tcp? Thanks in advance. ffmpeg-log.rtf
  13. ilnegretto

    Live TV M3u stops after 30 seconds

    hi, i recently moved to Emby from Plex and one thing that attracted me was the ability to add m3u links or file without the need of an additional software. so i signed up to premiere and it loaded the file perfectly. but when i play a channel, it lasts 30 seconds and it stops and i am not sure what is going on. when i use the same m3u file on vlc or any iptv player, it works perfect. searched through the forum and was adviced to tick something on auto loop but i cannot find that option. any help please? cheers Logs.txt
  14. Don't know whether this is the right place for this sorry. When FFmpeg transcodes the m3u stream on the fly for viewing where is the code that handles this? I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the source code on GitHub.
  15. nashi20002003

    Export Emby Server Channels..as m3U

    Is there a way to export or access the list fo channels in Emby thru m3u like people are doing to access some live tv tuner in TvHeadend by using this type of url? http://YourTVHeadendIP:9981/playlist/channels.m3u The reason I need this, is to try to see if using this url in Live Channels will work or not. Brief, I'm looking for the equivalent of the above in Emby as it''s provided by Tvheadend to expose the channels to other apps.
  16. Trying to get Emby set up to work as cable provider replacement. The issue I am having is that I have a HDHR Quattro and an IPTV (M3U) source. Works extremely well; however, the behavior when tuners are in use has been frustrating me. At a minimum, I would like to limit the number of tuners that can be used for recording vs. live streaming. Alternatively, if attempting to tune when all tuners are is use, I could be given the choice to interrupt. Presently, I have 5 streams available from M3U and 4 tuners, so if there are items in a series, the server can theoretically recor
  17. ShadowKindjal

    Live TV M3U Backups

    Is Emby currently able to set up backups for M3U streams? For example, if I'm streaming Fox from link A thru Emby and all of a sudden link A goes down, is there a way for Emby to automatically start streaming from link A's backup Link B. If Emby is not currently capable of doing this then is there something already in the works or does anyone know of a third party plugin able to achieve this?
  18. Hey guys. I've read posts in the past about you guys working on your own channel management solution and totally understand that will take some time as that would be a large undertaking. However in the meantime can you guys please order the channels via their default order in the m3u playlist? I feel like that would easy to implement and would suffice for 90% of users. It's literally the only thing holding me back from using Emby as my main Live TV Viewing app. Every other app I've used to to play Live TV orders the channels in the same order that they appear in the M3U playlist. VLC, Perf
  19. Version Hi there, currently having an issue with playing Live TV m3u sources. Having either: -"no compatible streams" -"spinning wheel" -"eventualy play 'some' streams after massive delay Opening the M3U streams via VLC works flawless. So far I have:- -removed and re-added source m3u and xml -restarted server -updated to latest beta -confirmed there are no outgoing dns resolution issues from the server Attached is the server log from a restart - failing to play a couple. If there are any clues there, please let me know. embyserver.txt Kind regar
  20. Hi Emby Team, This request is for adding an additional header option in the 'TV Source Setup' page when setting up an M3U Tuner. Right now the choice is only 'User agent' however I have a need to set a custom HTTP referer with one of my sources. I'd be OK with a referer input box however it might be better to have multiple key / value input boxes to allow any header and its override value (including user-agent). For reference, VLC uses a customer #EXTVLCOPT tag in the M3U to provide this functionality. ffmpeg has a "-headers" option, KODI uses 'key=val' piped at the end or the URL,
  21. Hi, I'm a newbie to Emby and I'm trying it out working with my M3U playlist. When I've imported the M3U playlist only some of the channels are listed I've identified with BBC One (listed) and BBC One HD (unlisted) Then i've cut back the M3u list only to include those: #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="BBC One HD" tvg-id="BBC1.uk" tvg-logo="http://vod6.service.tv:8080/logos/bbc%20one%20hd.png"group-title="United Kingdom",BBC One HD http://Service.tv/live/user/pass/2464.ts #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="BBC One" tvg-id="BBC1.uk" tvg-logo="http://vod6.service.tv:8080/logos/BBC%20one.png"group-titl
  22. beckfield

    A better use for playlists

    Emby's recognition and use of .m3u playlist files is a major advantage over Plex. I think they could be better used, though. Currently, all playlists are accessible via a Playlists 'library' on the Emby home page, or the Playlists view within a library. But all playlists, no matter where the .m3u files reside, are gathered together in one monolithic page. If I want to find a Dvorak Symphony to play, I have to sift through the entire list. I think it would be a better, more usable model, if it worked something like this: I have a box set of all 9 Beethoven symphonies. Since each s
  23. TaranTSR

    M3U with options support

    Hi All, I was wondering if it would be possible that when an m3u tuner is added with the "m3u with options" that emby could then detect the with options and sort the channels into their correct categories so that it is not one big list of icons, similar to what the cigeras IPTV plugin for plex does on github. https://github.com/Cigaras/IPTV.bundle Many thanks!.
  24. Borrisholt

    Playing TV from an "m3u source"

    Hi I'm trying to setup live TV in Emby with an M3U file as "source". Is that only possible with an Emby Premiere Sucscription? I have read the wiki and added the file as a TV source : But trying to play something via the Live TV plugin it prompts med for Emby Premiere? So can this be achived using the free version?
  25. Puff

    Best PAID Legal IPTV Service

    Hi guys, I'm looking for options for a reliable PAID IPTV service to use with Emby. I have used Villo in the past and that worked pretty well. But I'm trying to build a list and guide for setting up IPTV properly on Emby. So looking for all the options that have been tested and known to be reliable. Any assistance and information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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