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Found 4 results

  1. Okay this is somewhat of two problems together but the initial problem, I've found a viable work around so I don't really care about it as much. First, I use VLC as an external player on my AndroidTV with Emby because the playback on HEVC formatted movies is very inconsistent. I don't know if it's on my end or what (it very well could be) but enabling VLC as an external player makes every video play with the same smoothness. (That's the first "issue". Second, in using the above workaround VLC, regardless of formatting, unless the subtitles are embedded within the video file itself, they are .sub formatted external file or a .srt file labeled properly as "forced", VLC will not see it nor will the subtitles play. In addition, what I believe is happening is Emby is transcoding with the forced subtitles into VLC because although forced allow them to play, it's at the sacrifice of functions like rewind, fast forward and/or any manner of skipping via VLC. With any other video all said features operate correctly. I would love not to have to use VLC and be completely within the app but if not the VLC as the player is perfectly fine and doesn't make that much of difference but with watching movies with alot of subtitles, it does throw off the experience significantly. Thanks for any help you can provide. Emby embyserver.txt
  2. archiel

    Building a new Server

    I am looking for some advice on building my next server. I am running Emby Server on a Windows 10 machine with an i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge. This is fine for home use as everything is Direct Play but struggles if we want to access it remotely, particularly for HEVC content or higher bitrate H264 as the transcoding pushes the CPU to its limits, lower bitrate H264 (1,024k or less) is fine. Access (away from home) is via Nvidia TV Shield 2019, iPads and phones (running Android 9 and up). I am looking to build a new server and have seen very positive reports on the Rocket Lake i5 11400 and as this has a built in GPU it would cut down on components. Typically the server runs 1-2 items at a time and never more than 4. I will probably start adding HDR content in due course. Is the Coffee Lake liable to be able to handle the transcoding duties or do I need to look at a Ryzen CPU and/or adding a dedicated GPU. Also is there any substantial advantage is moving to Linux (Ubuntu) instead of staying with Windows? Thank you. Archiel
  3. I am new to Emby and am testing out various things. Have had it running for about 5 days now. It is running on my low-powered QNAP server which does not handle transcoding very well. In the past I used to have this transcoding problem occurring with my LG TV (which incidentally supports 4K) when using HEVC videos and playing from Plex with a Plex TV client. They updated the TV client and now HEVC's no longer transcode. In testing this on Emby it seems the Emby LG client transcodes always with HEVC files. It is the same when viewing HEVC files in a web browser and on my cellphone. It seems that Emby does not support HEVC. But, seems to me I read somewhere that it does. I am confused. Also, if you look at the transcoding page under setup it states this "H264 encoding CRF:" implying that H264 maybe all there is. Not to worry, I have realized that my web browser Firefox running on Linux does not support x265 (HEVC). My LG TV does support x265 as well as my cellphone and Emby does not transcode.
  4. I have three different types of PC's but only the older AMD machine plays everything w/o issues. If I use MPC-HC as an external player or emby classic there are no problems with playback. I tried various combinations of hardware and render. All drivers are up to date. The files show as being direct playing. Band Of Brothers is quite choppy, man in the high castle plays using DXVA, Zero Days is choppy, Star Trek IV seems like it's OK on the 5300u but isn't quite stable on the 6500t. I tried some other movies like 17 again and 500 days of summer which seemed fine so it isn't all hevc titles. AMD A10-5800K Radeon 7660D Corei5-6500t Intel HD 530 CoreI5-5300U Intel HD 5500 6500t.zip server-63620078438.7z 5300.7z
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