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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am just getting setup with Emby and I am having an Issue with subtitles being cut off, loading to close together or hanging around on screen till I tab out of fullscreeen, its all pretty weird. The subtitles display fine if I was to to play the video normally on my PC with the likes of VLC. I have attached an example of subtitles being cut off (In this example it happens at the 2:28 mark ) I have attached the video file as a google drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18900Rzrn64Pg_oeq_K4VDouL-5p0_mgT/view?usp=sharing Would anyone be able to advise about what is going on here as most of content will be anime based so subs are need to be spot on. Some Notes: Using the Webapp (app.emby.media) Hosting the server on the same machine (Machine is pretty beefy just recently build) Thanks, Jamie
  2. Dear EMBY Technician, I opened EMBY with iPhone14pro Max and found two bugs. (A picture of the problem will be attached below) Problem 1. When using iPhone14pro Max to open EMBY to play video, there is a problem with subtitles. My subtitle file is composed of Chinese and English, but only Chinese is displayed, and the English is missing. (Playing the same video captions on an iPhone 8P or computer without any problems) Problem 2. When using iPhone 14Pro Max to open EMBY to play any video, the full screen display will not be possible, and some English subtitles will be blocked by the white edge at the bottom of the video. (There is no problem playing the same size video on an iPhone 8P or computer) I'm sure iPhone14 pro Max owners will continue to report this issue. Please fix the error as soon as possible. Thank you very much. I hope you can timely reply me if you have any information.
  3. Okay this is somewhat of two problems together but the initial problem, I've found a viable work around so I don't really care about it as much. First, I use VLC as an external player on my AndroidTV with Emby because the playback on HEVC formatted movies is very inconsistent. I don't know if it's on my end or what (it very well could be) but enabling VLC as an external player makes every video play with the same smoothness. (That's the first "issue". Second, in using the above workaround VLC, regardless of formatting, unless the subtitles are embedded within the video file itself, they are .sub formatted external file or a .srt file labeled properly as "forced", VLC will not see it nor will the subtitles play. In addition, what I believe is happening is Emby is transcoding with the forced subtitles into VLC because although forced allow them to play, it's at the sacrifice of functions like rewind, fast forward and/or any manner of skipping via VLC. With any other video all said features operate correctly. I would love not to have to use VLC and be completely within the app but if not the VLC as the player is perfectly fine and doesn't make that much of difference but with watching movies with alot of subtitles, it does throw off the experience significantly. Thanks for any help you can provide. Emby embyserver.txt
  4. NaveedAS

    problems playing .ASS files

    Hi. ive been trying to play a few files with .ASS subs but they just dont seem to load. the files are working without subs enabled but as soon as the subs are turned on it just stops loading. i tried a few workarounds but it only helped with running them on the mobile but on the TV, no luck - extracted the .ASS subs and renamed to SRT and removed all <font> tags etc (stripping down to basic subs) - this helped to fix the issue of running on the phone, but still doesnt work on the TV (as mentioned above) - downloaded third party subs and they worked on the TV but are out of sync so trying to figure out how to fix that for all of the 16 episodes of the title is there any way to have the .ASS file to run without so much effort? logs are attached.embyserver.txthardware_detection-63787874041.txtembyserver-63787873961.txt
  5. I have two identical video files. Only difference between them is one have Japanese audio and other have English audio. My preferred subtitle language is 'English' and mode is 'Always play subtitles' in Emby. Now, Emby is selecting English subtitles for the 1st video file and French subtitles for 2nd video file.
  6. mmarcmarc

    Subtitles not loading

    Hello! Recently started using Emby and it was working perfectly, but today the subtitles stopped loading? I can select "English (Default ASS)" in the player, but the subs just don't show up. This happens on my Samsung TV and the web app on both my phone and laptop, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the server, but even with a fresh install, I still get nothing. Couldn't think of anything else, so I came here looking for some help. ffmpeg-transcode-feaa585b-2637-464a-a57e-9137d37afb63_1.txt embyserver.txt
  7. silvending

    No subtitles on android app

    Hi, considering the two latest beta releases, i tried them on 2 (two) android tablets, and both doesn't display subtitles during media playing. Server version: App version: 3.1.43 Android version: 7.0 However, tried both versions with an android 10 device and works just fine. Tried to remove subtitle transcoding, keep doing the same. For last, if i run emby by web on any of those non-working devices, subtitles work just perfect. Please check it out. Thanks.
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