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Found 12 results

  1. xsteacy

    More than one resolution

    Hi, My wife doesn't care at all about quality, she can what anything even an old VHS but I like 4k... It would be really nice to be able to have a 1080p and a 4k (for example) resolution of the same movie and be able to choose witch one, like YouTube... Does it make sens or it's totally useless? Thank you
  2. I've noticed that my FireTV box has a "720" flag/icon on some videos which are actually 1080p. Photo attached showing the "720" flag and "Video 1080p H264" for the same episode. (The actual resolution of the file is 1870 x 1080.) I cannot be sure but I may have originally added a 1280x720 version of the episode and then around a month ago updated it to 1870x1080. Is this the cause of the discrepancy and if so how do I get Emby to recognise the resolution of the updated file?
  3. Hello we really like EMBY Server. We recently switch to a very inexpensive Sprint plan so our streaming bandwidth is probably lower. When we leave our home WiFi network, Emby will spin and stutter trying to play a higher bandwidth until we manually lower the bandwidth to a lower setting. How does the Auto Quality feature work? It doesn't seem to be doing anything to resolve the stuttering unless for example we kill and restart the App and restart the stream several times. Our solution is to manually limit the network to 720-1 Mbps. (BTW what's the visual difference between 720-1Mbp
  4. Hello, I just started ripping my Blue-Ray discs and I tested one of the two I ripped but it freezes a minute into playing in the browser at the same place every time and about 30 minutes into playing on the Apple TV (this was after a reboot of the server). The file is .MKV and is 26.6 GB and after a reboot and a fresh install of EMBY server I was able to play it all the way through, however another movie that is ~36 GB I press play and it will play for a few seconds and then stop and say "Opps, something when wrong. Document not found on stack." Although, when it is on the video menu the sound
  5. Hello, I am having an issue with the Theater desktop app. For most hd content I try to play, it stutters at first and sometimes smooths out but usually stutters intermittently. I can see its direct playing from the server. I play the same content through firefox and get no stuttering. I really love the desktop app but have issues playing hd content. For the client I'm running Emby Theater 3.0.5 Windows 10 HP Desktop with 6 GB system ram AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 4400+ AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB graphics card And the server is Ubuntu 16.04 running emby AMD FX 8350 8-Core with 2
  6. Ren888

    Do not show me in 1080p.

    Hello . I would like to know why my videos in 1080p are playing 1280x720 in the web video player (firefox?) I added quality 1080P / 60mbps and still 1280x720. is there a parameter that I forgot or a bad configuration of my hardware? I have a remote linux server. thx all
  7. dnanielsen

    Coverart 720p/1080p seperated

    Hi guys. Is it possible to seperate 720p and 1080p movies from each other in the Coverart plugin? I tried looking through the 'treatment' and 'specific covers' settings but couldn't figure out how to do it.
  8. I have a problem playing 4K content on my nVidia Shield / LG tv The Shield and Emby app run in 4K resolution. I have 'Enable refresh rate switching' and 'Prefer exact refresh rate' both enabled in Emby. Whenever I play 4K content, the refresh rate is changed as expected, but the resolution is changed from 2016p to 1080p. There is a 4K display mode available at the same refresh rate. When I turn off 'Enable refresh rate switching', the content is displayed at 4K resolution, however the video becomes kind of choppy. When I turn it back on, the video is smooth as butter, but the resoluti
  9. Hi, I accidentally misposted this in the Android TV forum - apparently it is supposed to be in the android mobile forum. I am SO looking forward to having a functional Emby experience... (after many, many frustrations) and appreciate advice/assistance. I recently posted a string of problems related to an AsusStor NAS running server. Most were solved by dropping the hope of running Emby on this device. Now I have it running on Windows and have a great experience with android apps and web apps - except on ONE problematic android set top box! The errors are very repeatable - but I can
  10. arrbee99

    1st vs 2nd Gen FireTV

    Don't know if this is the correct forum, but anyway.... Using Emby to send video to a 1st gen FireTV box (not stick) via gigabit ethernet. Emby will direct play most stuff (up to 720p I think) but transcodes uncompressed bluray MKV rips. Would anyone happen to know if the 2nd gen FireTV will direct play this high bit rate stuff as well. So if I upgrade would it be a waste of money or not ?
  11. madkaz

    Fragen und Anregungen

    Hallo zusammen, seit einiger Zeit nutze ich Emby, auf einem PC als Server, mit Windows 10, Gbit Lan, viele TB an Filmen, TV Serien, Musik und Musikvideos dieser PC hat keinen eigenen Monitor und ist auch nicht der Schnellste (DuoCore mit 1.8 ghz). Ich habe einen weiteren PC mit Win 10 als Client, mit dem ich die Datenbanken pflege, auf diesem läuft auch Kodi. Weiter nutze ich in einem Heimkino einen Raspberry pi 2, mit OSMC und dem Emby Plugin, in meinem Wohn- und Schlafzimmer hängt jeweils ein Chromecast am TV. Die Chromecasts habe ich mir extra wegen Emby gekauft, und dachte anfangs, dass al
  12. colejack

    Cannot play 1080p on local

    I've had this issue for a little while and cannot figure it out. It started on my old server (q9550 + 8GB) and has followed me to my new one (2x Xeon 5450 + 24GB). I've done a complete new install of Emby on the new server to make sure it wasn't a setting that I configured and forgot about. It happens with any 1080p videos (over 300 movies). It worked before but I don't know what has changed. If I open the web player (even on the server itself) and try to play a video at 1080p it just sits there doing nothing. There's no process change on the server. If I change the quality to 720p it plays j
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