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Found 7 results

  1. I have my movies in separate folders. Some are still VIDEO_TS because they do not convert well (e.g., End of the Century, which is a mix of various video formats). My directory structure is: "/Movies/<MovieName> (<Year>)/VIDEO_TS". I also keep the movie's NFO and JPGs in "/Movies/<MovieName> (<Year>)/". Unfortunately, a recent Emby change (maybe April/May 2020?) is now putting the NFO and JPGs in /Movies/. All my VIDEO_TS movies now have the same poster and artwork because they're all pointing to the same /Movie/poster-jpg, /Movie/fanart.jpg, etc.. Is this a bug? Or is this a new "feature" by design? Regardless, is there a way to get Emby to store these files in the individual movie folders again? I've tried manually moving the NFO and JPGs, but Emby ignores them and recreates everything in /Movies/ again. Help!
  2. I'm on Server Version on Windows 10. I don't know when this changed, but previously (I believe) Emby Server would recognize a VIDEO_TS folder in the Extras folder in the following directory format: Dark City (1998)\Extras\Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)\VIDEO_TS And then Emby Theater would present that item "Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)" in the lists of Extras, where it could be played via the External Player I have configured (in my case, VLC). The reason I do this is that sometimes there are extras such as image galleries and text content which are only available via the DVD menu. So I copy only the files within the original VIDEO_TS folder which are necessary for the DVD-menu-only extras I want and put those in a folder like the above example. Currently these folders are no longer being recognized and displayed for Movies, though it does still work for folders with the TV "Special" season folder. It is also possible that I am not remembering correctly and that it actually never worked for Movie the Extras folder and has only ever worked for TV Special folder. I don't think that is the case though -- I think it worked for the Movie Extras folder at some point in the past, as I normally test these things when I am converting a movie. I understand this is an edge case which might not effect many users, but figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it in case it is something that can be easily fixed. If folks have suggestions for how to achieve my above goals using a different route I'm open to that. Thanks!
  3. funwithmedia

    Considering Emby...

    Hi there, I'm exploring switching to Emby from my old, custom built setup which consists of: an MS Access database for holding all my data, scraping IMDB, etc.; a SnapStream Firefly RF PC Remote; VLC (running in one-instance mode, headless, using the dummy interface, and the http interface ); and a custom web interface (that I can control via hotkeys via my remote) which sends commands to VLC. My multi-terabyte library of files consists primarily of fully ripped DVD VIDEO_TS folders, with full DVD menu support via VLC. And then I also have a some amount of mpeg files. VIDEO_TS rips consist of movies (single and multi-disc sets) and tv shows (mostly multi-disc, with some as many as 60 disc folders). My video files are stored primarily on a NAS, but are also spread across several other network shares (on Windows computers). I am considering switching to something like Emby because my current metadata system is a bit tedious (eg, I manually enter the title, copy/paste the IMDB ID, and at times manually enter other details), and I'd like to benefit from that and other things that Emby can (I believe) do better than my custom system (which I haven't updated in years, other than adding movies, etc. to it). I am primarily interested in watching movie/tv DVD folders on Windows 10 computers, in a home LAN environment (everything is on the same subnet). Watching on Roku or portable devices is fairly secondary (especially portable devices). I might explore using Roku just for browsing my library (in instances where I'm already in Roku from viewing/considering other video sources), and then can switch to my PC for full DVD menu support (which I understand probably doesn't work in Roku). So, with all that background/context, I have some questions: I'm unclear on what I need to install, and in which locations/computers, in order to have full DVD menu support when playing VIDEO_TS folders. My impression is that installing the Emby server on one machine would allow that Windows machine to play files locally (no transcoding) and thus support full DVD menus. But I'm unclear then on what I would install on another Windows computer for the same functionality. I am considering upgrading to a Synology NAS (which I believe it is possible to install Emby on), so any thoughts, recommendations, caveats, etc. regarding going that route (vs installing on one of the Windows computers) are appreciated. I particularly wonder if there would be any issues with Emby being on the NAS while some of the additional network shares would be on other computers (you can assume that I know how to create user permissions on Windows shares to grant access to whatever the Emby Server on Synology user would be). It does occur to me that my Roku is on a different subnet than the CAT cable LAN, but one of my computers is a laptop which can be connected to both subnets (one via cable, one via WiFi), so I wonder if I'd need to install the server on that if I want the Roku to be able to access my Emby server data? If I wanted to, could I configure Emby such that VLC could handle playing the VIDEO_TS folders on either computer (let's just assume two Windows computers for the moment)? My goal here would be no transcoding, but playing the folders locally over the network such that I'd have the benefit of full DVD menu support via VLC. Have you all ever considered bundling VLC with Emby Theater (in contexts that VLC will work) and using the http interface (like I mention above) to provide full DVD menu support for VIDEO_TS folders? Or alternatively, providing the option of an additional config file where a user could set their parameters related to their VLC config (ie, in this case, the user would have to take care of starting VLC [headless, if they wised] and configuring it however they wished)? I'd love to have the benefits of Emby Theater, but still be able to play everything (or at least designated types, such as VIDEO_TS folders) via VLC, similar to how I currently do via my custom browser interface. Since most of my library is using VIDEO_TS folder rips, and many of these contain extras, I'm wondering if there is any kind of online database that Emby can pull data from regarding Extras that are contained on a given DVD (or Blu-ray, though I'll be using the Media Stubs feature for Blu-ray discs, as I don't typically rip those because of size/space)? I have access (within my custom database) to the UPC for all of my DVD folders, if there is a way to do lookups based on that. I have seen in forum posts and the Wiki that most people rip extras to individual video files and stick them in an Extras folder, but that's not a workable route for me (ie, I'm not going to convert my whole library). I'm not concerned with being able to click "play" and go straight to a specific DVD title/section (though, technically that is possible, as I do that for some items in my custom setup and just pass the proper title/chapter string to VLC), but it would be super-handy to have a list of the extras which are contained on a given DVD be retrievable online and then stored in metadata and displayed when viewing that item in Emby. I suspect this is a long shot, but figured it doesn't hurt to inquire. I'll undoubtedly have more questions, but I think those are all for now. Many thanks to any who offer thoughts, suggestions, etc.!
  4. Hi, I've been experimenting with Emby (and comparing plex/kodi) over the past couple of days for my existing ~500 movie collection of mixed formats including about half in ripped-dvd MovieName>VIDEO_TS>MovieFiles structure. Would you please be able to help me with the following final problem which I have: • movies structured as "moviename > VIDEO_TS > VOBfiles" show up in library yet do not play (tested on web client and android app) [screenshots attached] • movies structured as "moviename > VOBfiles" show up in library and DO play just fine • I would like to figure out how to use the first hierarchy since that's dvd standard and how my files currently exist What I've tried: • I deleted that xml file visible in the screenshot • the emby naming guidelines suggest that a video_ts folder or a video_ts.ifo file will work, however I have not been able to make the folder route work. • searching google and the forums, I've only found people having the reverse problem • a similar problem in Kodi was solved by editing the regex; however, I have not been able to locate that in emby Thanks! -Adrik my testing setup: emby server 3 downloaded yesterday mac mini 2014 model; 2.6ghz intel core i5; 8gb ram; osx 10.10.2 viewing in android app and web client on chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit) after i get everything working, putting emby on my freeNAS
  5. Hello, Please refer to https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming I have box sets of TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray. Ripped to folders (Video_TS and BDMV). Take for Example: Dungeons and Dragons @ TVDB http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=77129&lid=7 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 1: Season 1 episodes 1 - 9 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 2: Season 1 episodes 10 - 13 and Season 2 episodes 1 - 5 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 3: Season 2 episodes 6 - 8 and Season 3 episodes 1 - 6 I tried the following, the closest variation I could think of from the Wiki wondering if it would work, but of course it doesn't work quite right \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S1E01-09\Video_TS \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S1E10-S2E05\Video_TS \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S2E06-S3E06\Video_TS What is shown in Kodi is Dungeons and Dragons\Season 1\ Episode 1 'and then lists the titles of ep 1 - ep 9' Dungeons and Dragons\Season 1\ Episode 10 The Garden of Zen Dungeons and Dragons\Season 2\ Episode 6 The Last Illusion I can tidy some of this up by editing metadata, but not all of this. Is there a different variation for this scenario? Or a different recommendation (other than ripping individual episodes to video files of course) --------------------------- Related question: What if a special episode is on the same disc? Kinda the same situation as above. Extra credit question: I'm still searching on this. Apparently, Emby doesn't 'link' individual episodes to episode chapters within the disk? Just does what the first line shows above which lists all title names on one line for the one disc? -------------------------- Emby Server Windows v3.0.5724.6 Emby on Kodi 1.02 Kodi 15.2 Windows 10 Pro ------------------------ Thanks!
  6. I have read the various Android App and Chromecast-related threads on here but can't find this particular issue. Like others, I am still having problems getting the App to link to my Chroemcast - it will, randomly, but I haven't found any common reason for success or failure. (Netflix connects to Chromecsat every time). Where I have a different issue, is that when it will Cast, it will never play any VIDEO_TS Movies. If the file format is MKV or MP4, it plays without problem. When I try to play the VIDEO_TS Movies, the Play button in the App gets its blue halo, but then freezes and that's all that happens. If I Sync the VIDEO_TS Movie to my Mobile (Samsung Galaxy S4) and try to play it, the same thing happens. Is this an issue with the Server, or the Android App, or with my S4? (the same thing happens on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet as well). Android App: latest version from Google Play Emby Server: 3.0.5641.4 Chromecast: latest Firmware The Movies in question play as expected in Emby Theater. If it's just a 'wait for it - it's in Development' situation, that's fine, I just don't want to spend any more time on it if it's something I can't fix.
  7. Hi all, I have been having issues playing my multi-dics collections since an update for MediaBrowser/Emby in late November 2014. I believe developers have looked into this but I have not seen a recent version fix this problem. Accessing multi-discs was never an issue prior to November 2014 so I am truly confused as to how and why this function is broken. This issue has been referenced in a few threads on this forum: here, here, and here. In summary, I've had my media collection in Video_TS format for almost 5 years and I used versions of MB 2 and (early) MB 3 with one minor issue (which was resolved by the devs). Since I chose to use Video_TS as my format, I used the recommended naming scheme for both Movies and TV Series, adding multiple discs in as folders. Until last November 2014 this worked perfectly. After November 2014, multiple folder entries were limited to 12 parts. This a problem for larger TV Shows like "Friends" or "The Shield" which have upwards of 30+ discs. The 12 disc limit means I cannot access the entire show. Since I know encoding will come up as a suggested solution I will attempt to address that too. I don't plan on re-encoding my current DVD library. I had trouble with a large portion of my TV show DVD's and MakeMKV in the past due to the variety of ways companies lay out episodes/extras. Since Media Center has fairly decent DVD playback capability, the Video_TS approach was the most consistent way for me to watch my content when not playing from the disc. Again, I am looking for any help in getting this resolved. It's strange that this issue suddenly occurred in MB/Emby especially since it was never a problem. If there isn't a fix available, I would appreciate a way to "roll back" to a version thate previously works. Thanks in advance!
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