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Found 6 results

  1. About twice a week, memory will step into a hole. It is the embyserver process that is consuming all the memory. Nothing in syslog other than hourly cron entries. The service becomes non-responsive. Killing the process & restarting the service... or rebooting the LXC resolves. Anyone seen anything like this? It didn't happen before moving to Emby 4.6.
  2. Hi All, I have mostly made posts moaning about how stuff doesn't work right/the way I want to, but I'm going to give back to the community today! For the TL;DR skip down a few paragraphs, just me venting my woes I go into how I got hardware acceleration to work when it wasn't and everything said it should have been on an Ubuntu LXC container I originally built a FreeNAS machine, on which I planned to store loads of stuff including media, and saw that it had media player plugins. I didn't think too much of it at the time (except I didn't want to use Plex because my experience with it showed that it wasted resources/was the 'dummy' version) so I specced out my server and I built it. I chose a Sky Lake/Kaby Lake cpu for a number of reasons, but one of them was the iGPU. I tried using an Emby plugin but that didn't work (now know it's a whole .NET issue with FreeBSD) and then tried a Docker container of Emby - worked fine, but no hardware acceleration. I wasn't sure why, but I knew I needed more power in the server for the transcoding and other stuff I was using it for so I got a Kaby Lake Xeon cpu, making sure to get one with an iGPU, and kept on plugging away. To cut to the chase: - found out I needed to pass /dev/dri to docker - found out I needed VAAPI to get use of the gpu, but FreeNAS did not support it so it would need to be in a VM and FreeNAS was going through lots of changes - looked around for a few other operating systems that could be used for my purposes, tried OMV - it didn't like ZFS - landed on Proxmox, perfect for my needs - can spin up debian/ubuntu LXC containers easy peasy while passing through whatever I want from the root OS & can make VMs for other OS'/things I want more secure - found out that my motherboard had the C232 chipset & I needed the C236 chipset to use the iGPU - Finally bought the right motherboard Honestly, you would think I had done absolutely no research! But a lot of this was new to me and I didn't realize what I would be using the machine for (didn't know how much use I could get out of Emby per se - I already had an HDHomeRun and Apple TVs...). So I swapped in the right motherboard (plus I got some more SATA ports - gonna be cloning my zpool later to a much larger one w/ more redundancy since I'm using the machine for work too now) and went about making sure that dev/dri and fb0 were passed through to the Emby LXC container. *****Skip to Here***** At this point I double checked that everything was being passed through to the container (eg lspci) & went through the Emby documentation (they state that it Emby should have all the drivers that it needs built in, e.g. their own FFmpeg build). However, when I would play a file that was a direct feed it played fine, but when I tried playing a 4K HVEC or 9/10Bit/VP9/VP10 whatever they actually decided to call that, the video would just load and never start. I went into the console and VAAPI was indeed installed and showed that it was able to decode/encode the appropriate files for my cpu. Checked the log - it looked like FFmpeg was doing it's thing and transcoding the file writing stuff to the temp folder and including a transcoding rate (e.g. at one point it said it was transcoding at 66.6 x frames ). I was about to post on the forum, but I really really really have been wanting to get this working. So I looked around and I found the following site, or rather series of files from the VAAPI sites: https://github.com/intel/media-driver The genesis before that link was basically that VA API needed some extra libraries/intel media SDK to operate depending on the OS/CPU. So that link is for an addition driver that has links to two other libraries that are needed first (libva & GmmLib) along with their dependencies/reqs to build them. Follow the links and cit clone those libraries over to a build directory, make them and install them. For less experienced people the GmmLib instructions are less clear: after git clone GmmLib, make a build directory for cmake & change into it you issue the cmake command with '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release', the site just shows you the possible options. I left out the -DARCH=64 bit because from what I saw on the internet others didn't use it, but you DO need to reference a cmake build file for the command. That is in the root folder of the build folder you made. so either add '..' at the end or '/wherever you git cloned to/gmmlib' to the end of the cmake command and it will run. Then you do the make -j8 command followed by the make install command. Once those two guys are added I git cloned the media-driver bit in, followed the instructions, restarted the container and honestly didn't expect anything to have changed. But hardware transcoding started working like a charm! I do NOT know if it was a combination of those libraries, if it was a dependency of libraries (or maybe just me having to reset the BMC a bunch of times b/c my fan control script was acting up, but I highly doubt that's what it was) but after the above everything worked. As a final note, I don't think this is a shortcoming of the Emby team. As far as I can tell people are using hardware transcoding via the VAAPI files Emby installs just fine. Maybe it had to do with the specifics of my case - Emby running in an LXC container, the LXC container running inside of Proxmox, the fact that because I have IPMI the BMC has it's own video device that are seen in the OS'. I'm just happy I got it to work (maybe can help the Emby team do some investigating) & hope this can help others save some time. Cheers!
  3. AlbanV

    Emby in LXC or Emby in a VM ?

    Hi everyone I'm using emby for 3 years now and i'm getting a most powerful server now. I'm using proxmox and i need to set up my new emby server. LXC support is present on proxmox and i really like to use it, but i'm asking myself if it is a good idea. Have you tried emby in LXC with gpu passtrough ? Let me know
  4. Hey Folks, I just want to double-check some things I'm reading here, please jump in if you think I'm missing something. I'm on, latest public This is in a VM and I'm planning on getting a GPU to pass-through via VT-d to it for Hardware Acceleration for Decode & Encode. Proxmox VE (Linux KVM) is my hypervisor, Bare metal server target is Dell r720. AFAIK VT-d and IOMMU should 100% work here. According to FFMPEG docs, AMD GPUs that are GCN 4.0 can do H.265 10-bit video (which I care about) : https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI According to more FFMPEG docs, VAAPI can effectively do all the Hardware Acceleration for Decode/Encode that I _could_ care about (check first AND second table) : https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HWAccelIntro These are AMD GCN 4.0 starting cards : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Radeon_400_series Looks like an AMD R5 430 GPU can be had for ~$35 USD (before shipping, etc). I suspect I would need to enable the AMDGPU driver in the guest OS in the VM (which is easy as it is Ubuntu). Am I barking up the right tree here? I have plenty of CPU, but it seems like passing a GPU through to the VM will make the environment more responsive, in terms of, command issued to play video, time until first frame of video & audio is played. Thoughts?
  5. vl1969

    a few quick questions on Emby use.

    Hi everyone. I have a home server running Proxmox VE 4.5 on ZFS the server has several ZFS pools where I store my data. i.e. custom user pools not connected to Proxmox except that the main machine hosts the disks. I want to create a VM container (LXC) where I will run Emby and other apps. Proxmox have a number of templates from TurnKey that I can use to create my container(s). I have tried the turnkey Mediaserver which is a TurnKey fileserver plus Emby. it works for the most part and works nicely but as I tried to setup additional things on it I broke the config and it has issues now so i want to rebuild it. in order to manage my existing data and media I bind-mount my data pools into container like tank0/share0 ==> mediaserver /mnt/share0 and tank1/share1 ==> mediaserver /mnt/share1 so my questions are : #1. the TKMS has Emby configured that all media folders are in "/srv/storage/ " like so @mfs /srv/storage# ls -l total 7 drwxrwxr-x 2 emby users 2 Jul 18 2017 Movies drwxrwxr-x 2 emby users 2 Jul 18 2017 Music drwxrwxr-x 2 emby users 2 Jul 18 2017 Photos -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 79 Jul 18 2017 README.txt drwxrwxr-x 2 emby users 2 Jul 18 2017 TVShows "/srv/storage/ " is the default location that is also SAMBA share and WebDav share. standard config for TK fileserver the medisserver is based on. now is it possible to move this folders into my storage? that is I have a bind-mount in /mnt/share1 that has folder media. I want to locally(within the VM) bind-mount that into "/srv/storage/media" and move all the folders inside. can I ? and How? #2. if I want to setup an NZBGet in separate VM and bind-mount the same pools there, how can I setup user NZBGet will use to run so when it downloads something it can be moved into appropriate folder and Emby will be able to see the new files and use it? permissions issue was one of the more difficult issues with this setup so far. the current config, which I moved the folders with mv command and reconfigured Emby to use the new locations, sees some movies but not one I downloaded with NZBGet or Transmission. it ignores any of my existing pictures and home videos that I copied with cp or rsynk from my local lib. not user how to set permissions on those properly. please point me to some how-to and help that will work. PS>> I already did the general search on many of the topics here and read the pin on this forum about file/folder permission. I will be setting up new container for test using that info but maybe there is something more I need/want to know. PPS>> maybe some one can chime in on the best setup for my needs as well. I want to have a basic VM server (already setup with Proxmox) that will run some special VMs. but main config is a 1. File Server 2. Emby 3. Transmission for torrents (!! I do not do much torrenting or downloads but good to have when needed ) 4. CoachPotato (again not much downloading but want to use that to automate organization of my existing collection) 5. SickRage 6. Lazy Librarian 7 Calibre Server 8. MythTV or what ever to record LiveTV in the future. I do not have the tuner now and it may never come to live but plans are plans. the question here is how to set all this apps so they will play well together nicely. should I run each in it's own LXC to which I mount-bind my storage? if yes should I / can I create/clone Emby user to all of this containers and use that to run the services? if yes How? what are my options here? thanks Vlad.
  6. tymanthius

    Ideas on Emby VM's

    So I have emby running in an LXC container on proxmox. It has access to all 4 cores, which are single threaded (Quad core Intel Core i5-6600K). I'm not overclocked at all. I am begining to get enough simultaneous users that sometimes it has trouble. Rarely, and only w/ 4k content so far. But, I was wondering if it would be worth spinning up another VM for emby and see if that helps? I would think not, as it's the same physical CPU *UNLESS* splitting the cores, 2 per vm, would make it more efficient. But it's always good to ask around to see what people have tried/discovered.
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