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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, I have mostly made posts moaning about how stuff doesn't work right/the way I want to, but I'm going to give back to the community today! For the TL;DR skip down a few paragraphs, just me venting my woes I go into how I got hardware acceleration to work when it wasn't and everything said it should have been on an Ubuntu LXC container I originally built a FreeNAS machine, on which I planned to store loads of stuff including media, and saw that it had media player plugins. I didn't think too much of it at the time (except I didn't want to use Plex because my experience with
  2. Trying to get HW Acceleration to work properly on my setup. I have a workstation running Windows 10 with Dual Xeon E5-2630 v3, NVIDIA Quadro P5000, and 64 GB RAM. I have looked through a few of the topics on this and some of the other users previous problems and have not been able to figure this out. I have attached a couple of logs that I have seen asked for in other threads already. From what I can see, the ffmpeg log says it is using the GPU, but when I am actively watching something and I check the usage on my computer and it has 0% utilization on the GPU with 35% utilization
  3. For inf, I have solved an issue with .ts format files recorded from broadcasts and saved on a NAS, played through emby on a Windows 10 pc to a chromecast. I set up hardware acceleration using an Nvidia card but only direct play happened, which stuttered and then failed. Solution was to transfer files and library pointers to the pc, after which the Nvidia kicked in. Hope that helps someone. Much better for recording than Plex, btw.
  4. Hi, the Premiere webpage and feature matrix don't explicitely say if we need a premiere licence to activate the Hardware Transcoding (GPU) feature of server. Is it the case? Where can we find ALL the specifications of Premiere licence? Thank you Moreje
  5. Hi, i will thank you for this great software it´s amazing. Now i have one little question. Will it be possible to use the GPU for transcoding (like Intel Quicksync) in the Webplayer? I know Mediabrowser Server 3 uses ffmpeg. I test with ffmpeg standalone at it can use quicksync to transcode. How could i turn this on in the MBS 3? It will be greate for all having a smal HTPC mit a CPU that allows this feature. I look forward to your response :-)
  6. hi guys, I'm a user of plex and video station on synology, I'm testing emby and it works great ! I don't understand how video can stream without need of transcoding VS plex and emby but that not the point. during my tests, I purchased monthly premiere license to test material acceleration : a transcode consume 98% of my CPU, now with HA it consume 28% but, I have now transcode buffer problem : without material acceleration, transcode buffered 10/15 seconds, the video can be streamed but CPU goes to 98% with material acceleration, transcode buffered 3 seconds every 3 seconds so
  7. This is a continuation from another thread as I thought it might be of general interest as there's not much real use case information about the Apple T2 chip and its role in hardware acceleration for their 2018 models. First, I'm an under 24 hours Emby user and I paid for my initial month of Premier membership not because I intend to use most of the services; I know I won't, but rather that I appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep something like Emby afloat. Hopefully the month will go well so that I can move to a yearly subscription. As mentioned in another post I'm a long time
  8. ztheoz

    Hardware acceleration and Qnap

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a nas from Qnap (model ts-253BE), but I wanted to know if hardware acceleration is supported by the app. I've read an old thread where users said that it wasn't supported yet, so I was wondering it is now. Also, is the hardware acceleration working with h265 codec, or just h264? Thanks a lot !
  9. What is the current status of hardware acceleration and Emby Server? I can't find a lot of information, but I can find more people asking this question. Is there or might there be one day, a guide that specifies what hardware acceleration option are actually available in certain situations like OS, GPU, CPU? I'm looking in to VA-API now. If something interesting pops up I'll post it here. EDIT: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI Hooked @" If you have multiple usable devices in the same machine".., but it's going to take me a while to dig tru this http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpe
  10. Hi Everyone, Quick question...which Hardware Acceleration setting would the community recommend for an Intel HD5500 (Core i7-5500U, Dell XPS 13)? Thanks, hopefully this Topic will help someone else out also! -JBL
  11. Hi guys, first post here. I have a new install of Emby on a server using an ASRock N3700-ITX motherboard. The CPU is small, but supports up to 4K hardware accelerated transcoding via Quick Sync. If I set Emby with Quick Sync disabled, I am able to watch on any of my clients, but only up to 480p. If I turn Quick Sync on, I get nothing on any client. The stream opens like normal, but nothing ever shows up. The system does not register any kind of an error, and unless I back out of the stream myself, it will sit indefinitely on a blank screen because the DLNA client is not aware that an error
  12. Whenever Intel Quick Sync is selected in the Playback/Transcoding/Hardware Acceleration dropdown, none of my recorded TV shows will play. The hardware acceleration makes the overall live TV experience smoother, but the recorded tv failure is a major issue. The recorded tv fails to play in all web browsers, as well as Android TV and Android Mobile, so it seems to be a cross/platform issue. Has anyone else had this issue or can anyone else recommend a fix? I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!
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