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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Since 2 days, for every videos, on my samsung TV, quality was terrible. I restart Emby without success. I use Emby since years without any problem. Don't think I update Emby recently, nor my system. I checked with videofiles working flawless previously, and they all failed now. I look at the status, and see Emby downgrading bitrate. Don't know why. I'm on fiber connection, and local network is quick. I change playback quality from automatic to highest just to check, but no results. I'm using Emby for Samsung SmartTV 1.1.09. Attached are screenshots. If anybody has a hint, thanks in advance Edit : updated emby for Samsung tv at last version (1.3.4), same problem
  2. I'll try to keep this feature request short and simple. When the Emby server needs to transcode audio to make it compatible for the Emby client, it will use a hardcoded value for the bitrate that cannot be changed. For example, if the audio gets transcoded to Dolby Digital AC-3, it will always use a bitrate of 384 kb/s. This value cannot be changed, even though Dolby Digital AC-3 allows a maximum bitrate of 640 kb/s. Although 384 kb/s is a decent compromise between quality and data, it is very compressed and the quality is far from being transparent. The same thing applies to every other audio codec the Emby server may transcode to, such as AAC. So the request is simple, allow users to specify the bitrate that should be used for transcoding audio. Thanks, Charlie
  3. I'm trying to play UHD video at its native bitrate without re-encoding. It plays fine for about 2.5 minutes, but then the Direct Play stream is interrupted. The server then tries to switch to transcoding, but doesn't have the hardware to convert these files, so the playback is poor. The drive read and network speed is sufficient to support the bitrate, but I'm not sure why the stream is being interrupted. Thanks for looking at this! Server: Windows 10 Pro with latest updates, Emby Server Client: Emby for Android on nVidia Shield All times are EDT. Log sent from Sheild at 5/10 12:58PM Eastern. 12:27PM Reboot nVidia Shield 12:28PM Enable Debug Logging and rotate log file 12:29PM Login "Adults" user 12:29PM Verify Enable debug options set on nVidia Shield 12:30PM Start Playing Godzilla and turn on Stats for Nerds Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 74.93 Mbps 12:32PM Network activity monitor shows streaming activity stopped Video playback continues for a bit before transcoding starts 12:33PM Transcoding playback, Direct Stream, HLS Playback starts and stops due to transcoding speed. 12:35PM Stop playback. 12:37PM Start Playing Finding Nemo Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 60.32 Mbps Network Activity monitor reflects 60Mbps network utilization 12:39PM Network activity monitor shows streaming activity stopped (Playback at 2:40) Video playback continues, stutters at timecode 3:30 to switch to transcoding 12:40PM Transcoding playback, Direct Stream, HLS Playback starts and stops due to transcoding speed, sometimes displays weird pixelated colors on screen. 12:43PM Stop playback. 12:44PM Start Playing Tomb Raider Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 20.66 Mbps Network Activity monitor reflects 18 to 25 Mbps network utilization No network dips, no playback interruptions. 12:54PM Stopped playback. Video stuttered, then Shield stopped responding. Screen displays blue screen, the same as if the Shield were off or sleeping. 12:57PM Hard restart of Shield by disconnecting power. 12:58PM Logged into "Adults" user and sent developer log. Searching through the forum, I saw a suggestion to change the Max bitrate on the device from AUTO to 1000Mbps. I tried this, and still observed the network dropoff. When playback was stopped, the Shield blue screened again. The blue screen is new, it may be due to turning on logging mode or could be due to resolution matching switching. embyserver-63787784375.txt
  4. Often times when I see "Reason for transcodng: Media bitrate exceeds limit." in the info I wonder, what kind of internet connection do they have? I know this can cover multiple scenarios like bandwidth limit set for user, server, client side quality setting, as well as AUTO bandwidth detection... Can you PLEASE add to the dashboard the returned client bandwidth capabilities? The value you are getting from the client that tells emby its bandwidth abilities. While you are at it tighten up the spaces between lines on the transcode items, and align the results to the right instead of center.. MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE THIS :
  5. I'm running Emby Server on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro. I'm trying to watch on an LG TV connected to the HDMI output of the Shield. When I try to play a video with a 5MB/sec bitrate the video stalls about 30 minutes in. Looking at the dashboard over the web UI it shows that the video it transcoding because .mkv is an "incompatible container". Transcoding the video with ffmpeg (on the linux media file store machine) using ffmpeg -i <filename> -codec copy <filename.mp4> and then rescanning the entire movies library I attempted to play the .mp4 version. That also stalled within a minute or two of "resuming". Again looking at the dashboard over the web UI it shows that video is also attempting to transcode on the fly. Looking at the Emby Client "Playback Settings" on the shield and turning the "Streaming Bandwidth" down to 3MB/sec has no effect on the problem. What is the maximum bandwidth Emby Server on an NVIDIA Shield can play through the HDMI output, and is it necessary to re-encode all of the videos in the library (roughly 6TB) at or below that bitrate in order to use Emby Server on the Shield? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-34cf853d-de26-4967-a2ce-c6b9a472e1ac_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-499b73b7-2fb4-4312-9b1d-d49659f7a37b_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-559c15c4-ca1b-42a9-9ca8-614ae67ff117_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7449dc73-6162-462b-b328-33c38057b455_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-301022b8-d0aa-418e-b692-efdee44bfd2c_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-953166a6-817e-4a50-af9f-16eade38bdd7_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a0ede76b-340a-4577-8c83-69211d5e9117_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-db07d03a-66fb-4570-80ff-ce6c24a7145f_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-fe1f8007-a874-4246-acba-0e53874e4df7_1.txt
  6. My Samsung TV does not support DTS so I use the audio only transcoding feature of Emby. It would be great to set higher bitrates for Audio transcoding or if possible to send a DD+ stream instead. Many thianks.
  7. Hello people, Please help me with this issue. I try to limit the Internet streaming bitrate limit (Mbps) to 10 for all the users and also per user and nothing is working, I still can see the 1080p 60mbps in the list of values. How can I force the user to see only till 10 mbps in that list from the playback. Thank you.
  8. Apologies if this is an obvious/newbie question... During playback on an Apple TV (all, including 4th gen) or older FireStick, I will frequently have issues with the video stuttering, or flat out pausing randomly. This happens whether on WiFi or hardwired. I've read a lot of similar posts, particularly regarding the Apple TV, but the difference for me is that so far, reducing the maximum bitrate seems to resolve the problem. My question is, is there a down-side to reducing the max bitrate? Does a lower bitrate translate to lower video quality? Thanks!
  9. Apologies if this is an obvious/newbie question... During playback on a (hardwired) Apple TV or older FireStick, I will frequently have issues with the video stuttering, or flat out pausing randomly. So far, reducing the maximum bitrate seems to have fixed the problem. My question is, is there a down-side to reducing the max bitrate? Does a lower bitrate translate to lower video quality? Thanks!
  10. meatball

    Server Bitrate settings/question

    Hi I’ve recently migrated from plex and trying to get my arms wrapped around the server bitrate settings and was hoping for some guidance. If I go to expert-advanced and set the bitrate setting, this is the global setting applied per remote device- is this correct? Ultimately this is going to determine how much upload bandwidth you allocate per streaming device not on the LAN. HOwever I can augment this by going into the individual users settings on the server and increase/decrease their allowed bitrate/upload bandwidth which will override the global setting I mentioned previously. Am I in the ballpark or am I not understanding? Please feel free to correct me if I’m off base. Thanks for the help.
  11. soloam

    Bitrate Limit Not Working.

    Hello, I would like to set a Bitrate limit to my clients, but I can't seem to make it work! I'm testing in Kodi with the emby addon, and I set on my server a limit of 2Mb/s. When I play a movie in kodi (outside my network, so streaming, not direct playing) I press the leter "o" to get the movie information! I see that it still is a 1080p movie and that goes beyond the 2Mb/s bitrate. On the server dashboard I get the information "Direct Plying". Only when in kodi I set a lower "Video Quality" I get Transcoding in the dashboard and the correct bitrate on the video info in kodi. I would like to control this, not the clients. I would like to limit the bit rate to all clients, and if possible the video size (down to 720p). Is this possible? Thank You
  12. In another post, I asked the reason why the server didn't detect the capabilities of a given device to play a video without issues like stutter, pixelated image, etc, and the answer I got is this: "It would be virtually impossible for us to cross-reference all potential video content with all potential devices and their capabilities" I understand the difficulties this may involve to achieve this, therefore, what I would like to see implemented is the possibility to save a custom bitrate only for a particular video in a particular device, in my case for example, my phone doesn't play 1080p videos with a high bitrate, so I have to select a custom bitrate to have a smooth playback, the problem is, the quality setting changes from "auto" to the selected bitrate globally, the idea then is to save this bitrate only for that video, so when resuming playback, the video should play with the saved bitrate while keeping the "auto" setting untouched because I can play other videos on the same device without setting a bitrate.
  13. On the Xiaomi Mi Box I noticed that high bitrate 1080p videos (untouched videos extracted from bluray) and 4K videos are getting transcoded because of that 21Mb/s limitation, after some testing I noticed that if I manually select the highest bitrate that appears on the quality menu, transcoding stops and the video starts to play directly, what bothers me is I have to do this every time I play those videos. This doesn't happen on Emby for Windows 10 app, it plays those videos without transcoding. Is this an intentional limitation set by the developers? is it something I can fix? Isn't this supposed to be automatic? When playback starts: Then I manually select the quality:
  14. Unraid Server: v6.3.3 Emby Server: v3.2.17.0 IOS App: 1.36 Cannot play any live tv content. Playing recorded tv shows, movies, any other content works as expected. Attached is the server log. There was no transcoding log created.
  15. I have set my playback streaming bitrate to 7 Mbps as I have a 10 Megabit upload connection. It seems that this isn't being completely honored. The average might be around 7 Mbps when streaming externally, but what is actually happening is it will spike up to at or above my max upload bandwidth for a few seconds, then not push any data, then spike again. Most times the spikes are close to 7 Mbps, but 1/5 at least are 8-10 Mbps. Here is a network graph from my router of an external stream: I could try lowering it even further (I had it set to 8) and see if that helps. But I would like to be able to stream externally at around 7 Mbps and lowering will probably force the clients to a lower bitrate. And multiple clients would be even lower. The main reason this is an issue is that it really impacts some multiplayer games. Sometimes ping will be bad, other times ping seems fine but it will be rubber-banding and freaking out.
  16. When playing a movie in some browsers (mainly Chrome) if res/bitrate menu is pulled up and the account is set to absolutely no transcoding the movie will stall or crash if the bitrate/resolution is changed. Initially it will show "Direct Play" but once change "Direct Play option disappears. The next picture will show that "Direct Play" disappears once it has initially changed to anothe Bitrate/Res. Granted sometime depending on browser you are able select a bitrate/res higher then the file and it will go back to "Direct Play" but lots of times it will just crash until transcoding is turn on and changed during playback. Proposed solution: Simply add an option under "Users>Profiles" called "Direct Play Only" which will disable the menu to change bitrate/res and should disable/ grey out the following option under "User/Profile" when enabled: 1. Media Playback > "Allow Audio Playback that Requires Transcoding" and "Allow Video Playback that Requires Transcoding" 2. Sync > Allow Syncing that Requires Transcoding for the log the log that has the issue is 7/12/2016 URL: https://fileserver.jpwservices.net Username: emby Password: 12345
  17. I have a ton of FLAC that I'd like Emby to stream to my Android device and it's unclear how it's transcoding it. I'd like to be able to: Specify the audio codec used to stream audio to my device. E.g. if I have a tablet with a beefy battery, I'd like to stream Opus, which is a more efficient codec but unsupported by my device's hardware codec. If I'm on my phone I'd like to stick to a safe codec supported by my hardware like AAC or MP3. Specify the bitrate. E.g. if I'm on WiFi, send me the original. If I'm not, cut it down to 128kbps.
  18. Hi Can you please add more bitrate options for 1080p ( i ned 1mb option to that) the main reson is because it's a lott of phones i tested on cant handel more then 1 mb. and the second reson it if the movies are in h265 and only 480p or smaller then the app caches because its always pick 4mb instead of 1mb when i have the option sett to 1080p in the settings. and this will happen on all android units (h265) tring to play 4mb/s if the movie only is 480p Im guessing it hafts to do withe bitrate, that the movies dont have that hi bitrate when thy are in h265 /Regards
  19. It would be very useful if there was a separate bitrate limit for transcoding. My network can easily handle higher bitrates, whether it's streamed from local source or the internet, but my poor old server can't really handle real time transcoding. So here is the gist of it all: My server can handle about 1.5M transcoding, it's right on the limit, but it is able to mostly keep up. The server has a lot of downtime, which I would love to use to pre-transcode the content. This can be done with the various sync components. The problem is that apparently the synced content is rejected because my chromecast is set to only stream at 1.5M bitrate. The only way to make use of the pre-transcoded content is to manually bump the bitrate when I know there is pre-transcoded content and then bring it back down when I want to watch something real time.
  20. EduardoSantos

    Max video bitrate for direct play on Roku?

    Hi, Though my MediaBrowser app on Roku is set to 20.0Mbps, any movies with bitrate above 14 get transcoded. Is this the expected behavior? What would be the maximum bitrate supported by Roku direct play? I have browsed the forum but did not find any mention of transcoding due to this scenario. As a test I joined audio streams of the suspect movie files (the ones with higher bitrates) to low video bitrates and they got played directly. Also as a test I extracted the audio streams and left only the high bitrate video streams: movies get transcoded. I am running app version 1.78 and server version 3.0.5490.2. Does anybody confirm this behavior?
  21. Concept211

    Tweak or Add Encoding Options?

    Is it possible to add or change existing encoding/transcoding parameters when streaming a video via the web UI? I would like to try and tweak the lowest 720p option with a lower bitrate so that it can stream a little bit more reliably on my ISP's 1mb upload cap. I looked in the server config files and can't find anywhere to change it.
  22. leebo

    Adjust the bitrate?

    Before I recommend the Android app to my brother, I wanted to check whether it has a way to adjust the bitrate to ensure smooth streaming. I got him to install MB Theater on his pc, but my upload is only 4Mbps, and every movie stutters way too much on his end to watch it. MB Theater apparently does not have any way to adjust this, unlike the roku app, which does. I looked in the Google Play store but details on the MB app are scarce. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I have a lot of full HD music videoclips which have different birates. For some reason I could play some pretty good on my Samsung S3 mini phone, but some others showed a black screen and I could only hear the music. Especially videos with a low bitrate (around 2000-2500) gave these problems. By setting the Wifi bitrate to 1.8mb/s I can play all video's, no matter what the bitrate is. So, my burning questions: 1) Can the Wifi bitrate not to be determined automaticly? 2) If not, what is the best rule to determine the optimized setting?
  24. ewcrider

    Video Bitrate Calculation

    I'm curious on how the video bitrate is determined, as it seems to just be total file size divided by length. This inflates the bitrate since it will include audio and subtitle tracks. The audio bitrates, however, are correct. Not a pressing issue, just something I noticed.
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