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Found 14 results

  1. I'll try to keep this feature request short and simple. When the Emby server needs to transcode audio to make it compatible for the Emby client, it will use a hardcoded value for the bitrate that cannot be changed. For example, if the audio gets transcoded to Dolby Digital AC-3, it will always use a bitrate of 384 kb/s. This value cannot be changed, even though Dolby Digital AC-3 allows a maximum bitrate of 640 kb/s. Although 384 kb/s is a decent compromise between quality and data, it is very compressed and the quality is far from being transparent. The same thing applies to every ot
  2. Hi, my Emby server crashes from time to time and it often happens at startup or when the server is accessed by an Android/IOS app. On my Odroid XU4 I freshly installed the latest Armbian image (Armbian 20.02.7 Buster with Linux 4.14.180-odroidxu4 kernel) and then installed the latest Emby version for armhf via armbian-config. I did a lot of research and did all the necessary steps to make sure it wouldn't crash. I disabled the realtime library scan and it still crashes randomly. I manually installed Samba server next to Emby-server. I made sure that Emby has the necessary read and wri
  3. davidftwld

    Emby doesn't detects hard drive

    Hi! I've recently installed Emby on Linux Mint Ulyana (Cinnamon), and there is an issue that i need to resolve. I have all my media (Series & Movies) in an intern secondary hard drive. This hard drive is mounted on /media/user/Multimedia. The problem is that when I try to add a library on Emby, pointing where the hard drive is mounted, it sais "The path could not be found. Please ensure the path is valid and try again." I tried changing all permissions but nothing happened. I also tried to give the emby user the ownership, but it stills not detecting it. I wait you can help me
  4. Hi all, thank you for this great product! I wanted to share an annoying issue I run into on the Android TV version of the Emby app when using the live tv mini guide. I hope below describes the issue clearly and I am willing to help wherever I can! Server: Latest stable Linux server docker image on unraid. Emby server version is using Live TV via HDHomeRun Prime (3 tuner) using Emby Guide Data Client: This issue happens in apps that have the mini guide such as Android TV in my case Nvidia shield pro 2020. *I can DM logs if needed but its very easy to repo and consiste
  5. Bonjour, bonsoir, je cherche un moyen de "débloqué" l'accès au dossier embyserver sur DSM via OSX, de base on ne peut pas, les dossiers système sont masqués, je ne maitrise pas encore le NAS à fond, si quelqu'un a une solution ça serait sympa. Merci. Hi i'm looking to access to the folder embyserver on DSM Synology with OSX, does anyone have a solution. Thanks.
  6. I'm runnning EmbyServer on my Unraid server and it works great. However, after a certain amount of time, the when I go to play media on any device, I will get this message 'No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details.' The server itself is still functional: I can still configure things, mess with settings etc. However, I can not play any media. The fix I've found for this right now, albeit a poor one, is to simply delete my library folders and then recreate them. After this, I can watch media again, but then the issue
  7. Hello, I'm sorry, but I could not figure where to report bugs/issues with the docker: emby/embyserver image? So, I'm posting it here the bug is with the emby/embyserver: I've created a CentOS VM using VirtualBox. after that, I've followed the docker installation guide mentioned on docker.com then added my shared folders from [host] to [guest] with the read/write permissions of course. the problem is that the docker emby image, crashes and exit, if the '/config' location was pointed to a shared-folder from the [host]. even if it has the correct permissions!
  8. Hi, everybody. Did not find a similar question on the forum and created a topic. There is a server on Windows and Emby server installed. How can I change the link from localhost:8096 to localhost:8096/emby ? P.S. sorry for english, I use google translate =)
  9. When updating Google Chrome to the current version # 70x, I noticed that the EmbyServer interface images are not displayed. I waited more than 15 minutes and the screen does not display the images, even resetting Chrome and even the PC. In 69x version of Chrome and also in Edge, there is this problem.
  10. Hi guys, I have all my Videos and so on stored at a NAS (which cannt be used as Emby-server), therefore i thought about a workaround with a windows machine as an emby-server in front of the nas (which uses an smb-release to acces my media). Kodi on my shieldtv works great with that smb-path. how are my chances to get this done? Is anybody out there, that uses a similar solution? i´d be glad for every stone of contention
  11. ddluzelle

    Emby Server Windows

    Hi Emby, I'd like to ask for your help. We're not able to update Emby Server hosted to our Windows Server. We're not able to update emby server which is hosted in our Windows Server. Even if we have downloaded the latest version and was advised to restart after, still the update failed. What are the other steps we can do to update our Emby Server? Thanks.
  12. Hope someone can help me on this subject, It first started I totally lost the program to Emby for WMC the icon and program disappeared. so I decided reinstall it from the Emby website, I first I disabled the Anti-Virus program (Norton's) When I did this is the following error downloading. "Application Run" Security Warning see my attachment. I tried clearing one click cache. I tried Chrome to download it and Internet Explorer no luck. I thought it had to do something with internet? I have another computer in the other room and I can download the files on that computer. Thank You
  13. keithterrill

    Intranet Setup Broadcasting?

    I apologize if this is not in the correct forum. I also apologize if this is already answered. I have two Linux Mint computers connected via Ethernet cable. A Cisco Linksys E1500 is the router between them. On Linux Mint 17.3 I installed, setup, and am running embyserver. The IP is x.x.x.1 (not the real address.) On the router, I set a Single Port Forwarding named emby as External Port 8096, Internal Port 8096, Protocol Both, IP Address x.x.x.1 (where that is the IP address of the server computer). On Linux Mint 18.3 I installed kodi (from the ppa:team-xbmc/ppa repository) following direct
  14. Guardian Hope

    FIPS Validated Cryptography Fix

    After a very long period where I could not use Emby Server on Windows 10 Pro because the server was not registering with the http server as authorized with the OS (see http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/29931-emby-refusing-connections/ for all about that) I decided to give Emby Server on Windows another try primarily because the server needed direct access to my GPU which VMWare Workstation doesn't provide (although vSphere does) so I can stream out H.265 content to an rPi3 running OSMC. Works wonderfully by the way but I did encounter an issue with Emby Server which can easily be re
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