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Found 15 results

  1. During the setup of the client I selected to use direct paths. After the synchronization it defaults to web streaming. If I look into the settings the direct path option is greyed out. I have the problem with the native Emby client and also with Kodi (via Emby for kodi). My Synology NAS doesn't have a powerfull CPU (DS414), so I used direct path as I think the NFS server is built-in and it would require less CPU then the webstreaming. Secondly, where I live, the movies are not dubbed and we are heavy users of subtitles. That is the reason why I also use Kodi. Kodi has more feat
  2. Hello Emby Community, I have a problem with playing video files with digital surround sound on the emby app. My setup: Shield TV pro (8.1.1) Denon AVR-X2300W Sony TV Epson Beamer all connected with HDMI Emby Server Emby App 1.7.78g I tried with files from https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/ (City Redux (Lossless) MKV H.264 1080p Dolby TrueHD 7.1) but it's the same as with all my other movie files... The video plays but there is no digital surround sound, my AVR reports 2-channel input and you only hear sound from the 2 front speakers... playing the same fil
  3. Recently my Shield TV Emby Home Screen stopped updating and is stuck in the same 2 shows. Not to be confused with Play Next, I use the "Next Up TV" channel under the available Emby Channels ( Live TV, Next Up TV, Suggested For ). I am not sure if I changed anything that would cause this function to stop.
  4. I would like to be able to disable the chapter placeholders on my Shield TV. I have not enabled chapter thumbnails in either my TV or Movie libraries and when I look at a film or episode (before playing), on the server (windows), a windows desktop, tv (Samsung smart tv) or my phone (android) I just see Movie Info Episode Info Cast & Crew More from season ... More Like This Cast & Crew Media Info Media Info However in Emby for Android TV I also have a block of Chapter placeholders - can
  5. Hey emby family I'm making transiton from plex to emby...in the same way I moved from stock android TV (ShieldTV)firmware to custom lineage OS due to numerous issues in stock firmwares. Emby server works perfect on shield TV; I'm able to stream on other android devices well. However, on the main shield device (host) the emby apps dont work. Regular emby app won't launch and emby for android tv gets stuck in a black screen after logging in. The video in link below shows the situation; logs are also attached. Any help will be heartily appreciated (tired of plex lol). https://mega.nz/#!4VcT
  6. twistedvincent

    Emby for Kodi 18.4

    I had to reinstall the latest Kodi and for some reason I'm unable to get a folder view for any of my files. It was a one click setting a couple weeks ago and no I don't see an option at all and without a folder view using Emby with Kodi is impossible I hope somebody can help.
  7. twistedvincent

    Shield TV Navigation Issue

    Using the latest betas for Windows and android. I have a TON of HUGE 4K HDR sports files that I skip forward thru to view highlights and such but every time I do there's a pause, sometimes up to 3 seconds before playback resumes. I hate keeping Plex around but the issue doesn't exist with it. I hope there's an answer.
  8. Hi gurus, I have the following situation: Emby server on shield 2015 version emby server does not play files when these need transcoding of dvdsub subtitles (vlc displays codec as SPU (i.e. pictures). works fine with srt and mov_text. Disabling hardware transcoding doesn't help nore does subtitle extraction. logs attached of situation with hardware transcoding on. Thanks guys! edit: problems exists both on shield emby client 1.7.43g and webbrowser (opera and safari) embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-4628573d-ee69-4e82-9a04-d68d631ddb43_1.txt
  9. I've been using Emby for a month now and am almost ready to switch completely from Plex...almost. I was skipping forward thru a show with Emby and it kept locking up every few seconds and I'd have to wait to continue. So I opened the same video in Plex and navigation was smooth as silk, no lock ups or freezing at all. What can I do?
  10. Hi, I run a synology NAS (DS1817+) with an external VPN Network connection set on the unit and local IP which to date of update has worked flawlessly. Nice update otherwise, thank you .NET core update using less CPU time now. Until upgrade to the recent synology build the local network which uses ect and still does connected to the Emby server on the NAS and used this range of IP. After upgrade with the VPN on the Emby server picks up the VPN IP which is wrong and fails to connect. Manual entry of the correct IP in the emby app for the server does not work. The only so
  11. I'm running an Emby server on a Shield TV Pro with Emby Premium. I'm trying to setup a recording of a series ("Bull") but am running into difficulties. I had it scheduled and wanted to make a change but now I just get a looping circle and can't change or delete the program. It's a little hard to see in the screenshot. Emby version is Version My impression is some sort of database corruption but not sure how I can tell or troubleshoot.
  12. Hello. I've been having a time getting Live TV to work properly with my new Shield TV (2017) client. It appears no matter what I select in the Application, it changes to transcoding. My setup consists of an i5 server running Emby as a service (Version I have 2 legacy HDHomeRun tuners, one HDHR-US and one HDHR3-US, with update to date firmware (20170815). All are connected via 1GB Ethernet on the same subnet. The Shield TV is connected to a Denon 3808ci receiver over HDMI. In the App, I have Direct Play Live TV selected. When viewing from the Dashboard on the server, I see
  13. It kind of sucks that this "recommendations row" can't be outright hidden but the fact it can't and the fact that Emby can use it, I think I see an opportunity. My understanding is that Emby can't give recommendations unless it has a user logged in. For personal SHIELDs, this isn't a problem but in a multi-user situation, no user is logged in by default so no recommendations are shown initially. Suggestion: If Emby for Android TV has no user logged in and therefore has no recommendations to offer, use a guest account and offer the Live TV channels as recommendations. If they back out of
  14. Hey, I have read several threads, but I'm still trying to understand why I have the issues I do with streaming h264 video with HD audio in an mkv container. My server: A6-based lxc container with lots of BR Rips (mux to mkv, so they're >30GB), but I have issues with typical 10GB h264/mkv files as well. My issue is streaming to the Shield TV and I think it's caused by the audio format. What is puzzling is that either my system is so slow that just transcoding the audio brings it to its knees (avg 17 fps, so it's unwatchable), or emby is transcoding the entire video stream when
  15. Hi at Emby, first of all, great product, very happy with it. And it gets better from release to release I have the following problem. I am recording Star Trek Next generation. A tv show that is aired at 4:3 not 16:9 Format is .ts Some of the videos are ok. When I start Some of them from the beginning they are flickering and stretch and squeeze very quickly. It seems that emby tries to stretch them to 16:9 and quickly falls back to 4:3. Wenn I pause them a use the chapter navigation everything works fine. Any Idea? Best Michael
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