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  1. TwinStream

    Not getting "tvg-shift" from EPG list

    Good afternoon, I´m quite new to Emby, have been using Plex for a couple of years but decided to try out Emby because the support of m3u tuner. The guide shows everything right, the correct channel mapping and logos but it is not able to get tvg-shift from my m3u or/and xml link. I know it´s correct because i´ve tried it in stand alone IPTV-players and Jellyfin, but Emby does not get the correct timeshift. Is there someting I am doing wrong or is this even supported? According to the support site for "m3u-tuners" Emby is able to use those tags and show correct timing.
  2. user101xy

    EPG VBox

    Hi I didn't know where to put my thread, that's why I'm asking here. I have the problem that the EPG data from the VBox are always shown an hour back. For example, a program starts at 20:15, but the EPG says 19:15. What about an update? Are there any chances of solving this problem? I'm using a Synology DS218play and the firmware of VBox is 2.66.18 and Emby Synology Server is
  3. ukpommy

    Logos under “On Now” Tab

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help me. Im trying to make my frontend look nice and have an issue where my channel logos dont show up under “On Now” section. I run my IPTV through m3u4u to help with channel management. Does anyone know what could be causing the issue? When I click on edit images the logo is there. Thanks in advance :)
  4. I just purchased Premiere specifically to try out the Live TV section. I'm able to find my HDHomerun DUO, no problem. I picked the Emby Guide Data source and local OTA. But, when i go to Refresh Guide Data, the gray pops up for a few seconds and goes away. No channel data is downloaded or really anything at all. I'm stuck.
  5. Ghendi

    epg groups

    I read through some posts on grouping, but not sure if it referred to exactly what I'm wondering: Is there a way to have more epg categories in the epg settings? Right now there are only Movies, Kids, Sports, and News. Is there a way to add Entertainment, PPV, and any other custom groups in order to navigate channels more easily? I'm new to all this, but if I use xteve, will I be able to make the changes in there? Thanks!
  6. I have heard before that in future release of Emby that there will be support for multiple EPGs for those with multiple tuners. I have tuners with overlapping channel names and just short of using Xsteve unable to use both of them on the same Emby Server without overlapping channels (resulting those channels missing within the guide). Any idea how long before this will be considered? I did a quick look through the forum and didn't see this subject yet, so hopefully this isn't a duplicate.
  7. For the life of me I can't get dark media epg to work. I'm using on windows 10. I'm able to add it but theres no epg info and in the mapping option no channels show. Someone else also had this issue and said downgrading to fixed it. But I can't find that version anywhere. I can find older versions but they all seem to be for other platforms. Can someone help me either try to fix the epg issue or help me downgrade to an older version? Thank you.
  8. mpb2000

    Upcoming Series view

    It'd be great to have an option to view Series in a Series view rather than an Episode view for upcoming TV. As you can see it can end up pretty annoying:
  9. h0ttz

    I have my Emby Server configured to get two files from my provider: - "channels.m3u" (playlist) - "guide.xml" (EPG) I scheduled to update once a day 11:30pm ET. I was checking my provider (IIS log file), there is 1 request for the channels.m3u file and there are 220 requests for the guide.xml in 25min. I don't think this is correct behavior for the guide.xml (EPG)... it is requesting too many times.... this process should download once and parse the XML data. As you can see the channels.m3u file it was okay, There was only one request to get the file. I asked a friend to
  10. Sylrob434

    Channel number 6 digit

    Good afternoon My provider use channel number with 6 digit . Only 5 of them are displayed in the EPG, is there a config somewhere that I can change to view more digit or adjust the font or have the logo on another line Best regards, Sylvain
  11. Recent Premier Emby user in USA and Emby Guide (14 days of data) seemed to be working great until MCE (Win 8.1) EPG Guide data went away. Now I can only get OTA EPG guide data (via NextPVR, i believe) for one day at most! I don't have officially supported tuners so apparently I cannot map channels either? because I don't receive OTA EPG data in Emby for ZIP 46808 (Fort Wayne, IN) I thought that Emby Premier included EPG guide data? Sorry if I'm confused but I couldn't find my exact problem in the forums Thanks!
  12. Hello, I'm creating my own EPG data using WebGrab+Plus, the XML loads fine however in chrome and on android it looks strange for certain channels, while in Emby Theater all looks fine all the time. See attachments! Someone experienced the same perhaps, i'm coming over from plex and on Plex it worked great but it had other issues so wanted to give emby a shot. Best Regards, Toetje
  13. Hi, I recently moved over from Plex to Emby & hoping i can get some help with EPG artwork using an XMLTV file generated by EPG Collector. Im using EPG collector with the 'lookup' tab enabled to gather poster images for Freesat UK. Data is being collected successfully and i have a fold full of fanart. I cannot seem to get this to display in Emby? Update: I have managed to get rid of the block colours under Movie, can get all details and a poster sized image outline, but their is no fanart. If i try to reload nothing happens. When i copy the link address i see this messag
  14. Even though I've set it to 7 days, then I tried 5...but I can't seem to get more than 1 day's worth of guide data. I've tried using my IPTV provider's XML TV URL, same as a local file. I think I've tried a combination of the XML file & the Emby guide..but I can't recall. I'm about to try that again. If I have more than one source, how does it determine the priorities? Will it choose one or the other, or try to merge the data? Otherwise, anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  15. Hello, Recently purchased Emby. As a whole I was able to install and configure the server without issues. It is installed and configured with hdhomerun and one m3u source, 2 EPG each dedicated to their own tuner. The issue is with the client apps. At first I was using an older 1/4GB Android 7 TV box but am now upgraded to a Quad 4/64GB Android 9 box. Navigation is really difficult with the remote. I can't seem to be able to select and click with the standard remote as pressing left, right, up down seems to focus on groups rather than tiles. When I use the mouse function I can h
  16. Hi *, the following problem seems not to be a general problem of the LG app, I have 3 LG TVs and one is displaying the guide correctly while the other two do not The attached screen is taken from my LG OLED65C7... it seems it tries to display to many rows so the current selected show that is shown at the bottom of the epg is overwritten by the epg grid. On the TV in my bedroom (LG 43UK6300LLB) it is displayed correctly. don't know if this behavior is already known to you ;-) greetz
  17. hi, using emby 4.0.2 and using the xtream-editor service to sort my M3U + XML (EPG) from them. But emby is not able to get the XML correct, Error Log: 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info App: xmltv path: https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info App: Downloading xmltv listings from https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:02.886 Info HttpClient: GetTempFileResponse url: https://xtream-editor.com/en/get/epg/ID 2019-01-19 09:21:04.067 Error App: Error adding metadata *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /system/EmbyServer.dll
  18. I really like the option that I can list my Favourite channels in the Live TV Guide first. However, on the Home Screen the "On Now" does not respect this preference, and there is no other setting than (as suggested in a different post) to manually remove the non-favoured channels from EPG. This is obviously not an option and goes against the logic of EPG as such. I use manually generated xmltv file for EPG from webgrabplus. Would it be please possible to provide an option for On Now to sort the favourites first?
  19. The image previews in library News feed are distorted. Instead in the continue watching section, the pictures have the right format. How is it possible to show the previews in the right format?
  20. Title says it all. On some channels icons are missing. On others the icons on there. When I first set up Emby on Jan 29 all of the icons were there. Anyone know how to fix it? To rule out mobile client issues (even though I noticed it on iOS), I opened up a Chrome browser and the issue is still there. I am using Emby's built-in guide (since I didn't want to pay for a guide and emby provides it so I figured it would be the "most supported" option) These channels are at the top of the guide (there are more with no icons but this is just a subset). And here are some with icons.
  21. I think this is due to the latest update to 4.0.1, but suddenly, some of my IPTV channels (only a handful) have stopped populating the guide info even though I checked the epg.xml provided by my IPTV provider (Vaders) and there is EPG data for those channels. Specifically they are ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. IPTV is on one tuner and regular antenna tv through hdhomerun is on another tuner getting its EPG straight from Schedules Direct. No issue with the hdhomerun tuner or its guide. Is there suddenly an issue with having the same channels listed with different tuners and different guide provid
  22. death_hawk

    EPG update via CLI

    Is there a way to force an EPG update via command line? I'm currently doing a workaround right now where I'm externally downloading an XML file and would optimally like to script in a way for emby to refresh the EPG.
  23. death_hawk

    EPG via gzip

    So I tried searching for "emby gzip" and came across this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/53404-xmltv-guide-providers-gz-zip-support/ Apparently gzip is supported, but I can't get it to work. I can download the gzip externally and load the extracted file in manually which works fine, but using the URL directly doesn't seem to work. I figured I'd check the logs and came up with this. The URL to the actual EPG has been edited. If it's required, I can PM it. 2019-01-19 08:23:53.970 Info App: xmltv path: https://url.to/epg 2019-01-19 08:23:53.973 Error App
  24. Hi, since updating to Emby in combination with MediaPortal Plugin 1.88 I'm having the problem that the EPG Data is displayed exactly one hour to early. e.g. the daily german news normaly starts at 20:00 emby shows it starting time at 19:00 :/ The Mediaportal guide in Mediaportal Application and the MediaPortal Webinterface displays all times correctly. When I access the guide on emby (and the plugin) the times are incorrect. I even did a complete clean emby installation, same problem :/
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