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  1. deej1978

    I don't understand which version?

    I'm trying to update Emby on Linux (openmediavault) via Portainer. I am currently running and Dashboard is telling me there is an update. When I update the container it doesn't update to 4.6xx? On the Linux server website it shows that they are up to 4.6? https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-emby/ I don't understand. Pulling the latest version and updating just updates to 4.5, even if I rebuild the container from scratch the same happens. Thanks.
  2. I just thought I would mention this in case it is a problem for anyone else. I had a series where the shows stopped showing up after the update. They were named Series name(folder), Season#(folder), Episode name. I changed the naming to Series name(folder) Season#(folder), S01E01 - Episode name etc. and now they show up.
  3. visproduction

    Number of TV seasons is wrong

    Library - TV Shows Really small status math issue: This div gets the wrong number of TV seasons and shows it on the TV show media page. The example has text "1 Season". It should be "2 Seasons". body > div.mainAnimatedPages.skinBody > div:nth-child(1) > div > div.topDetailsContainer.flex.flex-direction-row-reverse.topDetailsContainer-withbackdrop > div.flex-grow.topDetailsMain.flex.flex-direction-column > div.verticalSection.detailMainContainer.flex.flex-direction-row.align-items-flex-start.padded-left.padded-right.padded-bottom > div.flex-grow.detailText
  4. I use the emby server on my nvidia shield (emby for android) I let Emby go over my library (tv show type) which is filled with anime series (naming series name - SxxExx, according to thetvdb). In my library settings I have choosen many metadata sources (with tvdb first, see screenshot below). It manages to get most stuff. but it cant get everything, which is fine with me. When i want to identify it myself the server seems to be having problems finding many shows. I am trying with the name that is on thetvdb, thetvdbid, themoviedbid, sometimes it just doesnt find anything or it j
  5. Here is my API call: http://watch.tv/emby/Users/97fbc***access_token***b9268559d/Items?limit=5&Recursive=true&IncludeItemTypes=Movie&api_key=180c6***user_key***d98c5747b3668 First five items from the movie library are returned as expected: https://pastebin.com/9ju2deqX Adding offset=X does not seem to "shift" the items returned: http://watch.tv/emby/Users/97fbc***access_token***b9268559d/Items?offset=4&limit=5&Recursive=true&IncludeItemTypes=Movie&api_key=180c6***user_key***d98c5747b3668 This time I would expect the last item from the
  6. Bonjour, J'ai une erreur sur le batch qui calcule les statistiques. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Si quelqu'un a une idée. Bien entendu, pas indispensable Server.txt
  7. Is it correct that embyserver runs as root user even though i have configured the docker container PUID to be user 1000 (my user account)? PUID is set to 1000 However it looks like embyserver is run as root user I cannot access the Media files within my volumes unless i set the owner of them to also be root.
  8. I have been trying for the last few hours to reinstall Emby Server on my fresh installed system (Win 10 x64 Pro) but every time I try I get the following error and can go no further. Could anyone assist please as I would like to get my movies back on line. I am a Premiere user. Thanks for the assistance!.
  9. Yodikko

    Emby and VPN, I need help!

    So remote connection on my server won't work. Which port should I forward to my VPN provider? I am not really good in networking and stuff like that so I really need help!
  10. NGNear

    (One of my) Libraries is empty...

    Hi all, I've run into an unusual problem with Emby - one of my libraries is empty, and repeated scans do not seem to be repopulating it. Debug log covering a requested library scan is attached to this post. Details: Server is running Ubuntu 20.04.1LTS; problem occured on Emby 4.4.3 and remains the same on 4.5.3 as well. I currently have 9 libraries on the system, scattered over several HDDs: - 12TB_D1 holds "Ongoing TV", "Unwatched TV" and "Archived TV" Libraries - no problems - 8TB_D1 holds "Anime Series", "Anime Movies", "Music" and "Soundtracks" Libraries - no proble
  11. Hi all, new to Emby, just got it installed and running, added a library - it looks and feels great. If I can get it working properly with remote access, etc I'm definitely going to spring for a lifetime premiere subscription. When I try to access the server remotely (Windows 10, Firefox) I log into Emby Connect and I see the server, but when I click on connect I get what I think is a common error for new people: Also, it's a little weird it says "Sign in with Emby Connect" on the screen since I am already signed in. I am running Emby on port 9096 (rather than 8096). I've u
  12. Hi, just installed the Emby docker container on my Linux (Ubuntu) docker host. I've been running a normal Emby server for a while, and normally I just use the shell to copy the SSL cert onto the server, then I can enter the filepath to the cert in the network settings. However apparently with the Emby docker image there's no shell installed. So how do I copy the SSL cert into the Emby docker and/or how do I enable a shell so I can use the exec command? I know this is more of a docker use question than an Emby one specifically, but I cannot find information on how to do this, and I've been
  13. There was an update to the OTA channels in the last few months. Since then, some of the OTA channels are not working. I upgraded my 2 HDHR3 HDHomerun to the latest firmware. I rescan all 4 tuners. Using Emby, 4 of the 14 channels are not working. They all work fine if I use the HDHomeRun Player directly. I have removed and re-installed the HDHomeRun Devices in Emby. I have also restarted Emby. It appears like Emby is going to the old channel number. For example: CTV used to be on channel 13.1, now it's on channel 16. Is there a config that I need to up
  14. postboy99

    Docker HWA

    Hi guys, I run Emby on a Synolgy NAS and it's working fine. For quite some time I want to move to Docker but I cannot get hardware transcoding to work. It's just not detecting VAAPi like Emby directly installed on NAS and of course I've put in the Emby premiere key. I've also tried :latest and :beta and even linuxserver/emby docker all with no success. Here is my docker configuration: #!/bin/bash docker run -d\ --name=emby1 \ --net=bridge \ -e UID=1042 \ -e GID=100 \ -e GIDLIST=100,65537 \ -e TZ=Europe/Berlin \ -p 9999:8096 \ -p 9998:8920 \ -v /vo
  15. Hello there, fellow Emby-ers. I'm having an issue where, when browsing my Movies library (both on Android and Web), I'm seeing some folders showing up instead of the individual movies. I've gone up and down through the settings, and I'm not seeing anything, and am at a loss. I've attached a screenshot. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.
  16. Chuck Tobias

    Emby server not finding a video file

    This concerns Emby server running on Debian 10. Recently due to bugs in the latest Roku media player I started looking for alternatives and found Emby. Previously on the server end I was using minidlna with media files organized mainly by directory structure rather than metadata, so the media repository was not set up with Emby in mind. Despite this it has worked well for the most part, but there is a problem that is something of a head-scratcher. (This problem did not occur with minidlna.) I have the 3-part "Atlas Shrugged" movie set ripped from my DVDs into mp4 files using
  17. AriaGloris

    Next Up Duplicate Episodes

    Hi Team, I just started watching Star Trek Lower Decks and noticed my Next Up episode is doubling up the show, showing 2 icons for the same episode coming up next. I have only noticed this on this tv show and don't know if I have done something wrong. I marked episode 2 as played but the same happens to episode 3. I also checked the folder and there are no duplicates there, only 1 folder. Just wondering how I can fix this?
  18. Hello, I have a small issue, i have a folder with 6000 files that all need to be renamed. The good news is i need to remove the exact same part. The structure of the files is that they are numbered before the file part it's numbered from 0001 to 6000 So for example 0003 - Filename 0139 - Filename 4239 - Filename So i need to remove XXXX - From all 6000 files (the numbers and the - ) and i don't feel like doing that by hand. Could anyone suggest me a easy way to rename all of this at once?
  19. Ok so i have - 2 phones Samsung S8 - Surface pro Win 64X - Desktop win10 64X - tv - Laptop Win10 64X That are being used for emby. 2 Days ago on the laptop suddenly all the media was gone even tho i'm logging in from the right account i double checked it by logging into the same account on my phone and that just worked fine. The laptop only has 1 profile instead of the usual 2 and nothing at all from my media it looks like a brand new server. I checked every other device and they have no problems at all just the latop. I've not made any change
  20. mcclurclur

    Errors when move config location

    Hi all, I have installed emby with a docker container using portainer for docker manager. I am using a unionfs volume for all of my data including the config folder. Everything works great if I leave the default for the config path alone but if I change it to using the custom path in the unionfs volume it throws constant errors and won't even let me load the mediabrowser. Here is my docker compose file (the path for the config is commented out at the moment so that emby will work) and here is a copy of the latest log file that gets created every few seconds. The path does in fact work
  21. I've recently borrowed a HDHomerun, with a view to buying one for myself in the near future. After a lot of playing about, and going round in several circles (mostly my own fault), it's working great now, and I'm definitely going to go for it, but there's one small issue I'm looking for help with please. The short version is: What's the best way to automatically process NextPVR filenames into something more friendly to Emby? The long version (in case I've slipped up somewhere and there's another way...): I managed to get everything set up in Emby's own DVR function. Brill
  22. Hello Since 3 weeks ago I have random crash from emby that freeze the Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 server. Kern.log Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.781202] ffmpeg[512]: segfault at ffffffff8bc5a2d6 ip 00007f205b7664e2 sp 00007fff9a8b6328 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7f205b5f8000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.815515] EmbyServer[338]: segfault at ffffffff894cfc6b ip 00007fb93eee94e2 sp 00007fb8457f8838 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7fb93ed7b000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.944154] traps: compiz[9066] trap invalid opcode ip:7fe7a4f4b067 sp:7ffdc80b97c
  23. Chuck Tobias

    Shows using the same name misidentified

    Looking through things on my Emby server I'm finding that when there is more than one movie or TV show with the same title that Emby is misidentifying it and supplying pictures and descriptions that are incorrect. For example, I have the 2004-2009 "Battlestar Galactica" TV series. Emby identifies this as the original 1978 series and all of the descriptions and visuals it provides are for that earlier show. Obviously I can go in and edit the pics and metadata, that's not too bad for a movie (I've done that) but Galactica has four seasons with over 70 episodes. That's a lot of manual editin
  24. Hey, I have two user profiles set up on my Emby server, running on Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.329). One is my main on where I manage all my server settings and watch on my laptop with, the other one is for my tv browser, where my younger siblings can watch as well as me. The TV account is set so it can't "manage the server" and when I log on to that account, there is no option for plugins. I have installed the trakt plugin on my main account and configured it for both accoutns from there. My questions is whether it will still sync for the account that "can't manage the server
  25. Hi forum! Emby's organization has been great. Unfortunately I've been hitting the "no compatible streams" error when trying to play some content. Length and bitrate of the content doesn't seem to affect it, I can't figure out why some files hit this error and others don't. When I select "play" from the web interface, the system goes to the loading screen, the loading animation runs for about two minutes, then I get an error indicating there are no compatible streams. On Roku the video loads for a long time and then does not play, or sometimes plays for a few seconds then hangs for anot
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