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Found 17 results

  1. Hello. I have been using Emby as a Premiere user for some time now with the server installed on a Windows 10 PC as my previous Synology NAS did not support the Emby Server Package. I now have a shiny new DS1821+ and would like to move my Emby server over to that. Is there any way to migrate the database over? I have used all UNC paths in the existing server so the paths should be the same. I also have another issue though which I might need to resolve first? For some reason I can access the new Emby Server on the DS1821+ using https://IP address:8096 but I have a proper domain configured and have redirected the port 8096 in my router to point to the new IP address of the NAS. But for some reason I cannot connect using the actual https://Domain.ca:8096. The page just times out eventually saying it cannot be found? It does seem to take quite some time before it times out though. Prior to setting up the new DS1821+ I was able to connect to my PC Emby server with my domain.ca:8096 but I had the 8096 port forwarded to my PC instead of the NAS. Any help on either of these 2 issues much appreciated. Edit: I just tried to connect using "https://my external IP address:8096". It would not work if I preceded it with "https" but seems to work fine once I removed the "https". Though it comes up as "Not Secure". I am sure this is related to why I cannot connect using my "domain.ca:8096" Thanks. Carl
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to clean install macOS so I backed up everything I have apart from emby server. Can anybody help me to understand how I could back my emby server? All my media and related nfo files are stored on an external drive so they will not be removed or deleted. However on my previous experiences I lost every information (folder names, watched thicks etc) on emby server so I had to organize them from scratch. Isn't there a way that I could back up my all settings and bring them back after I formatted my computer?
  3. Hi, I've been using Emby for at least month on a temporary server and now consider buying premiere sub, there are some movie collections though that I configured myself, creating custom images, thumbs, description, etc. Will those images and descriptions carry over (if I have premiere sub) when I install Emby server on a dedicated linux server (using the same hdd, but obviously different os) and do backup and restore? OCD kinda kicks in and I really like how I organize my files. Thank you.
  4. I have been running Emby Server 4.3 using a HP computer running Windows for several months. I plan on using the NVidia Shield as a server and migrating the libraries/ collections/ favourites/ users data etc across. I still would like to keep the library content itself on the HP computer and have NVidia Shield libraries point to the HP machine. I was able to successfully install the server on the NVidia Shield and copy my library. 1. I have an issue with setting up the new folder paths I have tried to follow the "Optional Network Path" guide on your site but still can't get the server to find the folders. My content is stored locally on the HP computer. Existing Setup: Machine Name: HP Drive Name: DRIVE1 (Located On F:) Library Structured As follows: DRIVE1\MOVIES\... DRIVE1\TV\... Existing Movies Library: F:\DRIVE1\MOVIES Existing TV Library: F:\DRIVE1\TV New Setup: I created a shared folder for MOVIES to test. \\HP\DRIVE1\MOVIES (Network path) Emby Library Settings: I tried several things including the following: Folder: Network (Optional) Shared network folder: \\HP\DRIVE1\MOVIES I also tried: Folder: F:\DRIVE1 (Optional) Shared network folder: \\HP\DRIVE1\MOVIES Each time I get the error cannot find path. Can you please advise the correct paths I need to setup. Thanks 2. Is there a way I can permanently disable automatic scans of library. Ideally set into manual scans only. Until I can successfully redirect the existing library paths. As they are cause my existing data to be cleared. 3. At the moment the I have only been able to migrate to the Shields Internal storage which is very limited in size. I have attached an usb stick. And tried to redirect cache, metadata and transcode paths to locations on the stick. A) Do these locations have to located in the auto created folder "NVIDIA_SHIELD". As android is very restrictive as to what folders can be written to. For Example NVIDIA_SHIELD\EMBY\cache NVIDIA_SHIELD\EMBY\metadata NVIDIA_SHIELD\EMBY\transcode b: I was able to copy the folders and adjust the paths inside Emby in order to point to the usb folders. In order to complete the process do I simply just delete the folders from internal storage? I assume Emby doesn't have a library migration functionality like Plex? C) Log files location can't be set so do these automatically delete after a set time or do I need to do this manually. Thanks for your assistance
  5. thegrunge

    Migrate from Mac to Windows

    I have 2 emby servers, one on Mac and the other on Windows. I am thinking of passing people to the windows server following a hardware update, but I do not know if the simple backup will work, because when I went from windows to mac it did not work. I had only restored members. and what they’ve seen in my bookstores, but it looks like it’s not working @@cayars
  6. sundevil67

    Easiest way to migrate to new HD

    @@Happy2Play I currently store my media library on an external USB HD and I'm getting ready to upgrade to a new drive with more space. I've downloaded/installed the Backup & Restore plugin, but before I move forward I wanted to see if there were any recommendations for the most painless way to move everything over. Of course I'm hoping to avoid having to recreate any user accounts and would like to retain all metadata. I don't want to make any changes to the setup; just want to move everything to the new drive. Should I use the plugin or just format the new drive to have the same name as the old one to keep all paths intact & copy all of the data. Would that be expected to work? Thanks.
  7. Hi. I'm trying to migrate to new Hardware. But I'm getting error When trying to import Userdata into the New DB: Result: table NewDB.userdatas has 12 columns but 14 values were supplied At line 1: REPLACE INTO NewDB.userdatas SELECT * FROM userdatas I have followed this guide: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup I can't install Backup Addon, as I get the following error when trying to install Any addon. The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception. This do not happen when I do this from a test install, It's specifik to this server Windows Server 2016. It should be noted that I'm moving from Install to portable version. Please assist.
  8. Kimballslice1890

    Emby Server Crashing

    After updating to the new 4.x platform of emby I have been experiencing APPCRASH for embyserver.exe Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.24214 Locale ID: 1033 Every time I check the server, I have anywhere from 1-10 of these windows open. The EmbyServer.exe seems that it restarts itself after the crash. But I suspect that it causes a lot of random hangs on my server and when I try to load the my emby home page, it will load half, I will terminate the app and re open and then it will all load. This is all coming in conjunction frequent database cleanup errors (I don't have any in my alerts right now after restarting my host machine the last night so I cannot provide the exact error). Also after every restart or startup of Emby server after the latest update it will redirect me to a page saying it is "updating the database" and this takes I'd say anywhere from 5-20 minutes every startup. I am running this on a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine on VMWare Workstation. Any ideas on what could be going on? Would it be best to start fresh on a new VM? If so, how would I go about migrating my server and configuration? (I have many specific and optimized settings with a pretty decent local user base)
  9. I'm in the process of migrating Emby Server to a linux platform, Trying to figure out how to migrate the userdata over from emby-server for windows to emby-server for centos.
  10. justwondering

    Migrating library from iTunes

    I'm new to Emby and wondering about the best way to migrate an existing video library from Apple's iTunes. I have around a TB of movies and tv series, painstakingly labeled, with cover art. Just to see, I copied a couple of movies from the iTunes library into an Emby movies library folder and let it scan them. It confidently identified them with detailed metadata and cover art, for totally incorrect movies: The Little Mermaid (1989) -> Blonde Ringlet (2010) Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave -> A Personal Journey with Martin Scorcese Through American Movies Obviously I can go in and re-identify hundreds of files by hand, but there must be a better way, I hope. Is there a way to migrate my iTunes library to Emby?
  11. Just set up a new server and I'm trying to restore via the server configuration backup plugin; however, I must be missing something because it doesn't appear to be doing anything when I try to restore a backup. These are the logs: https://pastebin.com/eYfg39YQ Am I just doing it wrong? I can post machine specs if needed, but this is on Windows 10. Wait, my premiere isn't linked.... Stand by. Didn't matter. Still doesn't want to back up. Same error as logs posted above. Edit: Found the other recent post about this. My computer is named the same, directories are the same. Do I need to setup my library before doing a restore? I assume paths, libraries, etc will be restored so I haven't done anything with it yet.
  12. I'm a premium supporter and have the Server Configuration backup. Due to some previous issues with Emby, and also for some other reasons, I decided to stop fighting with all the legacy crap on my media server, and did a fresh reinstall. I reinstalled onto a new drive, so I still have full access to the old system. However, restoring my backup via Server Config backup plugin didn't work. Steps taken: Clean install of Windows 7 Clean install of latest Emby Server ( Fresh backup made on old Emby (3.0.6050.0) Install the backup plugin on new Emby Browse the backup - all users are seen, migration options are to create same-named users, options for plugin restore etc are all checked Press the restore button, accept the warnings Page refreshes and puts me on the Dashboard Check the Users and Plugins sections, nada I've done this with Chrome but also tried in Firefox (after reading a similar thread). I also followed the migration guide for manual migration, but I was getting Syntax error at or near INSERT from DB Browser for SQLite, so I could get my plugins restored manually, but still no user accounts or media browsing data. The only thing I can think is that there's some issue with paths (the old install is at Mediabrowser-Server unser %appdata%, while the new one is at Emby-Server) but it doesn't seem likely. Or then some weird permissions issue. Or the previously linked thread where user plasmon mentions that: I'll look into this a little further but it's doubtful. I'm out of ideas otherwise. Any help would be much appreciated. Log.txt
  13. I have looked all over and seem to only find info on moving cache folders and things of that nature. My question is there anyway to move all my media from one drive and path for example from E:\Google Drive\Movies - to say - F:\Movies or \\SERVER\Movies without losing all watched content and rescanning and rescraping for meta. Will just moving the content and removing old path in emby under movies and adding the new path do it? If it is not supported not a huge deal but just wondering. My fault really....should have used network paths in the first place instead. Could have moved anything anywhere then. PS. Downloaded emby for the first time not to long ago..two days later bought a lifetime subscription. Hands down 4x better than plex. And I only ever tried plex for a few days back in the day. Friends all making the switch as well.
  14. catch42

    Migrate server

    I will be doing a clean re-install of my OS (WHS 2011). My media files are on separate drives and will have the same drive letters and paths. What is the process for migrating my all of my emby settings, data and database to the new installation?
  15. I am trying to migrate MB server from WD DX4000 (Win Server 2008) to a dedicated media server.(Win 7) Ccurrent server User name:administrator New server User name Medi I have the plugin Server Configuration Backup running Question do you have step by step instructions? can I use the Plugin (above)? how do I cope with different system paths? thanks anyway for a great piece of s/w! I am a big fan.
  16. I need to wipe my C-drive and reinstall win7 on my HTPC/MB3 Server PC... so will need to reinstall MB3 and MBC. I have browsed the forum and found the main info: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/10427-how-to-migrate-media-browser-server/&do=findComment&comment=130962 and http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/10494-exportimport-settings/page-2 Since the MB Backup plugin is not mentioned in the "How to Migrate" guide, I am unclear on how it fits into the migration plan and what order to perform the install / recover / and file restoration steps. Can you update the guide or provide a step-by-step process here?
  17. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup
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