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Found 6 results

  1. Kind of a weird one, friend watching my NAS said videos were all stuttering since I updated to DSM7.0.1/Emby4.6.7. So I launched in Chrome and it seemed fine but it was transcoding h.265 to h.264, not ideal. So I loaded up Edge as I own the Microsoft HEVC extensions and it played but with horrendous stuttering. Emby server reported Chrome Emby Web using DirectPlay. The file was a 9GB MKV using 2160p H.265 identified by Emby as 4K HEVC playing across the LAN (1Gbe) from a Synology DS918+ (x64 processor). Happy to perform any troubleshooting you may desire to understand the issue. 30+ years in IT and at least half that supporting Windows desktop envs. Remote access available for testing as needed.
  2. Adding libraries to Emby server is a little different under DSM 7 in that setting permissions for the shared folders has changed some. If you've ever tried to add a library to Emby and it wouldn't accept, then the permissions might be wrong 1. Give emby read/write permissions to the shared folder Open Control Panel...Shared Folder in DSM on your NAS Select your shared folder...Edit... and then under the Permissions tab select the dropdown box and change it to "System internal user" Check Read/Write next to the user 'emby' and then click Save 2. Add libraries in Emby server Settings...Library...New Library Select the library type and enter library folder information Example:
  3. Hi all before i ask the question let me say I've been drilling down these forums and others and I feel like I've tried everything. Here is the issue, I upgraded from DSM 6 to DSM 7 while having emby installed. I later uninstalled emby and manually installed the correct emby package for my Synology NAS from here. What is my problem? Emby connect cant connect to the remote WAN address while my mobile phone on 4G can, I can also see the IP and Port (8096) using the CanYouSeeMe.org tool. Here is my emby connectivity details when loaded locally (First image) Here is me trying to connect emby connect to my NAS (Second image) Here is the response I get (Third image) "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." What i have tried. The connectivity tutorial. Connecting to "Remote WAN" using my phone on 4G: it works. Connecting to "Remote WAN" using CanYouSeeMe.or: it also works. Why can't emby connect not see my NAS? it used to work fine before my upgrade to DSM v7. Many thanks!
  4. Hello I was so dump, that i upgeaded my NAS to DSM7 before i informed myself what happens to my Emby and now im struggling to get everything back to how it was but it doesnt seem to work. I even tryed to set it up new but it wount accept my path for my library. So i startet to google and found out you helpt other with kind of similar issues. English is not my native language so apologys if its bad. Hope you can help me and thanks for now!
  5. MAX92

    Migration DSM7 DS220+ : nickel !

    Bonjour, Pour info, la migration s'est bien déroulée. Aucune perte en suivant la procédure Juste une correction dans la ligne de code pour moi : cp -r /volume1/emby/* /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer à la place de cp -r /volume1/Emby/* /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer Sinon, un peu long de redonner les droits à Emby sur les répertoires mais ça va. Vous pouvez y aller ! Ne pas oublier de donner les droits au répertoire de backup de la configuration aussi
  6. Hi, I just switch from PLEX to emby about 2 months ago. One thing I like the plex recording feature is it's able to delete or mark to skip commercial after dvr recording. I can't find the feature in emby. And then recently I noticed comskip package which might able to do so. https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/wiki/Comskip However I'm a noob and there is no step by step tutorial about setting it up. Is there anyone kind enough to teach me set up? For now I received error message trying to set on my own.
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