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  1. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Missing Seasons In Some TV Shows

    I have a number of cartoon tv shows for my kids and Emby can't find one show at all and can't find 2 seasons for 2 other shows. The missing show is Curious George (PBS series from 2006). The shows missing seasons are Phineas and Ferb (finds seasons 3 and 4, but nothing from 1 or 2) and The Loud House (finds seasons 2 and 4, but nothing from 1 and 3). It's very odd in the case of Phineas and Ferb because I know for a fact all of those videos are from the same source and in the same format so I can't understand why it can only find 2 of the 4 seasons. I use an episode naming software for all of my shows so they have the same format across the board. I also have Plex on my Roku and it has no problems finding the missing show OR the missing seasons. I like Emby better overall, but Plex does have a leg up on it in this area.
  2. This is my root file list. this is my specials file list. when I enable tvdb to create my metadata. this is the anime metadata. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/samurai-girls/allseasons/official the emby looks use allseasons to sort my anime file list. how to correct it with enable tvdb?
  3. Hey Guys, sorry if this is already been mentioned somewhere else. I would like to know if it would be possible to have the option to disable the trailer, folders and episodes tab within the emby movies and tv shows section ? Onyx
  4. bcsabesz

    Panasonic TV lists only 20 episodes

    Hi, I have a very odd problem. When I browse TV shows folder on Emby server via TV, it lists only 20 episodes. For example: Masha and the Bear has 3 seasons, each season has 26 episodes. If I browse a season through TV i can only scroll to 20th episode. In the bottom right corner the TV displays that there are 26 episodes, and I see that the scroll bar does not hit the bottom, but scrolling is not possible further. This applies all the TV shows which has more than 20 episodes in a season. When I browse Movies and Music folders, there is no problem to list more than 20 files. If I play the 20th episode and when it ends, playback jumps to episode 8 and not 21. When I start an episode in Emby for Android app using the "play on" option choosing the TV, the problem does not exist. I created a custom profile for my Panasonic TV, because the deafult one did not worked correctly, now playback works great. I put all the formats to direct play, no transcoding. Emby server runs on Synology NAS DS218, server version is My TV is Panasonic TX-L47ET50E. Log file attached. Please help solving this issue. embyserver.txt
  5. focheur91300

    Sort by number TV Shows

    Hello, I think it would be nice to add a sort by the size of the number of episodes with the TV Shows. I put my idea into a photo montage attached to the post. This could allow people who want to look at small TV SHows to do so. Thank you.
  6. Some TV episodes are not showing up on personal server. I have a TV show Stargate SG1 For example Season 1 there are 22 episodes and only 19 show up on Roku TV. Each episode will play on all installed media players on Windows 10 PC. All videos are in .mp4 format. H.265. They are named like Stargate SG1 - Season 1 Episode 1, Stargate SG1 - Season 1 Episode 2, etc. i dont know why some video files are not showing up in the episode when all file are in .mp4 format. H.265. I had this same issue with other media servers and some files dont show. No matter what season of Stargate SG1 I watch episodes 11 and 21 are missing in all of the 10 Seasons. This is something wrong with the server its not my files at fault. logs.7z
  7. kilo95

    TV shows not loading on web GUI

    I have loaded a lot of my movies onto my media server (running FreeNAS). It works fine, I can pull up movies on the web GUI or using my Roku. I recently ripped several season of Little House on the Prairie and organized them as /TV Shows/LHOP/Season 1/LHOP S01E01.m4v. I added the library in the control panel as /media/TV Shows/ (my movie library is /media/) and selected TV Shows as the type. When I use the webGUI, I see the movie folder and the TV Shows folder but the TV Shows folder is empty when "shows" is highlighted at the top. If I click on "folder" in the webGUI everything shows up. How do I get them to show up under the "shows" tab which is the default?
  8. I know it did not always show up this way, and I'm not sure how it changed. Is it supposed to show up like this, or no? I know it may be beneficial to see the latest released/added episode, but just curious to how the change even happened and/or how to change it back. It looks like this now, instead of the old view like: Anyone know? Thanks
  9. Hi, I would like to request that the requirements for TV Shows naming scheme to be more flexible. Today's naming convention required is: TV Shows / TV Show name / Season 0x/ Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext Would be possible to allow for the same format but without the need of the Season folder? Example: TV Shows / TV Show name / Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext And even better would be to just require that S0xE0x should be present on the filename. A few reasons to allow this: 1. Easier and faster to look into an entire TV Shows. Faster to organize. Faster to spot missing episodes and erros. 2. Many of us store their content on remote servers that count API requests. Opening multiple folders is much slower compared to opening a single folder and it also requires less API calls. This would be a good pratice in coding and preserves bandwidth, time and the resources of servers around the world. Hope this request find good ears. Thank you in advance for your time considering this.
  10. hey, is it possible to have multiple images to be uploaded at once for tv shows as when uploading images for this its very irritating and time consuming as every one image is loaded it redirects you back to the top of that tv series. for example i would be editing a tv show and be on season 2 uploading episode 15 image, once i have completed this and want to move onto episode 16 i would be redirected back to the top to episode 1 therefor making me scroll back down to where i was. for movies this is not a problem as there is all different types of images that can be applied but for tv shows (episodes) people will only mainly use the primary photo. maybe having a option to move to the next episode before exiting and then being redirected. ------ EDIT ------ bit like this (sorry for being rough with the editing lol)
  11. Hi, I have the Latest TV Shows row on my homescreen, which is really usefull, cause often I see content there faster than in the Next Up section for some reason. BUT... When I click the play option in the Latest TV Shows section it starts playing S01E01, which is really annoying.. The upside is: after that the show is definitely the first item in my Next Up section so I can easily find it then. But it would be amazing if you could make the onClick action for the play button in Latest TV Shows play the next up episode. Let me know what you think.
  12. Noustaa

    TV Time plugin for Emby

    Hello Everyone, i would like to ask plugins devs the following question: There is an existing KODI addon for TV time available here: https://github.com/alxlaxv/script.tvtime/releases Are Kodi addons and Emby plugins more or less similar or are they totally different ? Would it be easy to develop a plugin for Emby taking kodi Addon as an example or do we need to start something totally new from scratch ? I don't know anything about plugin creation, is it easy to learn ? Do you know how much time did it take to create Trakt.tv plugin ? Thanks in advance ! Regards
  13. Hello: Emby Setup: >> I am using Emby Server with Kodi Leia 18.3. Issue/experience: >> When I add TV Shows to Emby Server (and tag them as TV Shows) all of my files are renamed with a "SxxExx" prefix convention. Emby Server also attempts to regroup my files by adding season folders/containers on the server. The naming convention and grouping structure then passes on to Kodi as is expected. >>What I would like is for my TV Show folder structure and file naming convention to remain the same as it is on my hard drive (unmodified), is there a way to do this? If not is there a work around that can be used with "Mixed Content" tag? If a work around exists how do I enable it as, or under, a Kodi main menu item selection? Background: >> I am converting from a HTServer that ran MediaBrowser2. All of the files are DVD type VIDEO_TS files with movie.xml files and .nfo files that store all of the metadata correctly and every episode was set to display an image similar to a movie poster. These TV Shows are stored with the following naming and structure <G:\Television Series\SeriesName\Episode xxx - EpisodeTitle\VIDEO_TS>. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I have set Specials to show in the season they air in (within the emby dashboard). In the web app, they show up fine. However, when trying to find them on my Fire stick they don't show up within the season. The "watched indicator" shows that there is 1 unwatched episode for the season but when I go into it, it only shows all the normal episodes (which I've watched already), but no special. The only other way I can view the special (aside from the Specials folder) is if I go over into All Episodes from the season select screen, and then there it is. So how do I get it to display properly within the season? I checked the emby settings for the Fire stick app but couldn't see anything in there related to it. I've also verified that the naming convention of the special matches what is on the TVDB.
  15. rechigo

    Not finding TV show metadata

    Emby seems to be having trouble scanning the metadata for a series I have. My library type is set to Tv Shows and I have all metadata sources in use to try to search for the metadata. My series is "Star Wars the Clone Wars" and the episode names are in the format "Star Wars The Clone Wars 03X15 Overlords.mkv" Where "03X15" represents the season and episode, and "Overlords" is the episode name in this case. I am running server version (latest) Any help would be appreciated as there is no way I am going to manually search for/enter the metadata for 6 seasons (over 150 episodes) worth of video.
  16. If I load a library as content type "TV-Shows" I get the following picture. The naming convention for TV-Shows is explicated here. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming But how it's possible to name the TV-Shows so that emby knows on which station the programm was broadcasted? On the menu point Networks it should than be possible to see the stations. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming
  17. Artslover2u

    How to enable Movie / TV Show count

    I was wondering if there is a way for me to enable the movie and TV Show count, I would like to how many movies, TV Shows (series, epeisode ) I have. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. WarEagleUS

    TV Show Setup

    Hello. I just downloaded and installed Emby today after having used Plex Media Server for over 5 years. I love Plex but recent updates have made it where the transcoder is crashing on Movies and there is no work around in sight for the time being, so I moved to Emby. I just want to say I love Emby and it is working flawlessly for my Movies but I am having an issue with TV Shows. I previously just used the TV Shows folder on my External Drive to store the shows we watch and Plex would automatically sort them but series and assign them under one cover art for us to watch. With Emby it seems it is only recognizing TV shows if they are in their own folder. The only show that is like that is B: The Beginning and that is a FileBot setup for that particular show. How I currently have my TV shows is as follows: G:\TV Shows\Episiodes (show name - #x## - episode title) I see that Emby wants you to do it as this: TV Shows (main folder for all TV Shows) TV Show (e.g. Wynona Earp) Episode Information (e.g. 3x03 - Colder Weather) What I want to know is if it is possible to have it the way I have done it or do I need to create separate folders for ALL the TV shows I have and move them accordingly? If so I guess I can do it but I have a TON of shows and I was hoping there was a work around. I tried the Auto Sort plug-in and pointed it to my TV Shows directory but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I have attached a couple of images. Thanks, WarEagleUS
  19. Hi, An annoying one this.... For some reason Emby downloads the TV Show theme songs (can't see anywhere to disable this, just stop playing via the web UI). What I don't understand is that the theme songs for TV shows are appearing in my music library so occasionally it'll play 30 seconds of some awful programme my wife watches (e.g. real housewives of New York etc!). My music library and my tv show library are in completely separate folders (first thing I checked) so I can't see why any theme songs downloaded would make it into my music library too. When I go to recently added music albums, loads of theme songs appear there. Either removing the theme songs from appearing in my music library or better yet, turning off theme songs from downloading will suffice! Thanks in advance, Kurosh
  20. Arly (Sprinkles)

    File System Organization - HELP

    This is not, by any means, an urgent issue. I am just looking to clean up my TV file system & am curious as to what the best method is to do this. By "clean up", I mean sort the shows via category or genre, while keeping them separate on my actual Emby server. My level of intelligence in this sort of thing isn't 100%, but I do have some knowledge in how to make all this stuff flow together & work. Any help would be appreciated. My TV File System (Partial) - https://gyazo.com/f08862f080615c9487c37d28d9377bf1 My Movie File System (Essentially what I want, if possible) - https://gyazo.com/fd5e752a77622e25fdab78732a05a920
  21. Malvazar

    Need Help With Duplicate Episodes

    So I've been running my server for a while now, and I only just recently got around to migrating my TV Show library over to it. Things seem to be going well, except for some reason Emby is deciding to duplicate random episodes 5 to 20 times. Not sure why its doing this. Everything in my system folders is fine with no duplicates, its just a problem with the server it seems. Any insight into this would be great. Here is a screen shot for reference.
  22. Noticed a real strange problem that I can't get to the root of it. I have 94 TV shows and all but 8 have an empty field for the role that the actor plays in the show. Now movies work fine, the TV shows received their meta data using Media Center Master, Below ia a screen shot for the Americans and Billions. No idea how the 8 shows got the role meta data and when checking the entries for the Actors the Role field is empty except for the 8 shows. Any idea how to get this role field populated without manually entering it for each show? I looked at some older screenshots and they were not present but I just noticed it since updating to server 3.3.0 Americans Billions
  23. You know how Kodi has that feature to show a flattened list of all episodes belonging to a particular TV Show? So you can see the full list and select from there? I am one of the people who find that feature incredibly useful, and after switching FULLY to Emby I miss it dearly. Maybe this is clutter and other people would hate it, but I would just like a button SOMEWHERE (even in a dropdown) to show a list of all episodes from every season belonging to a specific TV Show. Thanks, Shibb
  24. Hi, I am having a couple of playback issues on Xbox One. 1. Remote users are having issues playing some movies. Trailers play fine, but as soon as the movie starts, is pauses and stutters. 2. Local user (me). Watching tv shows, I have the same issues as remote users with movies, the first episode will play fine, but after the following episode stutters. I have attached the logs. server-63626256000.txt ffmpeg-transcode-78826040-b2df-47d0-92ae-b540314ce645.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b2af8472-5f6a-42b1-8aba-3bbd5d0fb2fb.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e9288225-4cce-49ba-8273-2b0e5f660971.txt server-63626215162.txt ffmpeg-transcode-967cfbe1-a16b-466b-993b-9164af1b6483.txt ffmpeg-remux-aae6faa7-e958-4fe3-bd66-a97f93b51960.txt ffmpeg-remux-e92f4e20-0896-4e89-825c-859eb71b3c02.txt ffmpeg-transcode-c8cf8c17-5135-4c46-a672-6e4b7f138f28.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e53d6eb9-2354-4841-869b-27d7f916f103.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b9443812-6f94-4e3d-99ef-ef8512d46fcd.txt ffmpeg-transcode-cab539ac-7156-4e4f-920a-52114c7142e9.txt ffmpeg-remux-4505b659-7594-41bd-bc1a-46a73c6192a6.txt ffmpeg-transcode-955ee7da-0afc-4038-a1cb-1752b3fb78d4.txt ffmpeg-transcode-878161c9-90c7-4d9f-980b-a1361cf5b3a2.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b282c271-3dce-4839-8375-b6245b322edc.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a5bdf132-5913-4f32-83c8-a068020f6e03.txt ffmpeg-transcode-83bc11fe-b0be-41b0-b397-bbf44dc2134e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-111fe852-e274-4983-810b-70db4e8589df.txt ffmpeg-transcode-63087841-b0c7-413a-a949-a72be0449b1c.txt ffmpeg-transcode-fc254cd6-a688-4347-a968-fff5d1a42c6f.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3a4632e5-d89f-4091-a94d-d2b72fcfe86f.txt ffmpeg-transcode-17128f8e-9634-4d12-ae62-748bbe141026.txt ffmpeg-transcode-d588a594-71df-410b-ae6a-9b0a840c2d7e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1e97a083-6432-49ff-a90c-e7618ac195b8.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3f20e3c5-12fc-4218-89bd-11e92ae105a2.txt ffmpeg-transcode-32d8775a-2a87-4afb-b282-16be695b6a6f.txt ffmpeg-transcode-41e4aab0-ea2e-4c50-9680-ca74e63d7b8a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-48d23ffb-fb95-41d5-8216-72247459869f.txt ffmpeg-transcode-054577c8-91f9-444d-8048-aaf3ca21bde9.txt
  25. lardners

    TV Episodes Disappering

    Hello, I've just noticed that certain seasons of my TV shows are suddenly showing as blank (both on WMC and via Browser), in that no episodes are listed. I haven't changed my folder structure, all the files are there so I can't figure out why it's happening. My folder structure is G:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\Season 1\01X01.mp4 Breaking Bad for example looks like this for all the seasons: If I do a refresh, it restores the episodes but they disappear again a few minutes later.
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