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  1. Emby Theater 3.0.11 (downloaded version) the "Start Now" button hardly ever comes up, but every non-determinable time it does once or twice in a row, but then not again at all for days. Does anyone else have this problem currenly? Is this a known issue being worked on ...?
  2. I have this problem where the seasons themselves have correct meta data, while the episodes have some issues. For example In season 1, the episodes have correct metadata, but in season 2, the episodes have the same metadata of season 1 episodes. Im still new to this so my folder structure might be broken? Anime\Overlord\Season 2\Overlord II S02E01.mp4 Anime\Overlord\Season 3\Overlord III S03E01.mkv Anime being root folder Ive refreshed, scan lib files, deleted nfos and images, and refreshed, scan lib files again, but they still do that.
  3. Hello Everyone, there is a bug within CoverArts and i dont know how to fix it. the Edges of nearly all episodes are bugged. Some are extremly visable, some are only minor. and some aren't even working at all. I want to use the rounded style. here are some example Screenshots. Merry Christmas by the way
  4. Samsung Model: UN48H8000 Samsung Firmware Version: 1400 Samsung Emby Client version: 0.122 Hello, At or around the time Emby Server updated to, episode listings disappeared when using Emby via Samsung TV. It continues to work properly when using Emby via Chrome browser. I am fairly confident that folder structure and episode naming are correct as prior to the update mentioned it was working without issues on all devices. I initiate the Emby app on the Samsung TV. I then select "TV Shows" and get the listing of shows, as expected and as intended. I select a show and am
  5. Hello All, I am coming over from Plex and liking the transition so far just trying to clarifying some things that are working differently. So when using Plex it was setup with auto play and it would play straight through all episodes and seasons regardless of which episode I chose. With Emby all episodes play within the season but then stops and does not keep playing other seasons. Is that the expected functionality?
  6. Hi, if i select a season of a TV show on my LG TV, no episodes are displayed. I am on beta, with the latest stable version the problem does not exist. There are no Errors in the Logfile 2018-10-15 12:18:04.270 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Web0S; Linux/SmartTV) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2125.122 Safari/537.36 WebAppManager 2018-10-15 12:18:04.271 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET
  7. Malvazar

    Need Help With Duplicate Episodes

    So I've been running my server for a while now, and I only just recently got around to migrating my TV Show library over to it. Things seem to be going well, except for some reason Emby is deciding to duplicate random episodes 5 to 20 times. Not sure why its doing this. Everything in my system folders is fine with no duplicates, its just a problem with the server it seems. Any insight into this would be great. Here is a screen shot for reference.
  8. My source of TV episodes delivers a lot of duplicates, i.e. the same episode in different files. I would really appreciate any way to find and remove duplicates. For extra credit it could choose which to keep based on preferences for bitrate, file size, etc.
  9. Connor0308

    Staffeln werden nicht richtig angezeigt

    Guten Abend, nachdem ich durch dieses Forum das ein oder andere Problem lösen konnte, stehe ich nun vor etwas, das ich nicht selbst beheben kann. Meine Serien sind nach folgender Kovention benannt, die auch grundsätzlich zu passen scheint: Serienname /Season XX / Serienname - SXXEXX - Folgenname.ext Bei allen Serien werden die Staffeln richtig ausgeworfen. Die einzige Ausnahme bildet hier die Serie Babylon 5. Obwohl die Ordner richtig benannt sind, werden die Staffeln in der Übersicht nicht richtig ausgeworfen. Das sieht dann wie folgt aus: Im Staffelordner finde ich w
  10. Hey guys, How do I remove this frame that gets put around all episode thumbnails? I've tried searching the forums but I haven't been able to find an answer. Is this a setting that I have inadvertently turned on? A plugin? I've looked through the settings and I can't find anything. I tried changing themes and it still appears. The episode thumbnail jpg on the disk is normal and without the frame, so the server is adding it. It's been around since a server update a while ago and I wasn't bothered by it. It's only now that I have an Apple TV 4K that it bugs me because the home screen of
  11. For some reason, certain shows just won't play in the web app. They work in Kodi fine, but whenever I go to play these shows it just endlessly skips episodes. Plenty of shows work correctly, so any help would be appreciated. I am using Firefox, but am having the same issues in Chrome as well. Here are 3 logs of it failing in the same skip episode loop: na Any suggestions?
  12. For the show Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 4 aired Friday June 23, the meta data manager shows the episode as listed, the content folder does not contain the episode. Why is it being displayed? Is there a setting that enables episodes of shows to be displayed that exist on the server and are currently airing? Folder Content Metadata Manager Finally why is it that even when a show, season or episode is being locked that at the next library scan or server update it changes some of the episode pictures to what theTVdb.com has and not the pictures contained in the metadata folder
  13. lardners

    TV Episodes Disappering

    Hello, I've just noticed that certain seasons of my TV shows are suddenly showing as blank (both on WMC and via Browser), in that no episodes are listed. I haven't changed my folder structure, all the files are there so I can't figure out why it's happening. My folder structure is G:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\Season 1\01X01.mp4 Breaking Bad for example looks like this for all the seasons: If I do a refresh, it restores the episodes but they disappear again a few minutes later.
  14. I have tried searching for this and have come up empty. This is the scenario: I have set up a show to auto-record (let's use Blue Bloods for an example). I set it up to keep 7 shows. All 7 shows record and I keep them all. When it comes time for the 8th show to record does it Not record itor 2. Delete the first one (of the seven that are there) and record the 8th episode This is an option I would like to set in the series record options. Thank You, Mike
  15. Hello, I noticed that when Emby tries to fetch episode metadata from TMDB and there's no title metadata for my language (pt-BR), it uses the whole filename as title, instead of fallbacking to English. Can you reproduce it?
  16. I have a guest account which I want to block some TV shows with tags ("Parental Control/Block contents with tags"), when I do so, the user can't see the show on "TV Shows/Shows" tab, but the same user can see episodes from the restricted ones on "Home/Latest Media", "TV Shows/Latest Episodes" and "TV Shows/Upcoming" and if he clicks on one of those episodes, he can see all seasons and episodes. It happens on "app.emby.media", "tv.emby.media" and iOS. On my Android TV it seems normal... I have the server's last version (3.0.5882.0), but it was the same before this one... Actually, I thi
  17. CarlosLima


    To include a new season, I had the curiosity to see the Emby Server processing and realized that the episodes being scanned, appear in different colors. You can inform the meaning of each color ? Thx episodes to include a new season , I had the curiosity to see the Emby Server processing and realized that the episodes being scanned , appear in different colors . You can inform the meaning of each color ?
  18. My setup is this: Emby Server Version 3.0.5786.0 running on FreeNAS within a Plugins jailMedia is stored on NAS and shared with CIFS and path substitution so there is no need for transcoding (this works great) ​Clients:​Both clients are running Version Client computers are Core i3 2120, 4GB ram, SSD OS drive Networking is hardwired GigE Windows 7 Pro SP1 Chocolate theme using legacy folder browsing ​The issue that I am having is that when I watch an episode on client 1, its play state is not updated on client 2 unless I exit and reload Emby on client 2. The server is properly
  19. Nick's MCE

    Upcoming TV

    Hi Just wondering what happened to the upcoming TV. I used to have an option in the control settings to select "show missing episodes" and "show future episodes. Seems to gone??? Nick
  20. As far as bugs go, this is probably one of the smallest ones possible, so it's super-low priority. Description: When you have a TV show with more than 999 unseen episodes, it stops centering the number and starts running off the green circle to the right. Screenshots are included. Errors: None. Screenshot here: http://d.pr/i/OqP9 You can see the 4-digit episode count on the left, a working 2-digit episode count next to it, and a working 3-digit episode count next to that. Version: Emby Server 3.0.5724.6 Logs: I must have disabled debug logging at some point and forgot, so
  21. ElLoboSolitario

    Actor Data Incomplete

    One of the cool features of Emby is being able to click on an actor and see what other movies/series/episodes that he/she has appeared in. For some reason, this feature doesn't always deliver EVERY instance of titles available within a user's collection that apply. As an example, Wanderlust, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Wet Hot American Summer:First Day of Camp all feature Joe Lo Truglio, but he only appears as a credited actor in Wet Hot American Summer. Anybody have any ideas what would cause this oversight??
  22. I am having a minor issue with EMBY Server displaying episodes yet to be aired in the 'Upcoming' tab. If i am using the android app it shows all unaired episodes perfect but when using server from any browser, it only shows one show (Ballers). Just wondering how to get all episodes showing. Not sure if a log file is needed as it isn't a particular date. EMBY SERVER version 3.0.5675.1 EMBY FOR ANDROID version 2.3.53
  23. When reading through some of the past questions I stumbled across http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/1150-missingfuture-episodes-how-to-handle-them/. Unless something has changed in the last 18 months, I am interpreting that to mean that the all TV Episodes are available via the API, whether they are actual media files or not. I did find the IsMissing property of ItemQuery of the API Client, but when I attempted to use it, I had some very inconsistent results. When querying for "Seasons", the behavior was exactly as expected. There are 16 series in my collection that are mi
  24. Hello, Can somebody advise me of any websites where I can get ratings, airdate and network information for TV series in Australia (not specifically Australian TV series)?
  25. Server Version 3.0.5518.7 1. Display setting have display missing & unaired episodes enabled 2. All episodes for the season contained in 1 video. 3. File name S01E01-E10 4. All episodes except episode 1 show as missing Thanks
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