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  1. This is my root file list. this is my specials file list. when I enable tvdb to create my metadata. this is the anime metadata. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/samurai-girls/allseasons/official the emby looks use allseasons to sort my anime file list. how to correct it with enable tvdb?
  2. latinumking

    Sorting movies by Country?

    Hi there I am missing a sort criteria "country" in the movie database. There are several selection filelds, but none being the country. As this information is in the imdb database, it would be great to have Emby sort the movies according per country selected. If this feature does not yet exist (checked Android and Windows player), I would suggest to geht that selectable field as a sort criteria in a later release. If this feature is well hidden, kindly enlighten me... :-) Cheers, Lati
  3. peharbison

    Interconnected TV Series

    Maybe I'm just not seeing the correct set of options, but here's the issue I'm dealing with: A user wants to watch all of the "Arrowverse" shows, which include Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends. At several points in those series, they overlap and cross-over. So the order in which the episodes should be watched is based on the premiere dates of episodes in ALL of these series, not just one of them. (It occurs to me that another historical example would Buffy and Angel...) At first glance, it seems this calls for the introduction of something similar to the Collections in Movies, so that related series can be identified, and the "Play All" option would switch between series as needed to view content in the correct order. Am I wrong? Thanks for all the great work so far!
  4. I have just discovered that since the scrolling was changed from horizontal to vertical, selecting a letter on the direct jump bar will not work properly if there is a title containing non-alphanumeric characters in it. For example, I have Æon Flux in my movie library. If I select any letter to jump to other than # or A, it only scrolls as far as that movie. This didn't happen in the previous version when the scrolling was horizontal. The folder and file name for this movie is Aeon Flux (2005), but the metadata was automatically set to Æon Flux (the title according to TheMovieDB and IMDB). I fixed this issue for myself by manually renaming Æon to Aeon in the metadata manager. Renaming titles obviously won't be the ideal solution long term...
  5. aleoss112

    Smart TV App feature request: Filters

    Please add the Filter feature for the Smart TV app (Roku) to be able to show all movies in ascending/descending order of recently added, release date, etc. like how the website display has. If I add more than 20 movies at a time, the excess amount do not get displayed on the Smart TV app as it currently stands.
  6. ricardonr

    Sort Movies Display

    Hi, Is it possible to show, below the title and year of the movie, the value of the sort order chosen? For example, if the movies are sorted by parental rating, below the title and year would appear the parental rating (PG-13,...). Thank you very much.
  7. When searching for a TV series, I think it would make it much easier to schedule a recording if only the NEXT showing of a series was shown, instead of ALL the episodes, or at least have them in date/time order.
  8. kanipek

    Sort Title - How?

    I added a <sorttitle></sorttitle> field in the NFO's of my Marvel collection but I can't seem to find where/what to change to tell Emby to use the sort tile in the NFO files. Is this still supported? If so where/how? Thanks
  9. Hello and Merry Christmas, I'm running Emby version on Windows 7. My issue is that my Earth, Wind and Fire albums under My Media > Music > Album Artists (or Artist) doesn't show the albums in release order. It shows the first screenshot attachment. I've went into the metadata manager and added the release dates (see second screenshot), did a "replace all metadata" and I found out that MusicBrainz defaulted some of the release dates to 12/31/9999, so I added the release dates again but I used the "lock item to prevent future changes" option, cleared the Internet cache on the PC and tried again to no avail. I even logged in with a different PC and still saw the picture in the first screenshot. Any ideas??? Thank you. dsmithp233
  10. Gilgamesh_48

    Reverse sorts

    I use several different clients, Fire TV, Shield TV and Roku. in each I would like to be able to reverse whatever sort I am using. As an example if i am currently sorting from A-Z I would like to be able to sort from Z-A. The simplest way to do that from a user point of view would be to re-select the same sort option. That is if I have selected A-Z sorting simply selecting it again would reverse it to Z-A. With a small library it does not matter much but with a large library it can quite a while to get from "A" to "Z" so you can browse the end of the library. There is the select by letter option BUT that does not allow browsing the reverse order. That is if you choose "K" you cannot move to "J" by just pressing the left arrow. This :could" also be enabled by simply making the letter choice allow browsing in either direction. That is if you choose "M" instead of only browsing "Ms" it could move you to "M" in the database like you had pressed right to get there and allow browsing in either direction. I know it is a bit of picking nits but it could make browsing large libraries easier.
  11. Hey, I have recently organized my film-related files in on my external file system into genre categories and wish to do the same with television shows. Is this possible, as I can't find any material on how to accomplish this. Any help will be great. Thanks.
  12. naeyaert

    Sort Order - Favorites

    Hello Emby You recently added the ability in Emby Theatre to view movies "by date added" which is a huge help. I noticed recently however that although this feature does work perfectly in my libraries (i.e. Movies, TV etc)....but when I view my "favorites" (favorite movies), the movies ONLY list by date added and there is no option to re-sort these movies in alphabetical order. This once worked but seems to be no longer working as the option no longer exists on the favorites section. It's like the "favorites" section is adopting the default view of the "movies library". I would prefer my main "movies" library sorted by "date added" and then my "favorites" sorted by alphabetical order. Can you help please? Many thanks Rob
  13. RedStripe


    Update the sort utility to recognize special characters (i.e., hyphens, ampersands, etc,) when sorting by name. It appears the current sort utility skips special characters when parsing media names. This results in an unexpected ordering of media names. Thanks for your consideration.
  14. When browsing all movies, all "view" options in "Select View" work except "List." Attempting to view the movies in a list results first in a return to the "Suggestions" landing for the Movies folder, and then if attempted again quickly, in a webpage error ("This page is having a problem loading"). All other view types (Banner, Poster, Thumb, etc.) work perfectly.​
  15. Good evening! I have a curious issue. I have a few different movie collections. Some of which I sort by title, and others that I sort by year. They all work fine in the browser and in the Android app version...but in WMC they seem to ignore the collection.xml data, and they can all only be sorted by the same thing. So, ALL of my collections are sorted by title. If I try to change one collection to be sorted by year (in this case my Marvel Universe movies so that they sort chronologically and not by title) then it changes all of my Collections to that. This is the setting in the WMC configuration. It seems to be top down from Collections "folder" to all things inside of it. Is there a way around this? Again it works perfectly in the android app and when I log in via the browser, but in WMC the configuration settings supersede it. Thanks!
  16. In the attached picture, you can see 4, 9, 14, 27, and 44 are correctly sorted but 9.4, 9.2, 9.1, and 9.3 are out of order. I've seen them out of order in Emby Home Theater and in the web UI.
  17. Feature Request - EMBY Server- Reports - ability to sort by Video/Audio/Genre/Resolution Columns Currently you cannot sort the reports in Emby Server by Video, Audio, Resolution or Genre. Please add this feature.
  18. When navigating to the favorites tab that is present on the home screen, and clicking on "more" to see a full list of favorite movies, shows, or episodes, we are not able to filter, sort, or jump to a letter in that list. Instead of further editing that list, can the "more" buttons link to their respective libraries with favorites filter already enabled? Instead of presenting yet another list, hopefully the "all movies" list is linkable with a favorites filter already turned on. I realize not everyone will have quote so many movies in their favorites list that they want to jump, but I definitely do. Visual aids: The more button on this page Currently links here But should link here With this filter already enabled
  19. Hello all; I have a problem with the sorting order being different in "My Media" vs the metadata listing. So I have my media folders and attempted to sort them by following: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/3199-how-do-i-change-the-sort-order-of-my-media-folders/I have done that before with no problems but I had to reinstall window 7 (64bit if it matters) unexpectedly. The issue is this, the folders are sorted correctly in the metadata page and Emby classic (in MCE): It is incorrectly sorted in My Media section though: And of course it appears in that order in all other devices (like the Roku). I have sorted them by numbers in my previous install (as I have currently) and there was not an issue but I cannot figure out what could be going on in this case. Any ideas? My number sorting for each item is shown here: I have also tried sorting them alphabetically, (a, b,c, d & e) but the result is very much the same, sorted in the metadata list and classic but not in my media. Thanks for any assistance.
  20. lifespeed

    Titles sorted by the word "The"

    After I installed Emby Theater I notice movie titles are being sorted by the word "the". I have metadata scraped using Media Center Master. As seen below the field SortTitle lists the word "the" in first position. The folder is name "Fifth Element, The" per Media Center Master behavior. Emby for WMC sorted correctly. Does Emby Theater require that Emby Server collect the metadata, will it format it differently? Anybody know the solution for this issue? <LocalTitle>The Fifth Element</LocalTitle> <OriginalTitle>The Fifth Element (1997)</OriginalTitle> <SortTitle>The Fifth Element</SortTitle> ​
  21. Ultroman

    Lock 'Sort name'

    I add e.g. 'Hobbit 1', 'Hobbit 2' etc. as 'Sort Name' manually, so the titles appear in the right order. Every time I update/refresh the data for one of such items, it removes my manually added 'Sort name'. Is there even a small chance, that one of the metadata sources actually supplies a 'Sort Name'? If not, can it please be omitted from the metadata refreshes? P.S. Massive thanks and props for a very nice mediabrowser!
  22. ksullivan86

    sort by: unwatch

    in MB classic you can sort tv episodes by how many unwatched episodes. Will this feature be enabled on the server and media browser theater?
  23. Happy2Play

    Trailer Channel Sort

    This is purely a cosmetic issue for trailers channel sort compared to other sort menus.
  24. When i searched for (album) "reality bites", i got two hits. I couldnt distinguish which was film and which was soundtrack, but then it shouldnt matter as the resultant interface seems like it should? show all matches across categories but albums are missing from the resultant interface never mind i thought i'd just jump into albums starting R and find the album. but no the albums are not in alphabetical order and pressing * doesnt allow a change to the sort order. Can anyone else reproduce this with one of their albums?
  25. Every time I start the Android app, I have to change the sort order manually for each library. Changing this setting every single time I use Media Browser is starting to get really annoying. I even looked on the Server control panel; but, still couldn't find anything obvious to save the sort order. I'd really appreciate any workarounds; even if I need to hack a setting, it would be worth it to me.
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