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Found 5 results

  1. When browsing movies, etc, add to the "AZ" Sorting pull-down menu, an additional option to "Sort by Filename" This then orders all the movies in the raw, default way, such that they match the file system on which the actual media files are stored, on disk. This order is generally quite different to the default sort order, as movie titles are sorted ignoring the articles: A, An, The... and also some movies have different names displayed, especially foreign films. The file systems sort by the basic pure alphanumeric order.
  2. Arly (Sprinkles)

    File System Organization - HELP

    This is not, by any means, an urgent issue. I am just looking to clean up my TV file system & am curious as to what the best method is to do this. By "clean up", I mean sort the shows via category or genre, while keeping them separate on my actual Emby server. My level of intelligence in this sort of thing isn't 100%, but I do have some knowledge in how to make all this stuff flow together & work. Any help would be appreciated. My TV File System (Partial) - https://gyazo.com/f08862f080615c9487c37d28d9377bf1 My Movie File System (Essentially what I want, if possible) - https://gyazo.com/fd5e752a77622e25fdab78732a05a920
  3. Hey, I have recently organized my film-related files in on my external file system into genre categories and wish to do the same with television shows. Is this possible, as I can't find any material on how to accomplish this. Any help will be great. Thanks.
  4. I've recently started using Emby and I've found it to be an amazing tool for media management. I'm also using Sonarr to manage television shows. Sonarr also keeps track of the quality of the media. I believe this is based off of the name of the file. Currently, when I add media to my library in Emby I pass the files through FileBot and use the convention "Series Name - S0XE0X - Episode Name". When Sonarr sees this it just assumes it's a 720P (default for *.mkv) files when they are really of higher quality. I was thinking that I could just send the files back through FileBot and append something along the lines of [1080P][WEBDL] so that Sonarr categorizes things properly. I have a few questions, however. 1. Are square brackets the correct syntax for Emby to ignore characters in a file name? For example, "Series Name - S05E04 - Episode Name[1080P][WEBDL].mkv"? 2. Can I just rename files on the file system without affecting anything on the Emby side? Will the existing metadata still be valid or would those names need to change? 3. If the metadata needs to change would it be easier to just delete the existing metadata and then use the Metadata Manager to refresh everything? 4. Do I need to tell Emby about this new naming convention? Will it get angry and stop loving me if I make changes to the file system files? 5. Will these mutant file names ever show up on client side programs (i.e. Emby web interface, Kodi, etc.)? I'm assuming the names displayed on these programs are from the metadata and not the filename. 6. If I wanted to go to an extreme as to just delete my library in Emby, rename the files, recreate the library and have Emby re-scan the content and download everything would that be an option? 6. Is there anything else I should be aware of before undertaking this task? It's not a huge deal if Sonarr shows the wrong file quality. This is more of a nice to have but I'd like to take advantage of all the features that all the software pieces provide so if I could make these file changes without affecting Emby adversely that would be great. If not then I'd rather keep Emby happy and chugging along and just live with the inaccurate Sonarr data. Thanks for any help, comments, feedback, and/or guidance (both positive and negative).
  5. MB supported this convention originally, but doesn't seem to anymore. In the album artists view a band like 'The Smiths' stored in W:\Music\Smiths, The and with content tagged with artist and album artist 'The Smiths' shows up under album artists in dashboard as 'Smiths, The' with no content underneath. shows up under artists in dashboard as 'The Smiths' with content underneath. Has a local title of 'Smiths, The' in W:\Music\Smiths, The\Artist.xml ty reason why it would be useful for MB3 to support this filesystem format is that if you have 200 artists starting 'The' in W:\Music, it is harder to jump in list to the artist in Windows Explorer. FWIW the solution seems to be :- edit the Artist XML so that local title reads 'The Smiths' and then refresh. Delete the XML and it is recreated with local title 'Smiths, The' which is odd as the xml is fully populated with metadata about 'The Smiths' to all other intents and purposes. Maybe Music Folders ending ', The' could be given special treatment for their local title value when the xml is created?
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