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Found 62 results

  1. I currently have all my movies in one folder and it works fine with Emby. However, in order to get things to work correctly with the movie themes plugin, the movies have to be in their own individual folders. Can someone recommend software or a method of automatically creating folders for each of the movies and puting the movie into the folder, along with the files that go along with them e.g. image files, nfo files, etc? Manually creating folders for around 3000 movies would be a pain to do!
  2. Dunuin

    Debian folder structure?

    @cayars I'm running emby for a year inside a FreeNAS jail and want to migrate to a VM guest running Debian on my new Proxmox hypervisor. The problem is, that I can't run emby completely from SSDs because of the high SSD wear (high write amplification because of Copy-on-Write and journaling fs on the host, journaling fs on the VM guest and consumer SDD always needs to write some MB to change some bytes). I'm planning to run 12 VMs on that hypervisor and the first 3 VMs alone are writing 50GB per hour while idling. So I bought a pair of WD Reds for all write heavy folders where the files change often, so that my NVMe SSDs just need to store the static data. I created a fresh debian VM for emby with 4 partition. a.) 120GB ext4 partition on 2 mirrored NVMe SSD mounted as root "/" with atime disabled. b.) 120GB ext4 partition on 2 mirrored HDDs mounted as "/var" c. ) a tmpfs partition on RAM disc mounted as "/tmp" d.) a 8GB swap partition on the 2 mirrored HDDs So my question are... 1.) What folders are created when installing emby on debian or what folders are used by emby? 2.) What kind of data does emby store in that folders? What folders are containing primary static files and what variable (often edited) files? 3.) Are the media images stored in a db or in a seperate folder? I would like to symlink embys db (files should change always I would assume) to the HDD and the images to the SSDs. 4.) On my FreeBSD installation I have seen a temp and a transcoding-temp directory used by emby. Is it ok to symlink them to a ram disk loosing every content on reboot or can't emby handle loosing this temporary data and I should symlink them them the HDD instead? Would be great if someone give me some hints so I can create and symlink the folders before installing emby, so emby will install to the right partitions. Edit: On FreeBSD I get these folders: /var/db/emby-server/cache -> looks like often changing -> should go to HDD or even volatile ramdisk? /var/db/emby-server/config -> looks static -> should go to SSD /var/db/emby-server/data -> often changing (DBs) -> to HDD /var/db/emby-server/logs -> often changing -> to HDD /var/db/emby-server/metadata -> static (pictures etc) -> to SSD /var/db/emby-server/plugins -> static -> to SSD /var/db/emby-server/root -> static -> to SSD /var/db/emby-server/transcoding-temp -> often changing -> to HDD or even volatile ramdisk? /usr/local/lib/emby-server/system -> static -> to SSD /usr/local/lib/emby-server/bin -> static -> to SSD Are these the same folders on Debian but located in /var/lib/emby-server instead of /var/db/emby-server and /opt/emby-server instead instead of /usr/local/lib/emby-server?
  3. hellking

    [résolu] Création de médiathèques

    Bonjour, Je suis nouveau sur l'utilisation d'Emby, mais c'est un logiciel puissant et qui répond parfaitement à mes attentes. Cependant, j'ai essayé de chercher un peu comment faire pour faire ce que je souhaite, mais je n'ai pas réussi à trouver de réponse efficace. En fait, j'ai un dossier qui contient tous mes films et mes séries, un peu en vrac, certains films sont dans des dossiers, d'autres non, etc... Quoiqu'il en soit, Emby reconnait bien tout et me les affiche correctement. Ce que je souhaite faire c'est créer une médiathèque Films et une médiathèque Séries. Et que ce soit filtré automatiquement. Le but est que je ne me retrouve pas avec tous les épisodes de toutes mes séries affichés en même temps que les films. J'ai essayé de suivre ce tuto pour voir si cela fonctionne (ce qui m'obligerait à reclasser les éléments dans mes dossiers, mais au pire je peux le faire ça) : https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159110-tv-naming Mais même en créant un dossier TV et une médiathèque TV, un dossier avec la série et Season, les séries ne sont pas reconnues donc pas affichées. Il y a certainement quelque chose que je fais mal, mais je ne sais pas quoi... Merci d'avance pour votre aide ! @cayars
  4. I would like to have the option to view and play the Libraries as they are stored on the server: by Folders. It seems that it would be a great feature. I would prefer to use it. I've made also a similar request for the Android app.
  5. Currently I have my categories broken down into reasonable settings, but it would be nice to be able to put libraries into folders, especially for content that doesn't match/fit Emby's expectations of particular content, such as wrestling. For example my current libraries would be: 4K Movies Kung Fu Wrestling It would be cool to be able to have: Movies -4K -Movies -Kung Fu Wrestling -Documentaries -Shows -PPV
  6. I have recently been trying to setup a Pro Wrestling library in Emby. Before I started setting things up, I did some forum research to see the best library type for this purpose and this thread (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/68025-folder-structure-being-recognized-as-series/) indicated either a Mixed Content library or Home Video library would likely be the best. I opted for the Mixed Content type. By its nature, Pro Wrestling is generally a mix of three content types: Weekly episodic TV series, each spread across multiple years of "seasons" (e.g. WWE Raw, WCW Nitro, etc.), obviously best thought of as TV Series. Periodic PPV events that are each best thought of as individual Movies (e.g. WrestleMania I, WrestleMania II, Royal Rumble 1989, etc). Retail compilation tapes, documentaries, etc that are also best thought of as Movies. I made sure to structure all of my files and folders into a structure that conformed to the Emby naming conventions. For each of the various wrestling TV series, I named them in accordance with Emby's TV naming conventions, like this --> Show Name (debut year) / Season 1 / Show Name - S01E01 - [Episode Name & Info]. For the PPV events and other items, I followed Emby's complex folder structure Movie naming conventions, like this --> WWF / PPV Events / WrestleMania / WrestleMania 2 (1986) / WrestleMania 2 (1986) - [version denotation, e.g. "720p"].mkv My desired outcome in Emby looks like this: Pro Wrestling (library)WWF/WWE (folder)Monday Night Raw (type: TV Series)Season 1 (1993) Season 2 (1994) ... PPV Events (folder)WrestleMania (folder)WrestleMania I (type: Movie) WrestleMania II (type: Movie) ... Royal Rumble (folder)Royal Rumble 1988 (type: Movie) Royal Rumble 1989 (type: Movie) ... In Your House (folder)In Your House 1 (type: Movie) In Your House 2 (type: Movie) ... Documentaries (folder)Beyond the Mat (type: Movie) ... For the most part, this is working. However, I am having particular problems with the "In Your House" folder that I highlighted in red above. Emby is detecting the organizational folder "In Your House" as a TV Series and then each of the individual PPV events within as an individual episode. I can't for the life of my figure out why - as my "In Your House" folder structure is exactly the same as my WrestleMania folder structure (which is working perfectly as intended) - see below: My "In Your House" folder strucure: My "WrestleMania" folder structure: I initially thought the root of the problem might have been that TVDB lists "In Your House" as a TV Series (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/wwe-in-your-house), however it looks like TVDB also lists WrestleMania as a TV Series (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/wrestlemania) but WrestleMania (and all the other PPV events) is working as-intended for me. Since, thus far, the issue has been limited to the In Your House events, I'm fine with just manually entering in all of the metadata for each of the 27 individual In Your House events as a work-around... however I can't seem to get Emby to "forget" the association that it has of my "In Your House" folder as a TV Series. I've tried creating a brand new folder with a completely different name and then dumping all of the In Your House events into that, but then Emby immediately recognizes THAT folder as the In Your House "tv series" and I'm right back where I started. Is there any way to force Emby's Mixed Content library to treat a given folder as simply an organizational folder so that it ignores attempting to identify it? Or, better yet, a way to tell Emby whether each folder is 1) an organizational folder, 2) a TV Series type, or 3) a Movie type? Or perhaps I'm just missing something simple. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for all the work on this great app! @@Happy2Play @@cayars
  7. Hi, I would like to request that the requirements for TV Shows naming scheme to be more flexible. Today's naming convention required is: TV Shows / TV Show name / Season 0x/ Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext Would be possible to allow for the same format but without the need of the Season folder? Example: TV Shows / TV Show name / Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext And even better would be to just require that S0xE0x should be present on the filename. A few reasons to allow this: 1. Easier and faster to look into an entire TV Shows. Faster to organize. Faster to spot missing episodes and erros. 2. Many of us store their content on remote servers that count API requests. Opening multiple folders is much slower compared to opening a single folder and it also requires less API calls. This would be a good pratice in coding and preserves bandwidth, time and the resources of servers around the world. Hope this request find good ears. Thank you in advance for your time considering this.
  8. Server 4.3.10 windows. Trying to create a library of tv shows, using multiple folders but in clients says no items in said library. I am only using emby on my LAN, using wmc client (though i get same no items in library on windows browser client and samsung tv clients) I have tried refresh library, no joy. All folders are local folders on server machine (win7 wmc) if any additional info needed, let me know.
  9. lunasdude

    Apple TV folder view?

    Just purchased Emby premier form my Mac and set up went well. My issue is with the movie folder in the Apple TV Emby app. I have my movies in one folder named movies, then there are sub folders named sci fi, horrror, etc. When I click on the move folder in the Apple TV Emby app it shows all my movies not the folders they are in. I have looked for the folder view in the Apple tv app but it’s not there that I can find. It is on the iOS app and the android app. Help?
  10. This may be down to my file structure, but thought I would check if I was missing something. I have a WWE library (Mixed Content), containing weekly shows and PPV's. Weekly shows are being treated by cover art, but PPV's are only being treated at DVD level, not folder levels File structure for PPV's: PPV (folder) > WWE Royal Rumble (folder) > WWE Royal Rumble 2020 (2020) (folder containing video file) The folders (PPV, WWE Royal Rumble) are not being treated, but WWE Royal Rumble 2020 (2020) is being treated. I have set folder treatment in cover art, so thought it would work
  11. A recent update (assuming it was a Server Update) changed the way Multiple-Level Folders display. To explain what I mean....... For Example: I have 5 Batman TV-Series. Each Series has multiple Seasons. I placed the 5 Series under a "Collections" Folder. So the folder structure would look like the following: -BATMAN COLLECTION -Batman Adventures -Season 1 -Season 2 -Batman Beyond -Season 1 -Season 2 -Batman Adventures -Season 1 -Season 2 etc....... SO, when scrolling through my TV Series the Top-Level folder I see is BATMAN COLLECTION. I select this folder and I see Batman Adventure, Batman Beyond, Batman Adventures, etc... If I select Batman Adventures I used to see Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 etc... Then when selecting a Season I would see each episode. That was before, now when I select a Series (Batman Adventures) I see ALL Episodes and not each Season displayed. I haven't made any setting changes in quite some time, so I am assuming this is due to an update?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks - John.
  12. leeknight1981

    Emby Server UnRaid library folders

    Hi Guy's You guessed it Me Again! So added kid's tv shows and i have a rouge folder in there from Tv Shows and i don' know why it is there nor how to remove it..... I don't believe it to be cos my paths are /movies/Kids Tv as all my libraries are /movies/ Any advice please TIA L33
  13. Hi Guys, this refers to here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/77892-raspberry-pi4-nas-for-server/page-2 But since the topic is a bit different, I guess no one does even read it.. So let me summarize the problem: I got folders for movies and for TV-shows. The are structured as follows: a) movies \\smb-share_whatever\videos\movies\action\Rambo 1\Rambo 1.mkv (or mp4 or avi) tv-shows \\smb-share_whatever\videos\TV-shows\Friends\Season01\S01E01.mkv (or mp4 or avi) Every folder does have a Backdrop.jpeg and a folder.jpg, the genre-folders for the movies also do have a folder.jpg. Since I got an "old" server (Windows 2012 R2), it also does access these files, which are on its RAID-Volume. (~8TB) Here it works perfectly, the overview shows movies and TV-shows and when you click one of them, you see the genres under movies. Now for the Rock64Pro-board with Armbian-Buster: I've mounted the SMB-share under /mnt, I can easily access both, movies AND TV-shows and also read them. (I've even tried via WinSCP to copy them being read from the /mnt). I've then added separately movies (content-type "movies" and TV-shows (content-type "TV-shows") to emby. The TV-shows are recognized and can be played easily. The movies show-up empty as there would be no content or it is not readable or not recognized. I removed the movies and added them as "mixed content" - same story. Since I want to retire the Win2k12-Server, I also have a NAS, which offers an SMB-share to my network. I've also the same files on the NAS, same folders - only different IP. When I add the movies from my NAS, emby does recognize them BUT: I) It does not show the folder-structure, only when I select the list-option "folders". On my windows-server it does it as a standard. Here it shows all movies (~1550) in a bulk-list. II) It does NOT play the movies. When I click one, the player seems to load and then it says "there are no compatible streams available." But it does play the TV-shows from the Win2K12-Server... (I've got my emby-premium on both registered, it is a lifetime-key) So - tons of problems - only because of my effort to save the 125W my server consumes 24/7 ;-) I'd highly appreciate if you can give me some help. Regards, Matthias
  14. Another reason to have an actual folder view : I have just installed emby on a FreeNAS and all was going well until I played a movie on my Samsung ua82nu8000 via dlna. Because all my movies now show up as if they're all in 1 folder instead of their own individual folders my TV starts playing the next movie as soon a 1 finishes, then the next, then the next. There's no way to turn this behaviour off on the TV... Do I have any options via emby dlna? Installing the TV app is NOT happening as all I want is a list of folders/files, no meta, no posters, just a simple list of folders with individual movie files in each.
  15. FurlerFan

    Library Thinks Folder Is A Single Video

    I installed Emby 4.0.2 yesterday (3/14/2019 -- happy pi day!). After building my library, I found that some folders (with lots of sub-folders) are being represented as video files rather than folders. As you can see in the images, the Sci-Fi folder (see the contents in the second image) appears to be just another video file. As you can see, that's not the case. How do I get Emby to recognize it (as well as the Animated, Mystery -- with dozens of complete sets of tv shows -- and and Music -- which contains musical movies and TV shows not music files) as folders rather than video files? If I click on any of those in the library, I get the same view as if I were clicking on a video file, but there's nothing to play. Please advise. Thanks!
  16. Is there a way I can hide the menu items "Collections" and "Folders" within the movie section (see screen below)? In the WEB APP I can use the custom CSS function: button.emby-tab-button:nth-child(4) { display:none; } button.emby-tab-button:nth-child(7) { display:none; } but this doesn't have effect in iOS and Apple TV apps. Is there a setting I have missed or can this be done in an other way? Why I like to hide these items? I don't use collections at all because they still can't be backed up so I need to reproduce them every time I set up a fresh Emby server. Anybody?
  17. Hi everyone. I use TinyMediaManager to do all of my metadata. I happen to move my files around a lot based on my own organizational madness, lol. This would KILL Emby's collections method. I switched over from Plex a few days ago and this was maddening because I was used to using tags. So I wrote an export template for TinyMediaManager that exports a list of movies in xml form. I wrote my template to conform to Emby's collection.xml scheme and placed the xml in a "CollectionName [boxset]" folder in the Collections folder. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. So, I can rearrange my files at will, use whatever folder and naming scheme that I wish, replace files with better quality rips, re-tag or rename, or pretty much do whatever i want. I just thought that I'd share my methods for people in the same situation. I have several MoviesFolders though, including a folder containing all the movies that I haven't watched yet. There's also a folder of movies that I consider temporary residents on my hard drive. TinyMediaManager keeps it's export templates in a folder named "templates" in the main program folder. In this folder, I had to create a folder named "EmbyCollectionXML". In that folder, I need 2 files. I need a "template.conf" file and a "list.jmte" file. TinyMediaManagerFolder\templates\EmbyCollectionXML\ In the conf file I needed the following: name =EXCEL list type=movie list=list.jmte extension=xml description=This template exports a valid Emby collections.xml file In the list.jmte I needed the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Item> <LockData> true </LockData> <LocalTitle>Collection Title</LocalTitle> <DisplayOrder>PremiereDate</DisplayOrder> <CollectionItems> ${foreach movies movie} <CollectionItem> ${foreach movie.mediaFiles mediaFile} ${if first_mediaFile}<Path>${mediaFile.path}\\${mediaFile.filename}</Path>${end} ${end} </CollectionItem> ${end} </CollectionItems> </Item> This template exports an xml that writes the path for every one of your movies inside a CollectionItem. In TinyMediaManager, I simply filter the list by tags or by "datasource" or by whatever I want, then I export the list using my template. Open that xml and change "Collection Title" to whatever the name of my Collection will be. Rename the xml to "Collection Title.xml" Create a folder inside your Emby Collections folder: \Emby-Server\programdata\data\collections\Collection Title [boxset]\ Place your xml in that folder. I put a folder.jpg in there too for my collection. I refreshed my Collections in Emby and BOOM: There it was. I don't know if this will be helpful for anyone else, but that's how I do it for my custom collections that plugins might not pick up and to deal with me moving stuff around occasionally. It's best for big collections or random custom collections. Oh, and the reason I can't just filter by tags on the movies screen is because I'm using the Tizen version of Emby client on a Samsung Smart TV. That means if I filter and there aren't enough movies, I can't get back to that "Filters" button. It's been discussed in another thread.
  18. Hi Luke, I've updated to 4.0.1 on Linux and I recently discovered that BubbleUpnp doesn't find the Folders entry anymore. The same goes for another dlna app. I do see it in the Emby webplayer. Any ideas? Cheers, Joost
  19. Ability to enable or disable: FOLDERS UPCOMING TRAILERS SUGGESTIONS FAVOURITES on the top menu bar AND change the menu ordering of the options around to admin or user choice.
  20. Hi The Emby server is showing a folders view in Movies with the Android app but with the LG TV app this is not an option. Is this a known problem or have I misconfigured something. Thanks for your help John
  21. I have a folder for Movies which is the only folder in a library called "All movies." This library has metadata scanning turned on. Under the Movies directory, I have a subfolder called "New" which I have a separate library pointed to (library is named New). Folder structure: -Movies ----New ----A ----B ----C etc. Library setup: All movies > "Movies directory" New > "New directory" Nothing is showing up in the New library. Can a file only exist in a single library?
  22. mcubaynes

    live tv

    hello guys, is there a way to add category for live tv, i dont want to have 2000 channels, i would like to break them by categories, example, sports, news, soaps, etc...
  23. Hello fellow Emby enthusiasts, I have just recognized that several media files have been deleted from the server. It is not just a database/scanning issue, the actual folders where this media files have been in, are gone. I just found out about the deletion because the collection folder had some movies in it which are not present under the corresponding folders. The media harddrive is raid protected, a manual deletion can be excluded also. - Can you guys think of any other possibility which may randomly deleting media folders? - The option to allow deletion which can be done in user settings, could that have been it maybe? ... and if yes, is there a log which can be searched for this event - and what string should be looked for? EDIT: searched the logs and couldnt find any deletion - but have to say logs go only back for a couple of days and the deletion could have very well happened several month ago. Thanks. Soki EDIT: just allowed media deletion for a test account and i was not able to delete any file under any section. Therefor I assume another situation must have caused the deletions.
  24. speedingcheetah

    Remote User related questions

    I am playing around with using my Emby to replace the "file share" i had setup via my router and a usb stick. Have 2 questions: 1. Is there a way to hide the default icons called "Collections" and "Folders"? I don't see an option to hide those selections in the User Access settings. I just want only the Folder and certain other Library Folders i create or select to show. 2. Is there a way to have a remote user upload a file to the Emby server? Is this a feature/plugin that could be added in the future? Thanks.
  25. keithterrill

    Movie Subfolders not discovered

    After I gave up and uninstalled everything and then reinstalled so I could see the files from within emby client I discovered that it is not seeing any files that are in subfolders. The movies "2001: A Space Odyssey", "2010", "Dune", "Theory of Everything", and "Twelfth Night or What You Will" do not show up in the library while the other movies do. If I move the files from the subfolder into the main Movies folder it then discovers it and lists them in the library. All the files and folders have the same owner and rights. Before the update I was able to see all of the movies even when they were in subfolders. Then after the update I couldn't see anything. Now after deleted everything and reinstalling I cannot get movies that are in subfolders. I wanted to put each in a subfolder so I could add special features like subtitles. Leason I am learning: don't do the upgrade?
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