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  1. Bonjour, Pour celles et ceux qui veulent utiliser Emby avec Windows Media Center pour Windows 10 Professionnel - 2004 - vous trouverez en téléchargement une image ISO bootable que vous pouvez installer sur n'importe quel PC 64 bits Le lien :https://uptobox.com/lmvwz163j4st Ce qu'il faut savoir : - Cette image a été créée à partir du disque de création d'image de Microsoft, dans une machine virtuelle, donc pas de risque de virus. - Vous devez vous procurez les drivers Windows 10 pour votre PC. - Il ne s'agit pas d'une version de Windows craquée, ce qui implique qu'il vous faudra acti
  2. Starting yesterday, my Emby Classic running on Windows 8 Media Center was missing some movie cover images. When attempting to open the movie missing the covers, Emby Classic hung. Had to close Media Center to gain control of the computer again. Later I found out that the Emby server (running on different hardware) was crashing each time I did this. I would have to force quit the Emby Server and restart it. Emby seems to work fine from every other app and the website. I am able to repeat the issue any time by using Emby Classic for WMC for anything so it has become worthless. I am able to use E
  3. In Windows media center Emby, I am unable to find a way to display subtitles. I know they are there and part of the file/folder because when I play the same file through the browser version on the same machine, I can display subtitles.
  4. Was wondering if anyone could help me with the Cover Screen Saver on Window Media Center. It stopped working a few updates ago and now when I go to install it it just hangs. Anyone have any ideas? Its such a great screen saver and would love to get it back....
  5. I've just installed Emby for WMC on a new build and all of the free themes are gone? Well, apart from Chocolate anyhow. The only themes available are the Premier ones at $10 a pop. What happened, are you giving up on WMC users? If anyone can upload their free themes from their Computer it would be most appreciated!
  6. I'm putting this issue seperate from another issue to keep the replies clear. When I scrol through the EMC home screen to the "Music" entry, WMC freezes and throws an error message pop up. I will attach a screen shot, although it doesn'tshow much. The "Latest" music widget is also empty too. MBClassic-19920199454183a5a4a4f56a26dc8709a4b4d80.log embyserver.txt
  7. I have been an Emby user since MediaBrowser. I loved and still love how it works with Windows Media Center on Windows 7. My current media server is set up on Windows 7, and I use WMC on my main TV that's hooked to the sever, and a few other TVs in the house. I guess I'm just looking for some advise on what to do now that support for Windows 7 is ending. I'm just so used to the layout of Windows Media Center, and the flawless execution between it and my Windows 7 server set up, that I'm anxious about how to make sure things work for me once Windows 7 is no longer a good solution. Doe
  8. The Plugin Catalog in the WMC app doesn't seem to properly download files from the server (Testing with EMC 3.0.315.0) . Basically I simply deleted one of my themes and tried to download it again and it basically hangs at installing the theme. This was brought to my attention by a user having issues installing the theme. I tried uploading a new version to the site and all seemed to process well but still it won't seem to download the file and basically just sticks a file with 0 bytes in the \programdata\plugin directory. This is not limited to my themes as I tried to install the backdro
  9. I have Emby Server and Emby for WMC on the same machine as all of my media. My GameBrowser.xml file was up to date with all of my emulators and local PC games and was working perfectly. Since the upgrade to Emby Server, not a single game will launch, only showing a message that says "An unknown error prevented this game from launching." The indexing used to only use the folder name for the title, but now it ignores the nice folder name and only associates the messy file name inside each folder, even on a PC game where the only file is game.gbwin making my whole PC game library
  10. Question about Emby DVR setup and existing (or future) WMC recordings. My goal is totally move away from WMC7 and use Emby for LiveTV and DVR (as well as Movies, Photos, already parsed TV Shows that I already use Emby for). I even switched from a Ceton InfiniTV to a HDHomerun Prime and Connect to do this. However, the biggest detriment to this is DRM. Before they implemented DRM, I used to use MCEBuddy to take my recordings convert them to a slightly smaller size, preserve the AC3 stream, save in a mp4 container, name it 'showname - sXXeYY - episodename.mp4", and then save in the approp
  11. Trichard123

    WMC won't start mp4 movies

    Hello! After the last most recent auto-update of Emby for Media Center, I started having a problem with just the Mp4 movies, but not the TV episodes. I press the Play button on the menu and get a dark screen. When I move my mouse I see the control buttons on the bottom of the screen (Stop, Play, Record, etc) but no time length indicator. The Play button displays the || pause like the movie is playing. I press the square Stop button which takes me back to the movie info page and buttons, then I get the spinning wheel and the page goes dark and the time indicator appears and the movie st
  12. Hi, no idea what changed but suddenly nothing will play using MPC-HC as an external player. I've removed it from the Emby for WMC Configurator, removed and reinstalled MPC-HC, Added it again in the configurator but to no avail. If I use the internal player everything plays fine. If I could turn subtitles on or off on the fly then I would leave the internal player set. Anyone any idea? It's probably something really simple I am missing! Oh, I've reinstalled Server and Emby WMC apps too. Kind regards, Cog.
  13. Hi, I recently subscribed to Emby Premiere mainly for the benefit of being able to use Cinema mode so that trailers will play before my movies. This works well in the web interface however when I attempt to play a movie in the WMC app it does nothing (i.e. when I click the 'Play' button nothing happens, I have to go turn off Cinema mode in the app settings for the movie to play at all). The trailers play fine if I play them from the 'Trailers' folder within the WMC app, its only when playing a movie does it not work. My app and server versions are below I believe are the latest. Please adv
  14. Hope someone can help me on this subject, It first started I totally lost the program to Emby for WMC the icon and program disappeared. so I decided reinstall it from the Emby website, I first I disabled the Anti-Virus program (Norton's) When I did this is the following error downloading. "Application Run" Security Warning see my attachment. I tried clearing one click cache. I tried Chrome to download it and Internet Explorer no luck. I thought it had to do something with internet? I have another computer in the other room and I can download the files on that computer. Thank You
  15. Okay, sorry for the extra question, but I have everything working properly with this compro remote (and logitech harmony) except shutdown. The original remote wakes up the computer through PCIe Bios settings ok (from full off state- which is what I prefer as I have a remote power switch to kill all components TV, HTPC etc. But the power off button only sends a sleep state shutdown, when I want a full power shutdown. I have got around this by having a shutdown batch cmd, which is shortcut to "num 8" on the original remote and this I have taught the harmony as "Power toggle". This work
  16. Hey guys, This is not so much an emby problem, just looking for any expert advice from the community. I have a HTPC that was running Win 7, and used a Fusion Dvico remote (plugged into USB port) for control of my WMC, and also Emby. After upgrading, finally to Win 10, I have a curious but not unheard of problem, that when the HTPC is turned on, the remote IR receiver driver is not automatically loaded. Simply unplugging it for 1-2 seconds resolves the issue as the USB Input device driver is then correctly installed, and bingo, I can use my Logitech Harmony for full remote facilities. I hav
  17. I hope I have this in the correct forum. I have a question about computer performance while running the Emby Server. Every time I have the server running, I have frequent stuttering of video while watching TV using Windows Media Center (WMC) and a HD Homerun USB Tuner. (Not viewing TV content through Emby). This happens while watching live or recorded TV. I do not have the Emby App installed in WMC. I also have noticeably slow performance of other programs. This all resolves when I shut down the Emby server. Video stuttering happens even when I am not streaming content
  18. I have not used EMBY is a while. I had to redo my HTPC a while back and never re-installed it. This past week I figured I'd try it again. I installed the EMBY server and a plug in for Windows Media Center. I configured everything and it seems to be working OK. I am able to stream to devices using Emby Theater. Ever since I got it up and running... my Windows Media Center has been very choppy while watching recorded TV. Voice dropout for about half a second several times a minute. I am using a 3rd generation I5, with 8 Gig of RAM on Windows 10 OS. I have Ve
  19. I was looking at trying to set up gamebrowser to work under Emby, preferably under WMC but Theatre too. I just wanted to start very simple basically just run Windows Games, no emulators or anything. I think I'm like 90% there just missing that last little bit. I was following the guide I found here to set it up on the Emby Server and for the Classic Install: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/ So now when I launch Emby for WMC and Theatre I get my GAMES tab with the two games I manually added for testing purpose, as you can see below:
  20. AJNinGA

    Where is MB Plus?

    Where is MB Plus? https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/17748-automatically-play-next-episode-in-series/?p=172441
  21. Hello all, need some help... I have had my HTPC running windows 7 for a long time now and use it dedicated for Emby movie playback. I really love the kaleidescape type experience on my big projector screen and I don't want to lose it :-) I don't want TV, games, or music, just the big theater experience so I use WMC and love the fact I get four rows of movie covers across my screen and can use MPC-HC with MadVR to scale my DVD's to BD PQ as an external player. So here is my big problem, things started to go wrong and I figured I would reinstall Windows and set everything up again and de
  22. lardners

    TV Episodes Disappering

    Hello, I've just noticed that certain seasons of my TV shows are suddenly showing as blank (both on WMC and via Browser), in that no episodes are listed. I haven't changed my folder structure, all the files are there so I can't figure out why it's happening. My folder structure is G:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\Season 1\01X01.mp4 Breaking Bad for example looks like this for all the seasons: If I do a refresh, it restores the episodes but they disappear again a few minutes later.
  23. What are the correct dimensions for the backdrop image? Why are my backdrops being cropped when displayed in Emby? See below image. I always use dimensions that have the same ratio as 1080 x 1920, for example, 637dpi x 1132dpi, like in the below image. The bottom window is the 637 x 1132 image, and the top window is it displaying in Emby WMC. See how the right side of the image has been cropped. How do I fix this? I've tested all the display settings in WMC (Television, Flat Panel, etc.), and the cropping isn't being caused by WMC.
  24. Hi I have been running emby in wmc for ages (around 2 years). I have had no issues until now, When I try to open emby auto start or clicking on the icon on the desktop it comes up "Invalid Application" unable to open Emby. I have tried deleting the server removing all traces, reinstalling setting the server up again but still no luck. I have never uploaded logs before so hopefully I have the correct logs attached. Any Help would be appreciated Regards Brett WMC Crash.txt
  25. dados

    Watch Live TV from WMC Client

    Hi Is it possible to watch live tv from Emby source from Emby WMC client ? Am I missing the option ? I've tried web and android app and that works fine - Arni
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