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  1. Device: TCL C725 Android 11 Appversion: 2.0.70g Serverversion: when playback files with DTS HD audio streams sound is very distorted, including some visible video stutters stats for nerds shows direct playback, but i get no "dts notification" on the tv dts files, direct playback too, play undistorted but there is also no "dts notification" audio playback setting in emby is set to 'auto' forcing software downmix (very low sound on multichannel files) / "fix playback function (what directly transcodes also the video)" for sure "solves" the problem, but then there clearly isn't anymore a dts hd stream to send to the tv decoder via the internal player, files playback normal and undistorted and the "dts notification" is shown there no problems on dolby tracks, "dolby atmos notification" is correctly shown if present
  2. I want to ask you, if you can please add a configuration option to force my Emby for Windows server to always use HLS streaming. At the moment my only way to force HLS streaming is to enable the "Convert Unsupported Audio" setting in the Android TV client. And I also have to have all the movie and series files with the default audio track with the E-AC3 or DTS codec. This way I force my Emby server to send HLS streams, instead of HTTP. The problem that with this method my Emby server also transcodes the E-AC3 or DTS audio track to AAC. If you add a configuration option in the Emby server to force the server to use HLS streaming, then it doesn't transcode the audio track unnecessarily. HLS transmission in my case solves the problem on my favorite and main television, the problem of constant jumps and jerks in the images. And since the latest version of the client for Android TV has become obsolete due to playback problems with DV and HDR10, and the client for Android 3.2.92 I don't have any option to force the HLS streaming. Thanks, greetings.
  3. Today, it is not possible to accelerate video if bitsreaming compressed audio. (DTS, DD) VLC can do on all type audio. I hope it can be the same on Android TV.
  4. Hello Emby Community, I have a problem with playing video files with digital surround sound on the emby app. My setup: Shield TV pro (8.1.1) Denon AVR-X2300W Sony TV Epson Beamer all connected with HDMI Emby Server Emby App 1.7.78g I tried with files from https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/ (City Redux (Lossless) MKV H.264 1080p Dolby TrueHD 7.1) but it's the same as with all my other movie files... The video plays but there is no digital surround sound, my AVR reports 2-channel input and you only hear sound from the 2 front speakers... playing the same file with Kodi on the Shield TV is working fine and i get TrueHD, DTS:X or whatever the video has as input on the AVR and sound is on all speakers... When playing the video, the overview on the server says it's direct playing on the Shield TV. On the nerds info while playing the video it says: Audio-Codec: TRUEHD (local downmix) I guess there is the problem, but i have no idea what causes this - and I want to repeat with Kodi i can passthrough the sound to my AVR - it seems the emby app does not recognize my Shield TV / AVR setup correctly... there is no passthrough settings anywhere in the emby app settings...i only found the audio output and that is on "automatic" I choose passthrough on all the surround formats in the Shield TVs audio settings page - working with Kodi... I sent a report from the emby app at 22:54 (german time) on the 02.03.2020 the emby user was MCWZ and i was just playing that video again - several times to get the screenshots... Edit (forgot to mention when opening the topic): cleared data... cleared cache... powercycle the Shield with AVR already on... reinstalled the app... nothing works I'm working for some weeks on this issue now and can't get it to work. I'm stuck.... please have a look at it, maybe I oversee some point... I was looking at the forums and couldn't find any other helpful topic's or other user reporting this... most other users have a not DTS capable system or the file was just not DTS-HD but they thought it would be... I appreciate your help and many thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide Racerx1977 Question offtopic: Does clearing the cache of the emby app, clear all the logs? embyserver.txt
  5. I've been using Emby Theater for some time as the phone app and streaming to my bedroom TV. I would like to also use the phone app in my main system, but stream it to Firefox on my living room system. I would prefer to use an external player vs the player the browser uses because the player I use does pass through of Dolby Digital and DTS audio to my surround sound receiver. The question is: HOW do I set it up to enable an external player using Emby Theater?
  6. Hi! I have an .mka file with two audio tracks inside, a .dts and a .flac track (and some pdf, png, txt, cue). They are the same music, but the flac is stereo while the dts is 5.1. I would like to keep both versions and listen to both on a stereo and on a multichannel system respectively. I extracted the tracks with mkvectract, tha flac plays fine, and while the dts is recognised by emby, I cant seem to play it on my receiver. How should I store these for emby to be able to play them? (in one file, if possible, without recoding, if possible and with tagging and art, if possible) Thank you in advance.
  7. marky9074

    FLAC 7.1 to LG WebOS?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, however having re-ripped all my media using FLAC given the lack of license with Synology (and others) for DTS, I am wondering why Emby is not handling the native 7.1 streams on 'newer' blu-rays and 4K UHD and outputting them as 5.1 to clients. Maybe this is an LG specific thing, as a quick test playing on Android phone and through the browser on my desktop (2ch) seems OK? All I get through my LG 65" OLED (2018) is a blank screen and no sound, and on the LG 32" LCD a high pitched buzz/whistle. Going back to Plex (which I am trying to get away from), they play OK on both. Presumably Emby is also using some FFmpeg library (same as Plex), so there would be no benefit in me installing the one from the SynoCommunity? Any help would be much appreciated. I don't really want to re-rip or remux my library having already done it once to FLAC.... Cheers, Mark
  8. flyload

    Samsung TV DTS

    Hallo, ich will mir den Samsung Q70R TV kaufen und wollte fragen ob ich damit über Emby Filme mit DTS anschauen kann. Der TV untestützt ja eigentlich kein DTS. @@SamES
  9. Hi, I'm doing some playing around with different lossless files (both Dolby TrueHD/Atmos and DTS-MA/DTS:X) and cannot get m2ts files to direct play through the Sheild. I was getting container not supported initially and then experimented with the "Allow Direct Play of TS Files" option which gave the same result of DD 5.1 audio instead of DTSMA for one of the examples but was then giving a reason of Direct play error. Attached are server logs and a remux logs from when I started playing around with two different test files. I also submitted debug logs through the emby app on the ShieldTV. Should these files be able to direct play? Other files that are MKV's with the same audio tracks direct play just fine. For reference the IP for the Shield is and the server is .40. Thanks, Brad. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-cd3bce30-6843-44e9-9678-2fba8259d6a8_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-df20fb9c-2631-401d-9c04-9e15fa619a4f_1.txt
  10. Fred74

    DTS sur iPad ne fonctionne pas

    Bonjour. je suis nouveau sur le forum et par la même occasion, nouvel utilisateur de Emby. j’ai pris 1 mois de Emby première afin de tester et c’est pourquoi je reviens vers vous. Mon problème est le suivant…si je regarde un film avec bande son DTS sur mon iPad en streaming en passant par l’application Emby, j’ai l’image est le son. Si je télécharge ce même film sur mon iPad toujours en passant par l’application et que je veux le regarder en hors ligne, j’ai l’image mais plus de son. Est-ce normal et si oui, pourquoi ? Je sais que l’iPad ne gère pas le DTS en natif mais par exemple, j’utilise l’application infuse sur iOS et n’importe quel films en DTS passe sans soucis. Merci pour vos réponses.
  11. mireki1975

    Emby App cant play dts, Safari can

    Hi, Emby app transcodes dts to ac3. when i play the same movie in Safari no transcoding is needed. is it possible to enable dts in emby app?
  12. Hi All I previously had emby server and emby(WMC) running on win 7 machine all worked fine , PC was getting old (10yr +) so i have changed to a new I7 win10 computer with good graphics SSD drives etc etc, I installed emby server and am using emby theatre with my media , all is ok, all videos are playing ok and dts in films is fine over the optical pass through to my AMP. However I have a large 5.1/DTS collection which sounds great when played through the surround sound and worked perfectly with the old set up but the new plays the 5.1/DTS files too fast, peter Gabriel sledgehammer plays back like he is part chipmunk. Is this a known issue , or is there something I can do to correct this. on the old setup I had Sharky installed that handled all the decoding.
  13. I just got a new Sony BRAVIA (55 inch X90F - KD-55X9000F) yesterday and want to use the Emby app on it instead of the old HTPC running WMC and Emby Classic. The TV is running Android TV 7.0 and the Emby Server is currently version on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. The audio system is an old Panasonic one with support for Dolby Digital and DTS and is connected via the optical out from the TV. The HTPC was connected to this system via optical out as well. Videos open fine from the Emby app on the new TV, but all audio is only being passed to the sound system as stereo instead of 5.1 as expected. Opening the same videos via the DLNA server from the TV has the audio pass to the audio system correctly as Dolby or DTS. Playing UHD Blu-rays from my Sony UBP-X700 passes the audio as expected as well. Most of my Blu-ray rips have been encoded as HEVC/H.265 with DTS-HD MA as MKVs, while DVD rips are the same with Dolby Digital or DTS audio. I have also tested using H.264 encoded videos. A log file from playing my rip of Avatar is attached. Any help with getting the digital audio working would be appreciated. ffmpeg-transcode-cc814e6f-523b-4cc3-b874-0d6e62ecf044.txt
  14. Hey team, I'm having a weird issue with my 3rd gen Fire TV. When I go to play any video with DTS audio the video will not play, It doesn't lock up just sits at a black screen with the controls. All of these are direct plays are well... However, while the video is sitting on the back screen, if I change the display mode from 4k to 1080p it starts playing fine. Same if I change the bit rate so it changes to transcoding it starts playing. I have tried all the refresh rate switching options with no luck. Also, emby works fine on my fire TV stick that only supports 1080p. Any thoughts? I have attached my emby server log. Thanks, EmbyServer.txt
  15. Hi Team. The server is FreeNAS 11.1 U4 w/ Emby using the ASRock Avoton 2750, 16GB ECC DDR3, and 6 x 3TB in RAID6 ZFS. Content (nearly 500 movies) was digitized from Bluray/DVD using MakeMKV using H.264 and DTS audio streams with no further modifications made. All Roku clients on latest firmware (3, 4, and an Ultra) and are CAT5 connected at gigabit speed. The setup had been functional for the last 3 years, but towards the end of 2017, client began reporting the 'Loading' message displaying intermittently during playback. Despite the server-side hardware capable of transcoding multiple clients, my approach was to eliminate the need for the 'direct-streaming' - which was due to the audio stream being DTS-encoded. Initial review suggested the most appropriate encoding should have been AAC, but this also resulted in transcoding being performed. Review of Emby ffmpeg transcode logs indicated the Roku was in fact requesting AC3 content, and by making this switch to the source, direct-playing was indicated at the client, and the 'Loading' was gone (suggesting despite the hardware sufficing in the past, something on the server-side was causing the delay?) My question is, before I manipulate every one of these files - is this the best approach to solve the underlying problem? And should I convert the DTS audio streams to AC3? Lastly, this had the effect of stripping out the subtitle streams in the MKV (using ffmpeg in a Linux environment to convert). Perhaps this is OK given the user had complained some content was enforcing the subtitles against their wishes. Thank you so much in advance for any feedback!
  16. drjonz

    MKV and DTS-HD

    OK, per another discussion some time ago, I've started moving files off m2ts and to mkv with great success. My main worry there was that I would lose quality, but going with MKV Lossless seems to be perfect so far. It's a bit of a pain to re-rip, but it's very much worth it as I get direct play on my media server and direct stream off the Roku. Video and audio are great. Fast forward and rewind and resume are all perfect every single time. I wish I had moved long ago. I do see one little issue though. If I rip DTS-HD, I get no audio playing on the Roku. If I rip DTS, I get audio. And yes, the Roku is set for Auto and does a marvelous job passing on all versions of Dolby and DTS just fine (receiver shows the correct format and it sounds great). It's just this one last little item I have an issue with. So far, my selection of ripping DTS only works as a fine work around. Just wondering if this is some known limitation of Roku (precisely the Roku Premiere).
  17. Hi playing some of my files always fails with message" CONNECTION ERROR":/ [..]dex=1&VideoCodec=h264&Profile=high&Level=41&MaxVideoBitDepth=8&MaxWidth=1280&VideoBitrate=7689730&AudioCodec=dts&AudioBitrate=360000&MaxAudioChannels=6&MediaSourceId=37be07606503ea8e68d8d8828a8c827c&DeviceId=ZPCAMPY4GXSJS&StartTimeTicks=0 [...] (it contains h264 but its h265, is that a coinciedence?). On other devices transcoding works; so I assume the Samsung is the problem. The more I´m playing around with it, I´m coming to the point that a CONCURRENT transcoding of HEVC & DTS is a problem - pls see the att. files. but H265 / DD is working H264 / DTS works Please see the info and logs. tnx for helping me Samsung model number: UE65F8090 Samsung firmware version: v1135 (latest available at 25.10.2017) Samsung Emby client version #: v2.2.2 ffmpeg-transcode.txt server.txt
  18. Is it possible to passthrough DTS/TrueHD/any audio to soundbar using Emby Tizen App? My TV is Samsung KS7000 (KS8000 in US), server version, Tizen app version 1.0.25
  19. Hi, I have been using Emby for a while now and it has been working great, so THANKS! I was previously running Emby on a Windows 7 machine and recently upgraded the machine to Windows 10. Everything worked smoothly with my Windows 7 machine, but now that I upgraded the OS (not the hardware) I cannot get any files that have DTS to play. I get the following error: i Video Error An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected. This only happens when I try and play a file that has DTS enabled. I have tried watching the movie with the beta app on the Roku and the "released" app as well. The movie will try and load, get to about 1/3 of the way and stop. With the beta app it will give me the error above, in the released version it just times out. Note on some movies I have stereo and DTS and the stereo audio plays just fine, and in the beta app if I try and switch the audio it says "Unable to select audio track" I have included the log files. Thanks in advance for your help. Windows Emby Server: Version Windows 10 Pro Roku Premiere+ ffmpeg-remux-ed9fad2d-6070-4938-9c14-bcf1d69d8a56.txt ffmpeg-remux-b891deda-43c4-45b9-9cb7-eb59fc2488a6.txt server-63624427107.txt
  20. Hello there, i am looking for a good App for the Fire TV Box that can stream with passthrough. Kodi is able to do this (Only Kodi v16 DTS-passthrogh) but i don't like there Frontend and i dont like that i cant have my own server like with Plex or emby. So i came here and everything works great, even better than Plex! But i am not able do get DTS passthrough working on my FTV. I got a AV-Reciver and this is only getting some kind of converted audio (Maybe AC3) but no original DTS or DTS-HD... Maybe im missing some Settings or so and you guys could help me. Or maybe it it working in theater-mode. Than i would buy a Premiere Thanks allot! Chos
  21. themodulor

    Audio Passthrough doesn't work properly

    Hello, so first here is my configuration : Emby 3.0.8300.0 myKodi 17 Krypton Beta 3 Emby for Kodi Beta 1.0.5 All that on a QNAP 253A to HDMI amp. I understand that my problem maybe comes from the Beta combo Kodi 17 x Emby for Kodi but maybe it's something else I'm missing. First of all I started by installing Kodi 17 without Emby, with my library on the same server and everything was working perfectly with audio passthrough enabled, the 5.1 sounds was working well either in AC3, DTS or AAC5.1 (I installed the last beta Kodi version because I have a lot of film in H265 and it's the only one that supports it perfectly for the moment). And so I decided to centralize all my library through Emby to manage it more easily from my laptop. I've installed the last version of Emby on my QNAP server who works nicely, and the last beta Emby for Kodi add-on finally (cause it's the only one that works on Kodi 17). I didn't have any issue to sync everything, all my films appear great in Kodi. I configured the playback in the Emby add-on options in native path and with no transcode option activated. And there my problem comes: I can play all the video really fine (H.264, H.265) with the audio passthrough in AAC 2.0 but when I play a AAC 5.1 file the back speakers have the same sound coming from the front speakers. And when I try to play AC3 or DTS file it's worst and no sound comes out at all. I tried to deactivate the audio passthrough and the sound is back but with no proper decoding of the 5.1 obviously. I don't know what to do, I only know that the problem comes from the sync with the Emby library because it was working well before I decided to use the Emby add-on, when I had my files directly linked to Kodi. Anyone can help me ? Thanks so much!
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm using Emby for a longer while now, but I got one new and one older (longer existing) problem (bot in WMC with Windows 10): Just a short overview of my config / systems: I got a HTPC with an i5 6400 with 8GB of RAM running Windows 10 and the media center installed. This is connected via HDMI to a Pioneer VSX-830 surround receiver (with 5.1 speakers), which is connected to a 65" LED TV - also with HDMI. My media is stored on a dedicated server - running Windows Server 2012 R2 with a i5 3550 and 32GB of RAM with all my media in a 5x3TB RAID6 volume. Emby is installed in newest version on both server and HTPC. Both are connected via Gbit network. On both system I have installed Shark007's codecs in newest version and set the Audio setting to HDMI (the upper of the 3 options - these are: HDMI, SPDIF, Analog). I do not use transcoding on the server to the HTPC. 1. (The new problem) The sound played from Emby is only played in stereo - no matter what the sound-track of the source is. I mostly got MKV files from which most of them are in 720p, some in 1080p - most with either DolbyDigital or DTS. This is very anoying. When I watch TV from WMC, the output is equal with the input - so TV-shows with stereo will play in stereo and stuff in DD will be played with DD. Also when I open some movies in VLC on the HTPC, the output is exactly as it should be. So what can I do to watch my movies with apropriate sound? 2. (The older problem) When I watch any movie with EMBY on the HTPC, the fast forward / rewind / skipping forward etc. is not usable. Any button-press just doesn't initate any action. I use a second display to show TV-station names etc, on this it only says "stream". In the past (with the old local version of the Media-Browser) all of this has not been a problem. It doesn't change if I use the old or the new-style player. How can I fix this? Resuming also doens't always work.. Thanks in advance and best regards, Matthias
  23. I read in the App Status thread that the Amazon platform will generate transcoding from DTS to DD. But that thread says nothing about this specific feature for the Google platform. Does this occur for Android TVs? My surround sound is part of my Blu ray player that does not natively support DTS, only DD. Occasional I've had to change my app settings to downmix to stereo even though I have 5.1 capabilities... because of DTS.
  24. pprezzla

    No Audio with DTS

    I have emby theatre installed on windows 10, HDMI > LG TV > Digital out to SONOS Playbar (with two Play 1 Surrounds) I am getting no sound through my system when the movie is DTS audio. AC3 Works fine. I am fairly sure I have tried every combination of playback setting at least twice. The strange thing is, DTS movies work if I use the Emby Windows App. Can anyone help? theater-63590139907.txt
  25. Hi, is there any chance you could add the source file codec's (H.264, DTS, MPEG4 etc) to the area where other information such as resolution is displayed? Plex does this and it's really handy to quickly identify a DVD or Blu Ray... and its reassuring. For android TV Thanks! EDIT sorry this is done with Cover Art! doh!
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