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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Emby Community, I have a problem with playing video files with digital surround sound on the emby app. My setup: Shield TV pro (8.1.1) Denon AVR-X2300W Sony TV Epson Beamer all connected with HDMI Emby Server Emby App 1.7.78g I tried with files from https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/ (City Redux (Lossless) MKV H.264 1080p Dolby TrueHD 7.1) but it's the same as with all my other movie files... The video plays but there is no digital surround sound, my AVR reports 2-channel input and you only hear sound from the 2 front speakers... playing the same file with Kodi on the Shield TV is working fine and i get TrueHD, DTS:X or whatever the video has as input on the AVR and sound is on all speakers... When playing the video, the overview on the server says it's direct playing on the Shield TV. On the nerds info while playing the video it says: Audio-Codec: TRUEHD (local downmix) I guess there is the problem, but i have no idea what causes this - and I want to repeat with Kodi i can passthrough the sound to my AVR - it seems the emby app does not recognize my Shield TV / AVR setup correctly... there is no passthrough settings anywhere in the emby app settings...i only found the audio output and that is on "automatic" I choose passthrough on all the surround formats in the Shield TVs audio settings page - working with Kodi... I sent a report from the emby app at 22:54 (german time) on the 02.03.2020 the emby user was MCWZ and i was just playing that video again - several times to get the screenshots... Edit (forgot to mention when opening the topic): cleared data... cleared cache... powercycle the Shield with AVR already on... reinstalled the app... nothing works I'm working for some weeks on this issue now and can't get it to work. I'm stuck.... please have a look at it, maybe I oversee some point... I was looking at the forums and couldn't find any other helpful topic's or other user reporting this... most other users have a not DTS capable system or the file was just not DTS-HD but they thought it would be... I appreciate your help and many thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide Racerx1977 Question offtopic: Does clearing the cache of the emby app, clear all the logs? embyserver.txt
  2. Recently I enabled Hardware acceleration under transcoding. I have a simple system and I have listed the core stuff below. This is just running server, nothing runs directly off of it over HDMI or anything else. DX11VA Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (built on, set to 1024MB in bios) Intel i7-4770s running at 3.10Ghz 16GB DDR3 Ram Windows 10 PRO Emby Server for Windows Beta The hardware transcoding was working a lot better than I anticipated. The server only has at most 5 concurrent users, so hardware acceleration would be my preferred choice. But here is the issue. I just noticed that video that is stored in a MKV container and the audio is encoded as either DTS or DTS-HD, the audio will not down convert and the movie never begins. On one client that is an Amazon firestick 4k, I made sure pass-thru was not checked since the TV does not do DTS natively. If I try the same video using a web browser, I will get no container available and nothing will play. Everything works perfectly if I software transcode and turn hardware acceleration off. So nothing is broken technically. But... Should hardware acceleration decoding DTS or DTS-HD work with that Intel Graphics chip and processor? Thank You.
  3. I have a FireTV with the Emby app as well as Kodi. When using the Emby app, files that have lossless audio streams such as Dolby HD or DTS-MA get converted to Dolby AC3. The FireTV supports multi-channel lossless streams, and it works with Kodi just fine. It's annoying that Emby transcodes to lossy, putting unnecessary strain on the server and losing quality. Is there a fix for this on the app or server?
  4. Hi everyone, As I work through my checklist of issues following my home theater refit, I'm coming up on a bit of a pickle. I've got things to the point where all non-HD audio plays fine, and is bitstreamed by the computer, and received intact by the AVR (Denon AVR-S720W). To get here I made sure bitstreaming was set properly in ET, Kodi, and MPC-HC as needed. See pictures of my configurations in this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42997-any-tips-for-getting-audio-to-play-directly-to-the-avr-with-no-processing/ I thought I had it all sorted out. But when I switched over to content with TrueHD or DTS-HD audio, my AVR either goes silent, reporting "unknown" signal input, or it sometimes drops back to PCM. In no case does it report TrueHD or DTS-HD input. I followed the chain: Verified that I ripped the HD audio track. Confirmed on my test content by things like MediaInfoGui, the reporting by MPCHC or VLC, and in some cases as well by ET. The computer (Tronsmart Ara X5 plus) includes HD audio in it's specs; no fundamental limitation there. Windows: currently set to 7.1 output. Since I'm seeing issues in all player software, I'm guess something about my windows / control panel / driver settings is at issue. But, the computer knows all about the 7.1 speaker setup I've got and can drive individual speakers in test mode. It's just passing along the HD Audio stream untouched that's the issue. The software (see pics in the thread I refered) are all configured for bitstreaming, to the best of my knowledge. But when I select the HD audio track, I get either nothing, or a PCM signal, or in some cases just a non-HD DD signal. Where do I go from here to sort this out? Thanks! Marc
  5. Hi folks, Thanks for helping with my sudden surge of questions over the last week. I'm awakening as if from a long sleep. This one takes some explanation: In spring of 2009, I cut the cord and built an HTPC. It connected to an old-school AVR via optical (TosLink) cable, with a separate HDMI cable direct to the TV for the video connection. Sure, in the time since then I've updated the video card, added an SSD for the OS, and upgraded the storage drives. Along the way I quickly ditched Vista and have been on Win 7 ever since. Media Browser 2.3 eventually evolved into Emby as we know and love it today. My content source all this time has largely been BluRays that I rip with MakeMKV. But my audio connection for lo these past 7 years has been just an optical cable. DD 5.1 and DTS. My AVR didn't support anything higher, and back in 2009 when I set everything up, "bitstreaming audio" was as much magic as science, reserved for those lofty folks who had extra time after fighting off dinosaurs and such. I never thought much of it. My HTPC went from "way of life" to "hobby" to "appliance" and needed very little attention. But I've finally invested in a late model HD-Audio-capable AVR (Denon s720W) thanks to recommendations from the forum, and I even have a new dedicated Windows 10 box (Tronsmart X5 Ara plus) on the way. To get HD Audio in this modern age with such updated equipment, do I need to do anything different than I have been doing, other than making sure to select the HD audio stream when ripping with MakeMKV? My client will likely be the standard Emby Theater application in Win 10. So, with the Win 10 box connected via HDMI to the new AVR, do I need to set anything up special to get HD Audio to work streaming with Emby server (on my old Win 7 computer) to the new TV-proximal Win 10 box with Theater? OR, does it "just work" [usually]. I remember people fussing so much, special drivers, all kinds of audio angst years ago. Is it really just plug and play now? The funny part is that I'm not sure my ears are capable of hearing the difference! :-)
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