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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there from everything was working fine till several days ago when i try to start EMBY on my LG WebOS and circle start (loading icon) and after a while ask for way of log in. I try everything but it looks that there is some problem. I think that probably it is something in my router or some firewall or antivirus but i don't know what exacly. Do you have any idea what to check in order to solve issue. Thank you very much
  2. Hello everybody! Did the design application for Web OS, please vote and write what you think. If OK, continue to do a PS4 and XBOX ONE. With colleagues think make applications. So far, there is no design of some pages. P.S. I do not speak English well =) https://www.behance.net/gallery/32725695/Emby-LG-Web-OS-DLNA-client-design
  3. Hello @@Luke, Thanks for finally bringing Emby to LG AppStore I've tried the app on my TV (LG 43UJ701V / webOS 3.5) and unfortunately I cannot play with subtitles - they just don't show up no matter what language I choose. DLNA playback is OK and shows subtitles accordingly. I am using a custom profile named "LG Smart TV 2017" that is derived from the built-in "LG Smart TV" profile. The only difference is the support for HEVC; other than that, the profile is equal. You can find it attached below. I also noted in the logs that subtitle encoding is ANSI (aka windows-1252). Is this an issue? They work OK via DLNA or XPlay (plex). I've updated Emby server the latest version, also cleaned up the log folder before reproducing the issue so that you can have a clean slate of everything that is going on the server. I attached a zip with: The server log The subtitle file The custom profile that I'm using My tv model is: LG 43UJ701V / webOS 3.5 Waiting for an update! Thanks! server-63644482863.zip
  4. Hello Guys, @@SamES I recently switch from Kodi (and previously Plex) to Emby when I bought a new LG OLED65C9 smart TV. With my old Full HD TV, I used Kodi only to watch 720p or 1080p movies. Now, As you can imagine, I tried to watch 4K movies with the new TV. Here is my config : Synology NAS DS215j connected directly to my router with RJ45 Emby Server package installed in my NAS (Version Smart TV connected with RJ45 to a 100 Mb switch wich is conneted to my router via CPL. Emby client is the Emby App available in LG WebOS. I Have no problem watching 720p or 1080p movies. Everything works perfectly. But, with each 4K movies I tried to watch, I have always the same issue : I have a black screen on my TV, and my NAS is completely frozen. I can't do anything on it. Before launching playback, NAS usage is approximatively 15% Proc, and 50 - 60% RAM. When I try to play the video, NAS usage is 30% proc and 90% RAM. I am forced to turn off my NAS directly from the physical button, and then turn on again. I know this is an old NAS, with poor capabilities, but is there any way to play 4K movies with this config ? By the way, I also tried the same movies with Plex, and have pretty much the same issue (NAS frozen), even if I have some images from time to time (2 seconds playback and then several minutes of buffering). Note : the same movie is perfectly played if plugged directly in the TV from a USB Drive. I attached my Emby Server logs in case it can help. Thanks in advance for your help. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode.txt ffmpeg-transcode_1.txt hardware-detection.txt
  5. marky9074

    FLAC 7.1 to LG WebOS?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, however having re-ripped all my media using FLAC given the lack of license with Synology (and others) for DTS, I am wondering why Emby is not handling the native 7.1 streams on 'newer' blu-rays and 4K UHD and outputting them as 5.1 to clients. Maybe this is an LG specific thing, as a quick test playing on Android phone and through the browser on my desktop (2ch) seems OK? All I get through my LG 65" OLED (2018) is a blank screen and no sound, and on the LG 32" LCD a high pitched buzz/whistle. Going back to Plex (which I am trying to get away from), they play OK on both. Presumably Emby is also using some FFmpeg library (same as Plex), so there would be no benefit in me installing the one from the SynoCommunity? Any help would be much appreciated. I don't really want to re-rip or remux my library having already done it once to FLAC.... Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi Everyone, I'am new here. Couple days ago I was looking for PLEX alternative. I found Emby. The interface is awesome. But I'm faceing with some issues. 1. I couldn't find Offical LG Smart TV app for Emby. I found and read some topics here. I downloaded Java SDK, LG SDK CLI I installed some unoffical EMBY apps to my TV. None of them works properly. I use latest version of Server. The main problem is There is no TUTORIAL or GUIDE topic for LG Smart TV. Even doesn't have Category for LG Smart TV's on main forum. I disappointed about that. I have few questions: When I can see Offical Emby App for LG Smart TV? 2. I am facing with DLNA issues on LG TV. My ports 8096 and 8920 are open from outside. LG SmartShare can recognize Emby but when I try to open thru smartshare it says your connection is not stable. But PLEX DLNA is working without any issue. Currently, I can browse my library via Safari browser and I can choose PLAY TO feature and play video on LG TV. This is weird. LG SmartShare cannot play or browse Emby but I can use play to feature and SmartShare can play video. 3. Offical iOS app keep saying server is not available or something like that. I cannot achieve to connect Emby via iOS app. I have no idea what is the problem. I hope someone can help me.
  7. Hi All Hoping for some help with this issue. I've investigated playback errors in the past, but don't seem to get anything helpful from the log this time. FreeNAS 11.2-U3 with Emby server in a jail. Created a new jail and installed Emby following official instructions for here: https://emby.media/freebsd-server.html I can browse to the webUI and play fine in Chrome browser on laptop, but LG TV throws an error on any video: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. [LG] webOS TV OLED55C8PLA - software version 04.10.31 Emby TV app is up to date I can't spot anything in the log - attached. Any help greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi! Yesterday I was checking how the new server is holding up, I discovered following bugs; 1. Changing audiotrack language from default "x" to "y" is broken. 2. Menu scrolling under eBooks tab is broken/overlaps top bar. 3. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I switch to another internal 4. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I swith to another external sub (I get overlapping subs) Clearification: When I start a movie with internal subtitles (none burned) and change to external (.srt) I get overlapping subtitles, when I set it to "OFF" the internal sub wont appear :/ Tried changing the internal subs from Eng -> Other, that wont work either, the default sub is displayed. When it comes to audio settings it wont change the languagetrack of the movie/series, ie: "Snowhite" Avaible audiotracks: English, Swedish, Norweigan, Finnish, Danish. Default track: English (none forced) If I select Swedish audiotrack nothing happends. (Still English speaking) To make it more clear: Selected audio: Swedish + Subs: Set to off/or default = Plays English Audiotracks (Direct Play) Selected audio: Swedish + Subs: Swedish = Swedish Audiotrack + subs (transcoding) When I get them to speak Swedish and I try remove the subtitle it will jump back to english...(Direct play) Any ideas ? Also discovered as I was reading the news (Books tab) when scrolling thru all my "books/magazines" its poster will overlap the top bar ! As for now Im at work and cant provide any logs or screenshots/pictures but will do as soon as I get back home! If you have any idea whats creating these annoying problems please let me know, my kids miss their swedish talking Disney movies Kind Regards / Amadeyo
  9. Hi, I'm unable to connect to my Emby server from my LG smart TV (webos 4.70.85) over https. Certificate is properly configured and signed (Let's Encrypt Authority X3). I have no issues with connecting using Emby app on Android, iOS and even casting to Chromecast (and I always connect over https). Do you have any idea how can I address this issue?
  10. Mentalblaze

    Show subtitles as default

    I have an LG with WebOs 3.7 and the Emby app. The app works pretty well now and I have only configuration issues now. Main problem is to get the Emby app to show subtitles by default. It works fine on my Xbian Kodi with the Emby app. But Here I always have to select a subtitle.
  11. brath23

    LG Webos. Unable to play HEVC file

    Hi, After playing with the DLNA profile I was able to direct play HEVC in my LG WebOS 3.0 But there is a file I'm not able to play. I checked the logs but there is nothing clear for me. 2018-03-26 09:59:38.713 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Linux/3.10.23-74.deua.5 UPnP/1.0 LGE WebOS TV LGE_DLNA_SDK/1.6.0/05.30.01 DLNADOC/1.50 2018-03-26 09:59:38.749 Error HttpClient: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <s:Envelope s:encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/" xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"><s:Body><s:Fault><faultcode>s:Client</faultcode><faultstring>UPnPError</faultstring><detail><UPnPError xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:control-1-0"><errorCode>501</errorCode><errorDescription>Action Failed</errorDescription></UPnPError></detail></s:Fault></s:Body></s:Envelope> And this is the Info of the file: I can play other files with same Video codec, Audio codec and subs server-63657654908.txt server-63657655889-debug.txt
  12. Hello there! First I would like to say thank you for making an official Emby app for WebOS devices! My problem is that the LG Smart World site says that the app is not compatible with my device. My TV model is LH630V with WebOS 3.0. I'm very eager to try and use the app for my living room TV, since I had to use Plex for the otherwise Emby exclusive household. Thanks in advance!
  13. hi! i am still having issues with LG WebOS smartv and DLNA. It used to work ok, but now if i choose a movie from my colection and select the function "play to LG] webOS TV" nothing happens! But if i enter through the "SmartShare app" on the tv I can choose the emby server and watch the movie without any problem. Any idea with this issue? Thanks in advance! server-63601602365.txt
  14. Hi, Need your assistance to look thru the following transcoding logs. The first file is a MKV file and i have no idea why it is transcoding , i have also attached my tv dlna profile for reference in case it's due to some error in the profile The second file i was having issues with is a HEVC X265 file and has anyone got any idea on how i can include HEVC x265 support into the DLNA profile. I have been getting errors when i try to edit the profile and include hevc x265. The LG TV i have definitely supports hevc x265 playback. Thank you and a Happy New Year to everyone. LG Smart+ TV.xml
  15. Hi, I have LG TV LB700 with fully working dlna and streaming. Sometimes some files are streamed and some transcoded. I know why are they transcoded, because TV does not support that codec, but on this examples is codec same, and some files are streamed and some transcoded. this example is from TV Show Cosmos. Episode 101 is streamed with preferred language CZE (which is ok) Episode 102 is streamed with language ENG even if CZE audio track is default and forced Episode 103 is streamed with language ENG even if CZE audio track is default and forced Episode 104 is transcoded with language CZE even if codec is same as in previous episodes. can someone explain me what is wrong, and how to force CZE language to stream/transocode ? Attaching mkvinfo and nfo files in zip archive. straming-transcoding.zip Thank You
  16. coudy

    DLNA disappearing

    Hi, last few weeks I'm experimenting with Emby. I have with your help successfully connected my LG WebOS TV with Emby. I can play movies with subtiles. But I have one specific problem. After some time two events happened. Sometimes Emby crash, I posted logs, and created issue on GitHub (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser/issues/1093), but so far no one answered. And In other case, Emby server is still running, but DLNA function "stop transmitting". Emby disappear from TV. I have checked it with Kodi too. Emby is not visible on my LAN. As I wrote before, Emby process is still runnig. Because you need logs, I'm running Emby with this command on Debian Jessie: sudo -u mediabrowser mono --trace=N:MediaBrowser --debug MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/mediabrowser | tee -a /tmp/mediabrowser-$(date +%F-%H%M%S).txt Here are my logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e3qu39knjaw1dyk/AACL3ZP2CHvtQo3hswgMFYAja?dl=0 and these are few last lines from logs: [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: The descriptor is not a socket [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. [0x7f3099c7b700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.ObjectDisposedException: The object was used after being disposed. Can someone help me to fix this issue ? Thank You
  17. I've noticed that some of my movie folders are overlayed with movie posters while others are not. I haven't managed to figure out how those overlays work. Can anybody tell how to display movie posters on LG Smartshare TVs? In Windows Media Center all movies have posters.
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