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  1. charmaex

    DSM 6.0; Emby > 3.0.5607.2; DS415+

    Hi, today I got a message to update my Emby server but after the update it didn't work anymore. Emby didn't start anymore (no logs either). I reinstalled Emby with this file emby_avoton-5.1_3.0.5607.2. This way the server is starting and working but it shows me that I need to update to 5931. Afterwards I updated to the newest version (5984) but it didn't work (as before). Then I installed 5972, the previous official release, but it didn't work either. Even installing 5931, the newest version my server was showing didn't work for me. I tried every step multiple times but no success... To update I used http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/34516-updating-emby-on-dsm6-systems/. Unluckily I don't remember the previous version I had installed but I updated in April or May this year.
  2. BritOnion

    Update Help

    So, I'm pretty new to using emby, the dashboard says that I need to update the server manually, and the mobile app (on windows phone, android and iOS) is telling me to update. This may sound stupid, but I have no idea how to update the server, and I really don't want to have to fix my metadata again (I spent a full day fixing the metadata on Adventure Time). I'm using a Mac Mini, running Yosemite, can someone tell me how to update the server without screwing things up? Thanks
  3. michalfira

    LG TV problem

    Hi I've updated EMBY server recently and have no access to movies files from LG TV. I mean I can watch movies from two folders, but when I want to watch the movies from different folders - I get an information: Unstable Connection. Strange, but other from other folder don't have such information I restarted EMBY, synchronized all library - no change. Is it something with new EMBY version? I can add thta there's no problem with those folders when watching movies with web browser. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I use flexget to download my media! I would like to force Emby to update the library every time that flexget add's a new file! Is this possible? Who can I do this? I searched for API library update but could't find any info, Thank you all
  5. G'day Guys, I was having some trouble re-installing Emby on my QNAP TS-453 Pro, managed to solve it after some mucking around and thought I'd let others know a work around if they get the same problem, as I didn't see much on the topic. I've had Emby running on the QNAP for a few months now (been trying to get my head around both Emby and Plex - Plex seems to be more trouble than it's worth on the backend). Haven't really had much difficulty with Emby - it's worked pretty well from day dot. The headache all started when I renamed some folders on the server and wanted to point Emby to them. Emby just won't delete the category (I had a Movies, Music, Music Videos, TV category etc). I wanted to delete the TV category. It's got a button to do it, but every time you press it, it still won't delete the category or any directories associated with it even though it said it has. So my solution was to uninstall emby, throw the latest emby on and everything should be sweet. Not the case. (And this is most likely a problem with QNAP). As my internet is bandwidth limited (end of the month), QNAP App Center refuses to load any mention of installed apps. Just times out with a limited connection. Will not show the All Apps links. So downloading Emby through QNAP App center was a no go. Downloaded the latest emby http://www.positiv-it.fr/QNAP/APP/Emby_3.0.5971.0_x86.qpkg.zip, installed and launched Emby only to get No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it <local address>:<port>" Tried uninstalling Emby and reinstalling. Still same error. Tried rebooting in between. Same error. After reading a few posts on the web, it seems QMono's the culprit. I uninstalled it, rebooted QNAP, installed the latest QMono ( (I'm sure this is the version that was there before as well). Rebooted. Downloaded Emby through App Centre (3.0.5930.0) and Emby's now ready for setup again. Bit of a long way around and maybe not the most glamorous way to get it working but it is working again. Hope this helps Pete
  6. First of all, I'd like to say thanks for the work being done on Emby Theater. It had been the main reason I held off for so long before making the switch to Emby. Now my question.... is there an update log or changes list somewhere that I'm not aware of for all these new updates to Emby Theater? If not, is there plans to in the near future? It's not a huge problem, it just would be nice to know what's happening with each update. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, The new theater refuses to open when my pc is offline. I simply get a big black screen. Looking at the logs it seems to be task connecting to github for updates and failing - which is halting the entire startup process? I tried messing around in the config files, turning some autoupdate directive to false. This did not help. But it also appears that the new theater doesn't clean up the remnants of the old theater very well, so maybe those configs are unused? Either way, log file is attached. I can confirm that theater opens without complications or hiccups when online. I have another folder "C:\Users\Tarn\AppData\Roaming\Emby Theater". Is this a remnant from the old theater? Can it be cleaned up? TIA Tarn theater-63593573973.txt
  8. I have been trying to figure this out for a while and it's driving me mad, and my wife. If this topic has already been answered, please point me to the post. I use EPG Collector to scrape for epg data and this gets inserted into the WMC guide each day on a windows schedule, and this has been working for years. Until recently I was using ServerWMC to get Live TV in Emby, but due to very erratic recording of live TV, I now have switched to NextPVR. So far NO recordings have failed but I am still having to manually run the guide update from the NextPVR ui. NextPVR/Settings/Channels/Update EPG Once this has been done, Emby updates the guide on schedule. I have set up a Windows Schedule to run EPGCollector and create an XMLTV file - TVGuide.xml This runs twice a day to keep the EPG updated. So my question is - how do I get NextPVR to update the Guide automatically from the TVGuide.xml file? I have spent some time on the NextPVR site reading the Wiki but still can't figure it out. I probably need to create a .bat file, but I'm a bit of a novice at this. Sorry for the long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hii all Because the update process for the emby server (while it's running as a service) can be a bit annoying, so i made an application with a python script. It works no matter where it's located. You just have to unzip the *.zip file in the attachement. After that, in the unzipped folder run the "emby_update_v2.exe" as administrator. The application can be used with diffrent commandline arguments: /beta - Start normal with updating beta server, while its running as a service /dev - Start normal with updating dev server, while its running as a service /download - Start with downloading the regular version first /beta_download - Start with downloading the beta version first /dev_download - Start with downloading the dev version first /taskkill - Start with killing the process instead of stopping the service /debug - Start into the Debug Mode for debugging the functions. >> without an argument - start normal with updating the regular server, while its running as a service PLEASE NOTE: - The application normaly starts with the ability to stop the service at very first - If you know the service IS NOT running, start the application with one of the three 'download' arguments - If you have the Beta server service running, simply add the /beta argument in the commandline - If you have the Dev server service running, simply add the /dev argument in the commandline - If you have any kind of trouble, start the application with the /debug argument to try and/or debug functions Updater.zip
  10. Trevor68

    Check for Updates fails

    I noticed I am a server version behind so went to update. Unfortunately both application and plugin checks are failing instantly. The PC has normal internet connectivity so unsure whats happening. server-63586011601.txt server-63586079999.txt server-63586098001.txt server-63586108962.txt
  11. dguilmore

    Unable to connect to server

    I have both Media Browser channels in the Roku Channel Store and another older one I got 2 years ago from private channels. My server always connected to all of them before the server updates last week. Channels are version 1.78, 1.84 & the official ch. I cant get Media Browser to connect to my server since last update. I became a supporter and it links my account, but says unable to connect to server on my Roku. Wont play in Netgear anymore either. That one says Media Browser (Offline). Still plays in my browser. Please help. Would it still play in browser if I pasted the activation key wrong? Also my Roku doesn't show up in the selected play to devise area.
  12. When I try to update from Version 3.0.5781.1 to Version 3.0.5781.2 it gives me the error installation failed. Attached is the log if anyone has any ideas. 11-16-15 Log.txt
  13. The trouble I am having is with MB Server, currently on Version 3.0.5070.20258 (but this has happened on at least the last 5 updates of the server and It just happened this morning while updating from 3.0.4936.24198) When I "restart the server to apply the update" from the web interface it hangs the webpage and when I reload it throws the "cannot find page error" I am doing this from my laptop via firefox, but the same thing occurs when going to the configuration page and restarting from the configure mediabrowser server link... I then go into the actual profile that runs the server and I see the following errors: -These Happen before I get to the server to manually restart and clear popups- "Unhandled Exception: Only One Usage of Socket Address (protocal/network address/port) is normally permitted" -This comes up in 4 separate boxes at each update and restart "Error Attempting to Update Application FileNotFoundException could not find file: 'C:\Users\MediaCenter\AppData\Roaming\Mediabrowser-Server\system\ionic.zip.dll' Then I clear those boxes, the splash creen comes up then disappears, and throws the following popup box "There was an error launching Media Browser:Could not load type 'MediaBrowser.Controller.Drawing.IImageProcessor' from assembly 'MediaBrowser.Controller, Version=3.0.4936.24198, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'." at the same time it throws the popup: "Unhandled exception:The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it." -After this I hit ok, then it appears as though MB3 Server closes as the process is gone and the try icon disappears, -I start the server from the start menu and it loads without an issue... Link to related server logs : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3k1jhuukh71yd0f/A2SwwFDqer Images of error popups attached. Other info that might be relevant: 4th Gen i7 4770k AsRock z87Fatal1ty Professional Mobo 32GB Ram (Corsair VLP) EVGA GeForce GTX 760-Ti SSC Edition Samsung SSD (OS Drive) 4 WD Red 3TB Storage Drives) I also Run Plex (to serve Roku Media until the Roku Channel is a bit more stable) Serviio as well to hit a couple blu-ray players... I use Media Center Master to parse my metadata
  14. muffassa

    asustor nas update question

    hi i am using emby sever on my asustor nas 302t model currently running Version 3.0.5724.4. the latest version being Version 3.0.5724.6 is now available for download. i check on the asustor app store cannot find the update. the instruction to update on emby website is very limited can you please advice how can get the latest release. if you can upload the files to manually update like plex does that way i can get the latest version for my nas. ps. the work that emby is doing looks promising keep it up (bug fixes which are too many needs to be solved sooner or else you will loose subscribers)
  15. stavroz

    server update not working

    This has been happenning for a few months now. i update to the latest version of Emby for windows server, but after rebooting, the server seems to revert back to the old version again. Im stuck on Version 3.0.5490.2 Has anyone got any ideas to why thi is happening?
  16. tired dad

    No update for plugin?

    Hello, I was away for a few weeks and haven't had time to look at Kodi, but now that I have, I see my version is 1.1.13 while I see forum posts for at least up to 1.1.38. I have auto-update on, and I see Kodi checking, but nothing is downloaded, or installed, or changed. Has anyone else had this issue?
  17. @@ebr @@Luke Today when I updated the Server to the above version, all my Collections started to look like the attached Screenshot on all of my HTML based Clients (Android, WebClient on Chrome, Firefox). Before, the Covers were fitting in the designated field. On Samsung TV, everything looks as it needs to be. Curiously, this occured just on the first collection page (1-100), when I switched to page 2 (101-X), the covers are normal... Now to the funny thing: When I change the order from ascending to descending, the different covers on Page 2 are also not cropped even they were cropped on Page 1 before changing the order. When changing to sorting by added Date, suddenly all Covers are well sized on Page 1 and cropped on Page 2, so the behaviour is the other way around than described above. The oversizing occurs on all types of Coverart Options (Stacked, SideCase, ClearCase etc...), even they look fine in Metadata Manager. Refreshing does not help. Activate of keeping original aspect ratio does totally screw up the sizes. It seems that Covers from Fanart.tv (1000x1426) are treated right after changing it to the preferred Picture Downloader. But themoviedb Posters (1000x1500) or greater resolutions are sized to big. When manually upload 1000x1426 resized pic to Metadata Manager, it's also not working. Something is really wrong (at least just on my machine?) with the first page of collections in realtions to the different calls for sorting.
  18. Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible but I think it worth bringing up the idea. Every time that we made a change on the Emby addon settings (server address, use of local paths) that involves a path change for media in Kodi internal DBs, a DB reset/resync is required. How complex or even possible is to instead of doing that, the addon will just change the paths on Kodi DB by executing a SQL query against them as is documented on Kodi wiki site for a library path change? This will require sqlite3 binary on Kodi, that I'm not sure is always there (like in OpenELEC or other Kodi distros). I did this in the path and to be honest it worked like a charm everytime. The advantage I see is that we will save the time it takes for a full resync on huge libraries with low end devices like RPi. Another benefit is that it will reduce the load on the server since it would not be needed at all. Just my two cents. Thanks.
  19. After updating from Media Browser to Emby, Live TV playback on chromecast no longer works. When clicking the play button (from either the browser or the android app), nothing happens. Note: Chromcast playback of every other media item work fine and Live TV works fine on both web and android clients. I'm currently using the tvheadend plugin but have also tested this with the embytv plugin. Both plugins do not allow playing on the chromecast. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
  20. Virus

    Download vom Server

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe heute versucht vom Emby-Server Musik zuladen aber komischerweise finde ich den Download Knopf nicht mehr ? Jetzt frage ich mich gab es überhaupt einen XD ! Mir war auf jeden fall so. Auch ist mir seit heute aufgefallen das einen neuen Bereich gibt wo man die Cores einstellen kann... Gab es ein Update worüber der Server mich nicht Informiert hat ?
  21. tired dad

    Library does not update

    Hello, I am experiencing the issue of no updates happening between Kodi and Emby. The server works fine and I can see the updates in the web and WMC clients, but not Kodi. Is anyone else experiencing this? I don't want to have to do a full sync each time in order to see what's new. Am I supposed to turn on the Kodi "update library" option? I thought Emby took care of that.
  22. yardameus

    Emby bands won't update or reinstall

    @@hamstercat Just noticed yesterday after updating the server to Version 3.0.5666.8 that emby bands was trying to update to and it keeps saying to update to that version. After restart I'm still on 1.0 and it says it needs to update and restart. server-63572295707.txt
  23. gillmacca

    Dev server not updating

    With the last couple of dev updates, my server software isn't updating, it just loads the last version installed. The only way I can get it to update to the latest version, is by installing the beta over the top
  24. manf0001

    Updating Emby in CentOS

    Hello I'm running CentOS 7.1.1503 and Emby Server 3.0.5588.1 I'm trying to update to the latest of 3.0.56072 but when I run the commands indicated on the downloads section.. Like I have for previous updates.. it tells me. "Package MediaBrowserServer-3.0.5588.1-Stable.66.1.noarch already installed and latest version Nothing to do" Also when I do run the command yum update MediaBrowserServer-repositories I get an output saying No Packages marked for update. So how can I update my server? Thanks
  25. Hi, I'm currently using Emby 3.0.5582.4 running on Windows 8.1. I guess there is a problem with reading information from nfo file in metadata manager. - plot is read from nfo and stored in metadata Manager - that's fine - tag <type> ("Treat Image as:") is ignored, but written when I save it via metadata manager. After scann of library all cover arts are showing h264 instead of DVD / BD. This worked in a version before 3.0.5571. Below you find an example of nfo file. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <movie> <plot>Amerikas stärkste Geheimwaffe gegen das Verbrechen ist wieder im Einsatz: Sensationelle Actionszenen und unschlagbarer Humor – Vollgas mit Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu und dem “gefallenen Engel” Demi Moore – wieder unter der Regie von McG! Ob als Bullen reitende Cowgirls, Motocross-Rennfahrerinnen oder ultra-sexy Showtänzerinnen – die Martial Arts-erprobten Verwandlungskünstlerinnen begeben sich auf Charlies Anweisung hin in höchst brenzlige Situationen. Diesmal macht sich das Team auf die Suche nach zwei gestohlenen Titan-Ringen, die verschlüsselte Informationen über die Identitäten sämtlicher Personen des Zeugenschutzprogramms der U.S.- Regierung tragen. Als die ersten Zeugen tot aufgefunden werden, kann nur das todesmutige Power-Trio den Täter aufhalten. Doch dann holt sie ein Stück dunkelster Vergangenheit ein.</plot> <outline/> <customrating/> <lockdata>false</lockdata> <type>DVD</type> <dateadded>2011-09-22 13:02:07</dateadded> <title>3 Engel für Charlie - Volle Power</title> <originaltitle>Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle</originaltitle> <director>McG</director> <trailer>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDbguY8lE-0</trailer> <rating>4.8</rating> <year>2003</year> <sorttitle>3 engel für charlie - volle power</sorttitle> <mpaa>DE-16</mpaa> <aspectratio>2.355:1</aspectratio> <website></website> <rottentomatoesid/> <collectionnumber>86029</collectionnumber> <imdbid>tt0305357</imdbid> <tmdbid>9471</tmdbid> <premiered>2003-06-27</premiered> <releasedate>2003-06-27</releasedate> <criticrating/> <criticratingsummary>Eye candy for those who don't require a movie to have a plot or for it to make sense.</criticratingsummary> <votes>93201</votes> <budget>120000000</budget> <revenue>259175788</revenue> <metascore>48</metascore> <runtime>94</runtime> <country>US</country> <genre>Action</genre> <genre>Abenteuer</genre> <genre>Komödie</genre> <genre>Krimi</genre> <studio>Columbia Pictures Corporation</studio> <studio>Flower Films (II)</studio> <studio>Tall Trees Productions</studio> <studio>Wonderland Sound and Vision</studio> <tag>secret identity</tag> <tag>raub</tag> <tag>secret agent</tag> <plotkeyword>secret identity</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>raub</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>secret agent</plotkeyword> <awardsummary>8 wins & 14 nominations.</awardsummary> <art> <poster>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\folder.jpg</poster> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop1.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop2.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop3.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop4.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop5.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop6.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop7.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop8.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop9.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop10.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\fanart.jpg</fanart> </art> <isuserfavorite>false</isuserfavorite> <userrating/> <playcount>1</playcount> <watched>true</watched> <lastplayed/> <resume> <position>0</position> <total>5665.003</total> </resume> <tagline/> <actor> <name>Cameron Diaz</name> <role>Natalie Cook</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/ahFkUN9Sm8oF1txUHE5JcJ95Ere.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Drew Barrymore</name> <role>Dylan Sanders</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/y8GKPHsBXVGIGBdDzdNxjm0IbKF.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Lucy Liu</name> <role>Alex Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/cOSycUPBNi49YcPHo4Rf7ROHqCC.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bernie Mac</name> <role>Jimmy Bosley</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3qIk1hVV82kcZSEffbuUHpMQBCq.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Robert Patrick</name> <role>Ray Carter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/dpUIbzLpExv69faSRyww8A4ydxf.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Demi Moore</name> <role>Madison Lee</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/eLNoOYnxvhpV0BMSkNNnyyo5In7.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>John Cleese</name> <role>Mr. Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/iGFWzoHz4ruCSfeEY54CRdMnFJ8.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Matt LeBlanc</name> <role>Jason</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/35sPf8IBVl54vdmc9Tyv17otMnk.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Luke Wilson</name> <role>Pete</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/n7CRA7h1z3FVOzBJ5EjfSrPQbvl.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Shia LaBeouf</name> <role>Max</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/anP0tygzniIok6L3OxcSZ9TYCF3.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bruce Willis</name> <role>William Rose Bailey</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/kI1OluWhLJk3pnR19VjOfABpnTY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Ashley Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/gIZBBtO7IGV1wxgFNCzuo7ZakwO.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Mary-Kate Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/fxTJRxHrNyZVrWZWQZOTXJnGwDY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Pink</name> <role>Coal Bowl Starter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/A4tOzacgaBltm522XYxLodG3ImX.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Crispin Glover</name> <role>Thin Man</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/thA5rOv5XE1oFpxD9DSp0tDrIIR.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Justin Theroux</name> <role>Seamus O'Grady</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3Ed13zSHQlJW1sMGugtOZW1My74.jpg</thumb> </actor> <id>tt0305357</id> <set>3 Engel für Charlie Filmreihe</set> <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <video> <codec>h264</codec> <micodec>h264</micodec> <bitrate>2261005</bitrate> <width>720</width> <height>432</height> <aspect>2.35:1</aspect> <aspectratio>2.35:1</aspectratio> <framerate>25</framerate> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>true</default> <forced>false</forced> <duration>94</duration> <durationinseconds>5665</durationinseconds> <format3d/> </video> <audio> <codec>ac3</codec> <micodec>ac3</micodec> <bitrate>448000</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>6</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>true</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <audio> <codec>aac</codec> <micodec>aac</micodec> <bitrate>159990</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>2</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>false</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <subtitle> <codec>mov_text</codec> <micodec>mov_text</micodec> <bitrate/> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>false</default> <forced>false</forced> </subtitle> </streamdetails> </fileinfo> <thumb/> </movie>
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