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Found 10 results

  1. solabc16

    XPEnology Users Read Me

    Hello and Welcome First, let me make the most important point, Emby Server is fully supported on XPEnology systems running DSM 5.2-5967 or later. If you're running an earlier version, check out the XPEnology forums for advice on how to update. We've had many XPEnology users update without issue and there are members of the community here who will also help, just ask. To reiterate what is detailed under Step #1 on the Synology setup page (https://emby.media/nas-server.html), please make sure you use this URL as your package source in Package Center:- https://synology.emby.medi
  2. FaNaTiK

    XPEnology error

    Hello. Please help. My page with Emby server does not open I have XPENOLOGY DSM 6.2-23739 on INTEL ATOM D525. It is displayed as INTEL Xeon D-1527 in DSM. I installed Emby server, using https://synology.emby.media/?package_repository=360efc6e-de72-4073-b603-2bfbd7001586 repo link. When I start the server, the page opens in the browser, but it gives an error that it is not available. And yet, after installation, the server does not start on its own, I start it, after that an icon appears in the mai
  3. lesensei

    Unable to stream some movies

    Hello, I've been happily using Emby (with Premiere) on a XPenology NAS for a few years now, and recently seem to have hit a bug. When I try to play some movies of my collection, I hit the "Aucun flux compatible n'est actuellement disponible." (please pardon my french setup, this would be "No available stream" or something like that in english). I looked at the attached logs, tried to launch the "actual command" and sure enough, got the same error before ffmpeg quits: Stream specifier ':3' in filtergraph description [0:3]scale@f1=width=720:height=-2:force_original_aspect_ratio=decreas
  4. Hello All If you've been following the XPEnology support threads closely, you'll know that we work hard to make sure you get a great experience with Emby Server on this platform. You're also likely aware there are a number of loaders available now, when we started there was only one and that was based on DSM 5.2. Please can you drop us a line here and let us know what loaders you are currently running with, so we can look at how best to develop and optimise the Emby Server package going forward. Best - James
  5. Folks, I wanted to verify Emby Server (Haswell build) was running properly on my XPEnology rig, so I ran the diagnostic steps posted HERE and it discovered a few issues. See here for the diagnostic logs: sendlogs_TinyPC_synology_apollolake_918+_20190325T013306UTC.tgz In an attempt to fix the issue, I installed ImageMagick courtesy of SynoCommunity, then I restarted DSM and reran the diagnostics, but unfortunately no change. So, any advice you can provide on the reported issues and how to resolve them, would be greatly appreciated. --Cheers! MardukNT
  6. I'm looking for some under the hood info - from advanced users that have built a multi-client environment. My existing system is pretty basic, as I like to keep things simple, and in the event of a problem I don't have to muck through a maze of "how did I do this again?" I have a Synology NAS - that provides all the storage for my media files. Using all the built-in 'add video' sources within Kodi - linked to my NAS. I've also enabled a MariaDB10 app, on the NAS to support the MySql feature within Kodi - so all my clients (multiple FireTV & PCs (Windows,MAC)) sync to the same dB.
  7. Hello All Starting with stable release, we now default to Skia for image processing on Intel/AMD based Synology/XPEnology installations. This will see the performance of Emby Server's native image processing, along with that provided by the CoverArt plugin, significantly improved. Support for other models will be coming over the next couple of weeks, I'll post details here when the releases become available. For reference, here's a snapshot from testing on an Intel Atom based system:- Any questions, issues or comments please post them here... Best - James
  8. chattojimnow

    Next Synology Update

    Hi @solabc16 When will the next update for emby be as the Version is giving me nothing but issues Dropping out is the major issue. Becomes hidden from my network and to get it working I have to stop and start the server in synology. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. chattojimnow

    DS3615xs No icons

    Hi, has anyone else had the same issues as me with the icons on the admin menu since the 3.2 updates also the resume or start again option is gone it only resumes the media
  10. Hi, some time ago I rescheduled all my scheduled tasks to run at certain times in the night. This was with 3.0.85. After having upgraded to 3.1.2 it seems that the times which I set are now gone and are reset to the default. This seems to be me like a bug - what do you think? I am using the official xpenology build repository. Thanks in advance!
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