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  1. hello, everyone: When I upgraded my dsm7.0 without watching the tutorial, my emby couldn't work anymore. I deleted my username and shared folder, reinstall the emby (dsm7 version) and then I lost all my libraries. yes, I made a huge mistake. Set it go, Forget it. So I bulid a new libaray and regroup data. But at this time I have encountered a new problem. I cannot copy external plugin into plugins folder. I login with ssh and cannot copy into /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer/plugins. It shows that I cannot get permission. now, I don’t know what can I do. So I have th
  2. BlurN will retrieve newly released movies on Blu-Ray and add notifications plus a channel listing when a movie matches a number of filters (for now age of movie in days, minimum IMDB rating, minimum number of IMDB votes and genres). This plugin may be installed from the official Emby Plugin Catalogue. Comments? Known issues Play icon shows on Emby clients despite no video being available. Will be fixed by the Emby team. More info... Source code It's available on GitHub. Note This plugin is anonymously tracking its usage purely for statistical purposes. Changelog — Compa
  3. Hey dear friends, How is it possible to add a new subtitles site which will be available for Hebrew subs? The site is: https://wizdom.xyz/ hope you can help me with that! Thanks in advance! Idan
  4. procyon

    Question about my custom css

    I just installed (re-installed) Emby. I wanted to get a premier membership and install some plugins, however, and maybe I am just really dense, but I can't seem to find the plugin catalog from which to install. I can see "my plugins," (already installed from before) but the tab for fetching new ones is gone???. What am I doing wrong? I am running the stable release on Archlinux.
  5. SuperNic

    Trakt sync and other update issues

    Dear tech, since the update to the new version (DSM 6.2.3-25426 and DS1019+), I'm having the following issues: Sync library to trakt.tv failed Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal (MediaBrowser.Common.Net.HttpRequestOptions options, System.String httpMethod) [0x00353] in <4b2b35e458474e708c04b3533f59ad82>:0 at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager.SendAsync (MediaBrowser.Common.Net.HttpRequestOptions options, System.Str
  6. Im not sure if im asking the right way but hope you all understand and can tell me if this is possible. I want to know if there is a way or plugin that based of what I watch and other users make recommendations like a trending list or something to that and can be on the home page???
  7. zeus iot

    Can I have

    Hello everyone, everything good. Can I have a plugins from the company that work on the emby server. Because I want to use the emby for the store's cameras. How do I have a cloud target plugins from the company registered on the emby. Att: Cristian Florencio. @@cayars
  8. sunnyc90

    Question about firewall

    Ever since Update, I cannot identify any of my movies, search for plugins, or have the server automatically download Metadata. Server is having issues fetching plugin updates. I've tried to do some things myself such and reinstall Emby Server, remove OMDb and left TMDb. Searching in IMDB in Identify and get no results. Log file attached. Please Help.
  9. Scott_j_g

    Cloud sync gdrive. No "sync" option

    Morning all I have just started with Emby after using Plex for several years. I am loving it so far however I am having an issue with Cloud Sync to G-Drive. I have installed the Cloud Sync plugin successfully but I have no option to Sync any where in any of the menus. Anyone come across this before or have any idea what the issue might be? I have been over the plugin settings and everything looks fine there. I cant see pointers in the logs. I am running Emby in Docker on Fedora 30 server. Docker version 1.13.1, build 47e2230/1.13.1 Emby Version Thanks Scott
  10. meatball

    3rd party plugins for Emby server

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Emby and was curious - do people or 3rd parties develop/host plugins or apps for emby or is it just what's hosted on the catalog on the server? There's no wrong answer and I'm not being rhetorical; I'm honestly asking. For example sites that host movie or tv metadata and have an open API, can someone theoretically develop a server plugin for that and say host it on Github? Was just curious, it's not a complaint. Thanks
  11. hi my server in windows can't update plugins! it shows me emby updates without any problems. I have to update DLNA plugin from 1.0.31 to 1.0.33 manually. connected with a vpn, but problem is still alive! restarted emby and PC but doesn't work logs.zip
  12. Hello @@chef, I am loving the Vera Zwave Controller plugin, but it will not keep the configuration for more than 1 device. Is this by design? When I add a config for a second device and leave the Settings and then come back, only the most recent device is shown and automation for the previous device no longer works. I have both the Emby app and Kodi on my NVIDIA Shield TV and need automation for both devices since it is use in the theater room where Kodi with CinemaVision is used for movie nights and Emby is used for Live TV and casual viewing. Thanks for your help!
  13. Carahogan1994

    Plugins/Web apps

    Hi does anyone here make the plugins if so could you please make itv hub /bbc I player /uktv player/YouTube even if its just a Web app that can be used in the normal app on android etc or failing them. launchers for the various apps I'm happy to pay someone something if they can do it for me please no hate this is my fist post and just trying to make emby my primary /only viewing source
  14. jjhtpc

    Intros per folder

    I have created a decent number of custom Intros some of these are somewhat folder specific (kids movies) and it would be great if you could assign Intros based on folder. Essentially if f:/kids movies play an intro from f:/kids intros
  15. Hi, I can seem to get Anime description to show in English. Normal Movies and TV series are fine so i think it's the plugin. Emby: Version Anime plugin: Version Could some one give me some advise?
  16. I'm experiencing an issue where the dashboard isn't showing me plugin updates notifications. No failed attempts or any notifications what so ever about plugins. I was on v3 which also had this issue. I've just performed the emby server 4 update and I've noticed that this issue has lingered since the previous version. Updates can be achieved when navigating to plugins, and selecting catalog, selecting an installed plugin. It reports the current version and shows a newer version is able to be installed. Performing this updates the plugin fine although it isn't the greatest. Please see sc
  17. thegaineys

    Adding a plugin

    So I am new to Emby and was using Plex. Plex offers channels like primewire or bittorrent to watch movies and tv shows. I noticed that there is a link for Emby for plugins. When i download and go to unzip the file, where do I store the unzipped file at? I would like to learn more about this media player and join, but would like to see what else there is to offer. I have already ordered the HDHomerun and will set that up for live tv and recordings, but with an OTA we don't really get a lot of channels (18 total). Thanks for the help and apologies if this is somewhere in the forum, just couldn'
  18. Hello and greetings, I found this tool and I liked it, many congratulations to the developers of it, but I read several things on the wiki, specifically to install the plugins that are on github and it is necessary to install a programming tool to be able to compile them and then install. Can someone tell me if there is another easier way to do this, how can I install those plugins? copying the folder or something ?? .. thanks for the reply ...
  19. Hi, I am trying to add some sample sources to test the IPTV plugin but it does not load any of them. It shows loading or black screen and fater that I cant even go back I have to close the tab and repoen Emby web. Example links: rtsp://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7h800.mp4 http://sample.vodobox.net/skate_phantom_flex_4k/skate_phantom_flex_4k.m3u8 Testing in other applications work also HTTP stream work directly inside a browser. In the logs for m3u8 I see Error 500. Any guidance? embyserver.txt
  20. hi2hello

    PlugIns cannot be updated / installed

    Hi, I m running Emby Server on unRaid with the official Docker Container in the latest version (at least what I ve been showing in the latest stable branch) Since the latest update, the Server can no longer update PlugIns and I get the following Error message: Check for plugin updates failed. The type initializer for 'System.Net.Http.CurlHandler' threw an exception. I also tried to reinstall plugins but Emby cant even get a connection to the plug-ins catalog any longer so I cant reinstall plugins that I deleted for testing purposes on that issue. Any Suggestions on that
  21. mpearon

    Trakt Plugin: Unauthorized

    Hello everyone, I've seen some rumblings on the forums regarding errors when syncing with Trakt. Some are saying it is resolved and some aren't. My situation is that the Sync library to trakt.tv is failing with an Unauthorized return. Import playstates from Trakt.tv appears to be working as expected. Here is what I have done: Uninstalled / Reinstalled Plugin Uninstalled Plugin, then removed Trakt.xml Uninstalled Plugin, removed Trakt.xml, revoked token with Trakt, reinstalled plugin, re-authorized with Trakt. Created entirely new instance of Emby on secondary hardware (differen
  22. 390x99xdsa

    Tunein plugin doesn't play

    Hi, Sorry if this is not the right place. Installed tunein, but it won't play. It says "Playback Error", "No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." How ever if I take the URLS that are in the log with the GETs and and copy/paste them into the URL bar of a new Firefox tab, I get prompted to open with an app, which if I pick "VLC" the audio plays. Thanks -------- Log entries ------------------------ 2018-04-12 08:16:06.136 Info HttpResultFactory: Transmit file W:\emby.windows\metadata\chann
  23. Just started to use the trailers plugin on Emby server On my iPad (IOS11.0.3) trailers are working as it should, but on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11.1), trailers are not working and displays the following message: - "An error occurred loading this content." Does the server or app, needs an update, for the new profile of the Apple TV 4K with tvOS11.1 ? And is this problem somehow related to: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/52480-live-tv-not-working-apple-tv-4k-dvblink-plugin/ Attached 2 logs where my last actions on the Apple TV 4K were: - Pla
  24. Does the TV Theme plugin work with the Emby app on Fire TV? and if yes, how do you get it working?
  25. Hi I am running the latest version of Emby Server and for some reason some plugins are not showing in the catalogue. The one most obvious plugin that I want to download and use is the rotten tomatoes plugin. I am pretty sure there was a checkbox for adult content and that seems to have disappeared as well. I am an emby premiere member. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Cheers
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