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  1. Server Version 3.0.5490.2 The official playon clients for android and roku show me information for all the content found in playon's channels. By using this premium plugin for MB Server I would hope that this information would be present in MB as well but unfortunately is not which makes it very difficult to track down exactly what your after. Hoping the metadata or info can be displayed by this plugin and MB server cause an episode number and screenshot is not much help when your looking at massive amounts of content.
  2. I'm hoping you can help me resolve this issue. I am running the latest dev version of the server. MBS has downloaded metadata for all my episodes except one, and when I try to select the file in the web client, I get a constant spinning circle that never goes away https://www.dropbox.com/s/mn12s0fb8qbpmvo/Screenshot%202015-01-27%2021.52.02.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqumdizsinyi36v/Screenshot%202015-01-28%2012.39.13.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbkegb3q89f80a7/Screenshot%202015-01-27%2021.56.49.png?dl=0 1st screenshot is what I get when I try to access the file, 2nd screenshot is what I get if I leave that page and try to re-enter it (tried accessing it several times), and 3rd screenshot is what I get if I try to access the season folder (after accessing the episode. If I access the season first, it loads fine). I I close my browser and reload the web client, then it goes back to screenshot 1 again The video file plays fine in the web client Server Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pg6pzbh3ark3ux/server-63558041419.txt?dl=0
  3. gillmacca

    Error message saving metadata

    I have been having problems with the web client showing properly in Firefox, so though I would give Chrome a go, Everything seems fine until until I go into Metadata Manager, and try to save some changes. I am getting the following lines in the server log: Application Path: C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Unable to cast object of type 'System.Security.Policy.Zone' to type 'System.Security.Policy.Url'. ServiceStack.HttpError No Stack Trace Available
  4. I just picked up four boxed sets covering the first five seasons of a TV show over 15 DVDs. While the first four discs were simple enough to set up stubs for (being S01E01-04, S01E05-09, S02E01-04, S02E05-09) the remaining discs contain episodes out of order based on TheTVDB.com, some of which span two or more seasons. The episode orders for the remaining discs are: S02E11 S02E10 S02E12 S02E13 S02E15 (S02E10-13, S02E15) S02E14 S02E16 S02E17 S02E19 S02E18 (S02E14, S02E16-19) S02E20 S03E02 S03E01 S03E03 (S02E20, S03E01-03) S03E05 S03E04 S04E02 S03E10 S03E09 S03E06 (S03E04-06, S03E09-10, S04E02) S03E07 S03E08 S03E11 S03E06 S03E12 S05E03 (S03E06-08, S03E11-12, S05E03) S03E13 S03E14 S03E15 S04E10 S04E07 (S03E13-15, S04E07, S04E10) S04E03 S04E01 S04E08 S04E09 S04E11 (S04E01, S04E03, S04E08-09, S04E11) S05E05 S04E05 S04E04 S05E06 S05E04 (S04E04-05, S05E04-06) S05E15 S05E02 S05E01 S05E07 S05E08 (S05E01-02, S05E07-08, S05E15) S04E12 S05E09 S05E13 S05E14 (S04E12, S05E09, S05E13-14) S05E10 S05E11 S05E12 S05E16 (S05E10-12, S05E16) Unfortunately, despite how the TV naming rules may appear, there's no support for videos or stubs that cross seasons or skip episodes, meaning that I can't get Media Browser to accurately keep metadata for these discs in my library. Therefore, I need suggestions on how to best include the episodes on these discs in my library. If anyone's faced this issue themselves, guidance on what you did would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to dump all my library metadata into Media Browser XML files before I upgrade to 3.0.5490.2 or newer? With the removal of the mixed movies & TV folder type, I don't want to lose all my data for my anime collection and be forced to rebuild from scratch as I did when testing that "feature" the last time. I know there's nothing inside MB itself for that, but if someone's put together scripts or a small program that will pull everything out of the DB files and create/update the appropriate XML files in my folders, that'd be great to have.
  6. How can I turn off all metadata fetching for Media Browser Server? I use a separate scraper for all my metadata that I store on the server and do not want any metadata for my temporary recorded tv. What is really driving me crazy is it fetches posters and "system info files" for all my "recorded tv" programs in my Recorded TV folder but when I delete the show off Media Center it doesn't delete the poster or .nfo file. So I end up with thousands of jpeg posters and .nfo files belonging to nothing within that folder. Is there a way to disable all metadata and/or metadata for only 1 specific folder/library?
  7. Editing the series.xml whether manually through an editor (notepad++, notepad etc) or using a metadata editor such as metabrowser/MCM does not stay saved after a media library scan. I have been trying to batch edit TV shows by adding or changing actors and genres using methods described above but they keep getting erased. The only way they will remain intact is if the web client metadata manager is used and added one by one which is not feasible. MediaBrowser is currently not playing nice with external metadata editors. For the log provided I simply added one new actor in the series.xml using the following (random) example: <Person> <Name>Leslie Nielsen</Name> <Type>Actor</Type> <Role>Frank Drebin</Role> </Person> Server Configuration: Metadata > Basics > Download artwork and metadata from internet Disabled Metadata > Services > Disabled fetching for Series, seasons, episodes, people Metadata > Advanced > Unchecked everything under People Item configuration: <LockedFields>Name|Overview|Genres|OfficialRating|Cast|Backdrops</LockedFields> Regardless of if people/cast is locked or unlocked results are the same After a scan is completed, any changes made are gone and reverted back to the original. Even setting the series.xml as "read-only" after making changes it gets reverted. server-63556878478-x.txt
  8. I noticed today that much of my movie metadata was very out of date with TMDB. It was as if MB had synced once on initial library ingestion, but then never synced again. Hitting the refresh button ensured that those films which had no community rating or parental guidance value or overview, now did so, (presumably this metadata had been completed on the master providers after initial library ingestion) Personally I would like all metadata synced with the providors* except folder.jpgs and backdrop.jpgs (unless mine are currently blank). I would like to designate those aspects that i dont want to hand over responsibility to the online providors to change (ie dont sync). but i would like everything else to match the providors, album overviews, artist overview, all movie metadata, all tv metadata, everything. MB3 already instances the concept of "metadata the user does not want overwritten". so users can protect metadata they do not wish to be overwritten. Could MB3 implement an ongoing sync option, with a set of stated exceptions - (Sync Criteria) Users would have to positive choose to sync and only if their set of required exceptions were currently supported. If the user's case for required exceptions was not currently supported, then the user wouldnt enable sync and "no harm no foul". (but they might add a feature request)..ie to keep the option safe. Perhaps there could be a set of object types enabled/disabled for syncing (Episode, Season, Series, Movie, Collection, Album Artist etc) there could be a full set of metadata types in the ui.or more simply in the first instance just Primary Images, Backdrops, All other metadata For each metadata type for each object type there could be synchronise criteria = Never Syncronise, Only if Im blank, Always, Always except if provider is blank [don't overwrite metadata i have added locally but is not populated on the provider), Respect current granular setting For each object of object type (Episode, Season, Series, Movie, Collection, Album Artist etc) MB could instance a 'Last Synced' timestamp in the database along with an "empty" event flag (data was empty eg. no backdrop, no episode image). MB could stipulate a schedule for re-syncing per object type, or allow the user to stipulate a schedule. But a mandated schedule in first instance would probably suffice...eg The task might be scheduled to run daily. For each object in enabled objects for syncing If - is <10 days and emptyflag=true, then sync according to the sync criteria (The most common use case for these is episode images which are not in place on day 1 but tend to be posted fairly quickly, or episode names which have changed) if - is >30 days then sync according to the sync criteria In this way, the user is handing over responsibility to, MB3 and the providers, for the set of metadata for which they are comfortable. Would anyone else like to see more metadata syncing, What are the types you would definitely want to see or not want to see synced? thanks for considering. Edit..perhaps other physical filesystem objects can also be included like movie.xml or artist.xml...there have been instances when mb3 looses confidence in owning these files..and taking responsibility for their content..personally i would be happy to let mb3 manage...moreover i want mb3 to manage always..even deleting and recreating if neccessary. Edit Another potential use case is ibn person info...i regularly used to find that if i cleared out empty folders and rerun person sync task i would get more data downloaded..imo it would be an improvement if mb3 would maintain itself more automatically in this regard.
  9. What would be the easiest way to make sure that all the metadata for my media libraries are all exported to appropriate XML files before the "unset" library type replaces mixed in stable? Given the experience I had when "unset" was introduced and blew away most of the metadata for my anime library, I'd like to make sure that the XML files are there and properly filled out before moving off of my current server version.
  10. Darkstyrm

    MBS - Home Video Date

    I recently started using MB to watch my home videos on. I noticed though that there is no way to see the date of the video without manually entering it. Since (to my understanding) the camera stores the date it was recorded in the video's metadata, would it be possible for home videos library to pull the date from the video and display it in media browser?
  11. I have this movie http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/13377-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas but it is actually pulling down the metadata for http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/240662-the-making-of-dr-seuss-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas My current folder format is: Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) I also tried How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 1966 Any ideas on how to get it to pull down the right info? Thanks
  12. Maleficarum

    MB2 Style Image Download

    Hi all, Recently installed server on a new box and have found that, on scanning a show, MBS is pulling an "extrafanart" folder along with the following images: banner.jpg clearart.png fanart.jpg landscape.jpg logo.png poster.jpg I was expecting the old style (backdrop1, etc). Is there a way to make this happen or is this now the expected behavior ?
  13. 3.0.5436.38101 for series and episodes, tmdb was priority as metadata provider (downloader) over tvdb.. for season, tvdb not showing as metadata provider,..only tmdb is this expected?
  14. This isn't rare for me, and it hasn't worked a single time. In the past I've been able to advance refresh my way into things working I don't understand how the server completely fails every time it goes scrolling into a "detected" change in a TV Show folder and finds a new folder named Season 1 (which I create) as it is being populated with TV Show Name - SXXEXX - Episode Name.ext files which are always accurately named The server just does some kind of asinine search on Season 1 and either renames the folder and pulls in metadata for "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" or "For the Love of Ray-J" In my current predicament, I have two different collections named "Alpha House" since it failed to recognize Season 1 / Season 2 and it doesn't give me the option to enter external IDs at the Series Level (or identify the show at the series level) Here are some logs (I believe season 1 rename fail was in 3677, and season 2 was in 8840) https://www.dropbox.com/s/myh9eej2ieskoqq/server-63551693677.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhs1ezcyq1qhw40/server-63551692800.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pqvzw2dcasq5mwg/server-63551658840.txt?dl=0 This is in the neighborhood of embarrassingly bad for such a polished server product at this point Also, I'm not new to any of this. There are over 50 tv series in my server. All of them are under the same UNC directory. I have only one "library" UNC path for TV Shows which is ~\tRAID\TV Shows\ -- every show is given it's own individual folder after that, and each show is given a nested set of season folders I actually don't understand how to repair MB3s duplicate series at this point
  15. Version 3.0.5434.27057 tested with MB3 created movie.xml. the error logged by the boxset plugin highlighted that i had lots of movies marked as belonging to a boxset which TMDB did not agree (the boxset) existed. Some of the phantom boxset could be explained by previously created boxsets on TMDB which had been removed by some jobs-worth deeming them not worthy and removing. But others looked like MB3 may have incorrectly fetched previously, eg 'sleeping beauty' and 'chicken little' belong to same, no longer valid, box set. in any case the issue being reported is.. MB3 does not refresh this value either automatically or manually with an advanced refresh when the current tmdb value is blank and the mb3 value is populated.. if the tmdbcollectionid value has changed on tmdb, it does get updated, but only on an manual advanced refresh.
  16. Version 3.0.5410.32765 for as long as i can remember, I use a script to name (and rename) episodes filenames identical to TVDB. an example would be S01E01 - Old episode name.mp4 S01E01 - New Episode Name.mp4 Ive recently noticed that existing episodes whos filenames change have started to be identified as new content. Perhaps its related to the setting. 'Date Added Behaviour For New Content' for me it makes sense that it is 'the date scanned into library'... but should existing content (an episode for example), which was already scanned in and has just had its file name changed, be marked 'new'..? movies are not marked new when their name changes...
  17. Metadata for mkv files from blu-ray sources with 7.1 audio has peculiarities I cannot understand: If the format is Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channels, the metadata shows 7.1 (and the MB Classic info screen has that indicated). If the format is DTS-HD MA with 7.1 channels, the metadata shows 5.1, but the movie sound is 7.1 through the receiver of course. Checked LAV filters. Mixing is off, but the configuration option reads 7.1 channels. TrueHD and DTS-HD MA are enabled. Expand 6.1 to 7.1 is checked. I'd like to get accurate metadata info via MBS through MBC. Any thoughts on this anomaly?
  18. One of my favorite features from another home theater software I use is shared libraries. My friends and I like the ability to share and stream content from each other. Are there any plans at Media Browser to add the ability to load multiple servers to your library? Here are a few suggestions: The ability to add multiple servers to Media Browser Theater The ability to add multiple servers to apps...like iPad Integrate all libraries, so they are mixed into one giant collection An indicator on the movies that would be streamed vs local An indicator on the movie from what server it came from. So you can call your friend and discuss the movie you watched from their collection Adding non-editable metadata to your local server, so you can still apply maximum allowed parental rating to users Instead of loaning my movies out to friends and trying to remember who has what, this is a much safer and easier method. I really enjoy using Media Browser and feel these features would be extremely valuable to other users. Thank you for your consideration.
  19. So I'm currently at a customers house, and they have a lot of dvd rips which they are integrating into an MB3 library. No problems with MB3 at all. Various devices, DNLA and MBC for clients. But for whatever reason, they have some of the rips in a folder within a folder, and some not*. So if I add the root folder to the library, half the films are then inside another folder which the customer doesn't like to see. I've got them using levelzap (http://levelzap.codeplex.com/) to right click each folder in Windows as they come across them in MB3, then it's back into MB3 to refresh the data; works fine but as you can imagine gets tedious. In my own little perfect imaginary world there would be a button on the meta data page of the item that I could click that would move the media files up one level and delete the sub folder, much like levelzap does but without having to leave the comfort of MB3 to do it. That to me sounds like it could be a bit tricky to implement in MB3, or have issues I've not thought of (permissions maybe?) but figured I'd ask anyway, especially as the source code for levelzap is available under MIT free licence and could possibly be used as a base? *file structure is like this Movies - Movie1/movie1.avi Movie2/movie2.avi Movie3/movie3/movie3.avi Movie4/movie4.avi Would want to move movie3.avi up one level and delete the empty sub folder.
  20. Would it be possible to also download a copy of the Non-English speaking parts of a movie in addition to the entire subtitles? This would be very useful as some of my movies have foreign language in them but no subtitles and I do not want to have subtitles for the entire movie.
  21. Hello First of all, thank you for this awesome software!! The Samsung App is also very good already, albeit lacking in a few places (switching audiostreams doesn't work; it always uses the first available, although the UI is showing that it is using an alternate stream). Anyway, this problem is pertaining to the MediaBrowser server itself (Version 3.0.5395.0). It keeps resetting the language settings for an item after refreshing the data. This "101 Dalmatians" item is in Danish, but the original is obviously English. So I set the "Preferred download language" and "Country" settings to "Danish" and "Denmark" respectively. And refresh the item. As soon as the refresh is done, it has updated the data to the Danish descriptions and such (not the images, though)... ...but the language settings have been reset to <blank> Which means if I refresh it again, it resets all the data to the original language, unless I manually set the language settings again before refreshing. The folder "Animation - Dansk" has a number of items in it that are Danish (including "101 dalmatians"). If I set the metadata language settings on the folder itself and hit refresh, it removes the settings from the folder, and refreshes all the items inside it, also resetting all the metadata to the original language for all the items (probably just doing a normal refresh on them, giving the same result as posted above for each item). So, to make the items have their localized names and descriptions, I have to set the language settings manually for each one and refresh each one separately, at the peril of having to do it all again, should I accidentally refresh the folder later. I would LOVE to have the option to set metadata language settings for all the items in a folder! Right now all the items that have a sibling in English in another folder just appear twice under "Movies" with the same name, and I can't tell them apart. Speaking of this, I wouldn't be able to tell movies apart, if they are called the same in both English and Danish (like "Aladdin"). It would be very cool if we could somehow group several items of the same title, so when we click on it, we can select which language (file) we want to view. Just like you have now for different size rips and 3D versions (I haven't tested this feature yet, but I read about it). EDIT: Obviously I could "just" put the different audiostreams into the same file. This is easy for MKVs, but many of the items are AVIs and/or are recorded at different speeds, so the audiostreams don't match up. It would be a massive amount of work to make them work properly. And again, there's a problem switching audiostreams in the Samsung app, so this isn't a solution for me atm.
  22. Version 3.0.5404.29588 following on from http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/6333-artist-name-is-initials-issue/?p=88447 MB3 can not handle artists with ID3 tgs ending in full stop. eg 't.A.T.u.' 2014-10-19 15:20:01.2458 Info - ImageProcessor: Failed to read image header for E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg. Doing it the slow way. 2014-10-19 15:20:01.2458 Error - App: Error getting image information for E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg Could not find file 'E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg'. System.IO.FileNotFoundException at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileInfo.get_Length() at MediaBrowser.Api.Images.ImageService.GetImageInfo(IHasImages item, ItemImageInfo info, Nullable`1 imageIndex) Steps to reproduce. 1. Create W:\Music\t.A.T.u\[insert some album here] (no full stop at end because windows file system doesn't support) MB3 successfully identifies, album/artist and downloads metadata into media collection. 2. Go to metadata manager and change the primary image for the artist. Error as above.no folder.jpg in collection. It is odd that on first fetch MB3 handles the artist but cant handle manually fetching artwork from metadata manager.
  23. I just recently added American Horror Story to my library, everything seemed to fetch fine, but no tvshow.nfo file was saved into the series or season folders. (Version 3.0.5395.0 compatible mode for metadata) Appropriate .xml files are present, just no .nfo files are present. Everything appears fine for any MediaBrowser apps, but XBMC doesn't see the show. (I have it set on local info only, not using fetchers in XBMC) server-63548583207.zip
  24. I think its a bug, minor though. MB is pretty good at using the "folder.jpg" as the main image for an items thumbnail or poster. Occasionally I may have to manually edit that, especially if I changed the ingredients of a movies folder contents. This all works quite well, except for playlists. I would like to change the default image to something a little more meaningful. I go through the same process as I would for changing the image for any other media file. As you can see below, I've uploaded an image to represent this playlist and all looks and behaves as expected. However the image does not "stick", I still have the default image when I go back to the playlists page. This works just fine for everything else, just playlists are affected. Looks like a bug to me. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks!
  25. perry59

    TV, questions, comments

    When browsing in the initial TV page, there is a header at the top of the screen with menu selections for " suggestions, latest, episodes, genre" etc. on my installation, when I'm perusing TV and I select "episodes" from the aforementioned menu, I end up getting ALL episodes from ALL shows being displayed. It's a bit of a cluster if you know what I mean. Not very helpful. Is there some way to get to get MB to display ONLY the episodes from the selection show? or even better a season from the show? Thanks
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