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  1. Deuce911

    Missing Metadata

    I am currently running the latest Beta Server and I have noticed in the last 3-4 weeks that if I replace a file with a better quality file (720p with a 1080p version) with the same name, that the Season, Series Number and Overview are now blank. They are still in the filename but in the Metadata they are missing. Also when I try a refresh nothing happens. Anyone else seeing this issue?
  2. Hi, I'm currently using Emby 3.0.5582.4 running on Windows 8.1. I guess there is a problem with reading information from nfo file in metadata manager. - plot is read from nfo and stored in metadata Manager - that's fine - tag <type> ("Treat Image as:") is ignored, but written when I save it via metadata manager. After scann of library all cover arts are showing h264 instead of DVD / BD. This worked in a version before 3.0.5571. Below you find an example of nfo file. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <movie> <plot>Amerikas stärkste Geheimwaffe gegen das Verbrechen ist wieder im Einsatz: Sensationelle Actionszenen und unschlagbarer Humor – Vollgas mit Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu und dem “gefallenen Engel” Demi Moore – wieder unter der Regie von McG! Ob als Bullen reitende Cowgirls, Motocross-Rennfahrerinnen oder ultra-sexy Showtänzerinnen – die Martial Arts-erprobten Verwandlungskünstlerinnen begeben sich auf Charlies Anweisung hin in höchst brenzlige Situationen. Diesmal macht sich das Team auf die Suche nach zwei gestohlenen Titan-Ringen, die verschlüsselte Informationen über die Identitäten sämtlicher Personen des Zeugenschutzprogramms der U.S.- Regierung tragen. Als die ersten Zeugen tot aufgefunden werden, kann nur das todesmutige Power-Trio den Täter aufhalten. Doch dann holt sie ein Stück dunkelster Vergangenheit ein.</plot> <outline/> <customrating/> <lockdata>false</lockdata> <type>DVD</type> <dateadded>2011-09-22 13:02:07</dateadded> <title>3 Engel für Charlie - Volle Power</title> <originaltitle>Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle</originaltitle> <director>McG</director> <trailer>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDbguY8lE-0</trailer> <rating>4.8</rating> <year>2003</year> <sorttitle>3 engel für charlie - volle power</sorttitle> <mpaa>DE-16</mpaa> <aspectratio>2.355:1</aspectratio> <website></website> <rottentomatoesid/> <collectionnumber>86029</collectionnumber> <imdbid>tt0305357</imdbid> <tmdbid>9471</tmdbid> <premiered>2003-06-27</premiered> <releasedate>2003-06-27</releasedate> <criticrating/> <criticratingsummary>Eye candy for those who don't require a movie to have a plot or for it to make sense.</criticratingsummary> <votes>93201</votes> <budget>120000000</budget> <revenue>259175788</revenue> <metascore>48</metascore> <runtime>94</runtime> <country>US</country> <genre>Action</genre> <genre>Abenteuer</genre> <genre>Komödie</genre> <genre>Krimi</genre> <studio>Columbia Pictures Corporation</studio> <studio>Flower Films (II)</studio> <studio>Tall Trees Productions</studio> <studio>Wonderland Sound and Vision</studio> <tag>secret identity</tag> <tag>raub</tag> <tag>secret agent</tag> <plotkeyword>secret identity</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>raub</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>secret agent</plotkeyword> <awardsummary>8 wins & 14 nominations.</awardsummary> <art> <poster>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\folder.jpg</poster> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop1.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop2.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop3.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop4.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop5.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop6.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop7.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop8.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop9.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop10.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\fanart.jpg</fanart> </art> <isuserfavorite>false</isuserfavorite> <userrating/> <playcount>1</playcount> <watched>true</watched> <lastplayed/> <resume> <position>0</position> <total>5665.003</total> </resume> <tagline/> <actor> <name>Cameron Diaz</name> <role>Natalie Cook</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/ahFkUN9Sm8oF1txUHE5JcJ95Ere.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Drew Barrymore</name> <role>Dylan Sanders</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/y8GKPHsBXVGIGBdDzdNxjm0IbKF.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Lucy Liu</name> <role>Alex Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/cOSycUPBNi49YcPHo4Rf7ROHqCC.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bernie Mac</name> <role>Jimmy Bosley</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3qIk1hVV82kcZSEffbuUHpMQBCq.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Robert Patrick</name> <role>Ray Carter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/dpUIbzLpExv69faSRyww8A4ydxf.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Demi Moore</name> <role>Madison Lee</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/eLNoOYnxvhpV0BMSkNNnyyo5In7.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>John Cleese</name> <role>Mr. Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/iGFWzoHz4ruCSfeEY54CRdMnFJ8.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Matt LeBlanc</name> <role>Jason</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/35sPf8IBVl54vdmc9Tyv17otMnk.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Luke Wilson</name> <role>Pete</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/n7CRA7h1z3FVOzBJ5EjfSrPQbvl.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Shia LaBeouf</name> <role>Max</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/anP0tygzniIok6L3OxcSZ9TYCF3.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bruce Willis</name> <role>William Rose Bailey</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/kI1OluWhLJk3pnR19VjOfABpnTY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Ashley Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/gIZBBtO7IGV1wxgFNCzuo7ZakwO.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Mary-Kate Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/fxTJRxHrNyZVrWZWQZOTXJnGwDY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Pink</name> <role>Coal Bowl Starter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/A4tOzacgaBltm522XYxLodG3ImX.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Crispin Glover</name> <role>Thin Man</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/thA5rOv5XE1oFpxD9DSp0tDrIIR.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Justin Theroux</name> <role>Seamus O'Grady</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3Ed13zSHQlJW1sMGugtOZW1My74.jpg</thumb> </actor> <id>tt0305357</id> <set>3 Engel für Charlie Filmreihe</set> <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <video> <codec>h264</codec> <micodec>h264</micodec> <bitrate>2261005</bitrate> <width>720</width> <height>432</height> <aspect>2.35:1</aspect> <aspectratio>2.35:1</aspectratio> <framerate>25</framerate> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>true</default> <forced>false</forced> <duration>94</duration> <durationinseconds>5665</durationinseconds> <format3d/> </video> <audio> <codec>ac3</codec> <micodec>ac3</micodec> <bitrate>448000</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>6</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>true</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <audio> <codec>aac</codec> <micodec>aac</micodec> <bitrate>159990</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>2</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>false</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <subtitle> <codec>mov_text</codec> <micodec>mov_text</micodec> <bitrate/> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>false</default> <forced>false</forced> </subtitle> </streamdetails> </fileinfo> <thumb/> </movie>
  3. Hi, can some one help me? - Is there a way to media browser to import the metadata from a ".xml", if so, how would it be? (I need this becouse I had organized my movie files to Media Browser 2.0 a long time (in 2011) ago and I'm from Brazil, so I need information in Portuguese, and I made all the work back then , to do all again will be a pain. - Another question, supose my movies are on the "C:\Movies\" Folder, but some time from now i cange it to "D:\Movies" or under an server, how can I mantain the same metadata's? I don't want to loose all the work. Thank you very much
  4. Running into an interesting problem: I want to change the images used for genres (using stills from movies that I actually own, instead of the generic art [because Eddie Murphy and a bad Dr. Seuss movie, ugh, but I digress]... I updated the images in the AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\metadata\Genre folders, copied the images (just to be sure) to the AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Genre folders (even going as far as adding a copy of "poster.jpg" and naming it "folder.jpg"), but to no avail. The Web Client displays the added/changed images as expected, but the Classic interface in WMC stubbornly refuses to display the new images. I updated the Metadata through the web client, restarted the server (several times), re-scanned the library (several times), updated the library from within the WMC Classic interface... but I'm still not seeing the right images in WMC (see screenshot below, WMC/Classic in front of the web client view). The Mediabrowser-Classic folder contains no data, except for two config files in the Configurations subfolder. I could not find any other location to place the files. Using Emby Classic version and Emby Server version 3.0.5572.0, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Media Center. So, what's the trick to get this to work in Emby Classic? (And just to head off the obvious question: WMC/Emby Classic shows the exact same thing on the actual TV screen as it does in the RDP view, natch.)
  5. wonder_lander

    Metadata folder.jpg not movie cover

    I'm moving from meta browser to the inbuilt metadata but the folder.jpg which has traditionally been the DVD / BluRay cover is now showing as a scene screenshot. Is there a setting I can tweak somewhere?
  6. Skwerl

    MP3s not being indexed

    Hi, guys. I’m having some trouble adding music folders to my media library. I’ve added the folders (selecting Music as the media type) to my library, but when I go to the music section on the client, it’s completely empty. I tried removing and re-adding the folders again in an attempt to get MB to try indexing them again, but that didn’t work. I do not organize my music in album and artist folders. I organize solely by genre on the file system, but I keep my ID3 metadata clean and populated. When I go to the metadata editor, I can select a song and have it manually retrieve info using the ID3 tag. That does index the file and allow me to see an artist and the song in the client’s music area. Unfortunately, I do not want to do this for the thousands of songs I have. I didn’t see anything unusual in the log, so I’m not sure what else to do at this point. Not one of my genre folders was able to be indexed. Suggestions? Thank you, Josh
  7. I've just noticed over the past few days, if I add a new show to my collection the not all of the images are automatically added. Series images seem to be ok, but specifically season posters aren't downloaded. If I go and manually browse for them, or even do an advanced refresh on the series metadata everything is properly added. MBS Version 3.0.5518.7
  8. Hope this is the correct area to post this. I was editing my music collection today and getting it a little bit more organized and I noticed some weird behavior when changing genres of tracks and albums. I typically use Mp3Tag to do any tag editing, then I refresh the library using the web interface in MediaBrowser (Version 3.0.5518.7). In order for all the tracks and the album itself to be properly marked with the right genre, I have to refresh the album twice or three times, depending on the level of the change. Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Change the genre on all the tracks in an album using Mp3Tag - All embedded tags are now up to date with what I want 2. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 1st time. - All individual track metadata has correct genre in mediabrowser, the album does not. 3. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 2nd time. - Album now has correct genre, everything is as I expect it to be. Similarly, if you change all the tracks under an artist with multiple albums to a different genre (as I did with Harry Chapin, from Ballad to Folk), you must refresh the Artist 3 times until the correct genres are applied at each level. I'm pretty sure I just didn't give it enough time to sort through the entire refresh process, so mark this as solved/not an issue.
  9. Is there a global advanced refresh option? I continuously lose metadata option requiring me to manually do an advance refresh for each movie to reload the images. If there was a global command to do this automatically it would save me a lot of regular maintenance for keeping images stocked.
  10. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an entry point or category in the metadata editor for "Movie Set" or "Set" or something like that for the purpose of organizing movie collections into movie sets for Kodi. It would be useless for MB clients, and I don't want it if it caused any sort of issues with MB, but it's handy for telling Kodi to group movies into sets. I know Metabrowser had an entry point like this. That way, say for instance with the Bourne Collection, you could just type in Bourne Collection in the Set entry point in each of the Bourne movies, and Kodi would group them together. Ideally Kodi would recognize MB collections (and artwork selected etc..) but this would still help. edit: Thanks for moving this to feature request, EBR.
  11. mpodval

    Music Organization

    Hi, I love MB and use it daily for live TV and recording shows. I was hoping MB would also make using separate bubbleupnp/twonky music servers redundant. Unfortunately, that is not possible yet as MB lacks certain options (or maybe I am lacking understanding which is why I am posting). My current music collection is organized by genres. Each song also has a rating. I also use a media player ( WMP,winamp, Music Bee etc) to create a dynamic playlist based on ratings, recently played, and so on. These are my three main ways of finding and playing music. It seems with MB i can only use the genre category because MB doesn't see the rating tag and neither does it recognize playlists from other players. MB does have something called "favorites" for songs but I can't seem to figure out how to add or remove songs from that list. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  12. Cheesegeezer

    Not collecting all TVDB info

    Anyone else experiencing this. I get some of the metadata from TVDB however none of the overview, date aired being collected, this has only started with the new server. Has TVDB updated their api, i've checked that the info is available there, which it is, i've also added in the IMDB episode number, which makes no difference. I also deleted the episode xml and jpg from the metadata folder, did a scan library and the xml is populated again but still missing overview and some other key stuff. It simply wont scrape all of the info. This isn't isolated to just Arrow, it's also the same for other TV shows that were added arond a couple of weeks ago @@Luke here is the server log for you. And the current xml for Arrow - 3x12 - Uprising server-63560277534.txt Arrow - 3x12 - Uprising.xml
  13. A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification... It seems that Identification of albums is only performed once on initial ingestion....maybe thats the same for all media types? It seems If no ID (MBZ?) is attributed to the album during initial ingestion, then no amount of scans or refreshes, advanced or otherwise would ever check the ID is correct, or try to fetch a missing ID. If a primary ID provider is down during initial ingestion, doesn't the user need a way to bulk identify objects? If the user has gone to the trouble of clicking refresh ... would it not be good for MB3 to retry to retrieve a primary identification for objects that do not currently have one..in case the provider was down during initial ingestion (or some other issue)? might it not be good for the user to be able to ask that content already with ids is reevaluated..(because the current identification is known to be false or the providor has changed their ids)? might it not be good for the user to be able to check that IDs are correct (eg for when matching logic has improved or the provider has changed their master info), so that mismatched IDs are included in reports for manual correction when required? It was not obvious imo in the current interface that refreshes do not attempt primary identification... Would there be a downside to identification being part of the default refresh for objects without primary id? Could the other options be added to the advanced refresh ui? Perhaps MB3 could beef up the remedial UIs (perhaps accessible from the quick overview pane in dashboard ui) Red Exclamation (as is current) for not identified - launch UI to choose correct match (or allow manual/null/give up) - (Identification Results could be presented more clearly and searches could be more targeted when possible e.g.. include artist in album searches) Amber Exclamation - A (potential) mismatch, worthy of further investigation..the providers name for ID does not match the library's name, or The ID no longer exists on providor. For casual users for something as critical as identification, and fuller more accessible remedial interface to identify/correct the outlying cases would make the ui more informative and immersive imo.
  14. calebivan911

    Scraping movies and TV

    Hi team, server version 3.0.5490.2 love the software. just reinstaled it after a new windows install and I cant get the scraper to get all the movies. most of the tv shows were successfully identified, but most movies were not. I've tried both the identify function, and dumping in the IMDB ID. either way, the loading wheel comes up, and nothing further happens. I've attached pictures. thanks for your help. caleb.
  15. Theodore

    Metadata Locks Being Reset

    Server version: 3.0.5490.2 I am going through my media collection to make sure everything has artwork and all available metadata. I have locks set at the top level "Movies" to lock Name, Overview, Genres, and People. I also set the same metadata locks set on the individual titles when I initially add them. However this morning I was going through older titles that I had when upgrading from MB2 and getting them fully populated when I noticed something potentially pretty bad (for my anal-retentive filing at least). I would select a title and set my locks under Metadata Settings for Name, Overview, Genres, and People then click "Save". When the "Item Saved." dialog went away I would go back up and click "Identify" and select the movie. All available information now populated, I click "Save" again. Now scroll down to Metadata Settings and all of the locks set have been reverted to "On". Is this as bad as it looks? When autotasks run for People and Library run, is it going to potentially mess up the data I set manually? If I set those locks at the top level, shouldn't that automatically pass down to the subfiles like it does if I were to click the check box for "Lock this item to prevent future changes"? Thanks!
  16. Server Version 3.0.5490.2 The official playon clients for android and roku show me information for all the content found in playon's channels. By using this premium plugin for MB Server I would hope that this information would be present in MB as well but unfortunately is not which makes it very difficult to track down exactly what your after. Hoping the metadata or info can be displayed by this plugin and MB server cause an episode number and screenshot is not much help when your looking at massive amounts of content.
  17. I'm hoping you can help me resolve this issue. I am running the latest dev version of the server. MBS has downloaded metadata for all my episodes except one, and when I try to select the file in the web client, I get a constant spinning circle that never goes away https://www.dropbox.com/s/mn12s0fb8qbpmvo/Screenshot%202015-01-27%2021.52.02.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqumdizsinyi36v/Screenshot%202015-01-28%2012.39.13.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbkegb3q89f80a7/Screenshot%202015-01-27%2021.56.49.png?dl=0 1st screenshot is what I get when I try to access the file, 2nd screenshot is what I get if I leave that page and try to re-enter it (tried accessing it several times), and 3rd screenshot is what I get if I try to access the season folder (after accessing the episode. If I access the season first, it loads fine). I I close my browser and reload the web client, then it goes back to screenshot 1 again The video file plays fine in the web client Server Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pg6pzbh3ark3ux/server-63558041419.txt?dl=0
  18. gillmacca

    Error message saving metadata

    I have been having problems with the web client showing properly in Firefox, so though I would give Chrome a go, Everything seems fine until until I go into Metadata Manager, and try to save some changes. I am getting the following lines in the server log: Application Path: C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Unable to cast object of type 'System.Security.Policy.Zone' to type 'System.Security.Policy.Url'. ServiceStack.HttpError No Stack Trace Available
  19. I just picked up four boxed sets covering the first five seasons of a TV show over 15 DVDs. While the first four discs were simple enough to set up stubs for (being S01E01-04, S01E05-09, S02E01-04, S02E05-09) the remaining discs contain episodes out of order based on TheTVDB.com, some of which span two or more seasons. The episode orders for the remaining discs are: S02E11 S02E10 S02E12 S02E13 S02E15 (S02E10-13, S02E15) S02E14 S02E16 S02E17 S02E19 S02E18 (S02E14, S02E16-19) S02E20 S03E02 S03E01 S03E03 (S02E20, S03E01-03) S03E05 S03E04 S04E02 S03E10 S03E09 S03E06 (S03E04-06, S03E09-10, S04E02) S03E07 S03E08 S03E11 S03E06 S03E12 S05E03 (S03E06-08, S03E11-12, S05E03) S03E13 S03E14 S03E15 S04E10 S04E07 (S03E13-15, S04E07, S04E10) S04E03 S04E01 S04E08 S04E09 S04E11 (S04E01, S04E03, S04E08-09, S04E11) S05E05 S04E05 S04E04 S05E06 S05E04 (S04E04-05, S05E04-06) S05E15 S05E02 S05E01 S05E07 S05E08 (S05E01-02, S05E07-08, S05E15) S04E12 S05E09 S05E13 S05E14 (S04E12, S05E09, S05E13-14) S05E10 S05E11 S05E12 S05E16 (S05E10-12, S05E16) Unfortunately, despite how the TV naming rules may appear, there's no support for videos or stubs that cross seasons or skip episodes, meaning that I can't get Media Browser to accurately keep metadata for these discs in my library. Therefore, I need suggestions on how to best include the episodes on these discs in my library. If anyone's faced this issue themselves, guidance on what you did would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Is there a way to dump all my library metadata into Media Browser XML files before I upgrade to 3.0.5490.2 or newer? With the removal of the mixed movies & TV folder type, I don't want to lose all my data for my anime collection and be forced to rebuild from scratch as I did when testing that "feature" the last time. I know there's nothing inside MB itself for that, but if someone's put together scripts or a small program that will pull everything out of the DB files and create/update the appropriate XML files in my folders, that'd be great to have.
  21. How can I turn off all metadata fetching for Media Browser Server? I use a separate scraper for all my metadata that I store on the server and do not want any metadata for my temporary recorded tv. What is really driving me crazy is it fetches posters and "system info files" for all my "recorded tv" programs in my Recorded TV folder but when I delete the show off Media Center it doesn't delete the poster or .nfo file. So I end up with thousands of jpeg posters and .nfo files belonging to nothing within that folder. Is there a way to disable all metadata and/or metadata for only 1 specific folder/library?
  22. Editing the series.xml whether manually through an editor (notepad++, notepad etc) or using a metadata editor such as metabrowser/MCM does not stay saved after a media library scan. I have been trying to batch edit TV shows by adding or changing actors and genres using methods described above but they keep getting erased. The only way they will remain intact is if the web client metadata manager is used and added one by one which is not feasible. MediaBrowser is currently not playing nice with external metadata editors. For the log provided I simply added one new actor in the series.xml using the following (random) example: <Person> <Name>Leslie Nielsen</Name> <Type>Actor</Type> <Role>Frank Drebin</Role> </Person> Server Configuration: Metadata > Basics > Download artwork and metadata from internet Disabled Metadata > Services > Disabled fetching for Series, seasons, episodes, people Metadata > Advanced > Unchecked everything under People Item configuration: <LockedFields>Name|Overview|Genres|OfficialRating|Cast|Backdrops</LockedFields> Regardless of if people/cast is locked or unlocked results are the same After a scan is completed, any changes made are gone and reverted back to the original. Even setting the series.xml as "read-only" after making changes it gets reverted. server-63556878478-x.txt
  23. I noticed today that much of my movie metadata was very out of date with TMDB. It was as if MB had synced once on initial library ingestion, but then never synced again. Hitting the refresh button ensured that those films which had no community rating or parental guidance value or overview, now did so, (presumably this metadata had been completed on the master providers after initial library ingestion) Personally I would like all metadata synced with the providors* except folder.jpgs and backdrop.jpgs (unless mine are currently blank). I would like to designate those aspects that i dont want to hand over responsibility to the online providors to change (ie dont sync). but i would like everything else to match the providors, album overviews, artist overview, all movie metadata, all tv metadata, everything. MB3 already instances the concept of "metadata the user does not want overwritten". so users can protect metadata they do not wish to be overwritten. Could MB3 implement an ongoing sync option, with a set of stated exceptions - (Sync Criteria) Users would have to positive choose to sync and only if their set of required exceptions were currently supported. If the user's case for required exceptions was not currently supported, then the user wouldnt enable sync and "no harm no foul". (but they might add a feature request)..ie to keep the option safe. Perhaps there could be a set of object types enabled/disabled for syncing (Episode, Season, Series, Movie, Collection, Album Artist etc) there could be a full set of metadata types in the ui.or more simply in the first instance just Primary Images, Backdrops, All other metadata For each metadata type for each object type there could be synchronise criteria = Never Syncronise, Only if Im blank, Always, Always except if provider is blank [don't overwrite metadata i have added locally but is not populated on the provider), Respect current granular setting For each object of object type (Episode, Season, Series, Movie, Collection, Album Artist etc) MB could instance a 'Last Synced' timestamp in the database along with an "empty" event flag (data was empty eg. no backdrop, no episode image). MB could stipulate a schedule for re-syncing per object type, or allow the user to stipulate a schedule. But a mandated schedule in first instance would probably suffice...eg The task might be scheduled to run daily. For each object in enabled objects for syncing If - is <10 days and emptyflag=true, then sync according to the sync criteria (The most common use case for these is episode images which are not in place on day 1 but tend to be posted fairly quickly, or episode names which have changed) if - is >30 days then sync according to the sync criteria In this way, the user is handing over responsibility to, MB3 and the providers, for the set of metadata for which they are comfortable. Would anyone else like to see more metadata syncing, What are the types you would definitely want to see or not want to see synced? thanks for considering. Edit..perhaps other physical filesystem objects can also be included like movie.xml or artist.xml...there have been instances when mb3 looses confidence in owning these files..and taking responsibility for their content..personally i would be happy to let mb3 manage...moreover i want mb3 to manage always..even deleting and recreating if neccessary. Edit Another potential use case is ibn person info...i regularly used to find that if i cleared out empty folders and rerun person sync task i would get more data downloaded..imo it would be an improvement if mb3 would maintain itself more automatically in this regard.
  24. What would be the easiest way to make sure that all the metadata for my media libraries are all exported to appropriate XML files before the "unset" library type replaces mixed in stable? Given the experience I had when "unset" was introduced and blew away most of the metadata for my anime library, I'd like to make sure that the XML files are there and properly filled out before moving off of my current server version.
  25. Darkstyrm

    MBS - Home Video Date

    I recently started using MB to watch my home videos on. I noticed though that there is no way to see the date of the video without manually entering it. Since (to my understanding) the camera stores the date it was recorded in the video's metadata, would it be possible for home videos library to pull the date from the video and display it in media browser?
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