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Found 4 results

  1. djtman

    Lock .nfo Files

    I recently began using the Ember Media manager to update my .nfo files, is there a option in Emby to not update/change these files when it scans the library and just read in the existing .nfo file? Thank you.
  2. Hi! So currently all my metadata is in .xml format and I need all of my metadata now in .nfo format. How do I of convert all of my existing emby metadata to .nfo whilst retaining the .xml metadata (if possible) while keeping the frontend stuff virtually the same?
  3. I recently encountered an issue where because I had existing .nfo files, Emby wasn't downloading (the much much better) TMDB info. (Without manual intervention that is) Would it be possible/feasible to add an option to force it to still look for "missing" metadata even if an existing .nfo is found? I understand some people might want to keep their existing .nfo's and not have them touched. as far as I'm concerned I would rather it override any existing .nfo and replace the info with anything it finds in TMDB. It could be a checkbox option, with the current behavior as default, so people don't get their existing .nfo's blow away unless that's what they choose. In hindsight, I should have done a file search for .nfo, selected them all, and hit delete. Then let Emby build from scratch. I also now have SAB and CP removing any .nfo info, and I just let Emby build the metadata from scratch. If this isn't possible, maybe a little note in the Dashboard Metadata area about how that if existing .nfo's are found, nothing will be auto-updated. It was driving me nuts for awhile. The way it's currently worded, I assumed it would search TMDB and OMDB for ANY missing info in the .nfo's. To me that's the way it reads. But it seems if a .nfo already exist, if does nothing but read the existing .nfo.
  4. Hi everyone... Has there been any MB changes related .nfo files lately? I don't have MB set to download my .nfo files (I don't have "Nfo" checked under Metadata/Services/Metadata savers:) as I get them from nfofactory.com and have different devices streaming from different locations and don't want static entries created by media browser in my .nfo files or to have them overwritten. I've been doing it this way about a year now. However, over the last few days I'm noticing that MB has been overwriting my manually downloaded .nfo files and I'm about 99% sure I haven't made any changes in the MB config for at least several weeks or a month. Some of my original .nfo files have been unaltered from nfofactory.com and others have been overwritten by MB and now have static entries pointing to the poster art, fan art, etc... on the USB drive media browser points to for it's library. ** Example ** (sorry if this gets confusing ): 1) I own a DROBO 5N (NAS) and a DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) enclosure. 2) MB streams from the DROBO 3 (remotely) using a Roku, Web, etc... 3) I use a D-Link Boxee for streaming from the DROBO 5N on my main TV at home (locally). 4) MB is installed on Windows (Version 3.0.5490.2) and pointed to the DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) for my library. Ok, so... I noticed issues when: 5) My primary data is on my DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) where MB points to and it backs up nightly to my DROBO 5N (NAS). 6) Now, when I browse movies on my D-Link Boxee the poster art has begun not showing up (because the nfofactory.com .nfo file has been replaced with the .nfo file from MB and it points to the incorrect location for the poster art, etc...). So, *deep breath*... I very well may have something configured incorrectly and maybe a recent update has affected it? ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated at this point as I'd rather not re-download 800+ .nfo files from nfofactory.com I'm also completely open if there is a better way of doing this? Thanks so much guys! If you need anymore information I'll be glad to post it.. ~Shane
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