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  1. Electrical_problems

    How do I fetch metadata for people only?

    Hello: Issue: Cast and crew images do not display in Emby. I am wondering if there is a way to only fetch the metadata for the cast and crew (people)? I am reluctant to try anything since all of my other metadata is mostly customized and would appreciate an expert opinion. Experience: I have looked through the library settings for metadata and I am unsure which options would apply to resolve only the cast and crew metadata. I currently have all down-loaders and fetchers disabled/turned-off. I have read this post and understand there is issues with importing from older s
  2. Hi, I'm having a trouble with some images downloading automatically. I've done a "Refresh People" & "Scan Media Library" and it has refreshed some people but for others it's not there. However, when I click on some of the blank images (where it just shows the name) it will sometimes refresh the image and bring it down. Is there something I can do to go out there and grab all people images on a scheduled basis? For any that don't have an image, which is fine if there isn't any, is there a way to have a blank picture or something that says "No Image" as default? Thanks for the help
  3. I may have setup the music video metadata wrong, but just wanted to see if there is a way to do the following: I have a music video by George Harrison called 'When we was Fab'. All the metadata that has been imported looks fine. Ringo Starr appears in the video, so I added him in the metadata under people (not sure what 'Type' I should be selecting), hoping that when I search for Ringo Starr, it would show me that he is associated with that music video (as well as any of his own videos). Is this possible?
  4. The ability to adjust the DISPLAY ORDER for PEOPLE in the Metadata editor of Emby Server would be useful. There are times when the lead actors in a series or movie are not listed near the top of the CAST sections of TheMovieDB or TheTVDB when they are grabbed. They can get buried later in the listings or at times you may have to go to the MORE section of ITEM INFORMATION page to find them. The current way to adjust for this is to go into the TVSHOW.nfo or MOVIE.nfo file and edit the SORT ORDER tag of the actors you want higher up in the listing. If possible, it would be useful if in the PE
  5. sundevil67

    Photo Search

    Apologies if I've repeated this question in another form; struggling to explain this right I think. I know I found a way to do this a while back, possibly using some convoluted workaround that might have involved some AppleScript...but I can't dig up any records of it. The point is that a bunch of my photos have people's names either as tags or 'people', the same way actors are listed for movies. When I search for some of these people, if they're listed as 'people' in a video, they're found. However when added to photos the same way, they are ignored by the search. Same goes for the title. Is
  6. As you can see in the picture below, the actor thumbnails are recorded in 2 different ways, local position and tmdb link. But what I really want is that all the actor thumbnail are recorded as a tmdb link, yes I would rather load the images every time I explore the series in the library because I don't see necessity having those on my local disk permanently. Is there any way to achieve my need?
  7. Anyone can explain why i cant identify anyone (actress) from imdb? I have the correct ID and emby server still cant find anything at all, just a black blank page with "Search results". I'm missing something in settings or what's the problem? Regards
  8. It would be nice if Emby could show additional movies (not in library) for People. I think Emby already has some functionality for showing movies that are not in library with the Trailers feature. Could that functionality + People metadata be used to show two separate lists when viewing a People entry: "Movies in Library" and "Additional Movies"?
  9. Hi, So I am faced with a problem and not sure what the right solution will be if there is one. Here is my setup: 5 users - Admin, Parents, Child, Sonos, Samsung/Shield I have multiple libraries setup: movies, cartoons, TV shows, music, pictures, adult content Access rights Admin has access to everything Parents: movies, TV Shows, pictures, collections Child: cartoons, collections Sonos: music, collections Samsung/Shield: movies, TV Shows, collections The problem I am facing is with the search. Even when I am logged in with Child account the search results returned contain actors/p
  10. Hi there, is it possible to add/implement trees for parts of the metadata fields like persons/artists/people, genres, studios and so on. The only way to edit them is to find a video … and another click on the field to edit it. THX bkh
  11. Hi there I’ve spent a few hours going through the forum looking for answers but haven’t found a solution that works. What makes it all the more difficult is that due to MediaBroswer/Emby changing so rapidly over the last few years, what was true once is not necessarily true today. Settings you found on one page a couple of years ago have disappeared or moved to other pages making the forum help posts obsolete quite quickly. I looked for a current manual/user-guide/wiki that deals with my issue but had no luck. On to my question – I have limited bandwidth so it’s very costly for me to d
  12. sadukar

    People in videos

    Hi, I've been configuring a home media library with all my family and travel videos and noticed that the people being added in the videos do not show when clicking on the person. They do show on the video page but not on the person page. For eg, i have created people or persons for several members of the family and it would be nice to be able to see all their videos in the people page. I am a .net developer and took a look in the repsonse and a bit in the code and it seems that there are childs defined for several entities but videos : TrailerCount 0 MovieCount 0
  13. Anim_Tech

    Director Photos

    Hello Again, Back with a fairly simple question (I hope). We would like the director's photo to show up at the bottom of the media page along with the actors - etc. However, there seems to be some built in intelligence that is working against us. When a person is set to "Director" - their photo does not show up along the bottom. When a person is set to blank - scanning the library automatically makes then an "actor". When a person is set to "Actor" (playing "Director") - scanning the library automatically sets them to "Director" and their image is hidden again. The only soluti
  14. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Cast info thumbnails missing

    I use Emby Beta for Roku and used to have thumbnails for the actors in a given episode or movie at the bottom of the page on my dashboard, but now I have detailed medai info at the bottom of the pages for each episode or movie and no actor thumbnails. These thumbnails would show other episodes and movies that I have with the same actor in them. How do I get these back?
  15. Aussiedroid

    Hide Actors without Images?

    Happy New Year everyone! I did a search of the forums but couldn't find an answer. A small thing, but whenever I check out the actors for a movie or TV show, there are a few that do not have any images. If none exist, is there a way to hide these in the Emby interface? Alternatively, if this is may not an option, is it possible to change the default 'green' image with something else? Many Thanks, AD
  16. ginjaninja

    Actor Browsing Responsiveness

    Is it possible to prefretch all the people info / metadata? Im prefetching images, but when i browse via person it take a few seconds for each new person... i suspect to download bio. given the server is generally on 24/7 it would be great if all the info could be prefetched to make the ui as responsive as possible. thanks
  17. Unable to view/select movies when on Actor details screen. steps: 1. launch Emby Theater and log in 2. select a movie 3. scroll down to Cast & Crew section 4. select an actor (make sure it's one with multiple movies in your collection) 5. on the actor detail page, attempt to move down to view and select one of the other movies expected - user is able to select other movies the actor was in actual - unable to move cursor down to other movies, unable to view the full movie poster. occurs on - Win7 TV via HDMI - Chrome browser loading http://tv.emby.media/
  18. I've been having this problem for a while. When I click on cast details, it opens the detail page that's completely empty and is "loading..." (the wait cursor/circle is spinning) but it never loads (just keeps spinning and spinning) My "Refresh People" task says it's been completed, so I'm not sure what's going on. Any ideas? Is there a certain log file I can look at, etc. etc.? Thanks.
  19. Theodore

    Director Attribution

    On the suggestions tab when viewing the movie library, one of the sections is "Directed by XXX". This seems to be having a problem as it is attributing director status to someone who is just in the movie. For example I recently watched a movie with Ben Affleck in it and the suggestion page shows "Directed by Ben Affleck" but none of the movies it shows were directed by him (SEE HERE). I verified in the metadata - both XML and NFO) that he is not attributed as the director.
  20. I really like to see some user options that give more control about what people metadata gets downloaded: Some checkboxes what people to download - actors, directors, producers, writers, guest stars, componists. And very important, only one user definable value that limits the number of people per type that can be downloaded. Some movies have 50 or more actors listed at TheMovieDB, but nobody knows them and will never know. And this gets worse and worse!
  21. When marking any actor as favorite, I expect to see it in Favorites page, but that's not working Server Version 3.0.8500.0
  22. Looking at server today I see one bad thing.... the people pictures takes TOO MUCH diskspace. Thinking about this, I suggest some new features: - Ability to fix a max width/height of any people image (and make ffmpeg reduce it proportionally, if needed) - Ability to fix a max Kb size of any people image (and make ffmpeg reduce it proportionally, if needed) - Ability to fix a max Nº of people for each item... most of times people don't want to know the photo of the truck driver that appeared at 1h03m07s in the movie... usually we only see the 10 first... something like this. Fo
  23. I'd like to share a script that I built yesterday for resizing of people photos, that potentially can take massive Mb/Gb of our HDs. With this script, you can set a max width or height and all photos larger than that will be reduced proportionally, saving diskspace and making page load easier. For now, it's interactive, so it can't be scheduled. I may fix that in the future. It requires ffmpeg and ffprobe in the server. #!/bin/bash EMBYPATH="/media/hard_disk/emby" # Write here the official Emby path MIN=300
  24. Platform: NUC i5,16GB RAM, Win10 Pro, Gigabit Wired, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Platform: AFTV-GEN1, 0S5.0.5.1, Gigabit Wired-AFTV Gen1&2 ports are only 10/100mbit ports, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Server: Version 3.0.5972.0 AFTV App: v1.2.00a 3rd Party App: IMDB IBN People Downloader V2 Hi Forum - I could swear that actors/performers used to display below the synopsis on the movie trailers plugin on AFTV. Now nothing. Am I slipping or have they gone missing? Performers do display in trailers on the web client just below but not in the AFTV app below that (see images).
  25. Hi, Wenn ich mehreren homevideo eine selbst angelegte Person zuordne zb. Kevin und danach über die Suche die Person Kevin aufrufe sind die ihm zugeordneten Videos nicht aufgelistet. Mach ich da was falsch? Und dann noch ne frage zu den Tags, ich möchte verhindern das einige User die über die Suche nach Kevin sucht, den angelegten Kevin findet. Das sollte ja über Tags (zb. "Familie") und bei den Usern die eben keine Familienmlieder finden sollen in der Parental control unter tags funktionieren. Nur leider wird mir kein Tag in der Person Kevin gespeichert. Klar ich könnte für jedes Fa
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