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  1. Hi all, After starting this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42676-help-trouble-sorting-media-in-kodi-to-respect-emby-libraries/ I did research and was helped by wonderful folks in the community, and thought I had sort of figured out how to set up Kodi to show specific content from my libraries rather than lumping it all "Movie" type content together in annoying ways. I'm on Emby server 3.0.8500.0 (no, I haven't updated yet, and won't for a week or more until I know it's not likely to break anything... I'm cautions! ). My Kodi is the stable version (16.1 I think) Short story: I made a test library with a couple movies in there, and made a link to it in Kodi, and it shows up, yea, but in multiple skins it shows up as music, and the movies aren't named correctly in Kodi, they show up as numbers (???). Longer story: For this test I created a new folder accessible to Emby. It happens to be on the E: drive of the Emby server, E:\TestShows\, and contains: \Hollow Man\ \Close Encounters of the Third Kind\ I set this TestShows folder up as a library in Emby called MyTestShows (note distinction from filename, to enable me to trace what's going on). This content is set to type Movies and looks like this in the Emby library management screen: I opened Kodi, and having figured out the default Confluence skin doesn't support edits to the main items, I chose Titan skin, and went in and configured a new home menu item. As I recall I configured the item to go to: \Add ons\Video Add ons\Emby\MyTestShows\ and then confirmed the main MyTestShows in the selector box that followed. I then backed out to the home screen. My Test Shows was there, and when I went into it, it had just the two movies, but they were called 49 and 50. ??? And they showed as type Music. I repeated the test in Aeon Nox (same results). I'm very confused. What am I doing wrong? Why is it not displaying the content name (movie name in the row instead of 49 or 50), and why does it think it is music? THANKS FOLKS Marc
  2. Hi folks, First, I DID READ this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/26121-tutorial-how-to-set-up-kodi/ But I exited that tutorial perhaps more confused than I started. Sorry! I'm a Kodi noob. Some of the pictures in there were essentially blank. I'm looking into Kodi because I'm switching my Emby player to be a small Windows 10 unit and currently Emby Theater doesn't play smoothly on it. Here's the symptom I'm seeing: In Emby, I've got my media set up in libraries just the way I want them. In Kodi, it's mixing things... so in Kodi, "Movies" is showing stuff from my "Movies" library, as well as from my "System Tests" library and so on. I just want Kodi to show me the names of my Emby libraries and not shuffle stuff around. I'm on Emby for Kodi 1.0.3 / 2.3.6 (stable). Here are my Emby Libraries: So, if I look in Kodi Movies here is what I see: As you can see a lot of the system test files are showing there. The Setting Up Kodi reference link I mentioned at the top was probably exactly what I need to understand but it lost me somehow. It talked about sending text with a webclient (but I've got a keyboard, so no problem just typing stuff into Kodi directly). I can go into Kodi \ Videos \ Video Add-Ons \ Emby \ Movies \ Movies\ and get to my movies list, eventually... but that's annoying and not WAF-doable. Kodi will only be used for me to play my Emby libraries. There's no content outside Emby I need to integrate. How do I get Kodi just to show me my library names on the main screen and a coverflow or poster set view of the available content when I click on any of my library names? Sorry if this is basic stuff, I'm just a bit overwhelmed. What I really want is to make Kodi mimic the user interface experience of Emby Theater. Thanks for any pointers! Marc PS: I've played around in the Confluence default skin and the picture above is in the Amber skin. I'm willing to switch to whatever skin will get me closest to what I want.
  3. Hey all, so for some reason Emby (Kodi) isn't direct playing/streaming my blu-ray folders and is transcoding them instead. I've also tried the Windows Emby Theater app, which won't play blu-ray's at all (it just hangs at the spinner after selecting to play for 1 minute), but will play all of my other files. I've attached the ffmpeg log and a section of the server log, however before I attach the full server/kodi logs, is there anything I need to censor? I'm seeing api keys for the websocket, my remote address, etc... 2016-12-01 13:13:23.2336 Info Main: Emby Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix Processor count: 4 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Program data path: /var/lib/emby-server Mono: 4.6.2 (Stable Mon Nov 28 20:21:32 UTC 2016) Application Path: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe 2016-12-01 13:13:23.6228 Info App: Application version: 3.0.8500.0 ... 2016-12-01 13:14:07.6677 Debug App: Starting transcoding because currentTranscodingIndex=null 2016-12-01 13:14:07.7138 Info App: /usr/bin/ffmpeg -i file:"/media/movies/Blu-ray/Batman Begins (2005)/BDMV/STREAM/00000.m2ts" -map_metadata -1 -threads 0 -map 0:0 -map 0:2 -map -0:s -codec:v:0 libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset superfast -crf 23 -tune zerolatency -b:v 22651421 -maxrate 22651421 -bufsize 45302842 -vsync -1 -force_key_frames "expr:gte(t,n_forced*3)" -flags -global_header -copyts -codec:a:0 ac3 -ac 6 -ab 384000 -af "adelay=1,aresample=async=1" -max_delay 5000000 -avoid_negative_ts disabled -start_at_zero -hls_time 3 -start_number 0 -hls_list_size 0 -y "/var/lib/emby-server/transcoding-temp/0c9eb6747e297090e06b16b942d4f3c4.m3u8" 2016-12-01 13:14:10.0408 Info App: returning /var/lib/emby-server/transcoding-temp/0c9eb6747e297090e06b16b942d4f3c40.ts ffmpeg-transcode-4d668284-f2cd-4f7d-a3b0-d0d953c8d308.txt
  4. kanipek

    Copying the Kodi database - help

    I have copied the local Kodi/XBMC database between same version (Kodi 15->Kodi 15) boxes before and now with Emby I don't seem to be able to do that - or rather I can but then Emby still kicks off an initial or incremental sync (depending on if I have fast sync enabled) which is problematic for me in that it usually freezes or the sync error occurs and then it starts over on the next run. Very slow process. I should add these are Windows 10 boxes and I am doing this with the default Confluence skin running and screensaver set to none. 2 Minix Neo Z-64 Windows 10 units. Kodi 15.2. Same issue between my windows 7 Pro x64 Kodi 16.1 and an i7 mini NUC windows 10 Kodi 16.1 I have tried the Kodi backup addon but I am having issues restoring with that. Am I missing missing something? Thanks for reading and any help!
  5. Hello, I have an error on Emby for Kodi. I updated my server and Emby for Kodi, and since, all features of Emby for Kodi doesn't work... I tried with Beta and stable versions of Kodi for Emby with the same result. I reset all settings and emby database : same things... I tried many settings but nothing works. I have no more idea. Please can you help me. In the log, the problem seem on Emby.Database. It's alway the same kind of error : Value: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128) The complet log is here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6yElq_-gIiRMUxZOF94b1VLdG5qTzg1ODNCOUpwRURNTkdV/view?usp=sharing Thank you for helping.
  6. NunoVilhenaSantos

    Fail to install a dependency

    Hi, guys. I have install emby server on my windows 10 Pro, and wen i was install the kodi emby addon the following message was show to "Fail to install a dependency" of the video addons "Emby Emby-media 2.3.6" And this is the link of the log. https://paste.ubuntu.com/23423709 Thanks in advanced.
  7. Hello Emby Community! This is my first time posting here and I hope that I can get some help. I have been using Kodi for a while and I love it, but I like Emby's server media management much better, so have have been running Emby add-on on Kodi on my Windows PC and I recently done the same on my android phone, with no major hick-ups, wich is briliant and thsi set-up really works for me. So when I decided to get a TV I got a Sony Android TV (4k but that is irrelevant) and installed the Kodi app from the store and Emby's add-on...all the media is synchronized and I see al my movies there, all the meta-data just like on my PC and Phone, the problem comes when I just press play on any movie it gives me an error and to check the logs for more info! I have no idea how to check the logs on Kodi, specially on a TV (not very tech literate) I have searched the forums and googled it to see if this situation has happened before but haven't find anything similar. I hope someone can give me some guidance. Cheers
  8. Hi all :-) I'm a new user, trying to setup my Emby + Kodi environment. I've issues in library setup, during the "path substitution" phase, now integrated with library folders. The issue is that Emby "shared network folder" field seems to accept only UNC paths (\\server\share...), so any linux client tries to access the share via Samba instead of using NFS. My NAS exports shares both via SMB and NFS, but since I'm using some RaspberryPi as Kodi front-ends (OSMC distribution), I want to avoid using Samba, since it has an overhead on CPU. The only way I've find to end the library setup is by using UNC paths, but of course all clients try to access the share via Samba. Example, from kodi log: I've already tried to search for a solution on wiki and forum, but I've seen only threads (eg. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/116-linux/)without solutions to get NFS works with Emby. It seems that it was supported without problem in the previous "path substitution" way: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24109-no-playback-with-beta-add-on/?p=235928 Is there any solution or workaround (even by edit manually some config file...) to pass to clients an NFS path instead of UNC, with the new library setup procedure? Thank you in advance. Bye, Edoardo
  9. I have some .mkv files with subtitles (each .srt file has the same name as its corresponding .mkv file). So basically I am streaming those files to Kodi using the Emby kodi addon. My subtitles are Greek. The playback is smooth and the subs are there but they are gibberish, which means there is something wrong with the encoding. I have set the Subtitle encoding settings on Kodi for Greek-Windows or Greek-ISO but nothing happened. What can I do so the subtitle are shown normally? Edit: This is my .srt file, in case you wanna test it.
  10. deecemobile

    Metadata and Image Location

    Since I have started to use the Kodi emby plugin, the movie/ tv folders are no longer storing the images and metadata. Is there a setting to set this up again? I was using MB Classic for WMC before but now I use the Kodi plugin solely. I prefer the images be stored in the individual folders in case I browse files. If I check the metadata manager on the server it shows all of the images and metadata but it's not stored in the actual folders.
  11. Since I have started to use the Kodi emby plugin, the movie/ tv folders are no longer storing the images and metadata. Is there a setting to set this up again? I was using MB Classic for WMC before but now I use the Kodi plugin solely. I prefer the images be stored in the individual folders in case I browse files. Thanks
  12. Just coming off a day or so of research on the topic, I am wondering whether this setup would work. I have no windows boxes in my network, so all of the existing PVR stuff doesn't apply (and I have no real interest in trying the Tvheadend "beta" that's floating around out there, unless it's nearly bulletproof by now)... Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Basically I'm thinking I would have MythicalLibrarian (no idea how well it works, just came across it an hour ago) do the meta lookup and naming, stick it into my existing Emby TV directory with the proper folder structure/naming convention, and let Emby scan, handle the indexing and serve it up. Would I then be able to use the standard MythTV plugin for Kodi to watch Live stuff, and rely on Emby/Emby Plugin to handle watching recorded stuff? Conceptually I feel like this would work, but I'd like some feedback. Keep in mind, this needs to be 100% wife friendly.
  13. SilentASSassN

    Kodi Movie Covers Corrupted

    Been using Emby Theater since it's release and finally decided to make the move to Kodi. I've installed the emby addon, done the initial sync of all my media, and have to say it looks gorgeous. Only problem I have is that a good chunk of my Movie posters and other artwork is not showing correctly when browsing the movie library in Kodi. It's as if the artwork half-loaded up and I can't figure how to get it to refresh or if that would even fix it. See attached. Any clue why this is happening? Or, how I can fix this? Let me know if you need any additional information from me or on my setup. Thanks in advance!
  14. SangheiliDragon

    Emby low audio

    Hey all, New to Emby, having a minor bug. Audio when streamed to clients, have been using Kodi 16.01 (tested on 2 devices)(Kodi Emby plugin installed), Chromecast 1st Gen (FW ver. 1.20.66189), and a Samsung Smart TV Series 6 (DLNA), all have very low audio. I would say roughly half volume compared to when they are played via a shared network drive or via direct hard drive connect. (not using Emby). Emby server version 3.0.6400.0 running on MS Windows 10 build 10.0.14393 any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Jayden
  15. Ok, so I'm relatively new to the Amazon FireTV but from everything I've read, it can't playback mkv files without transcoding. Currently, I have the Emby app from Amazon (free version) as well as Kodi with the Emby Addon loaded on my FireTV. I can't seem to get either to play my network stored mkv files (mostly 1:1 rips of BR's stored on an UnRAID server running the Emby Docker). The standalone Emby app shows my library but says I need to contribute when I try to play a file. I can't seem to figure out how I would tell it that I have (even if I did, since there's no paid app in the Amazon App store)? As far as Kodi using the Emby Addon, my library is updating perfectly but I can't get anything to play. Troubleshooting Kodi settings (e.g. downres audio, transcoding etc.) but I'm still in the process of figuring out how to check the Kodi log. It doesn't look complicated but I need to be home with the device. Just looking to get a head start on troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.
  16. i have read up on this a little and have seen that it is possible with profiles in kodi but i was more curious about completing this all in one profile and just being able to add friends or relatives emby server by their external IP/name to view and stream what they have from within the app? Ideally you would be able to add friends servers then be able to have those links show up as a separate link that would show only their media when you go into it. like connecting to their server in the browser. Just a thought as i dont believe something like this has been implemented. Thanks.
  17. I need a little guidance regarding emby-for-kodi... I'm running emby server on a fairly robust Windows 10 tower. I have about 3,500 movies being stored on a Synology NAS, and included in my emby movie library. I also have 97 emby "Collections" set up on the emby server. I set all of them up the same way - by selecting the individual movie posters and manually added them to the appropriate collections using the context menu. For front-ends, I'm running kodi android boxes on each of three TV's. I have the emby-for-kodi add-on installed on each of the kodi boxes and it seems to be working essentially fine, with one minor issue. When I open the emby add-on in any of my kodi boxes, and then select "Sets", NONE of my 97 movie collections initially showed up. I then ran a "Manual Sync" on the emby-for-kodi add-on, and afterward, only about one-third of the collections show up in the kodi "sets". I then ran a database repair within the emby-for-kodi add-on, but again, afterwards the exact same collections were shown as "Sets" as were after the manual sync. To troubleshoot, I then ran the same series of actions an a different kodi box, and the results were identical, which would seem to rule out any kind of problem with the kodi boxes themselves. I've also gone into the emby server metadata manager and looked at the metadata for several of the collections, trying to identify differences in collections that show up in kodi vs those that do not show up, but I was not able to find any differences that were obvious to me. Can anyone help or at least suggest why some of these collections show up in kodi as sets, while others do not? Thank you!
  18. My drives are called, "Media" "Media 2" "Media #3" "Media Backup" (not really a backup) Main root of the drive are folders like "TV Shows 1-9" across those drives and one drive has movies under drive name "Untitled". I know or at least i think i have the path right when naming ...(windows has a better example than OSX and I know how windows work for letter directory, since mac is different, I think its the directory of the name of the drive (names i have above) Waisted 3 hrs after scanning media in the firetv of kodi for emby plugin and thought it worked but when I try to select a movie or a show and says not there would you like to delete it, how is it showing but unable to locate the file to play? Tryed doing this last yr and never quiet got this working right. Any examples of a correct way in OSX, NOT Windows. (got a headace trying to make this work) instead of bring my jailbroken ps3 around the house other than it be easier than doing this throu firetv. fire tv without mic.
  19. Hello, First of all I would like to thank the Emby team for a fantastic product. Swapped over from Plex a few months back and haven't looked back since. In my setup I'm only having a single problem so far. All of my metadata is managed by a thirdparty tool and emby only has read-access to the NFO files to import the data. This works great except that it seems unable to import the <displayseason> and <displayepisode> entries from the files. For example the following NFO file for a special episode: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <episodedetails> ... <runtime>26</runtime> <aired>2012-09-13</aired> <rating>8.5</rating> <votes>2</votes> <season>0</season> <episode>1</episode> <displayseason>1</displayseason> <displayepisode>4096</displayepisode> ... </episodedetails> It should be available under specials and after season 1 but it is only visible under specials. Also if I check the Metadata Manager the Airs after season field is blank under the Special Episode Info section. I have tried adding the information manually in the Metadata Manager and this works perfectly. But for some reason it doesn't seem to want to import the information from the NFOs. Most grateful for any help in this matter. Thank you!
  20. jeffshead

    Collections not updating

    I found a few locked threads from people who have encountered the same issue that I have. Collections/movie sets are not updating with Kodi when they are added, edited or deleted in Emby. According to those posts, this is a known issue that happens with some servers not sending the websocket messages. Has the cause been identified and is there a fix coming for this? Is there any way other than the manual DB reset from the Kodi-Emby Add-on? That takes 45 minutes.
  21. Blueeyiz702

    Music Sync Problem

    I recently removed my music albums section,and cleaned both sections in Emby and Kodi,but when kodi runs sync at startup it still scans like albums and songs are available but there is nothing in that section? Its been removed,and also i took screenshot of some strange characters that show up during music sync,can anybody tell me what they are and how to get rid of. Thats reason i removed music albums,when these characters show it kept hanging on sync and would not show albums correctly. http://s72.photobucket.com/user/nolovenv...m.png.html
  22. After resolving problem from this thread - http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35674-stuck-on-compressing-db-log-file-snippet/ I faced similar one. Each time when I start Kodi after Emby server got new movie(s) then sync process hangs with message about updating library with new movie(s) but actually they don't appear in Kodi library. Kodi or PC restart does not help. Only force re-sync helps. In the log I've found possible cause: 22:43:36 T:5320 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan .. 22:43:36 T:5204 NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: VideoLibrary.OnScanStarted Data: null 22:45:32 T:5772 NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> Server unreachable at: 22:45:32 T:5204 NOTICE: EMBY.service -> Server is online and ready. 22:46:32 T:5772 NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> Server unreachable at: 22:46:32 T:5204 NOTICE: EMBY.service -> Server is online and ready. This URL returns next responce: {"ResponseStatus":{"ErrorCode":"SecurityException","Message":"Access token is required.","StackTrace":" at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateSecurityToken (IServiceRequest request, System.String token) <0x40867160 + 0x00107> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateUser (IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) <0x4085d4d0 + 0x0007b> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.Authenticate (IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) <0x4085a670 + 0x00017> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at MediaBrowser.Controller.Net.AuthenticatedAttribute.RequestFilter (IRequest request, IResponse response, System.Object requestDto) <0x4085a510 + 0x0007a> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFiltersSingle (IRequest req, IResponse res, System.Object requestDto) <0x4083d240 + 0x0029e> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFilters (IRequest req, IResponse res, System.Object requestDto) <0x408362b0 + 0x000d5> in <filename unknown>:0 \n at ServiceStack.Host.RestHandler+<ProcessRequestAsync>d__13.MoveNext () <0x4082a650 + 0x00595> in <filename unknown>:0 "}} Both HTPC with Kodi and Emby Server PC are located in local network. I can login to Emby from browser or app without problem with same user. Kodi version: 16.1 installed on Windows 10 with Titan skin 3.6.71 Emby plugin version: 2.2.18 Emby Server version: 3.0.6000.0 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 Emby for Kodi Sync queue plugin version: I attached full Kodi log just in case kodi.zip server-63605088011.zip
  23. jeffshead

    New and confused

    It seems I have complicated my life but my intention was to keep things simple... What is the best setup for my needs? Background: For years, I've had movies stored on a network share and have been using Serviio Pro (DLNA) for standalone Blu-ray players that do not play all video formats. Serviio also does a fairly decent job of streaming over the Internet via it's built-in web portal. I occasionally utilize this functionality when I'm away. Next, I added a WDTV device because the standalones sometimes freeze and have problems with fast forward and reverse. The WDTV device plays videos directly from the network share and was working great up till the last couple of firmware updates. The stupid device periodically looses track of the network share and cannot find it again unless I reboot my PC's and/or server, depending on which one is designated as the master browser. This is a known issue that will probably never be resolved. Anyway, I replaced the WDTV with an Android TV box because of that issue. I'm loving the Android box (MeMoBOX MX MAX) but it has complicated matters. For example: I can no longer use a single universal remote to control the TV, standalone and streaming box. Now I have to have two separate remotes. I had to purchase a separate air mouse remote with a keyboard to utilize the features of the Android box. I could not find an all-in-one that has air mouse, keyboard and that can be programmed to control the standalone and TV. This one (MX3) comes close and it works very, very well. I just hope it holds up. The Android box came with Kodi so now there's a great deal more menus and more steps involved to navigate to and play videos. More menus and options = confused wife. I don't know what is the most efficient way to set things up. My questions and dilemma: I want robustness and simplicity. I do not want to have a complicated setup that requires administration of redundant services or multiple libraries. I want the flexibility of being able to access a single library from the LAN or WAN and be able to select whether I want to watch a transcoded movie or a direct stream. I do not want to transcode everything. Only when needed. Money is tight so I don't want to purchase Emby Premiere Lifetime unless it's needed or very beneficial. It's just not clear to me if I need Kodi on all PC's, Kodi with Emby add-on, Emby Server, Emby Premiere or Emby at all because Kodi does scraping too. Do I need Kodi on any device or PC to play movies if I install Emby server? If so, does each PC maintain it's own library? In a nutshell, why would I need Emby Premiere? Is Emby Theater a replacement for Kodi on Windows? How does it differ from Kodi? Does it automatically transcode the video or is transcoding a selectable option? If I install Emby Server, do I have to pay for the Android app on each device? If so, is it a one time purchase and does that give me the same functionality as if I purchased Premiere? Do I have to pay a fee for each phone or does the one fee cover all phones on the same google account? I'm most confused about why I need Emby since Kodi scrapes. It appears to me that each product has a different purpose but there is some functionality overlap.
  24. Looking to replace the poor genre images in Kodi's Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes skin with those i use in Emby. Have set custom images for genres against other skins but cannot work it our for Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes or find any steps on what is required. Can this be done, and if so how? Cheers!
  25. Gday Guys, I'm having trouble using the addon with Kodi set as Native (direct playback) in the emby plugin. I wanted to use video extras for kodi, however it doesn't support the default emby plugin setting and playback has to be set as Native. When the emby plugin is set to default, the files would play. However when I set to Native, whenever I select any file to play Kodi prompts with "This file is no longer available. Would you like to remove it from the library?" I've reset the local kodi database when switching and rebuilt several times with no joy. Kodi's running on an android box. Emby is running on a QNAP (all running fine). I can directly access and play files by browsing through kodi (videos/files/qnap/movie.ext). However when I try and go through the plugin (addon/emby/movie/movie.ext) I get the same, File no longer available. I've set path substitution on emby is /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/ to \\Multimedia\ In Emby addon I initially setup as IP address as it suggested on startup. I also tried changing server to \\Multimedia\ as server name as well. However I got the same result with File no longer available, so went back to the IP address. With this not working, I returned to default plugin play and resync'ed however none of the files will play in that now either! It's returning back can't play next item in playlist. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any suggestions?? Thanks Pete
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