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  1. I see a lot of differing statements, and can’t tell if I am chasing something that just hasn’t been done. I have a Raspberry Pi 4, 4MB and a 8MB. I have using the “bundled” Raspberry PI so & Emby image and the play back and navigation of very poor (stutters, frame skips). This is on H264 video encoded at 480p. I have tried doing the Raspian desktop (32bit) and the followed the instructions to install ET. Same results. Poor Playback and navigation I have installed Ubuntu 21.04 Desktop then ET. Better results. I have even installed LibreElect with the Emby add-in
  2. Hi all, I'm looking at switching from Kodi to Emby. We have Kodi running on a smart TV at our house, with videos on a network share. However, we are looking at buying an RV, and want to take our media collection with us on trips but also have access at home. Kodi does not make this easy, which is why I've been looking into the mobile sync features of Emby. What I would like to do is: Run Emby server on a VM on my UnRaid box at the house, which will handle the ripping, transcoding, and storing video to the network shares. Install Android TV on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with t
  3. kcranky

    Can't see server in VLC

    Hi I have Emby running alongside pihole on an installation of DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. Recently, I updated PiHole, the emby server and diet pi. Since then I have been unable to browse the DLNA server in VLC on my Windows 10 machine, which is what I've been doing to watch files the server can't transcode. I only want to access Emby on my local network, if that makes any difference.
  4. Problem: transcoding a movie with 6-channel audio on a 2-channel (stereo) it TV causes the playback to loop, play a bit, then loop, then play a bit, then loop. This only starts to happen after an hour or so of the movie's playtime. If I fast forward a movie to an hour and ten minutes, the looping will happen. If I fast forward to the ten minute mark, or play ten minutes from the start, the looping will not happen. It only happens when I'm far into the movie. i've seen it happen with multiple movies after the hour (or so) mark. Server Platform: Raspberry PI 4 Server Version: Emby 4.3,
  5. Hello, I install Emby server on Raspberry pi 4 with Dietpi distro. I have also installed there Nextcloud as my NAS server. There's very easy way to install SSL certificate for Nextcloud. I make a domain myserver.ddns.net on NO-IP website, install certbot and run letsencrypt from dietpi-software. Now I want to add SSL for my Emby Server. I see there's tutorial but I don't know nothing about certificates and don't want to brake something. @@pir8radio @@Swynol Can somebody tell me do I have to make another domain with ddns? There's also information on the tutorial beginning to kill all process
  6. buddyweiser

    Server on Raspberry Pi 3B

    Complete Linux noob here. I am trying to learn a bit about raspberry Pi and linux, linux based file systems, permissions, terminal commands etc, and decided the project I want to start on is a emby server on a raspberry pi I can use for travel, that will be attached to a 2tb external hdd containing a small portion of my home media library. However I am encountering numerous issues. I was wondering if someone has possibly made a guide on getting Emby Server up and running on a Raspberry Pi? I am encountering all sorts of issues that I am fairly certain have to do with file permissions. This is
  7. Hey all. Emby server is struggling to play 44.1/16 WAVs to chromecasts. I'm running Emby server on Raspberry Pi, connecting to my NAS through NFS. I have added a direct path to the share like this: nfs://xxx.xxx.x.xx/Music/Music/ When i cast from my Android phone, or from the web interface via my laptop, the WAV stutters in a very particular way; it gets to 6 seconds and pauses. it gets to around 27 seconds and pauses it then most of the time plays the rest of each track fine. when playing through the web interface the progress bar shows the track playing (in green) and what i suspect is t
  8. Iluyha89

    Problem after update to

    Hello, I use Emby for DLNA Before I used previous version, and all worked well until I updated my Chrome and scroll stopped work there. So I decided update to, and after this always see this error in my logs (attached to the topic). Emby server began to freeze until will be restarted manually (in process list - opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_armhf.deb). Maybe I missed up similar topics. Could you help please w
  9. theshepherdmatt

    Emby Server crashing on Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, I hope im doing this right? My Emby Server on my RPI keeps crashing and always needs restarting, it never did it during a movie but has started since the latest update. I'm not sure why? I've attached 2 logs as im not too sure which one you need. Cheers Matt Log.txt Log2.txt
  10. I am using emby 3.5.2 server for armhf architecture I have scanned my media libraries. In some directories i have also other files than jpeg, let us say occasionally a pdf with explanatory content. It seems that the emby server crashes when encountering folders with such extra content while trying to display the folder contents. Also it seems that SSL encrypted connection is flawed on the protocol level, since i experienced immediate crashes upon swithcing on https with my self-signed p12 certificate...
  11. justwondering

    Emby Server on Raspberry Pi crashing

    I have Emby server beta on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Raspbian Stretch (2018-06-27), and the server crashes constantly. I upgraded to the beta from for unrelated reasons (problems with .AppleDouble files) but I believe the crashes were happening under that release too. It's just Emby crashing. Raspbian continues fine, and I can login and restart Emby with no problems. It seems to crash when left alone for too long, or anytime I make too many changes to the library contents (adding, removing, or renaming video files). Attached are three crash logs from today. Any help woul
  12. I finally, with the help of a friend (I have ZERO Linux experience) have set up Emby server on my R-Pi. I have it so it can read the drive I have plugged in (finally) and I have the folders associated with the appropriate movies, tv shows, music, etc. Everything works (Meta data shows, I can edit titles so it gets the proper meta data; the whole shabang) exactly as it did when I ran emby server on Windows 10, except when I go to play a video or song, it gives me this: "Playback Error - No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrato
  13. Hi guys, i am new to this, i have 3 Raspberry Pi at home 1 as a server that always stays on, this has my external hard drives plugged in and connected to my network by a Ethernet Powerline. the other 2 raspberry pi's are in my bedroom and living room and link to the hard drives over the network again by Ethernet Powerlines. The problem with this set up is that there are all individual libraries. i did try UPNP a while back but the library was too big and was really slow at loading al the artwork etc. I am running openELEC on all devices although i think i will install libreELEC no
  14. maxharrison22

    Raspberry Pi Emby Server

    Yesterday I was looking at Plex, trying to see if I could set up a server running on my raspberry pi. So I thought I would try it out first on my windows computer. I really liked it but soon realized the free version that I using required me to still pay £3 something to 'activate' it otherwise I could only watch 1 min of video. I started looking for free alternatives to Plex and quickly found Emby, It looked really nice, had a free version that I could actually watch something with and had a Linux server. When I tried this out on my windows computer and watched some videos from my NAS (its an
  15. Hello, I installed Emby server on my Raspberry PI 3 recently (Docker official method). It was a little difficult (linux noob inside ) but now all seems to be OK. But, i'm now trying to add a library, but there's a problem as i can't find any folder or share hosted / mounted on the RPi : (as you can see there's nothing but default paths) (network choice empty too) : How Emby detects disks and network shares ? Here is what i have and would want to choose : 1 usb hdd (ext4) + 1 network share (cifs) : If it must be set in Docker,
  16. MrLinford

    FR: New Client - Raspberry Pi

    I would like to request a new client that will work on the Raspberry Pi box. Myself and a large group of my mates have started using these lately. And instead of setting up XBMB3C it would be great to have MB3 create a standalone client for Pi! A link to Luke's post on Pi's website: http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=36788&sid=243284e5019e0f0373dd3210919a84f6&start=25
  17. darkkent

    Using Raspberry Pi Kodi as Server

    Hi guys, i am new to this, i have 3 Raspberry Pi at home 1 as a server that always stays on, this has my external hard drives plugged in and connected to my network by a Ethernet Powerline. the other 2 raspberry pi's are in my bedroom and living room and link to the hard drives over the network again by Ethernet Powerlines. The problem with this set up is that there are all individual libraries. i did try UPNP a while back but the library was too big and was really slow at loading al the artwork etc. I am running openELEC on all devices although i think i will install libreELEC no
  18. Kodi platform/version: Raspberry Pi 3/OpenELEC 6.95.3/Kodi 16.1 Emby platform/version: Ubuntu 16.04.1/Emby 3.0.8500.0 When streaming video from my Emby server using Direct Paths (SMB), my RPi3 will eventually "hang". Here's how it looks: the playback of video and audio will stop, and the application will seem to be frozen, so I won't be able to press "Stop" to stop the playback; it will be this way from 30s to a 1.5 minutes (didn't actually count the time); after which it will "unfreeze". The playback stops, I'm back at the main menu, all the functions I requested while in the freeze will
  19. SPL150JB

    Raspberry Pi 2 with emby

    SO, I just received a raspberry pi 2. I am looking to use my EMBY media server with it, if at all possible. Currently I have OSMC and raspbian installed. I tried to install the Kodi app from emby with no success. Also tried installing the "media browser" from inside OSMC. I am going to assume emby is not supported through osmc and I will have to install Kodi/xbmc in order to be able to use emby. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JB
  20. I have some .mkv files with subtitles (each .srt file has the same name as its corresponding .mkv file). So basically I am streaming those files to Kodi using the Emby kodi addon. My subtitles are Greek. The playback is smooth and the subs are there but they are gibberish, which means there is something wrong with the encoding. I have set the Subtitle encoding settings on Kodi for Greek-Windows or Greek-ISO but nothing happened. What can I do so the subtitle are shown normally? Edit: This is my .srt file, in case you wanna test it.
  21. tallguy.hackett

    Server frequently crashes on Raspberry Pi 2

    I am running Emby on a Raspberry Pi 2 by following the instructions here and it had been working well until a couple months ago. For the last couple months when I go into the Roku Emby app and select an episode of a TV show to watch and after I select "Play" the loading screen appears and then the Roku Emby app would quit and take me to my Roku home screen. Further attempts to open the Roku Emby App didn't connect to my Emby Server. I used PuTTY to ssh onto my raspberry pi and ran the top command to see if the emby server process was still running. It had stopped running and I then restart
  22. Basically, I just want a mini PC that doesn't use a lot of power to be able to only run an emby server, with an external HDD plugged into it. I'm relatively intermediate with computer stuff, and was looking into the Raspberry Pi, but it doesn't look like that will end up working for me due to transcoding problems. Does anyone have a setup for this? I literally just want a low power pc running 24/7 with all my media, so that i can stream it to various devices. Any help would be awesome. Thanks, all!
  23. Specs: Emby server version: 3.0.5782.0 on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (OSMC, Debian Jessie) Music is stored on a Synology NAS My Emby server runs the whole day at 100% CPU, even when it's idle. After rebooting the CPU runs after some minutes back at 100%. There are 2 plugins installed in Emby (Auto Box Sets & Trakt). When I look to the running processes then I see that mono-sgen takes all te CPU and a lot of memory (see attchement CPU.jpg). When I open Emby by the web client then my home screen doesn't load fully, the pointer keeps turning (See attachement Home.jpg). I can go to the ser
  24. isaacsmith

    Media very slow to start on Raspberry Pi

    I have a couple Pi B+es running the latest OSMC (Kodi 15.2-RC2), using the Emby plugin version 1.1.39. Media syncs just fine, but playing any media takes 10-15 seconds before it starts playing. Looking at the logs, it seems that the plugin takes a long time to start up: <snip> 15:05:02 72559.093750 T:3025760816 DEBUG: OnPlayMedia plugin://plugin.video.emby/movies/9a7157f73151a9a670f35fa7aef238ed/?filename=test.mp4&id=9a7157f73151a9a670f35fa7aef238ed&mode=play 15:05:02 72559.093750 T:3025760816 DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnClear from xbmc 15:05:02 72559.0937
  25. Flatline

    Emby server and Raspbeey Pi B 2

    Dear all, I'm trying to optimize my home multimedia setup. RIght now I have kodi installations on a HTPC and on android devices, and I share the kodi library via mysql installed ona QNAP nas. Trying to solve the slowness of this setup, I found about emby, so I'd like to test how faster this solution is. The QNAP package is not working for me as I have an ARM NAS, but as I had a spare RPi2 and I saw some posts around about people making it work, I decided to try it. So I followed these steps: 1) Installed linux on the RPI2 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi) 2) Followed this t
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