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  1. Filtering by genre is fine, but it would be nice if Emby scraped TMDB keywords for more fine grained info and filtering. Especially if this was combined with my complex filtering suggestion to allow complex genre and keyword filtering: This would obviously become a very long list very quickly, so it would need to be a seperate menu accessible from within the filter menu, rather than being accessible directly from the filter menu.
  2. RIght now without any genres selected in the filter everything shows, and once you start filtering by genre, any selected genre will be shown. It would be awesome if the genre filter checkboxes were a quadruple toggle: default: no filter applied one click: films that have this genre will appear two clicks: films must have this genre to appear three clicks: films that have this genre will not appear four clicks: back to default
  3. the8thbit

    saved filters

    Sorry for clogging up the feature request forum, Ive been using emby premium for a few weeks and I've made a list of features that would be nice. This is the last one, I promise. I suggested complex filtering for genres, filtering by sequel status, and scraping/complex filtering by keyword, which would all be awesome, but all that extra power would make setting up a powerful filter somewhat time consuming. It would be really cool if you could save and name your filters, and restore them from the filter menu.
  4. MX Player has the ability to remove the loading circle animation from displaying. If unchecked, it does not display when loading content. I would like to see this option in the settings of Emby applications (fireTV, Android TV) in order to stop this annoying circle animation from displaying. Attached is a picture from MX Player settings. I know I can use this as an external player, but I would still like to use the native video player in the Emby app in order to play "Cinema Intros". This feature would make the app complete.
  5. Hi, this was the right place I don't think I've seen it anywhere, but in the subtitle options it doesn't give you the option to choose their location (or I haven't found it). If this option is not there, it is a delay since I prefer to see the subtitles at the top like the official platforms, and here there is no way to choose if you want it above, below... However, try PLEX, and if it has it. Is it known if this could be implemented in some way or will it be done in some future? Regards. delete this post, original of this section.
  6. The filtering is great but would be nice to have a simple "clear filters" button (instead of scrolling down to the filters you have set and undoing them).
  7. It would be nice to be able to sort TV shows by the last episode release date.
  8. Nabukodonosor

    Cover images caching?

    Hey guys. I don't know if this is already a feature or not, I don't think so, but it would be great if we could be able to cache cover images, so we don't have to wait every time when we open Movies or Tv Shows sections for the covers to load. I'm using the app on my Fire Stick 4K Max and Xiaomi Stick 4K and it's slugish on both sticks when I open one of these sections and need to scroll. On Android phone it works awesome, but not on my sticks. Maybe lazy load would be a great option here.
  9. Many times I have had a missing tv episode file without knowing it. Then I watch episodes beyond that also without knowing it. I have made a feature request before to notify the user when this happens because it is a serious problem. I also have a related problem that when I insert the missing file, the episode shows up as available but the next-up still takes me to one beyond the last played, not to the newly available episode. So I have to remember I fixed the missing file so I can manually select that episode. My aging brain has problems remembering. My feature request is to fix that and always have next-up point to the first available file, not the way it works now. Thanks for listening.
  10. Unless I’m missing something it doesn’t look like the iPhone app lets you fill the screen edge to edge. This results in a much smaller picture than what is possible by utilizing the notch area. I suspect we need a similar enhancement on the iPad to zoom past the letterbox’s. Essentially clipping the sides of the video the leverage the entirety of the screen. You will find most videos players today support these zoom features to utilizing as much screen real-estate as possible.
  11. Hi I watch quite a bit of both SD and HDR content with subtitles. As you may know, watching HDR with white subtitles is not a very pleasant experience, the subtitles are way to bright. So It would be a very big improvement for me (and everyone using subtitles) if one (or both) of these options was implemented. 1. Set separate colour for subtitles for SDR and HDR content and automatically choose the relevant one based on the file that's playing. 2. Be able to change the colour of the subtitle from the OSD while a video is playing. On AndroidTV I now have to stop the video, go all the way back to the home screen, go to settings, change the subtitle colour, go back to the home screen, choose the video and start playing again. So being able to change the colour from the OSD would save A LOT of clicks.
  12. Hi, In the system.xml file there is a section where the articles to be ignored when showing the order of the movies/series are indicated. <SortRemoveWords> <string>the</string> <string>a</string> <string>an</string> <string>das</string> <string>der</string> <string>el</string> <string>la</string> </SortRemoveWords> For each language, this file must be modified according to the needs. And that option is generic for the entire server. Therefore, the same rule will be applied to all users. It may happen that one user wants to ignore the articles, but another does not. And that section, it would be interesting to be able to configure it from the administrator section, or that each user could choose which terms they can ignore. Regards,
  13. Would be nice if there was a feature just like the into skip, however instead of skipping the intro of TV Shows skip the end credits of movies and automatically load next movie or skip to next movie. Read somewhere someone saying plex is working on something similar. Figured with the way intro skip is setup it wouldn't be that hard to implement into movie credit skip etc
  14. Request: Option to disable tuner and associated channels.
  15. I woul really like to have the ability to set a parental control by setting on the server a streaming duration per day (or per week). So I could limit for a specific account (child) to allow a streaming time of e.g. 20 minutes per day. Either as always at midnight. The counter is reset to the e.g. 20 mintutes. Or e.g. you can safe the daily amount of minutes up to a maximum of eg. 50 minutes. So I think, the idea might by quite simple to implement, IF the server already logs the streaming time of the user. If this information is not logged, then I accept that it is probably very difficult to implement. best regard Hemmi
  16. Hey all, Forgive me if this has been asked before or under a different description. I think it would be super fantastic amazingly awesome totally rad, if we could create custom Media Libraries which were created based fields/metadata that Emby already has. Essentially just a virtual pointer which could appear as a Media Heading and could be assigned to users, as needed. The custom libraries would be endless with the ability to make a "Netflix" channel that just populates all the content on the "netflix network". Or Libraries could be a combination of Networks, custom tags, Genre's, People, Actors or Ratings. At the time of creating this "Channel's you just search the relevant fields, values or tags to build query and as new content is added to Emby the channel's continue to update over time. Thanks.
  17. misakaf

    Fuzzy search

    Can you add the fuzzy search function in future versions, the current search is not easy to use, although in 4.8 you have optimized the database and the search speed has increased. At present, the search can only be input from the beginning without any difference. I hope to support the search of characters at any position in the title, including Chinese pinyin fuzzy search if possible.
  18. I searched, but didn't find any information on this, so perhaps this is expected behavior. I have a movie with deleted scenes and extras that I've stored in separate folders (properly named). However, they are all listed as "extras" in the display. I was expecting these to be shown separately in separate groups in the display below the cast list. Are these different files in the different folders supposed to be displayed separately? I think it would be nice to have them separate. On a related topic, while searching I saw a discussion about some people wanting the "extras" displayed above the cast. Some were heavily for it, others solidly against it. Just goes to show you can't please everyone. I do have a suggestion for this. Buttons by the trailers button would be nice for "extras", "deleted scenes", etc. This could act like a webpage hyper link and just bring you down to the appropriate section. This would avoid having to create separate pages for each one and would hopefully satisfy those that wanted some visual indication that "extras" and others things were available for that movie. Thanks.
  19. I don't think anything like this exists already but as the admin of the server I would like to be able to make custom suggestions to each user of my server on what they might like to watch. Just like any streaming service my content has grown so big you can spend an hour looking through titles but since I know my users I would like to be able to create a custom "what to watch" list. An example is my parents. They are in their mid 80's and I have tons of movies from their time and many similar I know they have never seen so I would like to be able to create a list of things I suggest they watch instead of having them endlessly searching...which would overwhelm my dad and he'd just quit and go back to watching the useless news all day getting angry. I have tons of rare gems in my movies that very few people know about and I would like to be able to suggest to each user of my server things I think they would like since all are either family or close friends. I don't want to do this through texting or outside communications as it is clumsy but within emby itself so the next time they load the emby app there are more movies I have suggested for them. With that being said for my own use I wish there was some kind of an in emby feedback system for issues. My main issue is a lot of my content is recorded TV from TCM and my cable company is the worst on the planet and they have not been able to fix my signal issues for almost this entire year. I never know if the movie I have recorded has problems or not until I watch it. Because of this I have at least 2 or more recorded and encoded versions of each movie....but only one available in emby. If the movie had any issues with bad signal if there was a feedback system within emby my users could report it in the app and then I could investigate and load a different copy of the movie or re-record next available airing. This would help me as I watch different movies than most of them and would help me clean up my server quicker and get hard drive space back from keeping duplicates I may not need...but worst of all I don't want bad or useless content on my server if I can help it. I would really like this for any issues whether playback, bad encodes, non working subs or a host of issues that can arise. At least if the user could report directly through emby I would have all the information of what happened, what file they were watching, what hard drive it is on.....etc. etc. so it would be easy for me to chase down the issues. I don't know if this is possible or even how hard it would be it is just something I think could be really useful to all who are admins of a server with multiple users outside the house.
  20. I would love to be able to have these options separated, or some other way to prevent certain libraries from filling up my Continue Watching section, but still have the Latest Media displayed for that library on the home screen. Example, I record daily news programs but I don't watch all of them every day. I like to go to the latest media section and jump right into the most recent recording. But with this setting, if I'm looking to catch up on a series in my TV Shows library, the Continue Watching/Next Up sections are showing newer episodes of TV recordings that I don't need to watch every episode, so I have to manually "Remove from Continue Watching" in order to keep that section clean, whereas I'd just like to not have them there and just scroll down to see what the latest is for everything in that library. So just splitting this up to be 2 options for each library, one for latest media and one for continue watching. Going a step further, I actually prefer having both Continue Watching and Next Up (legacy) enabled on my home screen. If I'm in the middle of a show and back out, it makes sense to keep it in continue watching until it's marked as played, but then I'd want it it disabled for Next Up. So in my case ideally it would be 3 toggleable sections for Latest Media, Continue Watching, and Next Up. I love having Next Up separate, but since it's marked as (legacy) I get the feeling you guys may disable this eventually ( please don't) but if that's actually going to be the case then just the 2 options for Latest Media and Continue Watching would be good enough for me.
  21. I'm requesting the ability to create a custom guide based only on tv shows that I've downloaded on my local server. It could be randomly populated from all my content or we could select specific shows to use. You could also have the guide draw from local content and have a channel for comedy, drama, crime, reality......so on and so forth. Or maybe create your own channels and choose only the shows you want in a specific channel I have thousands of episodes and manually picking something is harder than it seems. A customizable guide populated from local content will give the experience of watching cable but only using YOUR content and no commercials. This would be a game changer for viewing local libraries. I'm amazed this hasn't been created already.
  22. shannonlong

    Book reader 21/12/2022

    Hi Is there any updates yet as to adding reader for books on emby?
  23. 希望给emby增加网络代理功能
  24. I would like to know if there is a way to have the episode preview images in the "Continue Watching" section, instead of the general show thumbs? I don't think they spoil very much in 99% of all cases, but instead can raise your interest in watching anything. It would be nice having at least the option to show them, for people who want it that way, like with a checkbox in the settings. So everyone could decide, for themselves, whether or not they want to see them. Jellyfin does that, for example, and I really liked that. But I want to use Emby, because of other great features Jellyfin doesn't have, like intro skipping. I found a few other threads requesting this, but they were all closed with links to other threads. But in these threads it's not exactly the same topic/request.
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