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Found 11 results

  1. I am using Emby theater in Windows 10. Whenever I go into movies or collection all box sets come up with the default cover art. I have tried everything to correct this delete images in the server. re-install CA nothing is working. all the single movies side covers come up correctly. Any suggestions need HELP.
  2. I need a little guidance regarding emby-for-kodi... I'm running emby server on a fairly robust Windows 10 tower. I have about 3,500 movies being stored on a Synology NAS, and included in my emby movie library. I also have 97 emby "Collections" set up on the emby server. I set all of them up the same way - by selecting the individual movie posters and manually added them to the appropriate collections using the context menu. For front-ends, I'm running kodi android boxes on each of three TV's. I have the emby-for-kodi add-on installed on each of the kodi boxes and it seems to be workin
  3. Hi all, I recently had to re-format my C:\ drive and re-install Emby from scratch and I'm having a hard time getting all of my settings back to the way they were. I'm hoping for a bit of advice. 1st off, I have the latest server version and I run Emby for Media Center. I am using the diamond theme. My issue is this, I have always had a specific folder set up on one of my drives called "Box Sets". When I go into the Box Sets area I am supposed to see (and used to see) the Demonseed box sets folder icons I had set up and created with his photoshop actions. Instead, I just
  4. ElLoboSolitario

    Can't Add Items To Collections Any More

    Don't know what happened, but with the latest version of the server, there is nowhere in the interface to add items to a collection. There used to be a place to click to scan the library for titles that matched a criteria (eg. Marvel superhero movies) Now the most it will do is search IMDB for artwork related to collections defined by IMDB.
  5. BrettM


    Hi All I have installed the Roco skin and registered the skin. But I have 2 issues with plugins I have listed the issues below: 1. I used to be able to have the box sets (collections) listed on the menu but it longer separates the box sets it puts them in with movies so it's very confusing, the same thing happens if I go back to crystal I have lost the collections (box sets) I have Auto box sets vers: installed 2. I also used to have trailerss for the movies but they to have gone none of the movies have trailers anymore. I have trailers vers: 1.0.5281.2007 installed. Ca
  6. Is their a way to show more metadata for box sets? On the server side I filled in most of the metadata fields for my box sets and the only thing that shows up in classic is the movie rating. Genre, consumer rating, info type all do not show up, like they would for a single movie. Media classic version: 7-191 Server version: 3.0.5324.37963 If not is their a way that this could be add for box sets.
  7. Leucocepha

    Creation of Box Set folders

    Hi, I really don't like the creation of Box Set folders in my Movies Folder. I have MB set up to save data with the media, I like the creation of the Box Sets or collections, but I don't want these folders to exist in my Movies folder, for one thing it creates duplicates of the box sets which is frustrating. Is there any way to direct MB to create these folders elsewhere, like in the Metadata folder?? It's driving me nuts.
  8. Maudite

    Auto Box Sets - Feature Request(s)

    Hello @@ebr. Love this Plugin, but don't use it quite yet due to the way I use my own boxsets right now. I'm wondering if there could be a few options added into this plugin. First, this one I might potentially use, but I also saw another user request this in the reviews of the plugin. Quoted from Plugin Catalog; I have all my box sets in a different folder from my movies, and tend to use it to cleanup/decrease "movies" folder. Perhaps this could be tied into the Auto-Organize piece of the server, it could not only create the Boxset folders, but it could move the movies (fol
  9. first off, thanks for this plugin, it has saved me a ton of time re-sorting my box set folders manually. i have just 2 issues ive found so far. 1. if there is currently a box set created, the plugin will not recognize this, and create another one that is the same.. I tested by manually doing 2 box sets, and these are duplicated now. 2. if there are duplicates/alternatives for a movie, only the first one that gets scanned gets put into the set. for instance, I recently started getting some 3d content, so i have both the 2d and 3d version of iron man 3 for instance. in the boxset t
  10. @@Luke thank you for that response, it is working now... didn't realize it had to be [boxset] not (boxset) or [box set]
  11. MSL_DK

    Box sets problems

    I have a problem with box sets. My primary language is Danish, there is no description in Danish, mbs then looks for English, nor does it exist. result:
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