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Found 16 results

  1. So I have a handful of friends and family all pretty happily using my Emby server at their various locations, but some of my users are stuck with some pretty slow DSL internet. That, and sometimes there is congestion even to users that have fast internet. I'd like to be able to give these users with slow internet a local cache of some or all of the files on my server, and use network path substitution so they can play the file from their local network share. I'm wondering, if the file naming structure is the same, can I have multiple file servers and have the remote client attempt to
  2. There used to be a tab in Libraries to setup path substitution, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Where did it go to? I can't find it anywhere and can't use external players without it. Previous: Now:
  3. nerachnaku

    Path Substitution Issues

    Howdy, I have been having issues with my setup after switch to streaming to Kodi using direct paths and path substitution on the server side. I have found a work around and am posting here in case someone else was having this issue. Issue: When setting path substitution for folders movies are handled differently than TV shows. EX: For movies the trailing \ is required to resolve a path properly (\\EXAMPLE\Movies\ will resolve correctly but \\EXAMPLE\Movies won't as it merges the file name and the folder name together). TV shows on the other hand behave differently and require the opposit
  4. Hi all :-) I'm a new user, trying to setup my Emby + Kodi environment. I've issues in library setup, during the "path substitution" phase, now integrated with library folders. The issue is that Emby "shared network folder" field seems to accept only UNC paths (\\server\share...), so any linux client tries to access the share via Samba instead of using NFS. My NAS exports shares both via SMB and NFS, but since I'm using some RaspberryPi as Kodi front-ends (OSMC distribution), I want to avoid using Samba, since it has an overhead on CPU. The only way I've find to end the library setup
  5. Servman

    Adding Path Substitution

    Hi All, I was hoping i could get some help with Path Substitution. i have upgrade to version 3.0.8200.0 (latest version) and i can see that the Path Substitution has move to Libraries and with in the folder. i have some old paths the i would like to update and it is not allow me to add the path. it say it is a invalid path. im running emby on a Ubuntu Server 16.04 with Samba the layout iim using is: smb://<username>:<password>@<IPaddress>/Media/Movie smb://<username>:<password>@<IPaddress>/Media/TVShow can someone confirm this is
  6. I have read conflicting answers about what is best or if it really matters... UNC paths or path substitution. Is there any advantage or noticeable difference in performance relating to any aspect when using either or? My current setup: Emby Server installed on a Windows 2012 server VM. All media is stored on a separate, physical Windows 2012 server with SMB file sharing. I used UNC paths for the library locations in the Emby Server settings. Is there really any benefit of using path substitution? Any precautions if I switch to path substitutions? If starting a new install woul
  7. Hello, I'm a new user of Emby, i really love it !! it's so easy and powerfull i didn't know why i don't heard about it before. Here is my setup of Emby to explain what i excpected to do with it : Actually i use substitution path for local Kodi and i would know if it's possible to have two path substitution system ? One for local device and one for remote device. I got strong internet connexion and didn't need transcoding to play files on my remote Kodi so it would be really interessant if it's possible to dissociate local acces to files from remoted one. To resume : Local Kodi
  8. Hi, I'm trying to get direct play to work for the movies that reside on my NAS via NFS. But Emby is unable to verify the path. The NFS path listed in the log below is exactly the same path that works from the file manager in Kodi. My Emby server is Windows 8.1 and cannot access the NFS share outside of Kodi, but this shouldn't matter because of the path substitution, correct? Is the Kodi client verifying the path or is the Emby server? Setup: Emby Server - Window 8.1 Prof. NAS = WD My Cloud NFS/SMB Kodi = Windows and RPI2 Emby library folder: \\\media\movies
  9. I'm new to the forum.. So if I say or ask something that may seem (ignorant) you will have to excuse me. On point ... I'm running Emby on Windows 7 with Kodi Jarvis. Ultimately all I want to achieve is Emby automatically pulling the entire Kodi Library so that it can be used in various ways and on other devices. MY PROBLEM, however, I'm not sure what correct folders and pathways are supposed to be for Kodi and emby to do that. I do not have any external drives or downloaded "movies or music" - I only stream content from Kodi. So the importance from a user standpoint and makin
  10. I have Emby Server installed in a docker container on an Unraid server. I have Emby for WMC installed on a separate Windows 7 machine. I am using the Path Substitution feature of Emby Server. I have configured Virtual CloneDrive in the Emby for WMC Configurator tool. When attempting to play an ISO in Emby for WMC I receive an error message in a VCDMount widow outside Emby for WMC saying... "Can't mount " and then the path. The path displayed is the path on the server, not what has been configured in Path Substitution - which is why it fails to mount.
  11. Hey All, I have run a FreeNAS for my home media server for some time (over 6 years)... but my current box was quite outdated (running FN 0.7.2, SAB, SickBeard, Couchpotato) and was due for an upgrade. Long story short, I upgraded my FreeNAS with a whole new hardware build and am now running the latest 9.3.1 with SAB, SR, CP, and Emby! I am thrilled to start using this setup with my Kodi clients to stream my media library. This will be my first time using Emby to keep my media library updated at a central location and synced down to my Kodi clients! As of last night, Emby Server is up a
  12. First of all, let me say that I searched the forum and haven't found anything that covers this topic. I have a few questions regarding the setup of Emby together with Kodi when they are running on the same machine, to be precise, a headless Ubuntu-based HTPC. I scanned my video files to Emby, they show up just fine on the server side. Emby fetches all the artwork properly, including extrafanart and extrathumbs. I use the Kodi addon (1.1.53) and want to get direct playback running as smooth as possible. As said, Kodi runs on the same device with the same user and same filesystem access
  13. Currently running Emby Version 3.0.5675.1 on my Windows 8.1 machine, and the Emby for Kodi addon version 1.1.17 on my Amazon Fire TV within my home network. I also like to access my library remotely to stream via my mobile devices. When trying to play from my Video Library while within my network, I receive the message that I am unable to direct play, and whether I want to stream via HTTP or HTTPS. I believe my issue has to do with my path substitution being set up incorrectly. I have my share permissions set up correctly for NFS, but think my syntax is wrong in my Emby Server for pa
  14. Hi guys, I'd really like to upgrade my rather old Kodi HTPC setup by replacing the backend with Mediabrowser. I like the possibility to watch on multiple devices in my home network without keeping media databases in sync. So what I did was installing Mediabrowser on my Ubuntu server (HP N36L) for testing before buying a faster server (for transcoding). I am running into the problem that I cannot playback any content without transcoding being in place. The library is set up using linux local paths ( /media/Storage/movies ). I configured path substitution so that the clients can access t
  15. So I'm an idiot and set up my path substitution but i actually forgot to share the folders on the network, so my path substitution was not working and I was getting transcodes even when playing locally same machine server and MBT finally tracked it down to the substitution being invalid...
  16. Sammy

    Path Substitution

    Path Substitution is not covered in the current wiki and seems to be a recent addition to the Media Library Options. Is there an explanation somewhere on how to utilize it? Thanks.
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