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  1. Hi, I have a little problem. When I watch a movie with Emby app I have a choice for subtitles but no subtitle appear when I choose. But when I see the same movie with a web interface (with safari on my phone) the subtitle works. Do you have any idea ? Thanks server-63636019200.txt ffmpeg-directstream-7bd6ab73-8a70-4c32-9934-da3c32921df4.txt
  2. chudak

    Emby vs Plex iOS app

    I've changed my cell phone provider to t-mobile and was testing if I can stream on LTE connection ~12-16Mbps speed. And was surprised that Emby client did not do as good as Plex, so wanted to share here. I was trying to stream 1080 movie and Plex was a bit slow but generally was able to stream. Even if it stopped the way you can change Quality while streaming enabled me to decrease quality a little but still be able to stream. Emby client was not able to stream at all !!! And no way to even change the quality at all after streaming was suppose to start. Just FYI and maybe Emby needs to have some Quality change feature redesigned/fixed. And main question - why Emby can't stream on LTE?! Thx
  3. LouisMylle

    How soon is "soon"?

    Hello! I've purchased Emby recently and I am wondering how soon "soon" is (explained below). Regards, Louis Mylle.
  4. My chromecast does appear, however when I select it, the emby interface just spins for a bit (the multicolored spinning circles), and the device seems to respond, but then fails. I've been using it for about a year now without issues but it failed over the weekend. I used it on Saturday (March 10th) without any issues and it wouldn't work at all on Monday evening until now. My chromecast is not what I would consider a typical chromecast device. It's a Vizio M50 smartTV, which actually has a chromecast built into it (ie not a dongle that just plugs into it). I have tried from the chrome browser on my MacBook Pro (web interface), an Android tablet (admittedly running an older version of android), an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 5s, all of which are using the newest released version of the app of their respective systems (Android and iOS). They all do the exact same thing. If the TV is powered off, starting chromecast will trigger the TV to power on (which is as it should, and is really nice), and normally it would then show an information screen that corresponds to what I'm looking at in the app, however the TV just shows a black screen. After about a minute the spinning circles stop on emby and the TV goes to the google wallpapers (a default when you don't give it anything to cast). I have power cycled the TV (completely unplugged it from power), the computer that emby server is running on (windows 10; full system reboot), the router (also full power removal), and all of the devices I've tried. Other than that, emby does seem to be functioning, meaning that it will play in the browser or app on all of the devices listed, it just won't cast it. I think I'm in the correct place as it doesn't seem to be tied to any one device or app. I do not believe I changed any settings between Saturday and Monday in emby or on any of my devices. My log files are attached, in which I replicated the issue at least twice. I did enable Debug Logging before I tried it the second time. I think this is the correct location of the forum as it doesn't seem to be related to playback or the apps, just to the chromecast functionality itself. Feel free to move it or ask me to post if it's not
  5. parlar

    connect using hostname problem

    HI! I'm having problems connecting from the ios client (ipad) to a local emby server using the hostname address, i.e. http://hostname (port 8096). Using the IP address instead, it works perfectly. Connecting to the server using the hostname in a web browser in windows on the same network also works fine (http://hostname:8096) It might not seem as much of a problem but I want to be able to move the emby server (on an intel nuc) between different networks, using it in the car for instance. Connecting using the hostname would be more practical. I'm using the most recent emby ios client. Suggestions are highly appreciated! cheers, Pär, Sweden
  6. Hello, Please find below my media playback issue report: Source file stream mediainfo: Video: 4998 Kbps, 1920*1080 at 23.976 fps, HEVC (Main@L4@Main) Audio: 495 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 6 channels / 2 channels, AAC (LC) Playback results: Emby: Playback Device: iPhone 7 Plus Playback OS: iOS 11.2.6 Player: Safari Instance 1: Occurred ~00:53 - Emby user profile with enabled video transcoding policy - Playback result: Video and Audio transcoded to h264/mp3 Instance 2: Occurred ~01:05 - Emby user profile with disabled video transcoding policy - Playback result: Black/blank video output, stuttering audio output. Attached are obfuscated logs. Happy to private message the original logs but this should be more than enough detail. Note: I attempted using Aloha browser (my goto for iOS), and the iOS app and got the same results as with Safari, but was expecting transcoding in both. No fault found. -lateparty Edit 20170304 - Attachment deleted by user.
  7. DNM

    Qnap Server (251A)

    Kind of bummed about running Emby Server on a Qnap 251A. Over the last several days, using the Qnap as a server has resulted in non connection via iOS and web UI. Many times, once I do finally connect, I then cannot view movie icons on file listings (possibly TV also). Once connected (without icon view), I can request movies to play/resume, without additional problems, except speed. I do not understand these glitches, as I can run MrMC on iOS (using Emby Server on Qnap as the upnp backend)...can then view all icons and then play files. Faster load and ffd through the commercial breaks. I’m also trying to use test Android Server, but there are multiple other problems (understand that this is still in testing mode so not too concerned). Which logs would you like me to attach to help resolve these problems?...so I can follow your requested “Report a Problem” process.
  8. Wilky13

    New iOS App Purchase

    If you are NOT an Emby Premier subscriber and pay the $4.99 to "unlock" and play content in the app does it: 1) apply to other devices on the same Apple ID? For example, if I pay the $4.99 on my iPad, will it also unluck my iPhone and iPod Emby apps? 2) apply to other apple id's under the same iCloud family. For example, my wife, mine and both my kids Apple id's are all linked together using apple's family iCloud service, allowing sharing of apps and payment information; so if I pay $2 for an app and my wife downloads the same app a day later using her Id, Apple recognizes we are a linked family and allows her to download it for free because I already paid for it even though we have different Apple id's. So if I pay the $4.99 on my iPad will it also unlock the app on my wife's iPad? 3) or is it per Emby server? I.e. Once I unlock the app on my iPad, any device that connects to my server is already unlocked? Thanks.
  9. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  10. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  11. Hi, As @@Luke asked for logs here - I'm making this thread in Synology section since I'm using server on DS916+ I have a problem with external ass subs. Tried few clients (server restart before, tested in that order - might be useful info while reading logs), and that's what I've got: Windows: Emby Theater: ASS ok, Direct Playing Chrome - ASS ok, Direct Streaming, F11 fullscreen OK Raspberry: Emby for Kodi- ASS shows, but no formating/color Kodi directly from NAS share - ASS OK - just to check, that Pi/Kodi itself can handle it Android: App: Not playing movie at all - movie not starting, som other plays ok, and once after trying others tested file started but only with English subs, and after closing it - again not starting ... Chrome: ASS OK, Direct Streaming, Fullscreen OK VLC directly from NAS share without Emby - ASS OK Ipad App - transcoding 3.2 Mbps, no subs, even embedded English are not working Chrome - Direct Streaming, ASS works, but not on fullscreen (I know, that subs in browser is some kind of hack - Luke explained me already in different thread) Safari - same as Chrome Ipad VLC directly from NAS - Video plays, I see english subs, but external ass are not available (no on list) All tests made on same video file, transcoding in server set to not using VA API - only software. Bellow I attach logs from this debug session. If this will help, I can send link to tested video/subs (it's less than 300mb) ffmpeg-remux-2b9e70bb-7c04-4f5d-8fad-b45472958b51.txt ffmpeg-remux-20af0644-03d6-47aa-9c37-51620505dd21.txt ffmpeg-remux-923d313f-12c8-4b5e-821d-633a37c9e8e1.txt ffmpeg-remux-abc20902-069f-400a-a4d9-00a13c17bd83.txt ffmpeg-remux-abf09d87-c4b6-4b74-b04f-b2c0674e7d8a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7ed88e21-482c-4990-b358-669f78c3df2e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1223dba0-0ba2-4da7-a12c-afa53a1a40cf.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bcb65f5a-7982-414a-8685-07aa9ef18ee7.txt server-63635074186.txt server-63635117859.txt
  12. Man this feels like the lowest of the low for feature requests, but I use emby client on an iPad pro with an apple pencil, but the pencil doesn't work in the app. A half-arsed look, it appears to be a class in UIEvent (telling you nothing that you probably don't already know ) https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/touches_presses_and_gestures/handling_stylus_based_input Again, this is just Very nice to have.
  13. rubicon

    Music playback issue

    Hello, I haven't found anything relevant but if something similar has been posted before, I am sorry in advance. I am having a long time now an issue when streaming my music library through the iPhone EMBY app. I haven't mentioned it before as I wasn't using that feature often but lately I like listening to my music too through EMBY. So, the problem is when I stream music through my iPhone EMBY app (playlist, songs in queue, shuffle mode etc.), after a while, always (if not immediately) I have to unlock my phone for the next song to continue playing on the list. This is most inconvenient especially when I am in the car driving and always have to press the iPhone button (sometime that alone only works) or even having to unlock so the next song in the queue can play. Even through the Samsung TV app it hangs from time to time but it’s not as bad as the iPhone app. I know EMBY is mainly for movies, and for that it works extremely well, but it would be handy to be able to use it smoothly for mp3's as well. I would expect it to work on the background but it doesn’t seem to like it when the device locks. Anyone having similar problems? Thanks in advance, George
  14. sstt671

    Transcoding Issue

    Hello, Whenever I try to play a video that needs to be transcoded , I get blank screen with circles or progress bar that won't complete (Roku 4) or app will close the playback. QNAP TS-251+ (FW v 4.3.3) QMono 4.8.1 Emby v 3.2.15 iOS - iphone 6s (iOS v10.3) Andoid - Samsung S8 (Emby app v 2.8.97) Roku 4 - Beta app and regular app both seems to have the same problem. Logs are attached. Let me know if you need more information. server-63630177405.txt ffmpeg-transcode-eebaedc5-9ad2-4869-9c2b-97345f959759.txt
  15. While watching movies / episodes on iOS/AppleTV the play back works great till the last 2 - 8 minutes of playing, Once this happens the item that is playing no longer plays, if i move back and hit the Resume playback at time it still freeze and does not play the video, nor does it show any thing as "loading". It will also fail if i stop the episode and try to scrub through to the point it needs to play. Logs are attached for the latest attempt, Web Player seems to work but I'll have to test when able to watch through while it encodes the video and see if its a FFMPEG.exe issue or something else. ffmpeg-remux-37ce2371-4efc-41eb-9757-924e729debf3.txt server-63625957714.txt Server System Info.txt
  16. Buenas tardes, Tengo problemas para reproducir música desde la aplicación de iOS (iPhone). Selecciono un album para reproducir y me reproduce sin problemas; el problema surge en cuanto la pantalla del teléfono se apaga, la canción suena hasta finalizar pero ya no se inicia la siguiente. Muchas gracias y un saludo.
  17. mailtomark

    Video not starting to play

    I am not sure which category to post this to, so for now I am posting it in the one for my player. I am using the Emby app on a Roku2, my server is located on an Asustor AS304T. I have a bunch of videos that I recorded on my iPhone 5s (running iOS 10.1.1) I am connecting the Roku directly to the Emby server without using EmbyPremiere or logging into an Emby account. I uploaded the videos to the Asustor NAS into the folder that is linked into the Emby library. The videos do show up there. I am able to play them from there when I use the browser to connect from my PC to the Emby web interface of the Asustor NAS. On the Roku2 Emby app, the videos are listed in the library folder. When I select a video, it opens the detail screen for the video with the "Play" button. I select "Play" and it looks like it starts loading, then does not do anything for a few seconds, then drops back to the screen for the selected video with the "Play" button. Why can I not play that video? I also tried Plex with the same video files. In Plex, I am also unable to load the original video (apparently due to encoding, size, and/or the weak server) using the Roku2 Plex app, but I am able to have Plex re-encode the video for mobile devices and then the Roku will play that re-encoded version fine. That version is a lot smaller and has less bandwidth. I have not found an option to explicitly make Emby re-encode my video, so I am not sure if the reason for Emby playback failing is the same as for Plex playback failing on that same original file. What do I need to do to play my videos? Thank you in advance!
  18. Hi all Playback device: mobile safari browser on ipad and iphone (ios 9.x), screen auto lock on (2 min) When I try to play a Music-album on mobile ios safari browser it only plays the first title. After the Screen locks it does not continue. I have to unlock the phone for playback to continue. I can not imagine that this is intended- what am I doing wrong? (I dont know if this is related, but when I press "play" on emby-interface I have to press "play" again on local iphone player. So it seems to use external player, not browser) Anyone can help? Cheers
  19. I have a guest account which I want to block some TV shows with tags ("Parental Control/Block contents with tags"), when I do so, the user can't see the show on "TV Shows/Shows" tab, but the same user can see episodes from the restricted ones on "Home/Latest Media", "TV Shows/Latest Episodes" and "TV Shows/Upcoming" and if he clicks on one of those episodes, he can see all seasons and episodes. It happens on "app.emby.media", "tv.emby.media" and iOS. On my Android TV it seems normal... I have the server's last version (3.0.5882.0), but it was the same before this one... Actually, I think this started on the database refactor version. I don't have the same issue with movies...
  20. Didn't have this issue before only after the roll-out of iOS 10. Videos on iOS used to have controls and overlay that wasn't the native iOS video playback. CC also used to work differently and would allow more support for various sub formats, now subtitles seems to only work for .srt with the native player. Is there a way to make the iOS Emby use the player pre-iOS 10? When stopping playback, I can see the subtitles laid on the video.
  21. On iPhone I can't select descending sort order due to radio button goes out of screen and list is not scrollable (see attached screenshot) Steps to reproduce: 1) Run Emby on iPhone 2) Go to Movies section 3) Click on AZ sort link 4) Observe sorting options list Actual result: can't scroll list and some options are not accessible (e.g. descending sort order) Expected result:it is possible to scroll list (e.g. same as scrolling on Filters options list) Possibly this problem occurs only on UI with non-english languages (Russian in my case) Tested on: iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 (latest) Emby for iOS 1.1.7 (latest)
  22. I searched the IOS forums and did not find info on this yet, but I might have missed it.
  23. Hi everyone.... First let me thank to all developers and contributors of emby for their valuable efforts on this project. I am trying to switch to Emby from Plex with respect to following history - Installation on my remote server is OK - Connecting to any media on my remote server via web browser (through remote ip and port) is OK. I could reach watch/listen to any media on the server without any problem . - Connecting to any media on my remote server via ANDROID APP is NOK - Connecting to any media on my remote server via IOS APP is NOK - I can see my remote servers name on mobile apps but no success for both mobile apps to connect to the remote server !! the error message I faced up for both negative cases is "Connection Failure We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." My tryouts to define the problem - I checked if my port is opened via external testing website . The result is OK - I switched off my server's firewall completely and tried to connect via mobile apps , but the result is NOK So what do you guys suggest me !! thank you in advance for your valuable time.
  24. embyaccount201955

    iOS 7 support?

    Hello After trying a lot of things I couldn't solve this, so if it's an easy answer, sorry in advance How can I install Emby on a iOS 7 device? The current app has 8.4 requirement, but I would imagine there's an older version of the app with support for 7, where can I can get this version? Thanks PS: I know I can just use the Html5 version, I'm doing that, but it's a little bugged, I would like to use the app
  25. The app plays music just fine to Chromecast, but when I click the Queue button nothing happens.
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