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  1. ShadowKindjal

    Swagger API Help

    I'm not sure if I have something configured incorrectly on my server but I've never been able to use the API button on the bottom of my dashboard to test API calls via swagger. I always have to open a command prompt or use postman to test my scripts for what seems to be simple issue. For some reason the web address under Servers on my swagger page begins with http instead of https. This means all my API calls done from that page fail but when I populate the command with https and use the same variables it works just fine. Is there a simple way for me to fix this?
  2. HemTark

    Understanding Developer API

    I am new to Emby Developer API. While going through the Developer API Wiki on GitHub I got following doubts. Please help me in understanding these topics. The API key authentication is not linked to a specific user. So when using API key authentication how can I browse the whole library of the Emby server as all the APIs related to browsing library requires a user id? I can get list of all users on the server using /Users API. But then how to decide which user id to use for browsing library? This is crucial as every user might not have access to every type of media. How to connect to server as a client and create a session? As my application is sending API requests to Emby server, as per the terminology my application becomes a client. But how can I create a session for my application so that other clients know about it? What is Emby Server DLNA client? When I fetch sessions controllable by a specific user I get two sessions. First is of my browser from which I am accessing Emby server hosted in my machine. And second one is Emby Server DLNA Client. I would like to know what is this second session for? I have Emby server hosted in my local machine and I am using API key authentication for making API requests. Thanks for help in advance.
  3. Hi, all. So, I've been just slowing chipping away at this PowerShell script I run every night to sync my server with some other drives and want to make an API request to scan the Emby library and call two other requests as well (Timelord Plugins). Has anyone does this that has some code they'd be willing to share (privately or publicly) as examples? Here is my barebones script, without any of my server's info in there. Thanks! server_sync (1).ps1
  4. Hello Folks, After the success of getting a count of the current NowPlayingItem entries in the Sessions API, I am now trying to get a list of the Users and what they are currently playing - then send that to my InfluxDB to show in my Grafana server. I am nearly there with this command line, but cannot quite get it so that JQ only shows those session users who are actually playing something... wget -q -O - "http://localhost:8096/emby/Sessions?api_key=3469exxxxxxxxxxxxxxx201ef3f" | jq -M '.[].UserName, .[].NowPlayingItem.Name' will show me the following... null "Paul" "Tracey" "Sam" "Tom" "Katie" null "The Secret of the Unicorn (1)" null null null null ...which is every possible user. In the above example, only user "Paul" is actually playing ""The Secret of the Unicorn (1)". If I add the JQ options to now show 'nulls'... wget -q -O - "http://localhost:8096/emby/Sessions?api_key=3469exxxxxxxxxxxxxxx201ef3f" | jq -M '.[].UserName, .[].NowPlayingItem.Name | select(. != null)' then I can get it to this output... "Paul" "Tracey" "Sam" "Tom" "Katie" "The Secret of the Unicorn (1)" ...which is correct but still shows me users that are not playing anything at that time! Does anyone have knowledge of JSON and JQ or the API so that I can just get a list of those users that are playing an item now. I would be happy with this output... "Paul" "The Secret of the Unicorn (1)" ...or even better - turn it in to a key + value pair like this... { "Paul": "The Secret of the Unicorn (1)" } ...so that I can send that to a bash script and then to my InfluxDB. Thanks in advance! Regards, Paully
  5. VernoxVernax

    List of servers for a user empty?

    Hello, I'm currently trying to get the list of servers from a users account. Wiki The authentication part is working successfully and I get the required user_id and access_token, but the following get request just doesn't reply anything. header = { "X-Application": "blah/1", "X-Connect-UserToken": access_token } response = requests.get("https://connect.emby.media/service/servers?userId={}".format(user_id), headers=header) print(response.status_code) print(response.text) >> 200 >> [] I tried switching user_id and access_token and other stuff as well, but I'm pretty sure everything is fine on my side. Please, help. What am I missing?
  6. Hey @Erb or @Luke, Quick question. Would it be that big a deal to add the release level (Stable or Beta) to the public API at /System/Info/Public? I'm doing a MAJOR overhaul of my EmbyUpdate auto updater/installer for linux and realized if for some reason when I release my new update I fail to be able to convert from from the old config based settings to my new database based settings, that I could end up installing Stable over someone running Beta. (Very small chance, I've tested thoroughly. But you know how it is with 1000 flavors of linux) So I'm having to just fail the app if I can't convert their settings, which will break the automation for everyone affected if there's a bug. I know this is a really niche request, and I'm likely the only person who's interested in this feature. What I do is allow my users to install your latest "pre-release" or "release" versions off github. My app just automatically does what your process is for linux on your linux download page. If I can query the sever (something I'm already doing to know the version #) and find out if it's release (Stable) or pre-release (Beta) it would just make it safer. Then I can also confirm what they are doing if they change it. While ~I~ may be the only person ever to care, my users (aka your users) may benefit from it by me being able to build a better and smarter updater. Only reason I'm asking. Thanks, long time lifetime subscriber, nowhere near first time caller.
  7. Skyobliwind

    Pictures from Fanart just grey

    Starting a few days ago all pictures from fanart ar just shown in grey. Updating the FreeNas plugin to the newest available version didn't change anything. It happened from one day to the other without changes on the system. Did fanart make changes on their api side or something? Other sources work fine. Problem seems to only occur with different series. No problem with films. (See attached Screenshot).
  8. Salut, je cherche à créer des utilisateurs à partir de leurs comptes google, ou bien autoriser les connexions à partir d'un compte google. Cette fonctionnalité est possible à mettre en place sur une page .html basique : Et est même déjà intégré sur d'autres applications à travers un plugin additionnel. Voici la page d'administration du plugin social login installé sur le serveur nextcloud : Et le résultat pour les utilisateurs une fois configuré avec les différents api de google facebook etc... :
  9. Hello. I been running some custom scripts to pull a listing of nextup episodes via the Emby Server API and it seem to no longer be working. In the Emby Dashboard on the server I go to the bottom of the screen and click "Api" This bring up the Swagger UI Go to TvShowsService the click Get on the /Shows/NextUp Click Try It out Fill in the UserID String (which can be found when you run the UserService Get /Users/Query) , scroll down and click This used to give me a listing of all the next up episodes that are shown in the Next up in emby. I noticed Next up was missing and I had to turn it back on in Emby. But now it's only give me this for output. See Response body. I'm showing the code that normally gives me the listing. Notice the TotalRecordCount : 0 Normally it spits out all the next up showings. I tried the /Shows/Upcoming command and it seems to work. As shown below Is anyone else having this issue with the Nextup command? Is there a new ContinueWatching Command but it's not listing in the Emby API/Swagger UI? More information I'm running Emby server on Unraid and have been for a few years now. I'm not entirely sure when this stopped working for me. I haven't installed any new plugins lately except for the Addicted.com and Open Subtitles. Please let me know if your having this issue as well or have a solution for me. Thank you so much Best regards Indy
  10. Hi everyone. My first post in this forum. I hope someone with some experience on emby API can help me figuring out how to call this endpoint. (https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/vdts/jellyfin-server_api/1.0.0#/default/ResetTuner) The background is.. I use a 'virtual M3U tuner' on Jellyfin server that connects to a remote m3u file. This gets only updated if I do so on the admin panel at the EPG Data Refresh. By resetting the tuner, I suppose this would basically reload the remote m3u file but I don't know how to use it. I know it is a POST request, I've tried the payload using {'operationId':'RefreshItem','Id':'38d682202ec8345f5b7381f656f921e9c '} but I cant quite understand what does the Id refer to. That number there is what I can read on the browser address ..../livetvtuner.html?id=8d682202ec8345f5b7381f656f921e9c when getting into the tuner settings page. Any clue? Thanks in advance,
  11. ohmadruga

    Emby Serializer / API

    About A serialization layer for your Emby server's database, allowing information about movies, tv series and episodes to be retrieved in JSON format via GET requests. Project URL https://github.com/samuel-antonini/emby-serializer Why? I wanted to build some custom Python scripts to feed my Superset dashboards with relevant information about my Emby library and I could not find all the information I needed using the native API, so I ended up building this "intermediate app" that sits between my scripts/dashboards and my Emby server's database. Due to to database access restrictions, it is a little bit slow, but that's something I'm going to tackle next. Ideas and feedback are welcome! Screenshots 1. Movie endpoint response 2. Genre & studios detail 3. Providers detail: 4. Media streams detail (audio tracks and subtitles included)
  12. Hello, long time user of emby but new to the forums, sorry if it's breaking any rules! I'm trying to use the embypy search function after initializing the connection between the system and the API server (i think?) however i am getting a 403 forbidden error when i search anything. for example: import embypy emby = embypy.Emby(url="http://HIDDEN FOR PRIVACY", username="HIDDEN", password="HIDDEN") # Initialises Successfully res = emby.search("Nobody") // Errors here the error is: RuntimeError: Unexpected JSON output (status: 403): "Forbidden" how would i go about troubleshooting this?
  13. Would it be straightforward for the /items api to be extended to return library name and library id in the response using &Fields=Library (eg). A couple of times when writing scripts i have wanted to know what library each item is in, and working it out myself is a bit painful. was wondering if asking emby api to provide this info was worthwhile request.
  14. Hello, I've been using emby for a couple of months now it's everything that i expected and more. (only missing a subtitles edit option) The only real issue i have with emby is that i'm very quickly hitting my API limit of Gdrive and i've been struggling with this since day 1. I have: - Gsuite unlimited (exclusively being used for emby) - 40TB Split over all Library's (11 library's in total) - ~80% of my media = Hevc 10 bit MKV - ~275GB Media uploading to Gdrive every 24 hours true rclone with encryption - PC Server is running on : Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz 48.0GB Ram Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz GeForce GTX 1070 I know buying hard drives and streaming emby locally would be much better but i wont be able to buy 40TB+ of hard drives anytime soon but will eventually. Is there anything i could do to lower the API usage, could it be possible emby is doing unnecessary scans of my library or is there anything else i should be aware of using the api limit? I attached some older logs the most recent ones where to big to upload. embyserver-63733651213.txt embyserver-63733564811.txt
  15. develguebil

    Can't reach the Emby API Swagger

    Whenever I click the API link I get the following error message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to load API definition. Errors Fetch error NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. http://<ipaddress:port>/emby/openapi Fetch error Possible mixed-content issue? The page was loaded over https:// but a http:// URL was specified. Check that you are not attempting to load mixed content. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am I missing something?? Thanks
  16. kmsonic023

    Search User API

    Hello people !!! In my system, I need to search for a user to find out if he exists or not and in the API I didn't find a way to do that. Thank's for now!
  17. kmsonic023

    API Treatment Users

    Hello guys!!! I need help handling the API with blocked users. I'm using PHP (cURL). I need the API to bring only the necessary information (whether the user is blocked or not). The list currently shows for all users, but I need to filter this information. Can anyone help me with this?
  18. kmsonic023

    API para listar usuários

    E ae galera, blz? Estou estudando a API e me deparei com um problema. Para listar o usuário, temos que realizar a consulta com o parâmetro http://embyIP:embyPort/emby/Users?api_key=embyApiKey certo? Mas quando eu rodo, ele não retorna nada. Fico com tela em branco. Já no Postman ele funciona normalmente. Saberiam me dizer onde estou errando? Estou trabalhando com o PHP 7.3. Segue meu código: https://pastebin.com/jNGRpHvS Obrigado pessoal! @chef @rechigo
  19. Hi guys. First of all let me congratulate all the Emby team for your amazing work. I got the server installed inside my company for content delivering and is working like a charm but im struggling now with a first problem that i would appreciate you could help me with. I have an Ant server running a webrtc application wich uses java, RED5 and websocket to connect video, from and betweeen html5 clients and the server. STRM file pointing to the player doesnt work and i havent found a way to simply publish and open a hyperlink inside the home screen so an embeded player in a website could do the rest. So far i have only been able to publish HLS streams using IPTV plugin and LiveTV (I bought the premiere subscription) wich works fine for scenarios where a 10-30 seconds delays is acetpable. So, after an extensive reading of the forum i found out that "linking" the home page its not possible (so far at least), so i made an external website where im publishing the webrtc streams wich i need to link to the emby server somehow. Here is where i need some help: Can you explain me how to build an API call that can get a user directly to the emby home screen from an external link ?, I need the API URL link contains the username and password so i can put that on a button in my own application, so that the user thats already logged in (in my intranet) dont have to double log once is beeing transported to emby (using offcourse the Emby authentication). Any lights on the problem will be appreciate. Im a complete newby in API usage, so im being very humble in asking a detailes "how to", even if its sound a little dumb for the oracles of the Emby comunnity. Thank you.
  20. SuperMinecraftKid

    Bulk New Users Python Script

    Hello everyone! I used to have a python script that would add accounts with selenium. It worked well enough, but that was broken by an emby update. Current events have given me lots of free time and I'm kinda bored, so I decided to rewrite my script using python requests and the emby api. This script takes input from a text file in the format <server username>, <emby connect username> <server username>, <emby connect username> <server username>, <emby connect username> and creates users on an emby server with the username <server username> and attempts to link it to <emby connect username>. The script also configures a bunch of settings for the new user. A list of settings that are configured by the script and more details can be found in the readme in the github repo. Here it is: https://github.com/stummyhurt/auto-emby-accounts I'd love to hear any thoughts!
  21. Español: Buenas. Estoy comenzando a utilizar la API, cosa que se me ha hecho muy interesante. En contexto, cuando se crea un usuario, tiene acceso a todas las librerías por default, para eso modifico sus políticas, por ejemplo: Aquí le estoy diciendo que excluya esas dos subcarpetas, en el parámetro "ExcludedSubFolders". Pero me gustaría saber, si hay alguna forma en que al momento de crear el usuario haya algún parámetro que por default haga que NO tengan acceso a ninguna librería, y después yo pueda asignar a tal usuario a qué librerías SI podría acceder? English Good. I am starting to use the API, which has been very interesting for me. In context, when a user is created, he has access to all the libraries by default, for that I modify his policies, for example: Here I am typing that exclude those two subfolders, in the "ExcludedSubFolders" parameter. But I would like to know, if there is any way that at the moment of creating the user there is some parameter that by default makes them NOT have access to any library, and then, I can assign such a user to which libraries he or she could access? Thanks! @@chef @@rechigo
  22. Доброго времени суток знатоки! Подскажите пожалуйста, через какую команду (набор команд) API можно закачать в Emby Server данные о видео (Размер, длительность, качество и т.д.)? При первом запуске фильма Emby получает данные от файла и хранит их в блоке INFO, можно ли закачать эти данные один раз но для всех фильмов сразу? Спасибо за помощь! @@chef
  23. LanternMyWilly

    [API] Login with external form

    Hi! I'm trying to create a webform where you can create an account and login into Emby without having to login in 'https://domain.com/web/index.html#!/startup/login.html?serverId=123'. I've noticed that when you authenticate a user, this user stays authenticated throughout the entire browser. So I thought if I did a '/Users/AuthenticateByName' call in the form, this would would authenticate the user like it would when you normally login but it doesn't. So basically I call '/Users/AuthenticateByName' with my desired username and password I want to login, this does the job but when I go to the same url as provided in the api call, it still asks me to login. Both in the same browser. My code to authenticate the user: function userAuthenticate($username,$password) { $dataArray = array("Username"=>$username, "Pw"=>$password); $dataString = http_build_query($dataArray); $url= 'https://domain.com/emby/Users/AuthenticateByName?api_key=123456789&'; $ch = curl_init($url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, true); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $dataString); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); $response = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); $responseDecoded = json_decode($response,true); echo $responseDecoded["AccessToken"]; } The code above does always succeed but doesn't do what I want (that is authenticating the user in https://domain.com/web). Now I'm wondering if it is possible to accomplish what I just described. Thanks in advance! (I'm sorry if I didn't describe my problem very well, I didn't really know how to ) Greetings!
  24. itkserver

    Users and Chromecast

    G'day, I am fiddling about with some voice commands using Tasker and its menagerie of plugins on top of swagger and some python code, attempting to tell my various tvs to play the next episode of or shuffle 'x' series or 'y' movie. I have the core code and actions set. (it works near perfectly on my Roku with some outliers due to naming collisions). What I am struggling with is 2 things, my Chromecast and user authentication. I have tried both user auth methods listed in UserService, I get the 204 response, but no change appears to take place on any of my devices. My goal here, is to say "Play Paw Patrol as <My Daughter's Name> in living room" or "Play Iron Man as <My Name> in Basement" The other issue is trying to get Emby on my Chromecasts. I can obviously do it with a physical button press no issues, but I cannot find a way to do it programmatically nor with Tasker. AutoInput seems to have an issue with the Emby Android app, non of the Elements are clickable by that plugin. Has anyone found any solutions to one or both (crosses fingers) of these, no matter how hacky (you should see my python library, I don't think I have written anything that is not hacky) Thanks in advance.
  25. ArthurAttout

    Get TV show ID by name

    I'd like to write a script that calls my Emby server's API. This script should do some stuffs with the subtitles of a specific episode of a given TV show. How can I get the ID of a show based on its name ? Alternatively, is there a way I can browse the local Emby DB for debugging purposes ? Thanks !
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