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  1. Chromecast is now almost unusable with Emby since the last server and Android app updates. I carefully tested every variable to help debug. For the developers: - Logs attached - Same problems with trying to cast different video files - Same problems when Chromecasting from both Pixel 5 phone and Samsung Tab A tablet - Server version on Windows 10 machine - Android app version 3.2.77 running on both devices - I rebooted every device and program in the chain multiple times: router (TP-Link), Emby server, Emby android apps, Chromecast device. I had nothing else running on any device in the chain from Emby to router to either Android device to Chromecast. - None of these problems occur when using Chromecast with Vimeo, YouTube, or Kanopy apps running on both the same Android devices. - None of these problems occur when viewing a video directly on either Android device (i.e. not Chromecasting). In summary, Emby isn't working well with Chromecast. The problems: 1. Horribly stuttering playback of video when Chromecasting, with long pauses before stream resumes, which happens when casting from either device but does NOT occur when viewing video directly on the device. 2. Playback timeline updates choppily: 7:06, long pause, 7:11, long pause, 7:35, etc. 3. Emby app's connection to Chromecast completely disappears, intermittently and unpredictably. Sometimes when just turning the Android screen off and then back on a minute later, other times after clicking to a prior screen (Series homepage, Emby Home, or elsewhere) and then back to the episode playback control page. Clicking once again on the square Chromecast icon in the top corner sometimes reconnects but often does not, even after multiple attempts. 4. Weirdly, sometimes when there is no apparent Emby-Chromecast connection (even after multiple attempts), adjusting the volume in the Emby app on the Android device is then reflected on the TV through the Chromecast device. 5. Again, none of these problems occur when casting from YouTube, Vimeo or Kanopy, identical problems occur when attempting to cast from two different Android devices, and none occur when viewing directly on either device. Please see top of this post for info on all other comparisons and debugging attempts. What is broken, and how can this be fixed, since Chromecasting is the only way many of us view video using Emby? embyserver_20221003.txt embyserver_20221003_ffmpeg-remux-49925f54-76c7-47b6-9086-9da2b2bfef65_1.txt
  2. Hi, with the latest version of the Android app (3.2.73) all episodes are added to the current (play|watch)list. Therefore one episode is played after another. I disabled the setting to play the next episode. The player should stop after one single episode. Is there a setting I missed?
  3. Hi, I seem to have the same issue now. Everything was working fine until few days back and now the same loading screen indefinitely spinning and eventually after several minutes (only in some videos) there is an short play of video but then paused indefinitely. I tried to enable hardware acceleration from my server PC (TS140, 12GB, with NVIDIA GT720) to view in Sony Android TV. I am also an Emby Premiere user. I will appreciate if you could share the resolution with me so I can also try. Thanks in advance.
  4. When I cast from my iOS device, media controls used to appear on my Lock Screen, and the volume buttons would control the Chromecast volume. I recently got a response to a review I left in the App Store mentioning this issue, and was told that this feature wasn’t intentionally removed. Since this issue first appeared (within the last year?), I’ve reinstalled Emby server as well as the apps on my devices, but I was still unable to get back this functionality. I also noticed around the time this started that I would also need to constantly reconnect the Emby app to my Chromecast, as it no longer stays connected when the app is not in the foreground. It seems like the app used to play a silent video of some kind, which enables the iOS media controls to show up in control center and the Lock Screen. My guess is that this also kept the app alive in the background, and so the Chromecast connection would persist even when leaving the app for long periods of time. I really miss this functionality, and actually noticed I hardly use my Chromecast now in favor of using another device with a dedicated remote. Hoping to get some clarity on this issue!
  5. Hi, It's been a long time since i have used Emby, but i'm thinking of switching from Plex (again) The reason is that i'we bought a chromecast and hooked it up to my projector and stereo amp (via an HDMI/SPDIF splitter) and my stereo amp well.. only does stereo. Is it possible to set a profile or have a setting that forces downmixing of 5.1 (or whatever) to a stereo format only for chromecast in Emby? If so then count me in as a premium menber today! - hotsauce
  6. Przemek

    Emby and Chromecast problem

    Hi, when I cast something from Android smartphone and have my Chromecast in Google Home App I cannot see what is playing, cannot stop or pause when I turn off smartphone screen. It's look like Emby start from fresh but Chromecast keep playing movie. I must delete device from Google Home and I have ability to do something with movie. App ver. 3.2.19 Smartphone - One Plus 9Pro Android 11 Regards.
  7. myjunkmalebox

    Volume issues.

    I have Emby setup on a Windows server 2016 box, emby was version 4.4 something but it recently updated to 4.5, both are showing the same issue. Recently videos have been playing with very low volume. On my TV I'm having to add 50 or more 'points' to the volume to get the same level of audio. On my phone the 'google home' app and emby app both report max volume. I'm seeing this with several different videos. I haven't found one that doesn't do it (checked 5 different). Unfortunately I don't play video in a browser enough to tell if browser playback is affected. I will say that chrome browser play back on my laptop with max volume in the player and in the OS is just ok. It doesn't seem loud, just comfortable listening level.
  8. I've had this same issue for over a year now across two different devices and Android 11 and 12. It's not always the same devices showing twice. Could I get advise on how to troubleshoot this?
  9. I receive constant freezing when streaming IPTV to a chromecast with Google TV, I want it to hardware encode but it seems to always stutter consistently. I already downmix the audio to stereo after seeing another article. Can you please assist?
  10. markpud

    Chromecast formatting bug

    Spaceing missing when viewing episode details on my TV via chromecast. See attached image. Star rating, date added, duration, ends at.
  11. Hello, For a while now whenever I go to watch something through emby after about 20-25 minutes the session either crashes or is forcefully closed somehow and I am not seeing the reasoning in the logs. I attached a log file to show the behavior I am seeing. Essentially no matter what file I am watching (in this case a TV episode) it will crash or close out after that rough time period. Once I re-open the video or movie and start playback again I won't have any issues at all with the movie or tv show, no matter how long I watch after. I am not sure if this is a plug in issue, but I have removed a ton of plugins to see if that was the cause but so far the issue still persists. I usually am casting through my android phone through the app (Pixel 4A with Android 12 Beta). I have emby running in a docker container (5:20.10.8~3-0~debian-buster) on OpenMediaVault (5.6.14-1) (Kernel: Linux 5.10.0-0.bpo.8-amd64). I have not been able to pinpoint exactly what causes the issue to re-occur as sometimes its overnight, sometimes its a week later. I attached the log from emby, but cannot find any log that might be stored on my phone as well to upload that. Also, I should mention that I saw others having bitrate issues and that was the root cause. I am not 100% sure how to do this in the android emby app, but I have gigabit wired ethernet running to both the chromecast as well as the server running emby, so while it may still be an issue of speed, I would highly doubt that. Log line issue occurred on: [2021-09-06 16:17:26.698 Info SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app Emby for Chromecast 2.1.0 playing Forgetting Sarick Mortshall. Stopped at 1336684 ms] I know there are some errors in there for the coverart plugin but I know those are centered around HVEC codec and is a known issue that hasn't affected anyones playback that I can find. I also have lifetime emby premier but am seeing a warning in regards to a license, not sure what that's about either. 2021-09-06 15:52:27.982 Error Server: Access token is invalid or expired. Thank you for your time and any help you might have for me! embyserver.txt
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a new emby user since a week or two. But there is a problem that keeps occuring. When a streamed a video to my chromecast it showed subtitles, but this was only the first day. Now when I try to stream the same movie (or other) it doesn't show any subtitles. When I pauze the video on mobile when it shows a subtitle and than stream it, it will show that sentence for a split second and nothing after. Context: - I run my emby server on a synology - I use opensubtitles as automatic source - self added subtitles are having the correct naming (showed at the ? in emby) - I have searched the forum but didn't come across some solution Thanks for helping.
  13. Hello everyone I just migrated my Emby server to some new hardware (on the 02.10.2020) and the new installation seems to have an issue with the Chromecast, as I can connect to it but once I hit play it just stands there loading and nothing happens. I've tested everything I could think of.. local and remote Chromecast, different versions of Chromecast, different types of media, I even moved my Emby server between different OS's (tried Windows Server 2016, 2019 and Ubuntu) and it never works. Everything else is working correctly. The server does not have a custom certificate installed and is pretty much default. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? I saw a recent topic for the exact same issue but it went the certificate route. (which does not apply to me). Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Hi Emby, As of late, I've noticed the Android app failing to connect with a Chromecast on a regular basis. If I go into the Google Home app and mirror my screen, then disconnect that session, and restart Emby Android it then connects just fine. This scenario is consistent, by the way. I'm running Emby Server Windows and Emby Android 3.1.73. Thanks in advance, Bill
  15. At home, I have 2 PCs with latest Chrome browser, one Chromebook, two Android phones and two Chromecasts, all connected to the same WiFi network. My Emby server runs at my_domain.cz public address and is accessible to all my home devices. When I use the Emby Android app, everything works great. I can cast my content to Chromecasts or play it on the phones. However, when I log into my_domain.cz:8096 web interface (from PC Chrome browser or from Chromebook), I am unable to cast to my Chromecasts because they are not found. Whenever I click the large Emby "Play on another device" button, my Chromecasts are not displayed. However, my Android phones / browser instances are displayed and I can cast to them without problem. I can also use the Chrome native menu ("three dots / Cast...") to cast to my Chromecasts but this is not optimal (it just mirrors what's played in the browser). Although my setup allows me to watch Emby movies from anywhere in the world, the situation described above happens at my home, while all devices (except the Emby server) are connected to the same home network. Both my PCs run Xubuntu Linux.
  16. YusufJab

    Weird Chromecast freezing

    Like the title says, videos load fine on my android phone. But when casted it plays for 1-2 seconds, then the screen freezes but audio continues to play. Even fast forwarding the same issue arises. Is there any solution to this?
  17. If while casting a playlist from my phone's emby app to my chromecast device, I mistakenly close and restart the emby app, it no longer remembers that it was casting even though songs continue to play on the chromecast. The phone casting icon incorrectly shows that the phone isn't casting. After touching the casting icon I am presented with my casting devices. Touching the chromecast device anew brings up the current song being played, however the playlist is now empty.
  18. Hello, I have been having an issue with subtitles for certain films when streaming to an older Chromecast and am having a hard time pinning down the cause of this, so was wondering if anybody else is having this issue. While I have found various posts about this issue in the recent past, I have not found anything to explain and/or resolve the issue. Details: This occurs while streaming from Windows or Linux machine, so I do not think it is a problem that is related to the install or the OS. The subtitles do show when playing through a browser, on an Android phone, or streaming to a Roku streaming stick, so it seems to be a "Chromecast-only" issue. When streaming to the Chromecast, the subtitles will momentarily appear when the video is started, but disappear after about 0.5 seconds. This problem "seems" independent of file type/format (although I doubt this is the case). I am currently running Emby Server (Win10/Linux Mint 19.3). I think have tried almost every combination of configuration adjustments over the past two weeks in order to resolve this, but so far have had no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Update 1 (21.09.2020): I installed Jellyfin last night and it has no issues showing subtitles when streaming to the Chromecast, so this seems to be an Emby issue.
  19. Hello, since a few days (maybe a week) I haven't been able to play many of my videos on my Chromecast. I don't have problems sending to Chromecast videos encoded, for instance, in H264 from my Android mobile Emby app. The problem happens with - at least - videos encoded in SD-MPEG4, like the one shown in the attached image. The behaviour, in this case, is that the TV seems to start playing it, but Emby on the TV then plays only the audio, and not the video, and displays the Emby logo while doing so. Another strange behaviour I have noticed with almost the same timeframe as the problem above is that when choosing the device to cast to, I am prompted with a triple-selection for other Android Emby clients, when before I had saw one (correctly) - see picture 2. As you can see, for each Android device in my network two entries are the same, and the third one has %20 instead of the spaces. Can you please help? I am using the latest 3.1.61, but also with 3.1.60 the same problem was present; however I have casted these videos before, without issues. Thank you, Marco
  20. Hello. I searched a few times before starting a new topic but I didn't find something 100% the same. Anyway, come on. My EMBY works perfectly at home, both on SMARTV and on chromecast devices. However, when I leave the house, I can select the desired chromecast but it does not start playing. The play button even appears, but in a static way. I use the DYNU service for ddns, can this be the case? If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. See you later.
  21. conradfoucher

    Chromecast stuck at Ready to Cast

    Hello, So I've set up emby and it's working fine through the web and through the android app (I can play on both). I can access my server through http://app.emby.media/ ass well as directly through http://<IP_ADDRESS>:8096/ (It's running on a remote server) so I know it's accessible through my home wifi. But I cannot stream anything through my chromecast (all other apps work fine on it). If I start chromecasting something from my android phone (or web browser) it only ever displays the emby logo with "Ready to Cast". No show info or images show up. If I disconnect my phone from the wifi (but leave the chromecast connected to the wifi) then use the cast to nearby chromecast function, the chromecast plays fine. It's my understanding that this features uses the chromecast's connection (I.E not my phone's LTE connection). I cannot figure out why it works when the casting device is not connected to the wifi, but not when it is, as it is using the same internet connection. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Hi. I was running Raspbian on my pi and everything was fine but I changed to diet pi and I seem to be missing something. Setup: Ras pi 4 running DietPi v6.32.2, everything is updated. Emby Issue: media can direct play on phone and pc. The server connects to the chrome cast, metadata casts, but as soon as I try to play something nothing happens (on either my first or second gen). I suspected that I was missing ffmpeg to allow Emby to convert the files to supported type for chrome cast but after installing from DietPi the config nothing changed. Proceeded to uninstall and reinstall Emby and still no change. any help would be appreciated. Thanks. embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63736897696.txt embyserver-63736897683.txt
  23. I've looked at other postings of this type but don't see anything really exactly similar to this situation - Situation: Chromecast goes black (no image or sound) after pause/resume of Live TV (on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) The problem only appears on Live TV - much higher resolution/bitrate/bandwidth movies do not have the problem. Android controlling Chromecast Gen 3 that is wired, not wireless - using gigabit adapter. Playback set to auto. Stream is 720p Comcast via HD Homerun Prime. Stream runs as "Direct Streaming" in the Emby dashboard. No CPU issues on server or network bottlenecks. Network is wired gigabit ethernet. Server indicates 6-8Mbps network load. When the screen goes dark, Emby console indicates that playback continues. However, the play timer in the dashboard panel changes from elapsed time of the stream to "--:--:--" At this point I can't look at the log because it is open. I can see that ffmpeg is still an active process. Android app generally may or may not show connection to Chromecast, but Google Home shows that the Chromecast is still connected to Emby. To look at the log I must first use Google Home to stop the stream. When I do that the Chromecast images reappear on the screen without further intervention - the standard pretty scenery. The logs are attached. The stream started at about 2pm and the screen probably went black about 3:30pm and then I stopped it at 4:03pm. From the log the stream appears to have continued processing normally until I used Google Home to stop it. You can see me stopping it in the log. But there was a black screen a long time before then. When this happens we typically just restart the channel, but it is starting to get annoying. A restart always works perfectly. Have not seen this behavior with Netflix or Prime casting (or before moving to Emby when I used WMC against the same tuner on the same server and network) Full log files attached. Any thoughts? This happens regularly on a TV that is left on during the day and we've also seen it on a second TV with a 4K Chromecast. I've swapped the Chromecast and the ethernet adapter and the HDMI port. Nothing helps. ffmpeg-remux-705a89cd-012e-42b9-9941-6abe02ef7fbf_1.txt embyserver.txt
  24. Hi, everything was working fine but a week ago emby web (localhost) chromecast streaming stopped working. I get the Emby logo on TV, when I press play I see a circle going around indefinitely. I can't think of anything I did last week that could have caused this. I run EmbyServer on a dual boot MacBookPro, with a separate EmbyServer installation running under Catalina (with which I have no problem streaming to Chromecast), and one under Big Sur beta 7 (with which I have this problem - but it did work until last week). Since this problem appeared I have updated to the latest version of Emby which made no difference. My Chromecast works fine with other apps. Network setup is as simple as could be. I see two error reports in the logs. One is "PortMapper: Error creating port map" (the router indicates that the ports are open and enabled). Second error in logs is "Failed to start UDP Server". See logs for more details. MacBookPro - macos 11.0 Beta Chrome Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit) Emby I'm not very technically proficient. Would very much appreciate any help. embyserver.txt
  25. DarkFeather


    Hey, all -- I have just a few videos that won't consistently Chromecast. Messing with rate settings and such hasn't helped. I'm running ArchLinux with Emby Server -- I've tried a bunch of different client devices, including an Android phone, Arch laptop, and Windows. The client doesn't seem to matter. What's fun is that it's specifically Chromecast with these files. They'll play back fine in the Android app and web player, and most of my files Chromecast just fine. I've attached the Emby log statements from one attempt, and here's the file metadata. testcase.log metadata.txt
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