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Found 25 results

  1. Robnaeyaert

    FLAKEY EMBY Theatre all of a sudden

    Hi Emby RUNNING = Emby Theater 3.0.15 / Server = All of a sudden I'm having flakey Emby issues where the player simply crashes to a blank screen, and I also get lots of "playback errors no compatible streams" and also the playback screen (first image below) is missing details like image, info etc. When I try to rewind on the progress bar it dumps me out sometimes and I need to restart the video. Just to be clear, these are videos I've played successfully for years so this is all of a sudden. Did a recent update get put out that might be causing this? It's been flakey for about a week and it was rock solid for a long time. Cheers Rob
  2. Robnaeyaert

    Question about top menu

    Guys I know you're trying hard but I'm getting a little tired of the buggy stuff that seems to come out a lot...it's not feeling very polished and I'm kind concerned over the quality of what's going on. I've just noticed a new "tile" called Favorites which I think is a response to my earlier post on how I lost my favorites because of tags/blah blah but it just doesn't work any more in Theatre. take a look at my screen shots My Movies "Favorites" list ALL my movies (every single one of the 4000+ library). I only have around 40 favorites in my list. TV "Favorites" lists nothing....nil....zilch....nada... and I'm supposed to have around 12 TV shows Sorry to sound grumpy but I kind of am as I'm get tired of the bugs etc. Could someone please have a look at this? Everything works as expected on the browser version. Cheers
  3. Hi, Emby Theatre is showing a solid colour under some of the icons in Theatre for some themes. This results in a "squared" black edges to the icons. For example using the Dark theme you can clearly see the effect on the right hand most icons: Using a Light theme the Icons are transparent and display without a solid colour: I've completely removed and reinstalled Emby theatre, and it sill persists. Any ideas on how to resolve this? thanks.
  4. Hi folks, I can stream perfectly from my Android phone to my 2 CCA's, can I not do this from Emby Theatre on my laptop? The CCa's don't show up as an endpoint? TIA J
  5. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing difficulty while playing my movies (MP4, AVI) to Emby Theatre I'm using Emby Server The videos are playing, that's for sure, but when the video is in full screen, there are no controls in sight. For example, I want to know what time it is and I want to see at what time the video ends. I tried uninstalling Emby Theatre and reinstall it again - no success. Upgrade to the newest server version did not work either. I am using Windows 10 as operating system. Attached screenshots: 1.verify version Emby Server 2.verify version Emby Theatre 3.experience when viewing the movie 'the Ark of Truth' from the StarGate saga I can view the movies by using an internet browser (in my case, Firefox), or using an external player for all my video's, but that's not the experience I am looking for. When the movie ends, I want to automatically return to the Theatre's screen for that movie. => Please do not post comments on the movie I demonstrated my issue with, nor the kind of browser. Any help for EMBY THEATRE is appreciated. Thank you kindly, greetings from Meine, the Netherlands
  6. I use Emby Theatre for Windows every day on main MediaPC in front room, but the last 5-6 weeks I have noticed stuttering and hanging in Emby Theatre. I finally found by looking at the server Dashboard its transcoding every episode I watch even ones watch previously ok. I have done some testing and found if I use the same Media PC Chrome browser and use the Web UI to watch the exact same episode Emby them Direct Streams the episode without stuttering. I also have a Samsung TV (LT32E390S) in the bedrooms with Emby App and this also plays the same episode no issue, but also transcodes. I can understand or work out why this issue has become so come with Emby Theatre recently. Its only become a frustrating issue the last 5-6 wks appx. Any advice, help, steps to help me track the issue? Setups: Emby Server running on Asustor AS6204T NAS Main Media PC is on Ethernet on Power outputting to 47in Samsung TV Bedroom TV Samsung LT32E390S TV running on 200mps Wifi avg 143mps running Emby App 1.0.53 MediaPC_ffmpeg_Log.txt BedroomTV_ffmpeg_Log.txt
  7. schmitty

    Mkv metadata

    I believe there is a bug where Emby Theatre is not reading track titles embedded in the metadata of mkv's. eg. Blu-Ray's rips I've entered information in each track title such as the Audio info - DTS-X 7.1 English. Emby seems to be creating it's own, eg. Eng DTS 7.1.
  8. Just curious - I am running windows 10 on my htpc for Emby server. I use the desktop app for theatre. Is there any reason to use the Windows Store App over Desktop or vice versa? (my gut feeling is to avoid windows store at all costs - hence I am using desktop)...
  9. Hi, I have finally dropped WMC with EmbyServer. New setup is: HTPC running NextPVR with DVB-T Dual Tuner (BlackGold BG9630) Emby Theatre main client software to Live TV and Emby Server Asustor NAS running EmbyServer with Emby Premiere (trying for month to see LiveTV works?) EmbyServer with NextPVR PlugIn v3.2.6.0 ISSUE Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext directly Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext web interface Success - Live TV on Desktop PC through PVRNext web interface FAIL - Live TV on HTPC with Emby Theatre FAIL - Live TV on Desktop PCs / Laptop through Emby web interface Emby error: Just spins the circle or then provides No Tuners available. *Upd: IPs as follows for logs HTPC ( Asustor NAS ( Desktop PC ( *Upd: 28/03/18 2pm Error
  10. Hi everyone. Firstly I was to say a big thank you for getting offline working in ET. This is a feature I've been hope to use for a long long time. It always seemed to be 'sort of working', but always too much trouble, or never quite syncing correctly. I do a lot of travelling for my job, with frequent 5 hour flights. I normally just copy a bunch of videos on my SP4, but recently I decided to try offline again. I was really impressed how simply everything downloaded and played correctly. Thank you so much! This has made my long flights so much nicer, and I actually even got comments from people sitting next to me asking me what I was using. They were also really impressed when I spoke about Emby. Having said that... there are still a few things that are missing for offline mode to be feature complete. The biggest one is playstates. When I'm offline, there is no way to track playstates and watched status. This also means that when returning home I have to manually check what I watched when I was away. Missing images. Some of the show covers and poster images didn't save. Crashing when playing next episode. Every time I tried to play the next episode in a playlist the app would crash. The 'Downloaded Media" UI could use a bit of love. It seems that it the home screen hasn't really been thought out. I'm happy to do mock up of something if you like, but it just needs to be a simple with some nice collection images. Recent items needs to be limited and probably stacked. Update the download list when manually checking a watch status. Example: I set 'Vikings' to download the most recent 10 episodes. After they all copied over, I realised that I hadn't watched the most recent episode that was checked. I unchecked it in the Emby web client, but for the life of me I couldn't get that episode to download offline. The only way to do I was to cancel the sync (which deleted all 10 episodes) and download them all again. I think that was everything. This is such an amazing feature. Thank you all again. Cheers, Scott
  11. Hello Emby Before I start, this is simply a request. I totally respect the awesome Emby echo-system and I've been a huge fan for years and a supporter. Without sounding critical, would it be possible to get a few basic features added please? One feature that I miss the most when I moved from the old Media Browser for Media Centre is the "sort movies by date added to library". I realize this feature is on the Web Interface but I use Emby Theatre on my Media PC on my TV and although on the home screen you can see the tiles of the last 8 or so movies added, I'd LOVE the ability to go into my Movies library and have all my movies listed in descending order of date added to my library so I can easily scroll through my most recent movies. I did request this feature about a year ago and someone kindly replied that it was "coming soon". No disrespect but I would have thought that this feature would be pretty easy to add, but then again I'm no developer so again, no disrespect. My second question is "am I missing something"? By this I mean, although I am using Emby Theatre on my Media PC, is this how "everyone else is using Emby"? Why I'm asking is I would have thought that my feature request above (movies by date added) would have been a huge request from others yet it hasn't yet made the application. Therefore I'm questioning is everyone else using a different interface (like the web interface)? I use a universal remote on a Windows 10 machine and I'd love some advice if there is a funkier way to run my media or is "Theatre" the correct way. The other reason I'm asking the "am I missing something" question is due to the "skins" feature not being available for a long time. I note on the Skins feature it states "coming soon". Am I missing something there too or is this a feature that is not being developed? Again not being critical, I'm just curious if I'm missing anything here. Appreciate your feedback, thanks for the great app. Cheers Rob
  12. I was looking at trying to set up gamebrowser to work under Emby, preferably under WMC but Theatre too. I just wanted to start very simple basically just run Windows Games, no emulators or anything. I think I'm like 90% there just missing that last little bit. I was following the guide I found here to set it up on the Emby Server and for the Classic Install: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/ So now when I launch Emby for WMC and Theatre I get my GAMES tab with the two games I manually added for testing purpose, as you can see below: The problem is that under Emby for WMC it errors out saying "item is an external disc. please insert the proper disc" and under theatre I canoot even click a play button (see below). I half expected this as I don't know how Emby would know where the EXE of the game would be found. So continuing with the guide (link above) for the WMC version it tells me to use the Emby Configurator to add the windows games. However when I load the configurator I don't have a plugins tab it suggest (see below) and the Theatre instructions seem to be for the Legacy version of Theatre. So maybe this part is broken, I'm not sure, but either way based on how this system operates this type of configuration is generally stored in an XML file. So I had a look at the GameBrowser.XML file contained in the \AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\plugins\configurations\ directory. I also scoured the forums here an found a user had actually posted a working Gamebrowser.XML file here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/20014-need-some-help-with-gamebrowserxml/page-2 But comparing the XMLs they appear slightly different for instance they appear to be all within a PluginConfiguration tag as opposed to GameBrowserSettings tag. Regardless I still tried to add the WinGames tag as shown on that page but to no luck. I tried using the shortcut link to the executable and the executable them self. I tried renaming the game.gbwin to the "gamename".gbwin, but no dice. I think I'm just missing something in this XML. Maybe the tags have changed or maybe just something in the directory structure I'm just not understanding. Does anyone have this currently working for windows games?
  13. Hi, I was under the impression that all of the client apps were supposed to have the same layout. My request is that a setting be added to all apps to allow users to view the apps either by Web, Theatre, Android, iOS or other app layouts. I use Emby Theatre for Xbox One and sometimes the web app in Chrome, but prefer the layout of the Xbox One app... and can not stand the layout of the Android TV app, which I use when visiting my parents.
  14. I have been a long time fan of Emby, especially Emby for WMC, I now have win 10,so I had to find a way to still run WMC. Thankfully it was a very easy fix and now have WMC running on win 10,But I have tried to download theatre version (2.5.37) from the website and it downloads quarter of the way then comes up with an error:" Error Downloading Package. There maybe be a problem communicating with the update server, please try again" "System.Net.WebException" Exception occurred during a webclient request. our net is fine and have downloaded other programs without issue... regards Brett
  15. schmitty

    Xbox One Playback Issues

    I have recently ripped a Blu-Ray, We're the Millers, to mkv. The videos and trailers are unwatchable due to stuttering. I have tried adjusting the streaming bitrate, to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  16. CBers

    J Series TV

    Has anyone with a J Series TV tried Emby Theatre on it via the web browser? Just wondered, as looking at getting a J Series TV for a bedroom, but would like you use Emby without having to plug any devices into it. Thanks in advance.
  17. I had a power cut today and when my systems came back online, my Emby Theatre no longer plays content, instead it has a popover screen telling me i dont have a premiere key and will only play 1 min of video. I checked my server and the key is still loaded, i uninstalled the key, restarted the server, and reinstalled the key, verifying that it was still working (lifetime key) I also unistalled theatre using the wipe all trace option and reinstalled. theatre still thinks there is no key. Theatre is running on win7 (has been for about 12 months) with no issues prior to today Server is running on Ubuntu Playback is otherwise fine from Chrome Regards
  18. Hello Emby community. I love the Emby Theater but I have a feature request for the Screen Saver. Would it be possible to put an overlay for the show icon on the screen saver like to previous WMC version? The background images look great but it has plain text for the show on the bottom right. It seems weird that they show image is not called up as well to make it look a little prettier. Or, am I missing an option to make this work? No a biggie but oddly something that is bugging me :-) Great work and will be supporting for a very long time - thanks Rob
  19. When attempting to view all Movies in the Win10 App it crashes with no error. Attached are the log files Log - 20160605.log Log - ERROR - SyncService - 20160605 021344 - 77.log Log - FATAL - Application - 20160605 021348 - 94.log
  20. Hi Luke. I was playing with ET on my Xbox One over the weekend and it looks very nice. Do you want feedback on Xbox One usage, or is it still a WIP ?? Should ET work OK with the Official Xbox One Media Remote ?? Thanks.
  21. Hi Guys, First I've got to say that I love the new Emby Theatre, however there's a single showstopper for me. LiveTV does not appear to run for me. It runs with no issues via Emby WMC (Windows 8), the Emby local web browser, and the iOS app, but in Emby Theatre when I try to run a channel the loading circle simply sits there rotating. I can leave it there for 30 minutes and it keeps doing the same thing. I have Emby Server running with ServerWMC, and have 6 BDA tuners in total connected. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks! Luke
  22. hi guys/ galls. setting up media browser after being an avid XBMC/Kodi user for more years than i care to mention. i have run in to a slight ( annoying) Problem. Movies , music and tv work perfectly with little to no assistance from me. but the emulation side of things has proved a little tricky. i have emby server set up on a laptop connected to my tv. this is on a network to the various other computers around my house ( 6 in total) my roms for various console emulations are stored on my desktop pc (largest hard drive) and the emulators are on each individual pc that requires them. everything works perfect apart from when i load a game and play it i get an " unhandled exception:one or more errors occurred" box pop up. my game still works and i can still play it not a problem. but when i exit the game the same box pops up and when i close it mediabrowser theater crashes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. any help would be awesome as i am getting nagged from 4 kids who want access to all my games in there rooms. thanks in advance shortfatrocker
  23. Hi, I am trying to access media on Media Browser server 3.0.5518.7 / FreeNAS 9.3 using Media Browser Theatre and android mobile app: Theatre -- sees the server, when I click on the user icon there is a blank screen. Attached is a log. If the server is not running I get another screen so I know it connects, just no media showing. Android mobile app -- gives a message "connecting" and freezes. Makes no difference whether the Media Browser server plugin is running. I did not include a log of this. server-63560478641.txt
  24. I have started to play around with the live TV element of MB using NextPVR as the back-end (I don't have Windows Media Centre so I understand this means I can't use ServerWMC?). Everything seems to work reasonably well, however I noticed that when using the MB Theatre application (streaming rate set as 15mbps) the content is always transcoded (both SD MPEG2 and HD h264) - Since we are streaming to a pretty powerful machine with all LAV filters installed, why do we have to transcode the file first? M
  25. I have attempted to change over from Media browser classic to media browser theatre as I want to get rid of the dependency on WMC. I quite like the interface and think it looks quite good but have found it lacking some functionality I use such as play all or play random, I have found my MCE remote struggles on some basic functions such as page down and page up scrolling etc. Do I need to install some skin or plugin to get items like these working?
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