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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Can you confirm if the below model of Tv AOC with Roku Tv, is compatible with Emby? I would like to recommend this model to a customer, but it is essential that they be able to install the Emby app. Thank you very much Smart TV LED 32" HD AOC ROKU TV FHD 32S5195/78G
  2. GreenRyuu

    Unable to play ASS subtitle on Roku

    Unable to play ASS subtitle on Roku, i tried to burning the subs but the option is no longer working. I can play the subs with no problem in any other device. Emby Server Roku TV 7120X - OS Version 10.0.0 ffmpeg-transcode-01420c02-55c2-4b4b-9e13-81158aa4d277_1.txt
  3. Will there be a feature soon even if it's for premiere members where we can download the content to roku? just like how it's downloadable for the iphone app. I really want to know if this is even possible.
  4. Everytime I open the Emby app on the Insignia roku tv It automatically goes to the media server and all I have to is just sign in and once I do sign in it just goes black and goes to the roku homescreen and if I try to go back into the app it starts and then just exits out again like before. I have tried restarting the tv, reinstalling the emby app, and even unlinking the device and trying again. This problem seems to only be happening on just this roku tv and not any other roku devices we have. The roku is on the lastest version. Any help would be appreciated in solving this. Emny was working last night when using it on the tv and seemed to started for all I know is when I reinstalled my OS and reseted up my laptop.
  5. johnson.4204

    Roku TV Emby App Playback

    Hi , I've been using Emby with a Roku for a while. I recently upgraded my TV to a Roku TV and I am having issues with playing my media now. I get very slow load times, and over half the time it doesn't seem to even play anything citing the playback timing out. The Roku TV is in the exact same spot as the old one, the internet hasn't changed, and all other streaming apps have no issues so it doesn't seem to be a connection issue. I have done a system update on the TV, rebooted it and rebooted the computer that my media is being pulled from. I have also deleted the Emby channel and added it back in, logged out and logged back in. I've tried all the standard troubleshooting techniques to no avail. What could be the problem? Thanks!
  6. So I recently bought a Late 2018 Mac Mini off eBay that I just turned into a media server using Emby and I set things up (i.e. Server Settings, Media Directory Paths, Media Libraries, etc) for the TV Shows and Movies as well as Anime and Anime Movies all on separate 2TB External Drives and my Movies (Blu-Ray) that I'm using MakeMKV to rip them is set to a WD 5TB External HDD. So when I set the directory for these movies to the 5TB Drive and play these movies on my TCL Roku 4K HDR TV in the EMBY TV App I get a "Retrieving" loading come up and it "retrieves" multiple time eventually giving back an error and this happens with multiple movies when I try to play them. So what's up? Media Server Specs: Mac Mini Late 2018 3.6GHz Quad Core i3 8GB RAM (64GB upgrade yet to be installed) EMBY Server v4.4.2.0 (In Safari) EMBY App v3.0 build 212 (TCL Roku TV) Any other details you need that aren't listed just ask.
  7. Anyone else out there with a Roku TV? All I get now is a loading bar on the screen. No video, no audio. I checked on the dashboard and it's showing that it's direct playing to the roku tv, but this isn't the case. I believe I've tried everything with regards to troubleshooting except for the nuclear option, which is to do a clean install of windows 10 and start all over. Any help would be appreciated on this one. I have two rigs with emby, neither are ran at the same time. The Intel build houses the older version of emby,, while the AMD houses the newly minted The Intel build gives me no issues. Playback is smooth. The AMD used to do the same, but I'm not sure what kicked off the slightly longer "retrieving" screen. Will there be an update to the emby roku tv app? I'm seeing love for the other TVs out there, so maybe I'm just impatient? Both rigs are LAN only, not trying to reach out to the world yet.
  8. This is more of a problem for guests and occasional users on Roku TV but here's the scenario: - play a movie, accidentally hit the back button the remote, returns to menu - hit Play again and movie starts from beginning The reason is that it takes a few seconds for the Play button to say "Resume from XX:XX". During the delay, Play will start from the beginning. Curious what causes the delay and if there's a plan to cut it down to 0 (available same time as menu)?
  9. Subtitles worked fine with other files but this 1 particular video does not display subtitles to Roku TV (2017 4K HDR model). I can select the subtitle in the playback subtitle menu but it is not shown during playback. I do see the subs in Windows playing locally with VLC. The subs are built into the mkv. Curious about the RCA. Thanks. ETA: I played the video through Emby in the browser on Windows and it also does not show the subtitles, so it's not related to Roku. mediaInfo.txt
  10. Yesterday (4/24) I was attempting to playback a certain movie on a Roku TV but it wouldn't play without getting stuck at the "Retrieving" screen (with no loading progress). The very first time the issue happened; it said No streams available and then subsequent stream attempts only yielded a minute or two of playback before the "Retrieving" issue reoccurred. -Bitrate was initially set to 10mbps -Eventually set the bitrate to 1 mbps and 3mbps -Set a higher CRF -Stopped an in-progress recording on my WIN emby server that's on the same network -The library is all through the network though Tried multiple things to fix the issue but never had any luck. 635 slog.txt 635 transcode.txt 636 hw detection.txt 637 transcode 1.txt 637 transcode 2.txt 637 transcode 3.txt 638 transcode.txt 639 transcode.txt 646 transcode.txt 647 transcode.txt 653 hw detection.txt 653 slog.txt 653 transcode.txt
  11. I got a new TCL Roku TV and I just noticed that the Emby App does not show the drop down menu for different versions of the same title movie. In the windows app if you open a movie that has different version (Original Theatrical Cut, Directors Cut etc.) you get a drop down that lets you pick the version that you want. In the Emby app on Roku TV neither vers. 3.0.134 or Beta 3.0.1398 have this drop down. So you can't access the different versions of the movie. Is there a plan to address this in the future? On a side note I love the new sort options in the Beta!
  12. bundito

    Cinema Mode not working on Roku TV

    I bought an Emby Premiere subscription expressly for the Cinema Mode & Trailers feature on my Roku TV (a TCL). The app plays my media just fine, but I don’t get any trailers or “related video” when queuing up a movie. Any suggestions?
  13. roberto188

    Roku App Reporting Wrong Capabilities

    Emby Server is transcoding alot of 60fps media for both my Roku TV and Roku Streaming Stick. I believe it's because the reported capabilities for those devices is incorrect. My Roku 3 has no problem with the 60 fps content and the log shows it reporting max 60 fps whereas the other devices only report 30, even though they are more powerful. Please correct the profiles in the Roku app to allow 60 fps for these devices. Thanks!
  14. bardmaster

    RokuTV Live TV does not play

    Hi guys, figured I'd start a new post with a more accurate title so anybody else out there with RokuTV (or "Roku TV") sets can find it, original post: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/48887-roku-live-tv-streaming-problems-3220/ The problem: Live TV does not stream, or streams in an unwatchable manner. I have attached logs, and just sent a Roku log for user "Matrix." LOG #1 (ffmpeg log-60fps transcode at 8Mbps fail): The first time I started a live TV stream I got video to display but VERY stuttery and not in-sync with the audio (which sounded fine). LOG #2 (ffmpeg log-direct play fail): After stopping and restarting I got the more common scenario, where the initial progress bar is stuck at 100% with no video or audio. It appears like Emby is trying to direct play the stream but the RokuTV is unable to keep up with the feed @ 60fps+. @@ebr I am still hopeful for a similar fix to be reinstated into the Roku Beta app that briefly fixed this problem - per the last post you had implemented logic to always transcode Live TV at a certain setting (think it was 30fps @ 8 Mbps) which worked perfectly. I know you guys are busy, but would REALLY appreciate being able to use my relatively-new TV to watch live TV with Emby! Many thanks! Server Log.txt ffmpeg log-60fps transcode at 8Mbps fail.txt ffmpeg log-direct play fail.txt
  15. bigdahlman

    Hisense and TCL Roku TV

    Hi guys! I have been a user of Emby Premiere for a couple of months now, utilizing the Live TV feature on a Hisense 48" Roku TV, a TCL 42" Roku TV, and a Insignia 50" Roku TV with a HD Homerun Prime. Our server is not very powerful so we rely on direct streaming all of our content. I have set all of our user preferences to not allow transcoding, because it will basically crash our system. Direct Streaming has worked fine for Live TV and Recorded TV on all three Roku TVs as long as you have your bandwidth set to max (30mbps) inside the Roku TV App, and have the audio mode set to Dolby, DTS in the TV settings. A couple of weeks ago we purchased a simple pair of computer speakers with a subwoofer to improve the sound over the internal speakers that plug into the headphone slot. Suddenly, we were greeted with a message that there were no compatible streams for both Live TV and Recorded TV. I have been a long time viewer of your forums, but have never posted before. Here is what is the situation and the odd things I encountered (exact same on all Roku TV models I own) In the standard Roku App if you have the speakers unplugged and select a source it will begin playing, and continue playing after you plug the speakers into the headphone jack! Yay! (but kind of a pain in the a**) This is the same for the Beta Roku App In the Roku Blue Neon App, you can select "force direct stream". When I do this WITH the speakers plugged into the headphone jack everything works, no problem! This is how I know the both the Hisense and TCL Roku TVs can decode AC3 audio even with the headphone jack in use. So I believe that the standard and beta Roku Apps are misinterpreting the audio capabilities of the Hisense, TCL, and Insignia Roku TVs when the headphone jacks are in use. I can provide you with any files you may need, and offer my services to test on all three Roku TV brands. Let me know if I can help in any way, and thank you again for the great product. Very Respectfully, Mark
  16. Hello, I currently use Emby with my Roku 3 box, AND I LOVE IT ! ! I will be needing a new TV soon and am considering buying a TLC Roku TV (a TV with built-in Roku). [ This one for example ] I am curious if anyone has any input/info to offer about TVs with built-in Roku (and how well, or concerns of them working with Emby. I'm hoping it acts as well as my separate Roku3 box. Any info is appreciated.
  17. mosher82

    Emby on Insignia Roku TV

    Hi, I just got an insignia Roku TV and am trying to figure out how to run Emby. I've never used Emby before today so as I am trying to set it up on my TV I am stuck on the add server step. Where Do I get a server? Ultimately I am trying to set it up so I can add live TV channels to the Roku app and use Emby as a interface for my local media. I have used Kodi on my HTPC up until now.
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