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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I want to know if there is a way to show Music CoverArt in correct ratio (i.e. other than forcing 1:1) in the folder view or in player. I have recently updated from 4.6.xx to 4.7.xx version. In the previous version, although Music CoverArt in folder view will be forced in 1:1 ratio, in player view, the art will be shown in correct ratio. However, I noticed that the player cannot show the Music CoverArt in correct ratio anymore in 4.7.xx version, after adding lyrics function and some changes on the buttons. For example, the song "to the beginning" is forced to show its CoverArt in 1:1 in folder view. The cover is actually 1710x1920. In the previous version, when I click the bar in the bottom, the player will show up and I cannot see the art in correct ratio. In this version, even after closing the playlist view and have the screen only display the CoverArt, it is still 1:1. Sorry I couldn't provide the screenshot that the player showing the art in correct ratio in older version. Is there any way to display the CoverArt in correct ratio? (Music Folder OR Music Player) Thank you!
  2. DerrickM

    edit the playlist view

    I think it would be really cool to add a few things into the playlist view I like the way you can jump to an artist or album in the suggestions page of the music. add album title in playlist view add link to album and artist from within playlist view (same as it is in the suggestions page) ...Last request for a bit...
  3. Hello, This is in the Home screen. Since the latest Big update to Emby all newly added episodes are being shown in the "latest" view of any category. This is my file structure: I cannot find anywhere to change this behavior. Am I just blind?
  4. speedingcheetah

    Remote User related questions

    I am playing around with using my Emby to replace the "file share" i had setup via my router and a usb stick. Have 2 questions: 1. Is there a way to hide the default icons called "Collections" and "Folders"? I don't see an option to hide those selections in the User Access settings. I just want only the Folder and certain other Library Folders i create or select to show. 2. Is there a way to have a remote user upload a file to the Emby server? Is this a feature/plugin that could be added in the future? Thanks.
  5. When looking at the 'Latest Movies' view on the 'Home' screen and under 'Suggestions', it only included 18 new movies. Could we have a "More" button that then changes the view to show ALL the 'Latest Movies'... essentially showing the normal library view in the normal way, but with the Sort Order set to 'Date Added' (the same logic as the 'Latest Movies' is). Then if we've added many new movies, we can see all of them, no matter how many were added, in the order they were added.
  6. khodges747

    New problem with genre view

    Hi guys, I think this is a new problem. When viewing movies by genre, then selecting "more", I don't see the rest of the movies of that genre, I only see tiles with Resume, Latest, Movies, Collections, etc. See attached screen cap.
  7. I know that emby keeps track of if you have watched something. does it keep track of how many times you have watched it? there are some searies I re-watch over and over and would love it if it would tell me how many times I have watached each episode and will smartly know what episode is up next based on lets say s3e5 has been watched 4 times and s3e6 has been watched 3 times than it knows thats where im at in the series. (i am trying to move to emby instead of netflix because they dont do this and it gets confusing
  8. When browsing all movies, all "view" options in "Select View" work except "List." Attempting to view the movies in a list results first in a return to the "Suggestions" landing for the Movies folder, and then if attempted again quickly, in a webpage error ("This page is having a problem loading"). All other view types (Banner, Poster, Thumb, etc.) work perfectly.​
  9. gillmacca

    group content primary image

    I have multiple tv folders, so I have used the option to group content together, which works as expected, but I would like to assign my own image to the grouped content, but do not see an edit option. How do I do this?
  10. On my setup, the aspect ratio of album covers in the Home view of the Web Interface is not correct, it is 16:10 I guess, while it should be squared, since it shows album covers. I'm on 3.0.5786.0. Can anybody confirm this bug?
  11. I am using Emby for Kodi 1.1.53, and in my music library, when I sort music albums after "Tracks", multidisc albums don't get split up into their individual albums. The titles are ordered like 01 - foo 01 - foobar 02 - foofoo 02 - foofoobar ... This same thing worked without problems when scanning the same audiofiles directly to kodi. Music is properly tagged, either MP3 or FLAC, with the disc tag set.
  12. Another feature request. Would it be possible to replace the big volume control buttons in the "Now Playing" view of the webclient with a more practical (and beautiful) slider instead? Thanks!
  13. Hello, not sure when it happened, but all movie folders are available to all users for my library after a recent upgrade. Looking at the users, they are all set to have access to all libraries (even though I had changed this several months ago). Why would a server upgrade override previous settings? Thanks.
  14. 3.0.5526.29593 Similar to http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/8745-artist-listed-twice-in-album-artist-folder/?hl=duplicate In a similar way as to how it is impossible to identify incorrect similar artist ID3 tags from within MBS.... due to MBS Person and Artist views showing the Artist/Person names as matched rather than as is.... and the content against the Matched Person/Artist rather than Person/Artist as is... People Views also exhibit this problematic symptom..eg abby eliott The two source entities which created these two objects are 'Abby Elliot' and 'Abby Elliott'... in this case the 2nd 'incorrect' person object 'Abby Elliot' came from a gueststars tag on a series.xml.... Unfortunately it is impossible to use MBS to find the offending tag/source object and correct... because 1. The person/artist object is shown as matched rather than as is...so searching for the incorrect value outside MBS is obfuscated..(although looking at the IBN entry/path can help) 2. clicking on both person objects in UI shows content for the same matched person on the fetcher...NOT...the content which precipitated the object. Clicking one of the objects..the object for 'Abby Elliott' should show 3 episodes of HIMYM where the actor is defined...and it does... Clicking on the other object ..the object for 'Abby Elliot' (also shown as 'Abby Elliott') should show 1 Series of HIMYM where the actor is defined. but it doesnt... its shows the previous / same as above... Another example..i have 3 "Weird Al" Yankovic..s clicking on each one yields the following unique URLS http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=12980317ee5e2d0a0858a58977ff5620&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=f6a10a3fe8863fc089849e76375dbd52&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=f3ac96f426691445d1ffd6c74a616c11&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 but they all show the same content...the same movie 'the naked gun'.. The feature request is.... to name the Artist/Person objects in their respective views, as is not as matched... to not hide the content from the user which precipitated the object in the view..eg (the tags on) the tracks which precipitated the artist or e.g. the TVDB actor metadata which precipitated the person. or better yet...in this example There should be two person objects, one Abby Elliot - Identified and Matched (because it does) - showing content for 'Abby Elliott' and the other Abby Elliot - Not identified or Matched (because it doesn't) - Show content for 'Abby Elliot' Then when the duplicate/incorrect entry is identified...it would be obvious why..and the correction simple... thanks for considering..
  15. CBers

    Photo display order

    Just realised that if a photo folder has photos and folders in it, the folders are listed at the end rather than the beginning where I'd expect to see them. I noticed this first in the Android app, but it's the same in the web client. Is there a way to get folders displayed before photos please?
  16. JoshFink

    TV Show Views

    Let me preface this by saying that I'm coming from years of using MB2. I've started playing around with MBT and movies and TV look fantastic. I've noticed though that when viewing TV that there are so many extra button clicks that I'm never going to get it past the WAF. I like the poster view. If I click a show poster, then it will open up and then I have to click Seasons at the top and then click the season (even if it's a single season) and then click the show. Is there any way to have it default into seasons (honestly, I don't need to see a synopsis of the show every single time I click on it) and directly into episodes if there is one season? I'm still learning my way around it so perhaps I missed it. Thanks Josh
  17. Dear sir i want to multiple files into single movie for ripping movies plz help me
  18. Hi, long time user - first time poster... With the recent update I found myself enjoying the "Chocolate" gui for the first time. Overall I really like it, and I want to say great job to everyone behind its development (and thanks!) Just a little background on how I use MBC. I have an HTPC in the living room as a settop box replacement (as well as a couple Xbox360's as extenders throughout the house). Although I have a mouse/keyboard available at the main HTPC, I don't like to have to use them if I can use the remote instead (WAF is an issue). Now a couple questions. In the new Chocolate gui, is there any way to "click" on a Director and/or Genre (as you're able to with Cast - and how you are able to in the Classic theme) to show all titles in the entire library with those tags? *I know you can sort by Director/Genre by indexing a folder that way - however, this only searches the folder/section you're in, and not the entire library. And further, I find it quite a bit more combersome to change the index of an entire folder when all I want to do is quickly see other films by a certain director (this is also true with the genre sort, to a lesser extent). I do like the feature, and the idea, that you can index an entire library by these different criteria; however I would still really like the option of the "Classic" way where you could just click the Director or Genre links from within the description page of a title. In practice, I find it far more quick and useful to be able to just scroll down to a movie with the director/genre I want - IE LOTR, and click "Peter Jackson" and/or "Fantasy" (for genre) - and with one click on the director have it show me all of the PJ films I have - or all of the media titles with "Fantasy" as a genre. Any chance I'm just overlooking this functionality in Chocolate? If not, any chance it will be making a comeback? If these "clickable" links can't be added to the description area any more, any chance of adding extra pages/sections to the "Cast" item for other sortable tags like: Director/Producer/Studio/Genre/etc? I see the x/5 Star rankings in the upper left of the description page. Is there any way to make this a numerical TMDB, IMDB, and/or Rotten Tomatoes score instead? In the Classic theme there used to be media detail information - ie, video and audio bitrates, containers, formats, etc. Any option somewhere to re-enable this? I know some of it was redundent, but I enjoyed having it - it was sometimes useful in deciding whether or not to play a title on an extender, plus just fun to see. If using vertical scroll, it's difficult to get to the "control panel" in the upper right. Is there any hotkey and/or WMC remote button that will take you to the control panel? Besides these couple of questions I think the new Chocolate interface is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
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