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  1. Currently running Windows 10 Pro with all updates. Emby Server is working fine. Question is : how to clear the Alerts from the Server Dashboard screen (upper Right Quad of the layout). Old alerts do not appear to drop off from the list. How is it reset to clear the list and start a new Alert list?
  2. lhamanda

    Logging in to Dashboard

    I cannot login into dashboard. The TV apps work fine even with login. But I can't login into dashboard for updates or adding/removing users, data and such. How can this be remedied.
  3. Often times when I see "Reason for transcodng: Media bitrate exceeds limit." in the info I wonder, what kind of internet connection do they have? I know this can cover multiple scenarios like bandwidth limit set for user, server, client side quality setting, as well as AUTO bandwidth detection... Can you PLEASE add to the dashboard the returned client bandwidth capabilities? The value you are getting from the client that tells emby its bandwidth abilities. While you are at it tighten up the spaces between lines on the transcode items, and align the results to the right instead of center.. MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE THIS :
  4. Ever since I updated to, when my kids switch from one stream to another before it finishes, the dashboard tile representing their connection will begin flashing back and forth between the new stream and the cancelled one. This would only be an aesthetic problem, except it is clearly breaking playback reporting. Hundreds of zero-duration streams (at least 1 every minute until the client browser is reset) are added to the logs, and the duration of real streams is not being properly summed. I've noiced that if I am fast enough, I can hit the stop button on problem stream from the dashboard as it strobes back and forth. These appears to fix it, but can hardly be considered a solution. I'm on ubuntu server 20.1 anybody else having this issue?
  5. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this 😃.
  6. While it is easy to recognize Brooklyn Nine NIne it's nigh impossible for me to recognize the chinese thing. Is there a way to see the absolute name of the show / movie that's being played ? What I want to achieve is this :
  7. Team, Need Help. Windows 10. Dell 8910. Used Emby Theater last night fine watched my recorded shows etc... no issues. Went to open Emby Theater this morning and I get a "connection failure". So I go to the server machine and discover 2 things I have not had issue with before 1. Emby all the sudden can't connect to localhost and wont open the Emby dashboard (on the server machine) 2. There were 6 or 7 instance of Emby Server showing up in the system tray for some reason I have since tried everything in my limited repertoire to troubleshoot the problem Restarting Reinstalling Emby Checked firewall Ports open Flushed DNS Checked the hosts folder seems fine Can someone please help me out on this as I have not made any changes that should have caused this to happen
  8. Not sure where this bottom dashboard bar came from, but it sits over the scroll bar for the Emby menu, so I can't access the Auto-Organize menu. I had a bookmarked link directly to the page but that isn't loading either. Can I switch off this menu bar or otherwise get rid of it?
  9. cochize1

    Library posters

    Let’s assume I have a movie library called BOX OFFICE. Every week I add some new interesting content and I want my users to know that right away. The best way show that is to ‘update” the library poster with new contents’ posters (4 new posters with the water-like reflections in random order for every new library created). My server is running on Synology NAS so I can access my files with WinSCP. In /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/root/default I have access to all generated poster.png files (4 posters from library). By copying these files I COULD change the library posters BUT for newly created libraries (I put 4 new movies in that library showing posters for new content) it takes AGES to generate the poster.png file for newly created library. I have tried: refreshing the library restarting the server restarting and clearing my cache from the computer I access the server How long does it take for that file to repopulate on the server and show in WinSCP?
  10. I'm running emby server in docker, attaching with different browsers (Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox) from both Linux & Mac. I'm sure the landing page after login always used to be the Home Page (layout configured in user settings), but recently (after a server update I guess), the landing page is now always the Dashboard. I've not found a landing page config item - and the name 'Home Page' suggests that's where I should land/ Am I missing something basic, or could this be a bug? I have tested both with: - Just IP & port in url - Using a bookmark created from the Home Page .. selected to initially reach the Login Page.
  11. Updated to version 4.2.0 today (08.03.19|18:45 CST) After the 4.2.0 updated completed and the server reloaded, there were several plugins requiring update and a message to reboot server for updates to be installed. After reboot to allow updating to plugins server loaded but I no longer have access to the server dashboard. I am logged in as an Administrative user and have tried all available links from the home page to no avail.
  12. A few days ago, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Emby Server because of some minor problems. Since then, I cannot playback or record from the dashboard. I can use the guide and do all server functions, but cannot playback. When I choose a live program, I get a black screen with "circling." Playback and recordingworks fine from Emby Theater. OS = Windows 10 v 1709 Emby Server = I'm attaching the latest server log. Thanks in advance, Steve
  13. Hi All I am trying to move my media from Plex to Emby But I am struggling to find the "hide" this from everything else? Starting with the dashboard, how do I exclude a media folder from the dashboard? And is there anyway to also exclude the folder to associate from "More like this" ? The above setting actually does both in Plex, never have to worry about in appropriate being listed unless you go to that specific genre be it Erotic og ZombieSpashgoremovies... I have read some post about this but havent found any solutions? Again thanks for your help really trying to get this working
  14. I'm experiencing an issue where the dashboard isn't showing me plugin updates notifications. No failed attempts or any notifications what so ever about plugins. I was on v3 which also had this issue. I've just performed the emby server 4 update and I've noticed that this issue has lingered since the previous version. Updates can be achieved when navigating to plugins, and selecting catalog, selecting an installed plugin. It reports the current version and shows a newer version is able to be installed. Performing this updates the plugin fine although it isn't the greatest. Please see screenshot Once finished installing the plugin, the dashboard does report in "Pending Installations" that plugin x has been installed, please restart the server to finish applying the update. Please see screenshot The article below... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61017-check-for-plugin-updates-failed/ Pointed me to look into my logs to check if I could reach "https://www.mb3admin.com/admin/service/EmbyPackages.json"which I tested and there wasn't a problem via a web browser. I did a general search for the word error, however I don't really know what I'm looking for... Help is appreciated. Apologies if the log is a little busy as I was performing a very long library refresh after the update. (I hope admins/moderators obfuscate the attachments so as to not make public peoples implementations, server address, etc.. ;-) ) embyserver.txt
  15. I was wondering if it might make better sense to change the transcoding speed shown on the dashboard to make it more "useful" Right now when I see it showing a transcoding speed of 28 FPS, I then need to know if this a 23.9 FPS video and the server is keeping up great, or is this a 30+ FPS video and the server is no longer keeping up, and while you can tell to some extent by the transcoder buffer bar if the server has started other task (even not related to Emby) you may be to a point where you will run out of transcoder buffer. I had 2 thoughts on alternatives. 1: Show the videos Actual FPS next to the transcoding FPS so you can see if transcoding is exceeding it. Seems simplest IMO. or 2: Show the transcoding speed in % or multiplier. I.e. Video FPS is 30, Transcoding is happening at 45, show 150% or 1.5x
  16. I have just changed my ports for HTTP and HTTPS access on my server to the standard 80 / 443 as I don't run anything else on my home IP. However, when looking on the server dashboard, the In-Home (LAN) access has changed but the Remote (WAN) access has remained at the default 8096 (as I haven't set up a certificate yet). This ONLY effects the dashboard link as if you enter the emby server manually with the new port numbers it connects OK.
  17. amarok

    Active devices freezed

    When I use Microsoft Edge with the server web app dashboard, the screening of active playback from various devices is freezed. When I refresh or reload the webpage it just shows the moment of the playback when the page was loaded. So there is no live controlling possible. When I use Firefox everything works fine. Is this a specific problem with Edge or just a misconfiguration on my side?
  18. speedingcheetah

    Dashboard dark theme vanished?

    I just updated my server to Version the Dashboard pages nice dark theme went away and is now ugly white. Where is the setting to switch it back to dark mode?
  19. I am trying to add a friend to my server using the guest feature. He receives the invite and can access the server (for some reason, seeing all of MY watch positions, etc (what's up with that??)) but I have no way to moderate his access or anything like that -- he just doesn't appear anywhere in the dash. Thanks
  20. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  21. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  22. @@Luke Hello. Besides the live tv area to find active recordings as an admin mostly on my server I would really like it if the active recordings would be displayed while they are happening. Letting the admin know what tuners are in use easily by Emby, This situation is two fold if your a premiere user, as I take advantage of the awesome convert to stream friendly format feature. Not only would this alert me if the tuners are in use, but that also ffmpeg processes are currently running to convert these recordings. I'm in the dashboard a lot, so I prefer I could see these type things when I'm there. If I missed a post, I apologize, I did try to search. Thanks for your input.
  23. Kimballslice1890

    Emby dashboard - Popular

    Request to have a Popular content listing within the emby dashboard (data taken from users managed through the server [not emby premier]) For example if multiple users have watched Video or series #1 then it will be listed as popular content among local user database. Couldn't find if this had been suggested or not yet
  24. So i stumbled on this github project trolling some forums and decided to post it here cuz it is great. Im not the author but im sure others might like it https://github.com/causefx/Organizr Here are some screenshots after i finish customizing it (yes it is plex because that is what i use but it can be for Emby just the same) : Plex request logo, Loading page logo and window title credit to @Angelblue05 My Main menu Loading screen: Login: Mobile:
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