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  1. jhonata2050

    chocolate theme

    Hello, I saw on the emby that have the option of themes in the plugins area, however, I can't install the themes because it doesn't seem like the option to install them, just the phrase: This plugin must be installed from the application in which you want to use it. can someone tell me how to install the theme, especially the chocolate theme
  2. When did the plot or overview stop auto scrolling? I know that it was scrolling before some recent updates because when reading it would start scrolling and by the time I got to the bottom of the usable screen it would reset and start scrolling again. Johnny M Plot doesn't scroll. Using Emby for WMC vers with Chocolate vers 3.0.8
  3. I'd like to modify the detail album view track listing (using Chocolate) as you see below to simply list the track number, and track title, and remove the artist and album info. Is that possible? Also, where should I add images for the generated folders like "Favorites", "Genre", "Playlist" etc... ? Thanks for the help, CFC
  4. As the title says, since the last update, Chocolate theme's EHS is very slow to update content. I am running MBC and 3.0.5490.2 MBS versions. All running on Windows 7 systems (server on a VBox Windows 7 VM on my FreeNAS box). The delay happens when I initially launch MBC or log back into MBC after it has reverted to the user selection screen. I have tried Square theme and it does not suffer the same delay. I just really like the chocolate theme and hope that this delay can be figured out. Given enough time, the EHS updates and all is well. Entering individual folder
  5. Hi, I can not click the config button in Emby Classic for WMC. The WMC close, min and max buttons interfere with it.
  6. RedStripe

    Default folder icons

    MBC Version Chocolate I have thousands of videos in hundreds of folders. I Would like to specify a custom default folder icon for display. Is there a way to do that?
  7. My wife's likes to enter her favorites section, pick the favorites TV entry with the play button and be greeted with an option for Play All or Random. Here these features are not available in either the Classic or Chocolate themes but have been found in other premium themes for quite sometime now. Was hoping that it could at least be added to chocolate.
  8. Hello, after upgrading to MB3 I'm still trying to find a theme for MBC that does for me what I want. On MB2 I used the "Imperium" theme, but that stopped working when the server moved (as did CoverArts), so now I moved to MB3. At the moment I'm using the "Classic" theme (tried all the others) but I would like to use the "Chocolate" theme. There's only one thing stopping me from doing this, and this is a missing "watched" indicator on the covers in EHS. I'm using the "last added" mode on EHS as this is best working for me on most folders and I do not want to switch all the time th
  9. Hi All - Quick EHS Home Screen navigation question for my remote control. Once I have enabled the Config>Chocolate Views>Show Weather Panel, I cannot navigate back to the configuration gear icon on the EHS with the remote. Any suggestions or remote keys that take me to Config again? Thanks, Tanamur
  10. I have all my boxsets tagged with [boxset] in the title and noticed that it shows up within Media Browser. Is that tag no longer supported? I thought brackets were supposed to be ignored completely (from view)? It does still work in the web client when viewing boxsets, however, so it is still recognized.
  11. v3,0.129 MBC v. chocolate If you have a large number of movies in list view (ive reproduced with 285 Movies), when you scroll past bottom of list, the focus jumps from 285 to 265 ad infinitum as you scroll down. (rather than back to 1) (always seems to be 20 titles back for other list lengths tested) only seems to affect chocolate
  12. daedalus

    Chocolate - Person details

    is there anything planed to make the person details visible in MBC? at the moment if you select a person it jumps directly to the items it is involed another thing i mentioned is that in chocolate in the detail view neither the genres nor the director are selectable to get all the containing items
  13. Hello First I would love to thanks the community for a wonderful job with Media Browser I love the chocolate theme but my only down side is that the classic theme remembered where in the episode list I was up to when pressing back from the detailed screen for an episode. eg. If I'm watching a tv show and I'm just finished watching episode 3 of season 2. If I hit the back button from the details screen for episode 3 of season 2 in the chocolate theme it will just right back up to the top instead of what the classic theme does is stay at episode 3 of season 2 in the list. I have done
  14. Morning all, First time posting on the new site. I've been using an older version of MB for a while now, using an older version of Chocolate which someone (I forget who) adapted for me to get rid of the information bar at the bottom of the screen on poster view. My server crashed over the weekend. I took the opportunity to upgrade from WHS v1 to WHS 2011, and hence to MB3. Liking what I've seen so far. Still getting to grips with the metadata, BUT I wondered, if it's not out of order, whether I could make a suggestion for the chocolate theme. I love Poster View. This is entirely
  15. Long titles are not scrolling in music and therefore appear over the poster.
  16. HI, Would like to request a small change or be educated on how to do this otherwise. I pretty much use the unwatched EHS view for all of my TV browsing to see and select new TV shows that have recently been added to my collection. Quite regularly I wish to set some of these to watched state without having actually watched them. (sometime watch shows at friend places or similar) If there is more than 1 unwatched episode for a show, I can happily use the * key on my remote to set each unwatched episode as watched. If there is only a single episode, the list view is bypassed
  17. In Cover Flow view, in the upper left corner, the Movie Info Box (that contains boxes for 16:9, Dolby Digital, etc) overlays the title of the movie, so you can't read it. Can you move the box to the right or add an option to disable it?
  18. I installed the latest version of the Chocolate Theme yesterday. I immediately noticed that when looking at a season of a TV series, the episode list no longer has a black background, so now you cannot read the episode list because it blends in with the wallpaper. Please fix this MB Server Version 3.0.5135.31685
  19. Hi, long time user - first time poster... With the recent update I found myself enjoying the "Chocolate" gui for the first time. Overall I really like it, and I want to say great job to everyone behind its development (and thanks!) Just a little background on how I use MBC. I have an HTPC in the living room as a settop box replacement (as well as a couple Xbox360's as extenders throughout the house). Although I have a mouse/keyboard available at the main HTPC, I don't like to have to use them if I can use the remote instead (WAF is an issue). Now a couple questions. In the new Chocolate g
  20. lja


    Have been using chocolate for the past months and am considering it as my main theme. Are there any plans to enhance the chocolate list view?
  21. Has a change been made in MB Classic/Chocolate which affects Music? When I click on Music, the Music by Genre list comes up. Before a list of Music showed. There is also the Music By Genre as selected in config. Is there a setting that should be changed? This situation does not occur with Movies which also have the Movies by Genre. Thanks for any help.
  22. ulrick65

    Chocolate Theme - Block Exit

    Is there a setting for the Chocolate theme (or MBC in general) to block the exiting from MBC, or at least ask for confirmation (like some of the other themes do)? It is not difficult to hit the back button to many times and exit right out... Thanks.
  23. My initial impression of the Chocolate enhancements are that they are very nice. Strangely, Chocolate reports I have no episodes in any season of multiple collections and will not let me enter the season folder.. I didn't find anyone else reporting this. Any suggestions? Thanks
  24. Dak

    Chocolate - Blue theme

    Hello all, Just started testing MB3 and MBC on my lappy as it looks like I need to move over to MB3 soon. Is it just me but the Blue theme for chocolate does not work, I get a bit of blue in the EHS ( a long line of blue above the VF's) and that's it?
  25. EBR, what are the parameters for episode to be included in the unwatched screen on Chocolates EHS (or any theme for that matter)? Is it possible to show all unwatched episodes where at least one episode in a series has been marked as watched? I would love this. for example i have just started watching The Mentalist and am at s01e04 but the unwatched list only shows the last episode in season 5 and the first in season 6 (the latest one i have). It would be much better if I could see all seasons / episodes after the last one marked as watched thanks
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