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  1. Hi, I seem to have the same issue now. Everything was working fine until few days back and now the same loading screen indefinitely spinning and eventually after several minutes (only in some videos) there is an short play of video but then paused indefinitely. I tried to enable hardware acceleration from my server PC (TS140, 12GB, with NVIDIA GT720) to view in Sony Android TV. I am also an Emby Premiere user. I will appreciate if you could share the resolution with me so I can also try. Thanks in advance.
  2. I converted an iTunes m4v file to mp4 on my Mac and then loaded it to the emby server...however when I try to play the file, I get an error stating "No compatible streams are currently available." I'm very new to emby so I don't know the system very well but any help would be appreciated. embyserver.txt embyserver-63725319937.txt
  3. taxbax3000

    Have to reboot Mac to restart Emby

    I am having this same issue over a year later. Mac OS newest server. Very frustrating.
  4. Guest

    Thinking of changing OS to MAC

    So I have been thinking for awhile of changing my Servers OS to MAC. This is mostly due to the intrusive updates that are forced on us Windows10 Users and the bloatware that is constantly being reinstalled by these forced updates. Like xbox gamebar, etc and several others. I did figure out that by using Shell i can remove a lot of these programs I dont want or use but whenever their is an update these programs are forced back onto my PC using Data, which is expensive nowadays, and disc space which I like to keep clear for my needs not Microsofts attempt to get me to use programs I have ZERO interest in. EDGE is a huge irrigation as well. I remove it and it comes right back. Its as if Microsoft somehow knows I just shelled the hell out of their bloatware and they want it back on ASAP. Im beginning to think Windows OS is more or less spyware now as the years go by. I used to love Microsoft. But that has all changed and it wasnt a sudden distaste either. To to put insult to injury they pin that crap to my Desktop as to say, HEY BUDDY! Heres your internet browser you need to use! Serious BS. Also the new GET HELP for Windows10 infuriates me and I like the old troubleshooter. But it is either gone or buried in the OS some place. Also I find it funny that on the Microsoft help sites you have all these people saying that the majority of these programs cant be removed and are hard coded into the OS and they have to be there for it to work. This is an obvious plow to get people to keep programs on their PC that Microsoft gets paid to put on them. Really they are just trying to discourage people with misinformation. I read about a registry hack that can stop the updates but that was a couple of years ago someone had posted that and if I was terrible company like Microsoft Id patch that out as soon possible because, darn it your gonna get force fed the updates whether you want them or not. I hate companies like this. The only option is to postpone updates for a a week at which time they will force update you. I have read that MAC does not do this to its users. If so thats wonderful. Some of the best news Ive read all day. My server is a big part of my life and I use it constantly so the fewer issues I have obviously the better. Im just sick of Microsoft and need some good advice. Other considerations are of course just going to Linux Mint or something similar. I run KALI on my Chromebook so I am familiar with the struggles of changing an OS and how difficult it can be. Course Chromebook is a bit extreme considering the length at which you have to go to to get the darn OS on a system that doesnt like you doing that sort of thing and fights you the whole way lol. I do enjoy UNIX based OS though as Im an old IDX/IBM/DOS guy. I dont use the PC for gaming, I have another one for that, or anything else really. Mostly I just keep it running just for the server. So an OS that is light on the resource consumption is something I thought about a lot. Microsoft is not like this especially when the Antimalware crap decides to bog down the PC even though I already have a dedicated antivirus and dont need or want their default crap. All this said i would very much like to hear from the community about their thoughts and experiences with MAC OS as I worry about any compatibility issues from switching I might have. Cheers
  5. Hi, everything was working fine but a week ago emby web (localhost) chromecast streaming stopped working. I get the Emby logo on TV, when I press play I see a circle going around indefinitely. I can't think of anything I did last week that could have caused this. I run EmbyServer on a dual boot MacBookPro, with a separate EmbyServer installation running under Catalina (with which I have no problem streaming to Chromecast), and one under Big Sur beta 7 (with which I have this problem - but it did work until last week). Since this problem appeared I have updated to the latest version of Emby which made no difference. My Chromecast works fine with other apps. Network setup is as simple as could be. I see two error reports in the logs. One is "PortMapper: Error creating port map" (the router indicates that the ports are open and enabled). Second error in logs is "Failed to start UDP Server". See logs for more details. MacBookPro - macos 11.0 Beta Chrome Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit) Emby I'm not very technically proficient. Would very much appreciate any help. embyserver.txt
  6. eliasfrehner

    Mac Os X App -> The display goes dark

    Dear community The Emby app for the Mac has been available for a few days. When you watch a movie or YouTube video on your MacBook the display does not normally turn off. With the Emby app, however, the display darkens after a certain time. Do you have this problem too? regards Elias
  7. So I recently bought a Late 2018 Mac Mini off eBay that I just turned into a media server using Emby and I set things up (i.e. Server Settings, Media Directory Paths, Media Libraries, etc) for the TV Shows and Movies as well as Anime and Anime Movies all on separate 2TB External Drives and my Movies (Blu-Ray) that I'm using MakeMKV to rip them is set to a WD 5TB External HDD. So when I set the directory for these movies to the 5TB Drive and play these movies on my TCL Roku 4K HDR TV in the EMBY TV App I get a "Retrieving" loading come up and it "retrieves" multiple time eventually giving back an error and this happens with multiple movies when I try to play them. So what's up? Media Server Specs: Mac Mini Late 2018 3.6GHz Quad Core i3 8GB RAM (64GB upgrade yet to be installed) EMBY Server v4.4.2.0 (In Safari) EMBY App v3.0 build 212 (TCL Roku TV) Any other details you need that aren't listed just ask.
  8. I saw a similar post to the problem I'm having although what Im seeing is a little different. This occurs every month or so- the primary image/posters for movies and TV shows are being replaced by the backdrop image or fanart image or simply blank. The weird thing is the posters and backdrops are still in the media folders (along side the movies) just as they were when they were imported into the library. In regards to artwork, I see these lines repeadetely (not sure if that's indicative of something) 020-03-03 11:08:47.891 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204386/Images/Primary?maxHeight=347&maxWidth=231&tag=f6a09058430cd17c3c9849264e7270fe&quality=90. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_3) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.0.5 Safari/605.1.15 2020-03-03 11:08:47.891 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/185043/Images/Primary?maxWidth=231&tag=5679cd2ede87d6743f6368093c457938&quality=90. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_3) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.0.5 Safari/605.1.15 2020-03-03 11:08:47.892 Info HttpClient: GET 2020-03-03 11:08:47.894 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 37ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/205751/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=17d81a071ccd82950c048fc875a0604f&quality=70 2020-03-03 11:08:47.895 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 4ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/185043/Images/Primary?maxWidth=231&tag=5679cd2ede87d6743f6368093c457938&quality=90 2020-03-03 11:08:47.898 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 7ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204386/Images/Primary?maxHeight=347&maxWidth=231&tag=f6a09058430cd17c3c9849264e7270fe&quality=90 2020-03-03 11:08:47.902 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 13ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204291/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=2bc862d5fd77f7af19bf67c6d969dcab&quality=70 2020-03-03 11:08:47.904 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 15ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204289/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=0113086240e6a8f33cc0f75949962a97&quality=70 2020-03-03 11:08:47.907 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 18ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204290/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=0a0eed02ce1c20723b4bbd8c154ea6f0&quality=70 2020-03-03 11:08:47.910 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to 73.12.345.67. Time: 20ms. https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/204287/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=27c416519eaea398f948516f5be09e5f&quality=70 2020-03-03 11:08:47.917 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET https://olivepi.tv:8920/emby/Items/201444/Images/Backdrop?maxWidth=231&tag=0e2b5f392e8861b44f3f94ef536887fb&quality=70. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_3) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.0.5 Safari/605.1.15 Other than I have the embyserver.dll error, but I've had this error for as long as I can remember so not sure it's related but wanted to mention *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS/EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS/System.Private.CoreLib.dll System.Environment.Version: 3.1.2 Processor count: 12 Program data path: /Users/damien/emby-server Application directory: /Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS MediaBrowser.Model.Net.HttpException: MediaBrowser.Model.Net.HttpException: Forbidden Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much
  9. Damien_

    Have to reboot Mac to restart Emby

    So I recently moved my Emby from unraid to Mac a few months ago. Everything works well but there's one reoccurring issue I can't seem to get past - the only way I can restart Emby successfully/gracefully is by restarting my Mac. For example if I install a plugin, I can't reboot emby successfully from the menu. It simply won't start back up. If I go into Applications to start it manually one of two things happens: 1) I get a error that says it's already running and sure enough activity monitor shows emby processes running. But the even if I force shut those down and there are zero Emby processes running, it still won't boot up. OR 2) No error message but the application still doesn't start (but it relaunches those emby processes). This scenario happens 100% of the time. Launching Emby at startup works without issue. Has anyone experienced a similar issue been able to resolve it? Any guidance would be very appreciated. Thanks
  10. Natilus13

    optional Network Path Question

    Hello folks, Something that I have been wondering for a while now and have not been able to find a clear answer for is this... For setting up libraries, there is the folder and the optional netork path. As I am on a Mac, my folder is listed as /Volumes/Share/Movies With that in mind, should the optional network path be listed as //Server/Share/Movies or should it be \\Server\Share\Movies Currently my shares come from both Windows and Mac boxes, not that I think that makes any difference. Thanks! N
  11. zenobit06

    update to emby server mac?

    Hello, I'm still thinking about updating from emby server version to … even if the old version runs on my Mac mini without any problem. Therefore I have some questions: 1) which macOS version do I need for emby Server Is High Sierra Version 10.13.6 still okay?. 2) I made many manual changes in the metadata of my emby library. Will they remain or go lost after an update to a newer server version? 3) I use emby only for music-streaming. Are there any new features (for example: integration of podcast or radio) in the new server version? Best regards zenobit06
  12. bigembyfan

    Mac Mini 2014 - CPU while transcoding

    Hi there, I've had a search through the forums and seen things here and there about the transcoding settings and potential hardware transcoding options to ease the burden on the cpu of a mac running Emby Server but haven't managed to solve my issues unfortunately. I run Emby server on a 2014 Mac Mini (2.6ghz i5, 8gb ram, 1TB HDD one), things are set up well but if I watch any file that needs transcoding the CPU in activity monitor can stay consistently at 275 - 325% all for ffmpeg (I mainly have MKV files but also happens for some pre-processed mp4s from Handbrake). I also have HD Homerun for live tv in Emby and the cpu values seen watching that are usually much lower, around 85% - 95%. Unsurprisingly, occasionally my Mac can be radioactively hot and can only assume that it's not a great idea for me to be running Emby Server and using clients that need transcoding when the CPU can ramp up to ~300%, eg my iphone or android tablet on my commute. Using a Pi + Kodi for my tv, it copes better but I have to remember to power down the Pi as sometimes I've woken up the following day to find my Mac sounding like it's ready for take off, which I assumed was Kodi / Emby Server not killing a service of some sort. I have messed around with the settings a little but it's a bit like monkeys writing Shakespeare, I don't really have much of a clue and unfortunately I've not succeeded in improving anything yet. Checking the advanced settings in the transcoding page in the admin, I have one option in the Hardware Encoders but nothing available in the Hardware Decoders. I'm a novice to the processor / transcoding side things and wondered if I'm stuck with this situation? I've tried to search around but not finding any concrete "ah you just need to do this" or "nope, not a great idea to run it on that". If it's the latter I'm considering an i7 NUC but would obviously be happy if I've missed something and there's solution or setting or something bios / setup wise I can do. I don't however want to burn out the mac as it's useful for managing my phone with iTunes and I also occasionally build iOS apps with it, it's not my main machine but it's my only mac os one. If logs help, just let me know and I can try and get some added.
  13. Natilus13

    Playback freezes when outside of LAN

    Hello all, Has anyone else run into issues with playback when off your local network? I have had users reporting this recently (I believe only since updating to server v4.x) and have not had any luck in resolving it, I have tried adjusting the transcoding options, and even turning it off. I have also had the users try using much lower quality settings on their end. It all made no difference. Users are trying to playback files using various methods and it is always them same. While on my LAN, everything runs smooth as butter though. Would love to get some help trying to troubleshoot this. Thanks! N
  14. When I try to Browse Library or Configure Emby I receive the above error message. I have delete the Emby Server App and re-installed without any success. I had to replace my BT Hub a few days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Natilus13

    macOS - Remote access hangs with 4.0.1

    Hello all, I was excited to update to the new 4.0.1 release. The database upgrade seemed to run smoothly and everything locally works fine. Remote connections just hang however, so I have had to roll back to 3.5.3. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers, N
  16. Hi, Brand new Plex refugee here. Enter Emby. Same folders, same setup as Plex. Emby will not display my movies, period. Followed Emby naming protocol that worked like a charm in Plex. I've always pointed my iTunes Media folder to Plex. This way, all media is available to iDevices directly, and can stream via Plex Emby directly to our Roku TV. I have added/removed movie folder many times in media library. It sees the movies in the metadata manager, and it shows the miniature movies in the Library view of Emby Web Settings, but will display only TV shows in Home overview. Furthermore, emby app will not play from Roku TV. It sees the server (manually entered), shows the TV shows, but then 'retrieving' and.....nothing. A very frustrating experience so far. I'm only interested in local media streaming. I have no need for online retrieval of tags, titles, subtitles etcetera. I don't want .nfo files added to folders. All images, data and what not are already contained within each .mp4/.m4v file. I'm using Emby only because I have my iTunes purchases on my Mac and want to view them on my Roku TV. Setup is Mac with Emby Server install (latest/greatest), hardwired via MoCa adapter to Roku TV, Emby app. Server is recognized but nothing will play. Media is stored on external Hard Drive connected to Mac. Is this a DRM issue? I have installed and reinstalled Emby but previous settings remain in place on reinstall. This post is a last ditch effort to get this to work, before I cave and go the Apple TV route. I'd prefer to get this working. Thanks!
  17. levander

    some observations and thoughts

    Hi, I would like to share some observations and thoughts on emby server. I am a new user so forgive me if some issues I am mentioning here have been already discussed on the forum. Feature request: - option to disable media deletion from within server (and consequently from within any client) for administrator In these few weeks of using emby I happen to accidentally delete some media couple of times. Fortunately, both times I was lucky. BUT I realised it could have been much worse scenario and that some users weren't so lucky. I searched for an option to disable delete but I couldn't. Please do something about it, this shouldn't be allowed to happen by accident just because there is no logical option to restrict meddling with media files. Option to disable delete or triple password to confirm or similar. Also, in the meantime or if you don't intend to change this please suggest a workaround (?) Bugs/Not working/Should work: - per library setting for metadata language not working I've been regularly having situations where I needed to identify movie within library and it would regularly update in some random language although I set it up in library settings. The solution is workaround: to set up metadata language for every movie per se. I already reported that but here it is again. Apart from that emby scraper (and Identify feature) works generally very very good. - collection items disappear after relocating media Which is so unfortunate because collections are one of the greatest features emby and I use it a lot. Unfortunately I found out that most of my manually created collections are just lost effort after I re-organized some media folders. I need to be able to re-organize folder structure of my media from time to time and I need those collections... - sort by release date not working Not even close. Not in separate libraries, not in grouped libraries. Fix/Should work better: - search is too often too slow or is not working at all I believe you are aware of this. And I believe you are working on improvements. Search by original title should be included. As well as collections and tags. I sometimes wait 30-45 seconds to get results. And sometimes it doesn't respond at all and then I have to try to search from another library or from dashboard. - browsing through pages doesn't remember position when "refreshed" and it is pretty frustrating when trying to fix something among 12000 titles and every time it throws me back on 1st page. I suppose it is more realistic that this "fix" will be part of new ui at one point but until then it would be VERY helpful to have some kind of index (1-100 | 101 - 200 | 201 - 300| ... | 9901- 10000) Small things that could make things more practical but also not essential: - Include media path in Identify window so you save user's steps before pre-identifing what to identify... It is logical (in most cases) that Identify is to be used when media is incorrectly scraped, so instead scrolling to the bottom of the page to check which title we want to identify there could be path visible in Identify window. At least. - Make media file path at the bottom of movie details page as link so it could be opened/showed in finder/windows explorer. I frequently use select text and then open in finder in safari but this could be more convenient maybe. Couple of questions: - Why nfos use 2 x imdb ids? - Why some of manually added genres are shown under genres in library and some are not? Thanks for reading.
  18. Tim.Springer

    iOS app and older server

    So I'm a newbie and wondering if there is a way to use the Emby server on an older mac (Yosemite) but still use my smart phone to stream from my media? The iOS app says I need to update my server but the latest version of the server won't run in my hardware. BTW - this is the exact same issue that led me from a competitor to Emby. But if the answer is "well just buy a newer computer" I'm outta here. Thanks
  19. Natilus13

    Question about my SSL cert

    Hello all, A friend of mine reached out to me the other day to let me know that they could no longer connect to my emby server. It had been running fine, so I was puzzled. When I went and looked at the settings, it turns out that the server no longer appears to be running over HTTPS, only on HTTP. I don't even see any option for HTTPS other than under Expert->Advanced where I can set the external HTTPS port. I am currently on the 3.5 beta. Everything works fine right now on HTTP, but I would much prefer to be running over HTTPS again. Anyone have any thought or suggestions? Thanks! N
  20. levander

    Some thoughts and opinions

    Hi, After few weeks of introducing myself to emby environment and after I successfully but incompletely migrated from Plex (looking for ways to migrate plex 1000+ collections to nfo tags or whatever) I collected some opinions and thoughts on all that... so here it's part of it concerning emby app for Apple TV. Miss... Refresh I miss some way to refresh active page/app so changes made on server could be seen on Apple TV without having to restart the AppleTV app. Also missing in iOS app. Searching persons I am aware that searching is ongoing feature you're working on to improve so at this point I just want to point out I miss searching for actors in addition to only title searching on Apple TV. Since this is available on other clients and server. Year & Director in movie info pull down while playing movie Though sometimes there is year shown but wrong and it doesn't correspond to date added o release date from metadata, I can't figure out what is it. Show all titles by/with person selected Clicking on person (actor or director) shows is limited titles (around 20) although in some cases there is a lot more and there is no other way to get to them Number of items listed in a library I miss number of items in active library. Filtered or not filtered, favourites or collections. Thumbs View I miss at least an option to view library items as thumbs (fanart/backdrop/backround, whatever it is called). It is somehow supported (unintentionally it seems to me) in mixed libraries but only when primary image is thumb image. So I guess that implicates that it is possible to show movie/tv show images as thumbs and since it is supported in emby server (and it looks great there). The two main reasons I always like to see thumbs rather than posters are: When you browse your libraries "to be inspired" and then to choose a movie to watch thumbs always look more inviting and "describable" than posters. There is just too many cases when there is no posters available or posters look bad or you have to use same DVD collection poster for bunch of Charlie Chaplin short movies for example because individual posters differ so much in quality, design, size and type and that looks strange. And at the same time you can always find or easily make movie background/fanart/thumb which is unlikely with posters if you want it looks decent. Fix... Favorite on/off button does not respond until exit and re-enter Wouldn't it be good....? Collections view When showing different types of collection items inside a collection there is no more info preview feature available because other types are shown as other items below first, main, row. I stumbled upon some discussions about that and it seems that someone had idea to show all mixed up in main row. I don't know about that. It's not bad idea to overcome this problem but I would always rather give up on info preview for usual item list as in emby server and not all in one "endless" row... Titles centered I love centered items list in emby server. When you have 2-3 items listed it looks way better. Especially in mixed content libraries, subfolders etc. Showing collections movie belongs to I think it is already mentioned somewhere as feature request or something. That would be definitely useful: in movie details page, beneath similar/recommended movies, a list of movies from collections a given movie is also part of. Thanks for reading.
  21. theBrad

    Help with my future build?

    Hey - apologies if this comes across as a noob post or whatever, I've recently been introduced to Emby and I am absolutely amazed with it, it's absolutely fantastic, so good that I've decided to host my own Emby server. I'm looking at spending anywhere from £300-500 (although this can be pushed up slightly if need be) for my build. I've considered these things currently: Mac Mini (16GB Ram, i5 Processor, 240GB SSD) HPe Proliant ML10 Gen9 HPE ProLiant Gen8 G1610T 819185-421 (4GB RAM) MicroServer Storage won't be a problem as I'll have a 8TB NAS to start with. My requirements so far are: Steam to 3 devices in the same household. (Will most likely be 3 at the max, but maybe potential for 4-5) Be able to stream remotely to 1-2 people (If I'm at my girlfriends house or travelling for work) Do either of the 3 I've posted look like they could do what I require? Or do any of you kind folk know a better build that will give me more bang for my buck? I'm not opposed to building the server myself out of parts, just trying to get some knowledge here. Many thanks
  22. grangerdanger

    Startup Wizard

    Hello, I'm technologically challenged. I am trying to get emby up and running so I can connect my devices through Kodi. I got the server for Mac installed but nothing happens then. I see the tray up in the icon bar, but every time I attempt to go to the startup wizard, it fails. I've tried copy and pasting, typing it in, and selecting it from the drop-down menu of the tray. The wizard is not responding. Any ideas?
  23. I've seen this a few times: I will start the apple tv emby client, or just try to drill down to a lower layer within the client: it will spin for a while then report an error message (eg. something like "trouble getting next up"). When I check my server I see the emby server app has crashed. Logs attached from 2 such incidents. Looks like freeing un-malloc'ed memory in both cases. btw I just noticed emby has been bumped to 3.1.2 as I'm about to post this! Hopefully this might still be useful... Mike Update: not the same as this crash: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42108-server-3085000-crash-on-connection-from-apple-tv-app-crash-log-available/ crashlogs.tgz
  24. rubicon

    MAC OS EMBY corrupted database

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one, one friend has setup emby on his iMac and he needs to fix his database as he receives the message: "Database disk image is malformed" every time he scans the library. Can you please help me locate the library.db file location on a Mac (or the relevant file I need to delete to fix it)? Couldn't find it anywhere no matter where I looked. Thanks in advance, George
  25. I was looking for a low-cost solution for something that would just run 24/7 with low power consumption and ran into the NEXBOX T10. I don't need any transcoding (i think) as most my devices play media through KODI. Thoughts on the hardware? $87 seems preetty decent for a bare bones box with included hdd and windowsOS. About my current setup: Library is on a NAS, livingroom's got a on-24/7-macMini running KODI; bedroom uses FireTV4K with KODI; main PC runs emby server. Started emby on the PC but thought the macMini would be better since it's lower power consumption so I migraged over low and behold OSX has been a pain in the butt, the latest OSX doesn't refresh network directories without unmounting and remounting anymore so when I add new media to the NAS, emby sees it but OSX does not which results in KODI showing the episode but when played it's "missing" pain in the butt I tell you! I've now since migrated the server back to my main PC and everything seems be fine but I'm still looking for a low-power, low-cost, always-running solution. Related question: when I'm streaming my library through the emby app (either on my android phone, my ipad, what have you) does it transcode?
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