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  1. Hi there I am a complete newbie to emby and these networking things. But I was wondering is it possible to add drives which i can only access through http to emby. For example: I have this folder "". I was wondering if I could add this as a library. TIA
  2. kaj

    Network Gurus

    Hi guys, Looking for advice/help..... Next month I go into jail Hotel Quarantine in Sydney. Two weeks locked in a room with my wife..... I will have my NAS with me, plus a laptop with a single ethernet port, a 16-port switch and a Wi-Fi-router....NAS does not have Wi-Fi, only ethernet ports. I don't know in advance if my room will have Wi-Fi or an ethernet port...however, probably just Wi-Fi. Is it possible, using what I have, to setup a local network so that both of us can connect to Emby on my NAS on our various Wi-Fi devices (another laptop, iPad and Android phones)? I'm
  3. embyserverlogidentifyerror.txt I am unable to retrieve tv show metadata from the internet due to a TrustFailure - CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED Here an error snippet snippet from the attached log: 2021-01-05 11:09:54.348 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: https://www.thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=Downton+Abbey&language=en 2021-01-05 11:09:55.139 Error HttpClient: Error TrustFailure getting response from *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/server/EmbyServer.exe -package synology -programda
  4. Hi all My first post I'm really struggling to connect externally to my network. I've tried using the Emby Connect functionality and failed miserably. Whenever i try to login I just get the sign in error image attached. I even click the forgot password button and just get some page does not exist message attached. I know the password and username is correct as I've logged into this forum. The user is setup in the server to allow remote connections too. So in my wisdom I assumed that perhaps the router is blocking the access after reading the connectivity help. I'm not a
  5. Fonseca.Shawn@gmail.com

    Shares with passwords

    I am new to Emby and I have been using plex for a year now. Why can't Emby see my mapped network drive on my server? When will Emby let you add a network drive with a password? I have looked around and it seams this question has been asked a lot over time.
  6. Hi, I have just switch to Emby and was wondering what are some good settings for Transcoding and Network? I'm using iMac to stream over wifi to LG TV. Thanks
  7. skooogis


    Hur påverkas en router/brandvägg av flera flera/många strömmar över internet? Vad blir flaskhalsen i ett normalt hemnätverk? Sitter på 250/250 lina, och funderar på att byta ut min edgerouter x till något mer rejält så som Huawei Security Gateway USG6510E eller Fortigate 30E. Andra rekommendationer mottages gärna. Får man större påfrestning på nätverket vid användning av reverse proxy kontra lägga in certifikatet i Emby? Mvh
  8. Hi all Half a year ago, I moved my emby instance from my NAS to a seperate machine (Win10) to get better performance. However, as I'm using emby as a DVR and my library got quite ... ähm ... "comprehensive" by now, I also upgraded my NAS and seperated media server and data storage. I'm using SMP paths in my libraries to add the shared folders to emby (location = \\SERVER\FOLDER1). I had a power outage today and (re-)noticed an odd behaviour of emby: as my media server is a lot faster in booting up as my NAS, accessing the library failed when emby service started. As a result, some of my l
  9. neutronJK

    "No private key included in cert."

    I have installed Emby on Ubuntu server 20.04.1 and generated an SSL cert for it for remote use. I generated the cert using OpenSSH for the cert request and Zero SSL for the certificate issuance. Once the cert was created, I downloaded and installed it at /etc/ssl. So now the /etc/ssl path has ca_bundle.crt, certificate.crt and my private key. Then I configured Emby to use SSL and pointed it certificate.crt and restarted Emby. It is not working over SSL (of course, it works fine over 8096). When I looked at Emby's logs, I see: "2020-08-26 14:34:13.628 Error App: No private key includ
  10. I had been running Emby on Windows Server 2016 for some time and watching movies and TV shows on my Mi Box S (MiBox4) Android box on Kodi with Emby plugin without any problem. Last week I migrated my PC to Windows 10 Pro and reinstalled Emby server on it, also did a fresh install of Kodi on my Android box to re-sync everything. Since then, it's been a debugging nightmare for me as no matter what video, large and small, high bit-rate and crap sd, video playback stops randomly every few minutes! First I thought that it might be my router configs (It's a 2.4GHz running at 40MHz wid
  11. Hi guys, If anyone can help me find a solution it would be wonderful. Accessing my domestic Emby server on my TV worked well until I changed my configuration for practical reasons. My new setup is like this : - TV wired to the router A provided by my ISP. Router A is directly plugged into the wall to receive fiber network - Router B (this one I once bought for wifi expanding) wired to router A - PC server wired to router B. So my guess is that the PC server is not on the same LAN as the TV. How can I setup router B so that my TV can "see" the good IP address and port ? I don't have a very
  12. I wish I could put DNS names in addition to IP addresses in the "local networks" field If that was possible, I could put the name "dyndns.net" from another address (my beach house). My Internet provider assigns me an IP address that changes frequently. Now I put (for example): ",", but the address of my beach house "" I have to change it frequently. I would like to put something like ", mysecondhouse.dyndns.net" Thank you
  13. So, I've got a baffling issue. I cannot remotely connect to the MB server I have running on a Windows 10 machine. I've tried all suggestions on the connectivity page. But even with the firewall temporarily off, I cannot connect. Local connections work fine. I don't have access to router settings due to the apartment complex having all the routers locked down (whitelist probably). But I even tried using my mobile hotspot and no dice. Canyouseeme reported no response on port 8096 or 8920 using either internet service. I even tried each connection again with a VPN (PIA) turned on on the host mach
  14. A fundamental question about security, especially because of the current problems caused by the so-called Emotet Trojan: I use the emby server under Windows10 on the same PC where my Kodi Client is installed. The data is stored on a Synology NAS. Under Windows direct, I did not set up network drives directly on this PC, but use the UNC paths for the libraries, e.g. \\IP\Share\folder\... Since emby does not allow you to specify credentials, the logged in Windows user must have access to this shares on the NAS. In case of a Trojan infestation of the PC, especially Emotet should have no pro
  15. Karl Blixt

    Issues swapping network.

    My Emby app have issues dealing with swapping between my wifi and mobile network. the moment I change network the speed crawls to basically zero. I can successfully reproduce it on my phone 100% of the time. method of reproduction: 1: shut off wifi and restart the emby app. (make sure it's working as well) 2: turn on wifi 3: load a new page on emby. at this point the emby start loading content very slowly (60+ sec to load a movie page) 4: turn off wifi or restart the app and now the same movie page loads in an instant. This can be reproduced in the reverse orde
  16. Natilus13

    optional Network Path Question

    Hello folks, Something that I have been wondering for a while now and have not been able to find a clear answer for is this... For setting up libraries, there is the folder and the optional netork path. As I am on a Mac, my folder is listed as /Volumes/Share/Movies With that in mind, should the optional network path be listed as //Server/Share/Movies or should it be \\Server\Share\Movies Currently my shares come from both Windows and Mac boxes, not that I think that makes any difference. Thanks! N
  17. anderbytes

    Emby isn't closing used network ports.

    Hello guys, I guess I've found a nasty bug that can degrade overall Emby performance. Server: v3.0.5821 (latest stable) I accidentaly found that in some cases the ports that Emby use to allow clients connections aren`t closed as it should, after being used. Today by morning I was trying to access the WebClient interface... and it wouldn`t connect at all...at didn't returned any error, either. I confirmed that 8096 and 8920 were been listened by Emby, and both server and client were correctly connected to internal network. So... after some diagnose, I discovered that several connection
  18. Hi! I am running an emby server on a remote machine that is behind Cloudflare. Everything works fine until I try to cast to a chromecast device from my android app. The app connects to the chromecast, the chromecast says "ready to cast" but when I click play nothing happens. I went through the chromecast's logs and found that the it receives the LAN instead of the WAN address: is the local address in the docker container and the address that is displayed as LAN address in the dashboard. I censored my ids with XXXXX, as I don't know if they could be somehow abused. Casti
  19. I currently host my Emby server on my Netgear ReadyNAS 3204. It's a wonderful device, but when "live" transcoding is triggered, playback stutters and halts because it simply isn't designed for this task. It would be great if I could offload the transcoding job over the network to another machine that has a more powerful encoder/decoder/graphics card to process with. I know this can be done with other tools (like custom-configured Handbrake installs). Due to my network structure and accessibility firewall rules, moving the Emby install to another machine for this task would be extremely compl
  20. Hi, I'd love some help please with a frustrating playback issue that suddenly emerged on my Nvidia Shield running Emby for Kodi (native/direct paths). Native/direct sync works. Kodi very briefly shows "Working..." when I press play, then goes back to the menu, all within half a second. My quick and highly uneducated look at the log file showed some errors around demuxing, but I don't know if that's significant. Recent changes to server I imagine it's relevant to point out I've recently upgraded my OS X version on my server machine, and also tinkered with its static IP address (but
  21. ramonrue

    Local Network on Kubernetes

    Hi guys, So I've seen that quite a few are already running Emby in a Kubernetes Cluster. My setup currently looks like this: - One Kubernetes Node (I'm using K8s because I'm familiar with it and I like writing deployment-manifests :-) ) - A standard router from my ISP, doing port-forwards on HTTP & HTTPS - MetalLB assigning virtual IPs for loadbalancers (L2) - Nginx Ingress using a LoadBalancer, so it gets a virtual IP. uses Service with `externalTrafficPolicy: local`. - Emby using an Ingress-Resource, HTTPS, letsencrypt certificates. My issue though is that it seems like Emb
  22. deecemobile

    Upload Limitations

    Hi guys, here is my current scenario. Is there a bottleneck or is this realistic. I pay for a Gigabit speed internet through Bell (Canada). I have their home hub 3000 modem/router in bridge mode to my Netgear R7000. From any computer on my network I can get (according to speedtest) a maximum of 600-700 Mbps down and 300-400 Mbps up at any given time. All LAN ports are gigabit, NICs are gigabit and cables are cat 5e. With all limitations in uploading removed in Emby, the max upload speed from Emby peaks around 200 mbps. For testing, Remote friend is downloading 8 movies at a time, each tran
  23. I have a strange request, and I understand if I do not get a response here. For my PC (running windows 10) setup at home, I use Emby for my at home use, and Plex as my remote access server. Last night the town I live in had a power outage, and when I was able to get my PC back on, everything worked fine, except for Plex. It crashes every time I try to start it, it will show in the tray for a second and then disappear. The only difference in the way I have the 2 setup is I have port forwarding enabled for Plex. I have tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot and solve the problem, such a
  24. Hi, In FreeBSD a lot of people use the concept of jails and they are not necessarily setup to be able to use layer 2 broadcast packets or anything a like. Most jail setups only allow for layer 3 communication with LAN clients through routing of packets. I'm wondering where does Emby use layer 2 for? Device discovery? Does it use layer 2 for anything around google home integration? Anything else I might be misisng? Thanks
  25. omegga

    Multiple dockers issue

    On the latest versions (3.6+), whenever I have more than one instance of emby running in docker, none of them work properly. The web ui doesn't respond, often takes too long to load and is generally unusable. It's almost like something is interfering between the different instances. As soon as I stop all dockers but one, it works flawlessly. I've made sure that every instance uses a different location for config and different ports. EDIT: I noticed that connect.txt in the data folder has the same value for both docker instances. Note that both docker containers are newly created and I have
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