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  1. embyuser24

    Fuzzy Search

    Hi, The current implementation of Emby search is very basic. Based on what I can tell, it only matches exact strings in the same exact order. Example: "Mission: Impossible" In this example the following queries will return a positive match Possible Impossible Mission Mission: Impossible And the following queries will not return anything at all (The worst offenders are highlighted) Mission Impossible Missoin: Imposible Imposible Impossible Mission Mission : Impossible Mission Impossible Another example would be "Mr. Robot" where if the dot is missing, nothing is returned or in general terms any variation of any string that is not an exact match will not return anything at all. Let's not even attempt to try a title like "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.". This makes the search difficult to use and at times even frustrating. As the examples above show, the major theme is special characters and punctuation and they can probably be bypassed by just ignoring them, which might or might not cause other problems in the process. This problem also affects titles that have letters with diacritical marks or glyphs such as "Amélie" and "Æon Flux", if you can't type them exactly, you can't find them. In my opinion a better attempt would be to use a difference string matching algorithm such as Levenshtein distance, you can then define an acceptable threshold and return the closest matches. I found a couple of C# projects that implement this and might be useful as a starting point. FuzzyWuzzy, a port of Python project in C#. https://github.com/BoomTownRoi/BoomTown.FuzzySharp FuzzyString. Has some additional string comparison algorithms too. https://github.com/kdjones/fuzzystring Thanks.
  2. I am painstakingly remapping most of the channels. Apparently, the EPG resources received from my provider didn't have enough information to work properly. Now that things are coming along well, there are two things that must be fixed with the Roku version of Emby. There is a serious bug where when I scroll down the guide, I can't immediately access the menu by pushing the left arrow on my remote. I'm forced to completely exit out of the app and go back in. This is unacceptable to have this bug exist for so long. Another problem I found that when I'm finished watching a channel, and I click back, the guide doesn't populate. I get a blank screen and navigate between menus, then come back to guide before they repopulate. Anybody who actually uses the Ruku version of this app should understand what I'm talking about. Second issue is, why on earth did you not able the ability for us to use voice search? I should not have to type out every single letter when searching for a show or movie!! That is also not only unacceptable, but it's also primitive!! I felt like I was typing on my old flip phone. Pleas work on that!! Please also observe the second screenshot below When we're remapping channels, PLEASE, PLEASE! Allow for predictive text!! Depending on the source EPG we use we are forced to manually search and read everything on the list, because they are not all always in order. It's bad enough we have to do this manually, at least make it easier for us. I don't understand things like these that can make a user's life so much easier are not enabled! I don't mean to complain, but this is ridiculous! It's a lot of work man!!!!
  3. Hi all, along the lines of this request : it would be nice to be able to clear the search string with one click (x Clear Search) Thanks all, Roodee
  4. Most of the time one uses the search to just search for Movie Titles or a quick way to access a TV Series. But some search terms flood one with actors, trailers, or even episodes of a TV serial. Not that they are wrong and sometimes you want to see them, and i fact I want to keep actors, trailers and episodes; just not in the default search (but maybe having the option to search for that too) Best Regards
  5. The search function for movies does not display "sort titles". Is this intended? Also it does not display the results in the same order as they are listed in the "movies" library. I think it would be a good idea to display the sort titles too. Or maybe an option in "settings" to define which titles ("tItle", "original title" and "sort title") should be considered in the results. (Emby Server Linux Cheers
  6. After we watching a movie, we frequently base our "next watch" upon what actors are in that movie and then doing a search by clicking on the actor icon. I did several searches and realized, after ordering several movies, that I already had them after finding DUPICATES pop up in the suggested movies afterwards. We also use the EMBY search feature for actors and we found that actors that I had many movies for (there's tons of them), but only had 12 according to EMBY in my libraries. Is 12 an (artificial) limitation? Imagine having friends over and doing a search on "Christmas" movie titles and coming back with only 12 movies! Does this make sense? No this is insane.. Is there a hidden option for changing the number of movies that I'm not aware of? Do I have to go and create separate libraries for my many favorite actors and Movie types for them all to display completely? @LukePlease help or enlighten me!!! Thanks! (Feel like - Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)! Don't blame me. I like the odies!!) Running the most current release of EMBY. Windows client. Windows 10 64-bit, lots of processing power memory and huge storage etc..
  7. famadorian

    Search for Tags

    It's still not possible to search for tags in Emby? Is there a bug for this?
  8. So I've looked in the FR's for 'Search' tag and can't see this anywhere obvious. I was surprised that External ID's (IMDB, TMDB etc) are not included in the search results ? ie if I put 'tt0088763' in the search box, I was expecting to get 'Back to the Future' listed .. but I get back no results at all. The local metadata clearly has the ID's listed and available - so can we please include this in a global search ? Thanks.
  9. EduardoSantos

    Tracks as search result set

    Love the new format of search results with discreet groups to albums, movies, artists. As a search result set Emby will return all tracks from all albums matching search terms. This means that if I search for "The Cappuccino Songs", Emby will return, as a result, all tracks from this album regardless their title does not match search terms. Of course the result set also includes the album. The tracks, however does not seem to be a correct part of a result set. So if I search for a actor/actress will Emby return all movies where he has been? Or else if I search for a tv series name, should Emby return the episodes as a result? This seems to be wrong. Is it a "concept"??
  10. I stumbled on some issue regarding the search in the GUI and on identifying items and would suggest some improvements. For example i would suggest as "II" and "2" or "IV" and "4" are synonymous in movie titles, the search and the process of identifying should consider that, the same applies for "&" and "and". Furthermore i would suggest using levenshtein distance to improve the search and match items which does not match exactly but are likely the one searched for by the user. On identifying items emby chooses the first result, which might not be the likeliest. For example: A film named Guardians (2017).mkv is automatically identified as "Guradians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" from 2017 even though "Guradians" from 2017 shows up on the identifying page. I think there should a string comparison, maybe also with levenshtein distance, and when there is a 100% match this one should definetly be choosen.
  11. Hi, It would be helpful if you add collections to search results. If you have a few hundred collections, it become a chore to find what you are looking for by sorting through them manually. The same argument could be made for Genres, specially with genre cleaner plugin and Emby's ability to handle custom genres. Optional: If polluting the results is an issue then perhaps a search syntax could be added that you can type in the search box to make the results more specific. example; collections: search-query (only returns the results from collection) genres: search-query (only returns the results from genres) custom-media-library: search-query (only return the results from that specific library) Thanks,
  12. gillmacca01

    Search using 'and' and '&'

    I'm not sure if it is possible for you to do something about this. Searching for example: Lois & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman (there are other shows as well with the same issue) Lois & Clark, brings back search results as expected, but if I search for Lois and Clark, it does not bring back the series as a search result. Is it possible to recognize 'and' and '&' as the same thing?
  13. As discussed in this post, I'm hoping there is some way of searching or filtering movies by (original?) spoken language of film so that (for example) I could see all the Spanish language films I have. Or all the French Language. Or...etc. Kodi implements this in their "smart playlist" feature and the language seems to pull from the metadata stored within the file itself. I say this because if I had encoded something as an avi or mp4 then it did not show up in the playlist. I would have to repackage as an mkv (and make sure to specify the language of the track) in order to have it show up. So a 'smart playlist' feature might be a place to implement this. Adding a '...' at the side of the nav bar for additional options like this one would be another possibility. themoviedb.org has a data field called "original language" which could be useful for such a feature, but of course, a dubbed version might have a different language than the "original language". The metadata (.nfo) files emby generates seem to read the actual language track (at least for mkv format... which I've been using exclusively lately). Those are my main thoughts. Thanks for the help.
  14. server v4.5.0.6 plugin v1.5.6.0 - search to add new series/movie is not working there is not even a ("failed") entry in the log file - movie "detection" is also "broken" they get recognized as series - the list of files to organize does not get refreshed after an organize action, as it used to you have to refresh the whole page to see new items
  15. Hi, I'm currently using the http://swagger.emby.media/?staticview=true#/ItemsService/getUsersByUseridItems with parameters 'IncludeItemTypes=episode' and searchTerm to find episodes by name but I was wondering if it was possible to include the name of the TV show somehow in the request to narrow down the search. I'm asking because there are cases (like most first episodes that are called "Pilot") where being able to also include the TV show would help a lot. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to execute a search for a specific string that looked for a strict exact match. With that I mean search for the exact length of the string, not content that contains the query passed. For instance, if I search for "The avengers" I would like to know if it's possible to get results for exactly "The Avengers" without getting also as a result "The Avengers: Age of Ultron". Thanks.
  17. Is there a more up to date list of Hotkeys than the following post? https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/2142-emby-theater/page-25&do=findComment&comment=72843 At the moment I'm wondering if there is a Hotkey for initiating a Search. If there are hotkeys for things like toggling/cycling Subtitles/CC or cycling Audio Channels (eg, different languages) I'd be interested in knowing those as well. I might think of a few more later that'd be useful, but at the moment those are what I'm most interested in. Overall though everything works great with my default remote settings, which is very nice.
  18. when using the search box with Chinese character, it only displays results for movies and TVs that start with the letters you are typing from left to right, but will not display words from the middle of title. Example video titles: 传奇办公室 土地公传奇 维京传奇 新白娘子传奇 镜花缘传奇 香帅传奇 Say I was searching the word: 传奇 but only 传奇办公室 will show in the searched results because the word is at the beginning of the title. Please fix the issue for searching with Chinese character, thank you!
  19. Hi! I don't know if this can be configured somehow, but I would really like to have the option to display the title of a library for items in the search results. I have different libraries for different languages and formats (4K, 3D, etc.) and if I search for something I can get up to 10 duplicates which I then have to click and hope that I found the one in the right library. If there is no such option, do you thi Just adding the library title to a label below the title and year would solve this problem and improve the search feature by a lot. Do you think this is possible? Edit: I'm sorry I wanted to post this to the "Feature Requests" subforum but somehow messed up.
  20. I would like to have the ability to check if a movie is already in my library before scheduling a recording in the DVR. The only way to do it now is to make a search. This mean going from on screen to another. It is already possible to not record an episode of a serie that already exist in the library. A similar option should be available for movie, One suggestion is to have a seach display on screen when scheduling the recording of a movie, in order to inform if the movie is already in the library or not. Hope this help!
  21. I have just upgraded my old FireTV box with the new FireTV Cube (model A78V3N) and have hit a problem with text entry for searching. Importantly I use a Harmony Ultimate remote to control everything rather than the standard Amazon remote. So I click the blue search "magnifying glass" and a one-line input box appears saying "Search text (select for keyboard)" but when I click the OK/Select button (on the Harmony) it appears to generate a carriage return (see several blank lines in attached photo) instead of the normal soft-keyboard popping up on screen. Clicking OK again generates more blank lines and then an error pops up on screen "VolleyError com.android.volley.ServerError:" (I am guessing that the error is because Emby server cannot handle line breaks and so isn't really relevant but include it just in case.) Everything else within Emby seems to work fine and everything works fine with Amazon Video, Netflix and Plex text search, it seems to be just Emby text entry affected - does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  22. sundevil67

    Photo Search

    Apologies if I've repeated this question in another form; struggling to explain this right I think. I know I found a way to do this a while back, possibly using some convoluted workaround that might have involved some AppleScript...but I can't dig up any records of it. The point is that a bunch of my photos have people's names either as tags or 'people', the same way actors are listed for movies. When I search for some of these people, if they're listed as 'people' in a video, they're found. However when added to photos the same way, they are ignored by the search. Same goes for the title. Is the only way to make my photos searchable according to the people in them to have their names appear in the title? Is there any way at all to search by tag or photo, assuming I rediscover the way to export photos from Mac Photos with the 'faces' being automatically added into the 'keywords' field (which Emby then reads as a 'tag')? Sorry if that got a little convoluted as well...hard to explain...but there's gotta be something I'm missing here....Thanks for any guidance - this is really a big part of the main reason I got started with Emby - for a way to share my photo library with family & friends..but they all want to search for specific people.
  23. Hello, since 4.0 I am missing the ability to filter for missing episodes in the TV-Episodes-Search... Has this been removed? If so, I would like to request, re-adding the feature. Using the Reports plugin for finding missing episodes is possible but the sorting for dates is totally useless (sorting by D M Y, and in that order). greetings ben
  24. EduardoSantos

    No results on album artist search

    Congrats for the 3.5 version. Original title search was really a blessing! It seems, though, that search is not including album artists. Thanks,
  25. kanipek

    Search function not finding things

    I have a couple of iOS users and it was brought to my attention that using the search function to find certain things, for example The Vampire Diaries yields no results. I tested this myself using an iphone 7+ and got the same result. IOS users can find the items by going into TV Shows or Movies. I also checked the web client and an android client, both have no issue. This is server v the iOS app version is 1.7.4 - I don't know if this is an Emby issue or if there is an issue with my Emby.
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