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Found 8 results

  1. xsteacy

    Need your help and opinion

    Hi, First, thanks for any help that you can provide with that. I have old parts that I no longer use and I would like to build a media server with them. Here are the parts: Motherboard: GA-Z68A-D3-B3 Processor: i5 2300 @ 3.10ghz Memory: 2x 2gb @ 1333mhz & 2x 4gb @ 1333mhz Graphic Card 1: Asus Geforce GTX 560TI Graphic Card 2: Gigabyte Geforce 650GT Boot: 128GB SSD Storage (spinning): 1x 1tb & 4x 4tb in RAID5 Power Supply: 500w I plan to use Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 with Docker, I am not very familiar with Unraid / FreeNas, etc. 1. Can I use both graphics cards eve
  2. we_r_mighty

    Building a Nas help

    I recently upgraded a mini pc for my parents and I have the old one its an hp elitedesk 705 g3 mini and dont really know what to do with it was thinking of using it as the heart for a nas to run my emby, now not sure if it would be best to keep it with windows 10 and install emby to it and run it that way or to just make it a nas and just connect a large das via usb 3.0 to it and house it all in my media center under my tv as its open with good air flow, more of a project than anything else and but would like it to work well if I start it any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. @@Luke - The latest available FreeBSD build is currently displayed as version ( https://emby.media/freebsd-server.html ) ... compared to the latest non-FreeBSD available: ( https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases ). ISSUE: The GitHub build attrition/retention rules do not consider platform specific builds, before removing builds, as platform-specific builds lag behind. PROPOSAL: Re-work attrition/retention rules to keep the latest available per platform, instead of a generic version trigger. In the proposed scenario the latest FreeBSD build would
  4. So, 6 years later, I need a new server. I am officially out of space. I've lost 2 HDD's, almost corrupted an array, and reformatted my OS twice (mainly due to jumping on the SSD bandwagon a little too early and, I suspect, a little too cheaply. My family's collection of 161 BluRay's, 830+ DVD's, and 44 TV series (that include long runners like Cheers, Frasier, and The Simpsons) has pushed me to the 13TB mark and the max of my current set up. I have been with Emby as one very loyal member, but as inept as they come when technology is concerned. Like a good drug though, I can't stay away. I admi
  5. theBrad

    Help with my future build?

    Hey - apologies if this comes across as a noob post or whatever, I've recently been introduced to Emby and I am absolutely amazed with it, it's absolutely fantastic, so good that I've decided to host my own Emby server. I'm looking at spending anywhere from £300-500 (although this can be pushed up slightly if need be) for my build. I've considered these things currently: Mac Mini (16GB Ram, i5 Processor, 240GB SSD) HPe Proliant ML10 Gen9 HPE ProLiant Gen8 G1610T 819185-421 (4GB RAM) MicroServer Storage won't be a problem as I'll have a 8TB NAS to start with. My requireme
  6. Hey guys. When trying to build emby-server in a docker container, the following worked untill 3.0.8500: sudo apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \ ca-certificates \ git \ libmono-system-core4.0-cil \ mono-devel \
  7. vindicator

    Build From GIT

    Right off the bat it seems the MediaBrowser.Mono.Build.sh is flawed. Readme.txt * Go to the script location via CLI. * "chmod +x MediaBrowser.Mono.Build.sh", if script is not executable. * $ ./MediaBrowser.Mono.Build.sh * Two packages will be available in mediabrowser/: * MediaBrowser.Mono.v.x.yyyy.zzzzz.tar.gz * MediaBrowser.Mono.mkbundlex.v.x.yyyy.zzzzz.tar.gz When you run the script from the MediaBrowser/Tools/Linux_Build_Scripts directory it starts to clone the mediabrowser git from github. This is redundant since the git was already cloned. MBGITPATH="MediaBrowser" If an
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a suggestion on building (or repurposing) a machine. Most of the ones that I've read have been general purpose machines for a lot of things. I'm really just looking for a machine that will be able to run MB3 server and transcode and stream up to a max of 8 different movies at the same time. There will be other programs running but minor ones. Is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 preferred? Does it matter? Clients 2-3 MBT or MBC on Local LAN - Direct Play - No transcoding 2 - Local LAN Roku 3 - Local Wireless IOS 1 - Remote Roku 2 - Remote IOS I know these might no
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