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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Thinking of changing OS to MAC

    So I have been thinking for awhile of changing my Servers OS to MAC. This is mostly due to the intrusive updates that are forced on us Windows10 Users and the bloatware that is constantly being reinstalled by these forced updates. Like xbox gamebar, etc and several others. I did figure out that by using Shell i can remove a lot of these programs I dont want or use but whenever their is an update these programs are forced back onto my PC using Data, which is expensive nowadays, and disc space which I like to keep clear for my needs not Microsofts attempt to get me to use programs I have ZERO in
  2. nicheplayer

    Upgrading OS on VPS -- which to choose?

    Upgrading from Debian Wheezy to something newer and am looking for advice/thoughts on which Linux distro would be best for running emby server, sabnzbd, etc. Just go for Ubuntu 18.04? Thanks.
  3. I've always run my MB Server on a Windows 7/8 machine and had a separate unRAID NAS for my media. I would like to build a setup for my parents in a single box that they would be able to move from their summer cottage to their winter condo. I'm wondering what the best way would be to do this, specifically with the OS. The hardware I had priced out was this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fzBgzy Obviously that SanDisk and unRAID can be knocked off the bottom. What would you guys recommend for what I'm trying to do here? What reliable/low-maint OS for the storage pool (expandable to th
  4. rubicon

    MAC OS EMBY corrupted database

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one, one friend has setup emby on his iMac and he needs to fix his database as he receives the message: "Database disk image is malformed" every time he scans the library. Can you please help me locate the library.db file location on a Mac (or the relevant file I need to delete to fix it)? Couldn't find it anywhere no matter where I looked. Thanks in advance, George
  5. ZoMbiiE.home

    Had to reinstall OS

    Hello Emby team. This is probably dumb on my part because I didn't think to back up users or anything else besides my media but I had to reinstall my Windows and I lost all of my users as well as settings. I figured the settings and things would have been backed up on my sync account but I'm not sure. could you help me clarify? Do I have to recreate my users again as well as passwords and setting for them or is there a way to recover those things? Either way the app is awesome and I have no other complaints. Thanks guys! Edit: it also no longer shows that I am a supporter of Emby Premium w
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for a little guidance. I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2. What I want is to install MB on the Pi, and connect an external hard drive to create a media server that can be accessed by anyone on my network via the MB web interface or smartphone app. The issue that I am having trouble with is installing the server on Pi 2. I started out with Raspbian and tried to install MB using the new debian instructions, thinking that Raspbian is a fork of debian. However, this did not work. I got to thinking, Pi runs on ARM, so I'm (pretty) sure the traditional debian
  7. jasotastic

    OS recommendation

    I just added some new HDDs to my Windows 8.1 setup (I had three, and I added two more). Apparently, Windows did not like that. Now, I have five HDDs, no combination of which can be used to boot to Windows. (Can't even repair with a disc.) So, I'm going to scrap that whole thing (except the 1TB drive that actually had everything on it) and start over. My question for those of you who have setup multiple versions of MB on different OSes is, "Which OS would you recommend?" I originally used Windows 7. I liked that I could set everything to startup on its own so that when my weekly auto re
  8. MB Rich

    Recommended OS

    Afternoon all, My current NAS (Thecus n5200) is reaching the end of its life, mainly due to it not supporting HDDs of a large enough volume for my media collection. I had originally planned to replace it with a more modern NAS, but with the advent of MB3 I'm considering building a full-fledged Windows PC to act both as fileserver and as an MB3 server to various clients around the house. I think Windows Server would be overkill for my requirements which include just a handful of clients, with very light loads, e.g. Media Browser and the occasional bit of file sharing. As a resul
  9. Been using MB2 for a few years and looking to move to MB3. What do most recommend for the OS if you could pick from Win 7, 8 or Server 2012? I think I would like to maybe even run it has a Hyper-V, which would mean Win 8 or server 2012. That way I could take snapshots before changes and roll back if I didn't like the results. Also I could possibly do a P2V on my current Win 7 machine running MB2 and run them side by side until I get MB3 setup or figure out if I even want it over MB2. My setup if that helps at all is that I have my HTPC setup with my TV and stereo, so it would be the
  10. Airbender

    Windows 9

    Hi Is MS for real ? Windows 9 Windows 9 to be cheaper, smaller, with more appsso is it a full OS or it is just fake name like windows blue for 8.1 ? just wondering http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/operating-systems/windows-9-release-date-news-and-rumours-1029245 and if the tablets and phone will be chapier then would MB3 devlopers will need to work on Windows 9 ? Just wondering Thanks
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