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  1. lja

    Server Images

    Please advise where the primary, backdrop etc. images in the server are stored? With the change in the trailers setup, it appears I have lost my backdrop image and would love to recover it. @@ebr With the new trailers setup, how can I get the backdrop to appear in mb classic?
  2. RedStripe

    Trailer images

    Media Browser Server 3.0.5264 Question: How does one specify custom images (backdrops, primary, etc) for Trailers in new release? I still have Trailers folder in IBN but images no longer display in MediaBrowser nor MediaBrowseClassic. P.S. Will we be able to specify custom images when using new Trailers plugin only?
  3. vidkun

    TV Show Logos Not Showing

    I am using the latest stable version of XBMB3C in the repo with XBMC 12.2 and the latest stable Aeon Nox 4 release connected to the latest stable version of MB3 Server. I'm having issues with images being displayed properly for TV Shows (haven't even started checking/testing the movies side yet). I started with trying to use the Episode view to display them as banners, but that never worked anywhere near correctly. So now, I am trying to use the Landscape view to display them as Logo. However, all I get is text of the show name with the episode counts in parenthesis. I have verified that t
  4. I still use metabrowser for my metadata and images fetching. In MBS I have: Download artwork and metadata from the internet: OFF Save artwork and metadata into media folders: ON Image saving convention: Standard MB2/MB3 If I change a backdrop or a show / season poster image in metabrowser - the folder.jpg or backdrop.jpg (backdrop1.jpg, etc) is replaced (and the date modified is updated). But, the original image(s) still show in MBS. That's reasonable as they're probably cached somewhere - but even after running a "Scan Media Library" the old images still show up in MBS (and in MBC
  5. Hi I'm having a weird issue with getting images for my Collections created by the plugin Auto Box Sets (v. My metadata "Preferred language" and "Country" is set to Danish and Denmark. For all my Movies this works fine, it gets the Danish versions of images if there is any, if not it gets the English / No Language / top voted from themoviedb.org. But for my Collections / BoxSets it's not getting the "English" or "No Language" from themoviedb.org if there aren't any in danish. I can change my "Preferred language" to "English" and then "Browse Images" on a Collection fo
  6. I dont know if this has been already asked...search didnt yield anything relevant. But it would be a nice to have
  7. Just looking for some suggestions on some "Collection" images I could use. I'm tired of looking at the blank squares in place of collection images in MBT. Something that would compliment MBT would be ideal for me, but really anything would do, instead of those blank boxes! What images are you guys/gals using? Thanks! Patrick
  8. Hi, thanks first for the great application and addon! The best I could imagine, espeacially that everything is automatic. That's very useful! But it doesn't seem to find sometimes, all meta-data for some collections. The addon have found about 25 collections (probably at "themoviedb.org") and couldn't find for 14 any poster or any backdrop, allthough there are some posted at the moviedb. And it also doesn't seem to matter, for which language the backdrop or the poster is linked to, because in my Iron-Man-collection, i had a different sellection of art at "edit/images" than at the
  9. Hi All, MBS Version 3.0.5135.31685 CoverArt Version MBC Version 3.0.108 MBT Version 3.0.5129.37166 I have been trying to nut out if there is something wrong with my config or if there is a display bug. Below is how a movie poster looks with CoverArt set to "ignore". I have screen capped it with it highlighted to show the full area for the image. Now, here is an image with CoverArt set to "rounded". It has a similar effect no matter what treatment I use but it stands out most on this one as there is no other cover element to the image. Something is squas
  10. I wrote this guide up to try and help @@t^2 understand the images and their place(s) and thought it might also be helpful to anyone new to this and scratching their head. So here we go: Movies Movie Art - are images of a movie logo/name including characters of the movie with a transparent background Movie Backdrops – are high quality backdrops of the Movie Movie Banner - are images containing the movie characters including the movie logo/title Movie Disc - are original movie disc images with a transparent background Movie Logo – are images of a movie logo/name with a transparent b
  11. Luke

    Starkadius TV Fanart

    Well done.
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