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Found 21 results

  1. Hello together I noticed when I have a series per series a separate folder that Emby then can not access the image information as with Main entry. As an example. I have chosen the series Date a live. About the main search I find for each season the corresponding logo. However, I can only add the only and if I go over the season images search, the system no longer falls back to the main information but I can pull from it just as images and logos. The same is with the backdrops per series is a backdrop folder with a video stored, but only the backdrop that was added last is played. If I click on the different season the video starts again but as mentioned always only the last added and not per season. Did I forget to set anything? 2021.
  2. StLDreiling

    video backdrops

    @@ebr posted in the @@radeon theme plugin thread: ​I was curious if and when this functionality would be coming to the Roku app.
  3. Is there any way to set a backdrop for the libraries to be chosen only from the series/movies from within given library? I.e. I have different libraries for regular TV Series, Carton Series or Looney Tunes. But the set of backdrop images doesn't vary per library so basically when accessing Cartoon Series or Looney Tunes the backdrop can be chosen from regular TV Series (sometimes dark and scary for the kids). Is there a way to set the backdrops to be chosen only from the series from within the given library so for Cartoon Series that would be only Simpsons, South Park etc. that are in this library and not any others?
  4. BAS

    Beta - Setting for Backdrops

    I was wondering if we could have a setting similar to the android tv app where we can turn off all the navigational backdrops everywhere in this interface and only have them be displayed when a user enters a item for more details.
  5. Wiindows 7 Professional Firefox 48.0.2 Emby Server Version 3.0.7200.0 1 vote for supporting photos in the home video library. Currently the folder.* and backdrop.* files are not displayed in the home video library view. Is there any reason that all backdrop files (backdrop.{1...n}) cannot be skipped (not displayed)? This behavior for backdrops would be more consistent with the behavior for movies. P.S. All backdrops should be rotated as backdrops in the home video view. Thanks
  6. Please post any questions/support queries here for the Movie Theme Videos Plugin Full plugin details here:http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/2404-themevideo-backdrops-for-mediabrowser-classic-free/
  7. Version 3.0.5518.0 On Latest Media backdrops are not always showing up when adding new content. Hourglass is not working anymore. You cannot click on it anymore to search for data.
  8. As of update to Version 3.0.5309.26857 backdrops are enabled in My Preferences->WebClient and cannot be disabled.
  9. Hi, I have some problems I can't solve. I searched for answers on the forum, and only for some of them I found a solution. 1. Movie Theme Songs: Works fine, but not perfect. Because when I enter into my media collection, the song is playing well, and the backdrops image is not rotating as usually, just stuck in the first picture. The above doesn't happen when there is no song theme in the media folder to play. Sometimes when the song begins, he play for a second or two, then returns to the beginning again and work well. 2. Menus: Sometimes, When I scrolling through my collections. I click right or left button to the next film and the selection jumps forward number of movies. The second thing - Is there a way to lock the menu bar at the top end as it was possible in previous themes, so there will not be able to choose the top menus? I'm using a theme ROC, and there are lots pop-ups with messages, it is very bothers and I want to disable this option. Can it? 3. Trailers Is the trailers download and stored somewhere? If not, is there an option to save them? So that will not be required to buffer the trailers every time I want to see? One last thing about the trailers, when I click on the icon of the trailer is played but the video window does not appear. You need to click on the icon "screen magnification" to see it. A lot of questions, but I would appreciate to get some answers, and if there are Unknown problems than it happy to help in improving the user experience. Rafi
  10. I still use metabrowser for my metadata and images fetching. In MBS I have: Download artwork and metadata from the internet: OFF Save artwork and metadata into media folders: ON Image saving convention: Standard MB2/MB3 If I change a backdrop or a show / season poster image in metabrowser - the folder.jpg or backdrop.jpg (backdrop1.jpg, etc) is replaced (and the date modified is updated). But, the original image(s) still show in MBS. That's reasonable as they're probably cached somewhere - but even after running a "Scan Media Library" the old images still show up in MBS (and in MBC). If I change the images via the MBS interface then the new ones show up in both MBS/MBC and metabrowser - but I'd prefer to continue to use metabrowser if possible.
  11. MBC Version Server Version 3.0.5211.41935 Wow...lot's of changes. This is a major overhaul of the interface. Please respond as to whether indicated items are working as designed or bugs. Thanks. -- Top-level general * Backdrops at this level no longer auto-rotate (feature or bug?) * Backdrops not available for all views (feature or bug?) -- Top-level EHS disabled * Sort does not appear to work (bug?) * Thumb view is only view that displays backdrops-random backdrop from General\{MediaCollectionName} folder. (feature or bug?) -- Top-level EHS enabled What is the meaning of the 1-5 dots at top of media list? Changing the collection image to the selectable media image on mouse over seems redundant as the two images are the same -- Media Folder View behaves inconsistently * No backdrops for coverflow or detail views (feature or bug?) * Different backdrops are displayed for views that support backdrop (feature or bug?) a. Thumb & Thumb strip views show a backdrop for the in-focus media b. Poster view shows a backdrop for the media folder -- Backdrops general No longer an option to stretch backdrops so, images jump when switching if not the same size. Option to change opacity would be nice-especially for top-level. -- Detail view Option to hide General, Actors & Chapters data panel would be nice (e.g., arrow up displays, arrow down hides) -- Weather Plans to re-implement?
  12. Hey guys,I just updated a few days ago to these: Server Version 3.0.5188.21314 MBC version 3-14.1 Newest ROC theme I was using the ROC theme previously and had no problems at all with the way Music Albums was presented. Lee Davies has assured me his latest version of ROC would not cause my current problems. Before the update I could apply a lyrics backdrop to each song in the album as shown below I use the Thumb view as it allows an unobstructed view of the lyrics. After updating if I leave the song lyrics backdrop in place for each song I get the following song page view. It's just my MCE background plus some attempt to show something of the song page data. This is really bad. Here's the Artist page with the artist overview in Thumb view. It's fine. No problem. The top level backdrop works. The only way I can get the Song page to work properly is to eliminate my individual song lyrics backdrops, as shown below. As you can see the top level backdrop is still there and this is the only way to get the Songs page to work properly. Here's another problem. When I scroll to song #3 in the list the album overview pops up. This does not happen with songs #1 and #2. Weird huh?. Here's the Album page with the album overview displayed. All is fine. I prefer to read the album overview on this page, not on the Songs page. Having the album overview on BOTH pages is redundant. I hope we can fix this problem soon as I have put a lot of work into creating my song lyrics backdrops. Also when I switch to Chocolate theme the same things happen. I love Media Browser, but I have to admit that when an update messes up my finely tuned setup I get very frustrated. I guess the lesson here is I should never do any updating once I've got everything set and working fine! You know the old saying----"If it ain't broke don't fix it". Thanks for your help. Steve.
  13. I dont know if this has been already asked...search didnt yield anything relevant. But it would be a nice to have
  14. lorac


    Using build 42140. Backdrops screensaver no longer displays. All I get is mediabrowser scrolling across the screen.
  15. Hi, Congrats on MB3! I don't know if this request has been made but I have done some searching and haven't found anything. This would probably be more for the adult audience but could certainlly apply to other types of videos. I'm envisioning a feature or plugin that would be able to take a single or multiple screencap pictures (jpg, png, etc) and either use it as a backdrop or as a separate preview feature. It would either be able to distinguish the individual screens from a screencap and cycle through them forced to full screen or give access sequentially to full screen views of each. It could maybe use the Ken Burns effect to slowly scrool through or flip through the streens in the screencap. This would allow a much greater access to preview images of the video. Does this seem possible? Thanks for your consideration -A
  16. Hello! Please help to solve the following issue: Win7 32 MBClassic v.3.0.5xxx Problem doesn't depend on Theme (tried many different themes to update covers and backdrops) It looks like it happened after updating the latest version... Before I had all my primary covers and backdrops in the library 100% filled with covers and backdrops, so It looked so nice For now I have only 30% and 70% dissapeared and doesn't appear anymore. All Metadata are OK, FanArt - OK, Tumbs - OK. All information downloaded completely. But problem with Covers and Backdrops. If I download Cover manually from Media Browser Library it appears, but if I download backdrops (1 or more) they dont appear. I reinstalled both client and server - no use Please tell me if any problems exist or I'm the only person having such problem? Tried to find something similar in discussions here but haven't found any useful information. Thanks in advance for the help. Stan
  17. @@Luke @@Redshirt @@ebr Since these are ur Apps respectivly and I'm not sure where to post this because I'm not sure what category (server/MBC/MBT/gamebrowser) it falls under. Anyways, 1st question, I was wondering if its possible to get a video backdrop running on the main EHS screen? I went into MBClassic IBN folder out of curiosity n created a General/Movies/Backdrops/Blah.mkv and restarted the server but that didn't work so that's why I ask. I'm not sure I would actually use this but I am curious how it would look because I've seen some really nice fan made videos, especially for video game intros. On a side note can this be done for individual game systems also? If so how? Question 2 is it possible to add a splash screen when launching an emulator, I know MB2 had a splashcreen for launching external players but I'm wondering if one can be implemented for emulators so u dont see the desktop for those few seconds while MBC loads up the emulator and game. Aesthetically I think it would look more fluid to see a custom splashcreen for a few seconds before the game launches as opposed to seeing MBC minimise to the desktop and waiting for the game to boot. Both these questions also apply to MBTheatre if possible or as a feature request
  18. In the ThemeVideo Backdrops for MediaBrowser Classic plugin, I would like to have the choice to fall back to theme audio (and static backdrops) after the theme video has finished. Ideally, I would like to play the theme video first then play the theme song on infinite loop while image backdrops rotate (at least until the screen saver kicks in). Thanks!
  19. Hi Luke, perhaps not the highest priority issue, but none the less here goes... Version 3.0.5099.2102 i dont know if if was ever a design goal..but it always used to be the case that the entire media browser system could be rebuilt quickly from metadata stored in the collection. If all else failed, the mb3 library/data/config folders could be deleted (i.e. everything), mb3 reinstalled, and MB3 would rebuild itself respecting all personalised changes from metadata stored in the collections. This is now no longer the case for music and movie backdrops I think. Steps to reproduce. (MB3 configured to store metadata in collections) 1. remove all mb3 appdata (data/cache/library/ibn artists backdrops) 2. remove all music backdrops in the collection. 3. install mb3 and let mb3 download music backdrops. 4. let system stabilise/download all metadata (including metadata populated in collection and ibn\artists) (Now we have a totally consistent healthy environment built afresh for music backdrops- i assume) 5. delete library DB and restart MB3 (to perform a full rebuild from cached metadata or otherwise) (an artificial action perhaps, but none the less one that used to 'work' in MB2) 6. Duplicate music backdrops are now populated in the artist folders / music collection. (presumably because mb3 cant be sure where the locally stored backdrops (from the 1st library build/fetch) in the collection came from) I dont know if you would classify this as an issue? but maybe to ensure robust consistency during rebuilds it could be a development suggestion to Ensure the record of what backdrops are downloaded/identified from what online and local sources are populated robustly across all relevant datasources/records ie appdata\? AND in the collection artist.xml So that during a rebuild, the music metadata (backdrops) stored in the collection are identifiable and not duplicated. Likewise movie backdrop images are also duplicated after a library deletion/then rebuild, perhaps the movie xml could also keep a record of backdrop download sources/content as well. or alternative simpler suggestion maybe more simply once backdrops (or perhaps all image metadata) are fetched and at least one exists in collection, then no more are fetched unless the user expressly chooses an option to remove that image metadata and refetch from online sources. TV doesnt seem to duplicate backdrop images in collection after a library rebuild. perhaps a crc checker could always re-associate a locally sourced backdrop with an online provider during such a rebuild if this level of sophistication was deemed necessary - but maybe the alternative suggestion above is good enough.. what are your thoughts on the subject?
  20. JohnnyM

    Backdrops Not Showing in ROC

    Backdrop do not show in Detail view in ROC. They appear if I use Coverflow, Thumb Posters or any other view just Not in Detail. This same phenomena also occurs with Breeze and Crystal. It does Not occur with Diamond or Default. The same thing also appears on both of my MB3 Classic clients. It has been happening since ROC version and falling back to corrects the Detail View issue. I love ROC and would like to fix the issue. Since I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem, believe it is local to me. Something got changed on my machine with or that I can't see I would like to know how to completely uninstall all of Lee's themes and all of the settings hat could be causing this problem. I could be a setting on the server since it got to my second machine. (I.0.8.5 never was installed on the second machine) Then I could reinstall ROC and be happy. Johnny M
  21. leedavies

    Breeze v1.0.2.2 is now live

    Minor release with a couple of fixes: Backdrops now silky smooth and EHS shows backdrops for item on currently highlighted tile ClearLOGO on/off now works in real-time and shows item name when no logo available, or logo display turned off EHS lowercase text setting now saved - was lost on a restart
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